Chapter 66 - 100% Superiority
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Zhan Long Chapter 66 - 100% Superiority

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Chapter 66 – 100% Superiority

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TL: Third chapter gonna take a while, lots of work

After lunch, the three of us walked side by side along a small, maple leaves paved street. The lingering refreshing fragrance of Osmanthus flowers filled the air.

“Oh right m’lady, this morning you mentioned that you were going to catch some pets, have you succeeded yet?” I asked.

Lin Wan Er pursed her red lips and replied, “Currently, not yet.”

I asked, “Then, have you chosen the pet you want to focus on capturing?”

“Hmm, a type of Firefox, its magic offensive abilities are extremely powerful. On top of that, I like its cute appearance…”

“Oh, so how are you progressing along? Have you met a level 1 Firefox yet?”

“Not yet, I haven’t found its illustration yet…”

“Pfffffffffff…” I accidentally spit out the coke I was drinking.


Lin Wan Er looked at me with an enraged look on her face, “You still owe me a favor… you haven’t returned the favor from that time yet…”

I asked, “What favor?”

Dong Cheng Yue reminded me, “That time in the classroom, you were surrounded by Liu Ying and Xu Yue. It was Wan Er that grabbed onto your arms and pretended to be your girlfriend so that you were able to keep the final shreds of your dignity…”

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Dong Cheng Yue looked at us as if we were preforming an interesting show and giggled, “So, how do you intend to repay that favor?”

… …

Under the shade of the tree, as groups and groups of students walked by, the eyes of every single male student were affixed intensely upon Lin Wan Er. It was a shock to them to think that there would still be a beautiful lady existing here.

As for how I would repay the favor to Ling Wan Er…

I placed the discs on top of the cap of the trash bin beside me and walked firmly to Ling Wan Er’s side. Stretching out, I hooked my arm through the tender white arms of Lin Wan Er. From my arms, I could feel her soft and tender arm. The top beauty of Liu Hua university sure did let men go crazy.

“Does this consider as returning the favor?” I asked.

Lin Wan Er opened her charming mouth and stood there in a daze, like a beautiful doll, and stared blankly for a few seconds. Her dazed look causes the surrounding students to stop in their tracks and focus their attention on her.

… …

“Li Xiao Yao…” Lin Wan Er said in a gentle voice after a long pause.

“Yes, m’lady?”

Lin Wan Er raised her left hand, her five fingers white as snow. She gradually curled her hand into a fist. Looking at me sweetly, she said gently, “Do you know what I feel like doing the most right now?”

I swiftly retracted my arm and collected the discs I placed by the side, “M’lady, you should hurry and go online to train your level, I’ll be taking my leave…”

I disappeared so fast that a trail of smoke could be seen behind me.

Lin Wan Er gritted her teeth, her face flushed and spoke under her breath, “Hmph, that bastard. I’ll fix him sooner or later!”

Dong Cheng Yue grabbed her hand and giggled, “Are you willing to do that?”


… …

Under the bright sunlight, I appeared in the southern forest. In front of me, two new Tigermen immediately lunged towards me. Damn it, both of them attacking together gave me a lot of stress.

Lifting my hands and unsheathing my Jade City Sword, I swiftly activated 【Turmoil Sword】, 【Defense】 and 【Haste】. At the same time, I ducked and punched a heavy blow towards the ground. The LV-4 Binding Chains activated and tied up the Tigerman on my right. Next, with my Jade City Sword, I rushed towards the other Tigerman while summoning Baby Bobo. With a flash of my sword, I slashed at the Tigerman .

The golden light from my combo constantly burst forth crashing into the leather armor of the Tigerman. The next moment, I received a horizontal swipe from the Tigerman at my shoulders. I slightly shifted my body and with a white aura emanating from beneath my feet, I activated 【Strength of a Thousand Men】. At the same time, I purposely manipulated the timing between the third strike and the following ram, such that when striking the third blow, the target would be at close proximity to myself and it would be impossible for the opponent to dodge the coming ram. Even with Jian Feng Han’s ability to maneuver his character, it would be very hard for him to cause the fourth hit to miss if I did this.


I knocked back the Tigerman with my ram and activated Wind Blade. The cut removed 600+ health from the Tigerman’s health bar, the damage output high as usual. At the same time, a system bell rang–


System Notification: The player has understood the intricacies behind the skill 【Strength of a Thousand Men】. The harmony with this skill increases by 0.7%


My growth of my harmony to the skill had been growing at a slower and slower pace. However, in one afternoon, I raised it by 14.9%. I wonder what changes would happen to the skill after its harmony reached 100%. Would my 【Strength of a Thousand Men】 increase in rank? Or would it allow me to accomplish a 1000 hit combo, such that even a hundred Jian Feng Hans would fall under my 【Strength of a Thousand Men】?

Thinking about this, I couldn’t help but smile gleefully. How pitiful was Jian Feng Han, boasting that he had the top battle abilities and yet, ending up beheaded by my hands. He must be regretting that he died to me at Fire Stone Canyon. Although I lost to him once, my win against him boosted my reputation by a lot. Furthermore, it would be hard for him to challenge me again, because he might be seen as narrow-minded if he did so. Thus, all he could do was to keep this grudge to his grave.


Continuing to wander around the forest, as I was killing my 797th Tigerman, Lady Luck finally descended upon me. Deep in the forest, a Tigerman was standing under a tree, roaring softly. Its body was dyed blood red, its armor was razor sharp and on its head was a line of words that almost made my heart stop–

【Tigerman】(Normal Monster)



Damn, it finally appeared. A level 1 Tigerman!

Tears were about to fall from my eyes. Putting Baby Bobo in a defensive state, I grabbed one of my sealing card which I had previously stocked up to exactly 3 stacks totaling 297 sealing cards. Bring it on!

Raising one of my sealing cards, I locked it onto the Tigerman and it reflected the success rate of 7.7%. The success rate was really godd*mn low!


The sealing card flew out of my hands, causing a light hexagram to appear at the Tigerman’s feet, only for it to flicker and disappear. It failed!

Wait, is that all that it did?

Continuing on, the second card, the third card… I kept throwing the sealing cards as if they were worthless. At the 19th card, the level 1 Tigerman finally gave up with a roar, turning into a flash of white light which flew towards my pet slot. I immediately opened my pet slots to take a look at the stats of the Tigerman.

【Tigerman 】







Skills:【Violent Sweep】【Mountain Sink】

Excellency Rating:81%


Hm, this Tigerman should be at least worth a hefty sum of 500G!

I must make sure to keep this Tigerman well. Containing my excitement, along with Baby Bobo, we started to kill Tigermen again!

While gradually increasing my harmony with my custom combo, I tried to subconsciously avoid the attacks by my target. This was a necessary skill for survival since if a close range fighter were to allow an enemy to land every single blow on him, it would be difficult to climb to the upper tiers of the ranking. This was similar to how if long range fighters did not understand how to keep their distance from their enemy, they would only end up as cannon fodder.

After killing Tigermen until around 3PM, I finally hit the quota for the quest while my Jade City Sword was about to lose its edge from all the cutting. Furthermore, in my bag there were around 10 or so green-tiered equipment, they could probably be sold for a few dozens gold coins total. The drop rate here wasn’t bad.


I receive a message from the great beauty m’lady, “Li Xiao Yao, what is your charm level?”

“29, what’s wrong?”

“Seriously? 29? You not lying are you?”

“I’m not lying… why?”

The great beauty m’lady began to panic, “You… how did you get 29 points? I’m only at 19 myself. Huhu, do you know what charm is used for?”

“No idea…”

“Idiot! Charm is used to determine the intimacy between the player and the NPCs. It also determines the highest amount of damage a player can get. Even more so, it determines the drop rate from killing monsters, other players and your own drop rate. Charm is a factor that is of utmost importance…”

“Ok, I understand it now. Hahaha…”

“Laugh your ass off, I’ll go and continue on with my training…”

“Yeah, see you m’lady!”

After turning off the message box, I started to return to town to claim my rewards for the quest. Looking at my experience bar, I was currently at 74% in level 33. After finishing this quest, surely I would be able to level up. After all, this was a grade A quest, the experience points from its rewards must surely be satisfying. If my luck was good, who knew, I might even be able to get a gold tier equipment, although the chances of that were extremely low.


“Sha sha…”

I had barely walked a few steps on the grasslands with my Silver battle boots, before I heard the ferocious roar of a tiger from behind me. Hm, it was probably just another respawned Tigerman.

However, with the breeze lightly blowing, I glanced behind me for a moment and for an instant, I was stunned. Praise the omnipotent wind god!

Not far from the grassland, as I expected, a new Tigerman has respawned. Furthermore, it was level 1!


Brimming with excitement, my heart was about to leap out of my throat. I immediately picked up my pace and moved towards the Tigerman. At the same time, I reached for my sealing cards. Two level 1 Tigermen in a day, just what kind of good luck was I experiencing today?


The sealing card disappeared under the feet of the Tigerman . Continuing on, the second card!

Before long, I lost 77 sealing cards, wasting an entire 14 minutes of my time.

On the 78th card, cold sweat dripped down my back. If this went on, would I use up all of my sealing cards without a single success? If that happened, wouldn’t I regret sealing this Tigerman to the point where I felt like dying? But, from the other precedents, the harder it was to seal the monster, the more likely that the monster that came was extremely strong. This Tigerman might just as well be the treasure that I had been praying for.

While thinking about this, I threw out the 119th sealing card.


The Tigerman turned into a ray of white light and entered my pet slot. Opening my pet slots, its Excellency Rating was 81%, the same as before?

Wiping my eyes, I realized that I had the previous one.

Opening the stats of the other Tigerman, with just one look, I felt as if my heart was about to stop.








Skills:【Violent Sweep】【Mountain Sink】

Excellency Rating:100%


F*ck! To think it was a Tigerman with 100% excellence. This time, I had struck gold.

Hugging my Jade City Sword, I hurriedly left the forest and went directly to Dalin, completing my quest. Using his big hands, he patted me on my shoulders and said, “Lad, you have done well this time. Take these gold coins, the ** of Ba Huang City’s pub have already endured to their utmost limit waiting for you to visit them!”
[TL: In the raws ** was also used]


System Notice: You have completed the grade A quest 【Exterminating Tigermen 】, you have received 19000 experience points, 50 gold coins and your reputation in Dragon City has increased!”


Shrouded in a ray of golden light, I reached level 34. This rate of leveling was really awesome.

At the same time, I sent a message to Lin Wan Er, “M’lady, have you caught your pet yet?”

“Not yet…” Lin Wan Er sounded a little depressed.

“Pull me into your party!”


Almost immediately, the invitation letter arrived and I joined the party. Indeed, the party only consisted of the 2 beauties Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue.

Dong Cheng Yue giggled happily, “Oh, why did Xiao Yao come here?”

I didn’t say anything and only sent a picture of the stats of the Tigerman into the group chat. In an instant, both of the beauties were stunned–

“Tigerman … Excellence 100%, this…”

TL: Honorable Mention for the detectives out there:


Samuel Zhu

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