Chapter 66 - 100% Superiority
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Zhan Long Chapter 66 - 100% Superiority

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Chapter 66 – 100% Superiority

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TL: Third chapter gonna take a while, lots of work

After lunch, the three of us walked side by side along a small, maple leaves paved street. The lingering refreshing fragrance of Osmanthus flowers filled the air.

“Oh right m’lady, this morning you mentioned that you were going to catch some pets, have you succeeded yet?” I asked.

Lin Wan Er pursed her red lips and replied, “Currently, not yet.”

I asked, “Then, have you chosen the pet you want to focus on capturing?”

“Hmm, a type of Firefox, its magic offensive abilities are extremely powerful. On top of that, I like its cute appearance…”

“Oh, so how are you progressing along? Have you met a level 1 Firefox yet?”

“Not yet, I haven’t found its illustration yet…”

“Pfffffffffff…” I accidentally spit out the coke I was drinking.


Lin Wan Er looked at me with an enraged look on her face, “You still owe me a favor… you haven’t returned the favor from that time yet…”

I asked, “What favor?”

Dong Cheng Yue reminded me, “That time in the classroom, you were surrounded by Liu Ying and Xu Yue. It was Wan Er that grabbed onto your arms and pretended to be your girlfriend so that you were able to keep the final shreds of your dignity…”


Dong Cheng Yue looked at us as if we were preforming an interesting show and giggled, “So, how do you intend to repay that favor?”

… …

Under the shade of the tree, as groups and groups of students walked by, the eyes of every single male student were affixed intensely upon Lin Wan Er. It was a shock to them to think that there would still be a beautiful lady existing here.

As for how I would repay the favor to Ling Wan Er…

I placed the discs on top of the cap of the trash bin beside me and walked firmly to Ling Wan Er’s side. Stretching out, I hooked my arm through the tender white arms of Lin Wan Er. From my arms, I could feel her soft and tender arm. The top beauty of Liu Hua university sure did let men go crazy.

“Does this consider as returning the fa

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