Chapter 65 - Addicted to Money
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Zhan Long Chapter 65 - Addicted to Money

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Chapter 65 – Addicted to Money

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“Time to go…”

I took a deep breath and held onto my sword. A level 40 Tigerman. The only thing I was afraid of was that its attack was higher than the Bearman’s. On a side note, the Tigerman’s form was a lot cooler than the Bearman’s. The Bearman was just a huge bear crawling on the ground while the Tigerman was a human form warrior with the face of a tiger!

“If I kill him then my mission will be 0.1% finished!”

I activated [Haste] and [Defense] and then grasped my sword and dashed towards it. Killing monsters didn’t require extensive body control, so this guy shouldn’t be a problem. Before I even got close to the Tigerman, a golden hexagram started to appear on my sword, level 4 [Combo]!

Bang bang bang…

With the attacks of the [Combo], all 3 sword strikes landed, but the attacks weren’t as effective as I had hoped——




Damn! Even after 3 strikes, I only did 700 or so damage. Was my sword falling apart? No, it was still at 100% Durability!

The Tigerman suddenly stood up and revealed a sinister smile. It raised its claws and laughed, “Ignorant human! You are looking to die if you invade my territory!”


The claws magically extended 2-3 yards out. This was the monster’s attack?!

I had no way of dodging it and I felt a pain blossom on my shoulder; I lost a huge chunk of HP——


Battle Notification: You’ve been struck by the Tigerman’s 【Violent Sweep】 and lost 311 HP!


I almost fainted from the pain. Although I didn’t get killed instantly, I lost 311 of my HP with only one strike. What kind of attack damage was that?

My body trembled slightly and Bobo re-positioned himself. I rushed towards the other side of the Tigerman and with a whoosh, a ray of light appeared under me. I started my custom combo, [Strength of a Thousand Men]!







A series of attack damage numbers flew up and I regained some confidence. [Strength of a Thousand Men]’s [Wind Blade] was still a reliable attack. Even though the Tigerman had such a high defense, it still couldn’t go against my [Wind Blade]!

At the same time, I felt a wave of pain on my shoulder. The Tigerman’s attacks were extremely fast and it finished two strikes in an instant. It even bellowed loudly, trying to scare me!



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