Chapter 64 - Don’t Attack
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Zhan Long Chapter 64 - Don’t Attack

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Chapter 64 – Don’t Attack

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Early in the morning, with a cup of soy bean milk in my hands, I read the newspaper laid upon the table while sipping on the soy milk.

Beside me, Lin Wan Er was also grabbing onto a cup of soy bean milk while nibbling on a piece of bread. The bright sunlight scattered upon her beautiful shoulders, giving out a charming glow. Dong Cheng Yue, with a stack of books in her arms asked, “Are you both really planning to skip Programming class this afternoon?”

Lin Wan Er nodded her head and smiled radiantly, “I have already achieved a grade 3 in that subject. Furthermore I have heard rumors that the professor is a kind old man that never takes attendance. I’m planning to take a walk in the valleys of Fan Shu City and see whether if I can seal any upper tier pets; hopefully I get a pet that has an Excellence above 90%.”

Dong Cheng Yue clenched her fist and said, “Hmph so our school idol is actually a delinquent. Li Xiao Yao, what about you? Are you going to the Programming class with me?”

I couldn’t help but smile, “I think I’ll pass as well. I just reached level 32. I am planning to rush to level 35 today. Yan Zhao Warrior, Q Sword, and Jian Feng Han those bunch of people are about to reach 40 aren’t they? If I were to lag behind I would surely be bullied… Oh right, is there anything in the school news today?

Dong Yue Cheng blinked her eyes, “Nothing special, why?”

“Oh, it’s nothing.”

I lowered my head and continued reading the paper. Looks like my attack on Wen Tai Lai yesterday had yet to spread. This was good in a way for me as well. But, Wen Tai Lai was associated with the underground world; this kind of news would never see daylight. The university was filled with the people who were filled with hopes and dreams. Who would really bother themselves with the fights in the underground world? This was for the best. I could peacefully spend my time in the game.

… …

Finally, Dong Cheng Yue gave in and decided to skip classes as well to accompany Lin Wan Er in her quest to find her pet. As for me, I decided to go online and continue on my path as the Scavenger of Dragon City. Today was a brand new day and I wondered if the Dragon City had any new quests for me.

Returning to the dormitory, I went to the toilet for a moment before going online.


I appeared in the game dressed in brand new armor while holding my Jade City Sword. Not far from my location I saw the tent of Beast Tamer Dalin. The holes in the roof of his tent were as numerous as the stars in the night sky. However, Dalin came from primitive tribes so he would pay no heed to little details such as this. I only hoped that he would not bring back an Orc wife…

Looking at my skill tree, my trip yesterday to Ba Huang City wasn’t in vain. First, I had earned 15000 RMB. Second, I had also learned several new skills from the Swordsman Instructor. Just as I expected, the Scavenger of Dragon City job was recognized by the Swordsman Instructor. The 2 skills I learned appeared in my skill tree —
【Haste LV-1】:Mana cost: 10, Increase attack speed by 2% and movement speed 1% Duration: 15 seconds.

【Defense LV-1】:Mana cost: 50, Increase defense by 1%


On the surface, these skills only augment my basic stats, but they were essential skills. Haste increased my attack speed and movement speed. A LV 10 【Haste】 could increase my attack speed by 20% and movement speed by 10%, making it an important tool for chasing and escaping. As for 【Defense】, it was a skill that worked only when I was standing still. If LV 1 【Defense】 increased my defense by 1%, then LV 10 【Defense】 would increase my defense by 10%. At higher levels, the effects of these skills would become more apparent, thus making these skills essential for survival.

These 2 skills were ranked C.

On a side note, the Swordsman had another basic skill, Heavy Strike. But I was unable to learn that skill. This was due to the fact that one of the requirements in learning 【Wind Blade】was to forgo the chance of learning【Heavy Strike】. Fortunately, 【Wind Blade】 had 3 times the damage output of 【Heavy Strike】, thus alleviating my disappointment.

Today I was going to grind 【Haste】 and 【Defense】 to LV 4, so that my overall prowess is greatly boosted.


Carrying the Jade City Sword I steadily walked towards Beast Tamer Dalin and respectfully said, “Teacher, are there any quests for me today?”

Dalin was using a tree branch to floss his teeth and with a “pui” spit out a monster bone with a radius of 5 cm. Then with a “hehe” laughter, he said, “Lad, you are improving swiftly. Since this is the case, help me chase away the Orcs from the southern forest of Dragon City. These indescribably dirty Tigermen are simply too vile. They have already consecutively robbed us of our supplies three times. Go there and find the camp of the Tigermen and destroy their entire camp. Kill at least 1000 of these Tigermen and afterwards I will bestow upon you great rewards and honor!”

I nodded my head and said, “Yes, teacher!”


System Notice: Received quest 【Exterminating Tigermen】!(Quest Grade: A)

Quest Description: Head towards the southern forests and look for the Orcs’ brethren -Tigermen’s camp and kill 1000 Tigermen before reporting back to Beast Tamer Dalin. When executing the mission, do exercise great caution as the Tigermen are incomparably vicious and possess great might; a misstep could cost you your life. Hundreds of adventurers have already lost their lives from their sharp claws.


A quest grade of A, this would surely prove to be difficult. This also meant that the level and abilities of the Tigermen were above mine. Fortunately my skills and equipment were sturdy. Let’s go!

Baby Bobo shook his stinger and flew gracefully towards me, landing on my shoulders. Together with my big yellow bee, I headed off!

Heading south through the verdant greens protected forests of Dragon City for around 10 minutes, another new field appeared before me and the system notice warned —


System Notification: The area ahead is classified as a danger zone. In recent times, the Orc tribe began a large scale migration from the wilderness and a large group of Orcs are currently resting at the forest ahead!

Raising my head, I unsheathed the Jade City Sword and with the shake of my arms Baby Bobo flew up and entered battle mode.


Before I got a chance to get close, the leaves of the forest shook and a large shadow lunged out. Not only me, but even Baby Bobo was frightened and squealed in fear. It was a male beast crawling on the ground, weighing at least half a ton. His body was covered with thick black fur and his head was hideously distorted. On his hands were claws and on his butt was a round hairy ball. Actually that would be his tail —

【Merciless Bear】(Normal Monster)

Level: 39

Attack: ? ? ?

Defense: ? ? ?

Health: ? ? ?

Skills: ? ? ?

Description: A brethren of the Orcs, the Merciless Bear harnesses strength equal to that of wild bears and yet retains a portion of their human intelligence. It’s rumored that their ancestors were humans living in the wild mountains and jungles. These intelligent humans were able to understand the art of changing one’s form and were able to transmogrify into wild beasts. One of them became the founder of the bear tribe.



The Bearman lowered his head and looked down towards me with some kind of sticky substance trickling down from the edges of his mouth. He laughed ferociously, “Such smooth skin and tender meat. You would do fine as my meal. That small wasp, what is it?”

I lifted my sword and slid my feet, drawing a semicircle in front of me with my blade. At the same time, appearing beneath my legs were the markings of an Eight-Trigram formation. In a split moment, I activated 【Defense】and raised my defensive abilities by 1%. At the same time, I shook my arms and a flash of dazzling light enveloped me activating 【Haste】, increasing my attack speed by 2% and movement speed by 1%. Time to start attacking!

I ran forward with my blade slightly lifted. A golden hexagram started shining on it and along with whizzing sound of the wind, I used a level 4 [Combo] strike to hit the Bearman squarely on its head.




Tsk tsk, the defensive ability of the Bearman surely wasn’t something to laugh about. It was comparable to that of Jian Feng Han…

Suffering from the pain of the blows, the Bearman howled angrily at me. Raising its sharp claws, he swiped towards me.



Sharp pain immediately gushed to my arms, giving me a big shock. It was a fatal(better than critical) blow against me. Despite the pain, I didn’t retreat. Instead, I rolled forward and a white aura started to emanate from beneath my feet, I activated the skill 【Strength of a Thousand Men】!

I started a torrent of strikes against the Bearman coupled with a solid body slam. Finally, I finished the charge up for the most destructive strike, 【Wind Blade】, and a single, powerful strike slashed at the neck of the Bearman. With the sound of its neck breaking, fresh blood gushed forward from the wound. That last cut was too vicious, it removed a staggering 700+ health from the Bearman. Together with Baby Bobo the level 39 monster was severely wounded.


Upon the second claw swipe from the Bearman, I consciously predicted the angle and speed of the swipe. At the last instant, when the swipe was about to land on my shoulders, I sidestepped, dodging the attack.


Splendid, it was a lot simpler than I thought. With the Swordsman class’ 0.9 growth in agility, I had a greater range of possible movements, especially when dodging and attacking; even within the 9 main classes, the Swordsman’s movements were unrivaled. That was why most gamers chose to play as a Swordsman. Even if its health and defense were beneath that of the Knight and its attacking power was unable to equal that of a Berserker’s, with its unparalleled movements, the Swordsman class was the true path to kingship!


“Ka Cha!”

After dodging, I maneuvered myself to the back of the Bearman and with a slash of my sword, I decapitated the Bearman and its remaining 5% health disappeared. Judging by the ease with which the huge head of the Bearman could be cut off by me; this showed that my offensive power was beyond ordinary. At the same time, with a “Pa ta” sound, an item dropped from the first Bearman I killed. It was a level 33 Wild Bow, green tiered. Although its stats weren’t bad, I didn’t have any use for it. So I dropped it inside my bag.

Picking up the sole silver coin dropped from the Bearman, I stepped over its corpse and moved on. Prying open the bushes, I found the land in front me filled with Bearmen, indicating that this must be the Bearmen camp. Looking at the map again, I realized that the Tigermen camp was at another area not too far off from my current position. Moving stealthily towards the location indicated on the map, I passed through a grove of maple trees and finally heard the roars of tigers.
Under the scorching sun, I found a half-man, half-beast monster prowling around the grasslands. On its body was a head resembling that of a young man. However growing on its face were golden facial hairs, together with a great golden mane. But on its forehead was long flowing blood-colored hair. The monster was equipped with light leather armor and as for its hands, it was morphing between one of a normal human’s and sharp claws. Together with its war boots, the monster showed an incredibly arrogant look–

【Tigerman】(Normal Monster)

Search Hosted Novel for the original.

Level: 40





Description: A brethren of the Orcs, these Beastmen possess the overwhelming strength of a tiger and retain a portion of their human intelligence. It’s rumored that their ancestors were humans living in the wild mountains and jungles. These intelligent humans were able to understand the art of changing one’s form and were able to transmogrify into wild beasts, one of them being the founder of the Tigermen tribe.


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