Chapter 63 - Walking Around Elegantly
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Zhan Long Chapter 63 - Walking Around Elegantly

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Chapter 63 – Walking Around Elegantly

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“What’s the matter now?!”

Dong Cheng Yue looked at me and then looked at Wan Er, “Is this Liu Ying guy looking for trouble again? Xiao Yao, why does he hate you so much?”

I spread my hands, “I have no idea, but I would really like to have a talk with him and dissipate any hatred, but sadly he doesn’t want to. What else can I do?”

“Whatever, it’s better to ignore people who want to take revenge all the time. These kinds of people, if you can’t make peace with them then you can at least hide from them.”

I nodded, “Mm, well said!”


I still had classes in the afternoon and it was the most annoying class of all, calculus. Who would have thought that in the Chinese department, we still had to take calculus! What matrices, what sequences, I didn’t understand it at all!

After eating dinner, I escorted Wan Er back to the dorms. She needed to continue level grinding and I also returned to my dorm to grind for 4 hours straight until 11 at night!

Toot toot…

Beside me, my cellphone rang. I accepted the call in game and it was a number that I don’t know. After taking the call I heard a sweet voice——

“Hello, is this Li Xiao Yao?”

“Yep that’s me. Who is this?”


“Ru Hua?”

“What!” The caller was angry, “You little Li Xiao Yao. Now you’re all carefree accompanying some wealthy kids at some wealthy University and you forgot about your old colleagues eh?”

I thought for a while, then I said, “Oh, I know! Shen Bing!”

“Hehe, finally remembered me?!”

I laughed, “Of course…”

Shen Bing was an employee at the Public Security sub-bureau’s technology branch in Xihu District of Hangzhou city and she should have been promoted to bureau leader now. She was an expert in all kinds of technology and acclaimed by the leaders to have good potential. Also, she was extremely beautiful and was at least a good 7 points. Her body was tall and she was the princess of the police. She was also the ideal person for many of her male police colleague

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