Chapter 62 - So You Like Me
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Zhan Long Chapter 62 - So You Like Me

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Chapter 62 – So You Like Me

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Next day, in my first period, Chinese class.

I crossed my arms in front of my chest, and I silently sat next to the Miss, and fell asleep…


Wan Er leaned on the desk with her white arms, and used her shoulder to nudge me, “Don’t sleep anymore, the professor is glaring at you. If you keep on sleeping, then he’ll come after you!”

I opened my sleepy eyes, “Eh?”

“What time did you grind till last night?”

“4 AM.”

“Huh. I just checked your level, and you’re still at level 32. I think there’s no change…”


I got quiet, but then I said, “I am taking it nice and slow for level 32, taking the scenic route while I grind. No regrets and I don’t give up, that’s the way to live well…”

Wan Er smiled lightly, and her dimples on the edge of her mouth became deadly, “What? So you didn’t get killed by Feng Han and drop a level?”

I wanted to bury my head in the ground… From such a beautiful mouth, how could such toxic words be said?!

On the side, Cheng Yue smiled and stretched her head back to look at me, “Xiao Yao, I heard that yesterday Feng Han admitted that he went to Fire Stone Canyon to duel you, but he didn’t say anything about whether he won or lost… Say, who won and who lost?”

I paused, “Winning or losing is common in battles…”

Wan Er nodded like she knew everything and gave me a rotten smile, “Oh, I know the result…”

I glared at her, “You know nothing!”

Wan Er shot a glance at me, and my eyes landed on her snow-white shoulders. Hehe, this revealing tank-top really tempted people to look over there…


Wan Er shoved her big cell phone screen into my face. On it was the forums for <Destiny>. She said, “This post was made by Jian Feng Han, he posted it yesterday…”

I glanced at it, and I was surprised. Indeed, Feng Han’s charisma was unique, bringing his [Vanguard] guild into Ba Huang City, making the situation in Ba Huang City extremely confusing. His reputation on the forums was very high as well, there was a special red sticky for his post——

【Sticky】 About last night in Fire Stone Canyon! (Poster: Jian Feng Han)

Text: Ok, I admit it. Last night I did indeed go to Fire Stone Canyon by myself, and I was looking for the legendary healer Xiao Yao Zi Zai who made over a hundred members from [Wrath of the Heroes] unable to do anything to him. I wanted to see what kind of skill he had, so me and him dueled twice. The results? I won’t reveal them. But in conclusion, Xiao Yao Zi Zai is a pretty good opponent, I believe that with people like him, the future of Ba Huang City will be even more interesting!


After that, there are countless replies——

【Post 1】 General Wang Jian: Not revealing the result? Heh, would it be that the legendary fighter #1 swordsman Jian Feng Han lost?

【Post 2】 Silent Moon: Ha! What kind of person is Jian Feng Han? He’s a hero! How can he lost to some random kid?

【Post 3】 Clear Ripple: Feng Han keep up the good work! I love you! You’re the coolest!

【Post 4】 Yue Qing Qian: Coughcough, I think Xiao Yao is the coolest, I’m guessing that Feng Han must have lost…


【Post 479】 Jian Feng Han: Yue Qing Qian, how could you have known that I lost?


【Post 1246】 Yue Qing Qian: Hehe, Jian Feng Han you’re a famous player… If you didn’t lose, how can you explain about dropping from level 37 to level 36 last night?

【Post 1247】 Always Tearful: Ah, well said! I would also like to ask, if Feng Han didn’t die why would he lose a level?


【Post 4779】 Ink Painting: No need to say anymore. Feng Han release your battle videos, and don’t tell us that you don’t have it, within 24 hours, all of a player’s data is saved!


Finally, under the pressure of several tens of thousand players in Ba Huang City, Feng Han promised to release the two battles against Xiao Yao Zi Zai in half an hour.

“Well?” Wan Er’s eyes were full of bad intention, “For a certain person, some sad video of their defeat will be broadcasted…”

I pursed my mouth, “Hmph, I already got used to it…”

Cheng Yue smiled, “Don’t worry, winning or losing is common in battles, you can just start over again Xiao Yao…”

I looked at Cheng Yue, and then I looked towards Wan Er. I raised the corner of my mouth, and I didn’t say anything. Without saying anything, I conveyed my meaning, look at Cheng Yue, she is way more comforting than you, Wan Er!

Wan Er was exceptionally smart, and instantly understood what I was thinking. She didn’t say anything, but she clenched her teeth and hmphs. That sound, it made my heart tremble. Ah d*mn, was I done for?


After a few minutes the video finished downloading. Wan Er muted her phone sound and put her Chinese textbook up. Then she touched the screen and the video started. It was the first battle between me and Feng Han. The two beauties widened their eyes, while I was sitting on pins and needles. Ah, the painful memories. Feng Han’s player and pet tactic had been brought to the point of perfection, killing me was no problem.

After finishing the first video, Cheng Yue stuck her tongue out and said quietly, “Ah, so that’s what happened… Xiao Yao didn’t die for nothing. Feng Han’s battle tactics and control are indeed very high-class, he’s very skilled!”

Wan Er was clenching her white fists and didn’t say anything while pouting.

“Wan Er, what’s the matter?”

“Hmph, to bully my person like that…” Wan Er’s eyes flashed with killing intent and she said while fuming, “I should find a chance to go to Ba Huang City and duel this Feng Han person…”

Cheng Yue immediately held Wan Er’s shoulders and said, “Don’t be rash. You’re an assassin and he’s a swordsman. His heavy armor is way superior than your leather armor. Even if you are as skilled as he is, you can’t take his hits. Besides you’re not even as skilled as he is…”

Wan Er’s face went red, “Skill can be trained…”

I stayed silent.

The second battle was about to start. In this battle, my performance wasn’t bad. I copied Feng Han’s man-pet tactics, creating some pressure on him. But then I still lost, so I revealed my trump card with the aggro diversion tactic. While looking at my [Wind Blade] slicing Feng Han’s armor, Wan Er’s tiny fist hit the desk with a bang and she smiled, “Beautiful!”

Immediately, the entire classroom became dead silent. On the lectern the old professor pushed his glasses up and asked, “Student Lin Wan Er, do you have a problem?”

Wan Er stood up with her face flushed red and stammered, “No…”

She sat down slowly and the Miss’s face was like a ripe red apple. Even I could feel the scorching heat. She looked down towards the desk and clenched her teeth, “Hmph, Li Xiao Yao you’re dead!”

I waved my hand, “What did I do…”

Cheng Yue facepalmed, “Two idiots…”


After quite some time, Wan Er started to draw skillfully on her notebook. After that she gently pushed the notebook in front of me. On the clean-white paper was some pencil handwriting. Well it was not really handwriting, but rather lines of arcs and routes. In total there were 12 small pictures. All of the pictures were marked with Chinese characters.

I looked for a while. Suddenly I realized what it was. I turned and looked at Wan Er, “This…This is…”

Wan Er looked at me silently and her eyes contained traces of excitement, “Yep, it is!”

Cheng Yue looked from the side and opened her mouth, “Oh..This is Feng Han’s battle tactics! Wan Er you’re amazing, you even have this…”

Wan Er said faintly, “The man-pet diversion’s bait, attack, and retreat tactics, I’ve already researched and seen them at an earlier time. But when using them, I’m not as skilled as Feng Han is. These are the 12 types of battlefield control in the man-pet tactics. If you can completely understand it then you will know thyself and thy enemy. With your wits, I believe that you won’t lose as badly as before. You should know, although you won the second fight, it was using the game’s loopholes or else you wouldn’t have had any chance of victory. Next time if you see Feng Han, you won’t be able to use the same trick again. A skilled person wouldn’t lose by the same tactics.”

I deeply understood and nodded, “Mm, I understand. Thank you Miss. It seems that you really like me…”

Wan Er suddenly stood up, glaring at me, “I…I don’t!”

Around us a dead silence appeared once again.

On the lectern the professor pushed his glasses, “Student Lin Wan Er, do you have a problem again?”

Wan Er raised her head, eyes full of despair, “Ah….I, I…”

I quickly stood up and explained, “Old man, Student Wan Er saw a caterpillar on the chair, so she was surprised, look…”

I stretched my hand and a colorful little caterpillar was dangling on my index finger.


Wan Er yelled in surprise again and embraced Cheng Yue.

I flicked away the caterpillar on my finger and silently sat down.

The classroom was completely silent and the professor was almost completely petrified……


Ding Dong…

Class ended and I ripped Wan Er’s 12 battle tactics page from her notebook and I carefully tucked it away. I should carefully study this. Damn, Ba Huang City was full of tough players, if I didn’t carefully train myself, then next time I saw someone strong like Feng Han I would get slaughtered again. I really needed to study well!

Nearing the afternoon, after sleeping in 3 classes, I carried my textbooks and left the classroom with Wan Er.

On the path of the school yard, the leaves fluttered in the sky. Stepping on fallen leaves, I quickly followed Wan Er as if I was afraid that someone would take her away from me.

Before long, in front of us a few familiar people appeared. It was Liu Ying and his gang. But all these people had already been defeated by me, so I didn’t bat them an eye…


“Li Xiao Yao, you are really carefree huh?”

Liu Ying ridiculed me from afar and embraced Xu Yue. He laughed coldy, “Looks like your luck with women isn’t bad huh!”

Wan Er spun around and coldly said, “Liu Ying, what are you saying!”

Liu Ying didn’t reply, but only looked at me, “Li Xiao Yao, just you watch and let’s see how more carefree you can get!”

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