Chapter 62 - So You Like Me
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Zhan Long Chapter 62 - So You Like Me

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Chapter 62 – So You Like Me

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Next day, in my first period, Chinese class.

I crossed my arms in front of my chest, and I silently sat next to the Miss, and fell asleep…


Wan Er leaned on the desk with her white arms, and used her shoulder to nudge me, “Don’t sleep anymore, the professor is glaring at you. If you keep on sleeping, then he’ll come after you!”

I opened my sleepy eyes, “Eh?”

“What time did you grind till last night?”

“4 AM.”

“Huh. I just checked your level, and you’re still at level 32. I think there’s no change…”


I got quiet, but then I said, “I am taking it nice and slow for level 32, taking the scenic route while I grind. No regrets and I don’t give up, that’s the way to live well…”

Wan Er smiled lightly, and her dimples on the edge of her mouth became deadly, “What? So you didn’t get killed by Feng Han and drop a level?”

I wanted to bury my head in the ground… From such a beautiful mouth, how could such toxic words be said?!

On the side, Cheng Yue smiled and stretched her head back to look at me, “Xiao Yao, I heard that yesterday Feng Han admitted that he went to Fire Stone Canyon to duel you, but he didn’t say anything about whether he won or lost… Say, who won and who lost?”

I paused, “Winning or losing is common in battles…”

Wan Er nodded like she knew everything and gave me a rotten smile, “Oh, I know the result…”

I glared at her, “You know nothing!”

Wan Er shot a glance at me, and my eyes landed on her snow-white shoulders. Hehe, this revealing tank-top really tempted people to look over there…


Wan Er shoved her big cell phone screen into my face. On it was the forums for <Destiny>. She said, “This post was made by Jian Feng Han, he posted it yesterday…”

I glanced at it, and I was surprised. Indeed,

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