Chapter 61 - Late Night Deal
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Zhan Long Chapter 61 - Late Night Deal

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Chapter 61 – Late Night Deal

This chapter was sponsored by Andrew Soler, Estela Perez, Hannu Hautalampi and William Wang!

At 4 am in the morning, I had about 3500+ Indigo Seaweed in my inventory. They were neatly arranged in bundles of 100 and easily filled up 40 boxes of my inventory. The only other items I had space for were the City Scrolls, some Chilling Wind Pills , a stack of seal cards, and a slot for equipment.


Jade City Sword struck the head of an Ice Rat, splitting it into two as dark blue blood splattered everywhere. Before it died, it managed to reduce my HP by 300+ with an [Ice Cone]. The damage from these tiny guys was seriously painful.

It was about time to return and start creating mana potions. What’s more, it was getting really late and I couldn’t keep skipping class or the Professor would take note and deduct points off my grades. If I lost too many credits, I would get skinned alive by Wang Xin; sending me to Liu Hua University cost a lot and it was all borne by the Bureau.


As I raised my head, the forest in front of me vibrated as a new monster spawned. Dark blue rays of light encircled an Ice Rat as it spawned. Though the sight was beautiful, I only cared about the line of words above the Ice Rat’s head. Damn, I was finally lucky today —

[Ice Rat] (Normal Monster)

Level: 1

Extra: Sealable


Hell yeah, after getting chased by bounty hunters, I finally got to meet a Level 1 Ice Rat!

With a 4 Star Magic Attack growth, this magic pet’s attack was certainly not lacking. Especially when it came to heavy armor classes, these attacks would be super effective. Even a single [Ice Cone] would equal the attack of a high-level magician!

I took a Sealing Card from my inventory and raised my hands to perform the seal lock!


The seal card appeared below the Ice Rat as the little bugger grumbled aloud. It prepared an [Ice Cone] with both arms and tossed it over. Although it hit me, a Level 1 monster had limited attack power and I only lost 40+ HP.

The seal card’s magic ensnared the Ice Rat and pulled it in. The most unexpected thing was that I am successful on the first try even though the seal only had a 21.9% chance of succeeding.

A flash of light appeared in one of my pet slots. Great, a Level 1 Ice Rat!

I opened the pet info and took a look. I was overjoyed–

[Ice Rat]

Level: 1

Attack: ★





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