Chapter 60 - Borrowing a Knife to Kill
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Zhan Long Chapter 60 - Borrowing a Knife to Kill

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Chapter 60 – Borrowing a Knife to Kill

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I spun around and ran towards the Hell Hound. While running, I punched the ground and cast [Binding Chains]!


As my fist reached the ground, Feng Han shifted a few meters sideways, and a huge “MISS” popped up next to him. At the same time, his pet Hell Hound also wagged its tail as it backed away a few meters. Such coordinated control! Both player and pet moved at the same time to dodge my skill!

I needed to kill the Hell Hound first, or else Baby Bobo’s HP couldn’t keep up!

I raised my sword, and slashed towards the Hell Hound. But I wouldn’t have thought that Feng Han kept on pulling the Hell Hound back, making me unable to catch up to it. At the same time, I felt a chill behind my back, Feng Han’s [Combo] was coming!

Before turning around, I sunk my body downwards, and blocked my back with my sword. I couldn’t block such a strong attack, and my entire body sprawled forward. But I spun my sword around, and I heavily slashed at Feng Han!



Looking at my attack damage, he seemed a bit surprised. He took his sword and backed away, and drank a health potion. After taking 3 [Combo] hits, my HP was near empty. I waited for the cooldown of [Heal], and with a wave of my hand I recovered 600 HP. But at that time, Baby Bob cried out, and died from the attack of the Hell Hound.

I couldn’t chase Feng Han, so I could only spin around and chase the Hell Hound. Since Bobo died, it was only fair that Feng Han’s pet also dies. But I never would have thought that the Hell Hound would wave its tail and run, giving me no chance to attack. Feng Han on the other hand recovered to full HP and immediately took his sword and attacked!

My custom combo was still in cooldown, so I could only use [combo], and pray for the best!


Within 3 steps of me, Feng Han suddenly stopped. A golden hexagram started to appear on my sword, the start

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Novel Notes

Hi all that's the end of Zhan Long. Thanks for all the support!
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