Chapter 94 - The God of Battle Arrives
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Zhan Long Chapter 94 - The God of Battle Arrives

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Chapter 94 – The God of Battle Arrives

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“Fire Beacon Helmet….. Fire Beacon Helmet….”

I gently stroke the red helmet. Saliva dribbles out of my mouth onto the clay floor of the Ferocious Demon Canyon and the pitter patter sound echos throughout. This is the server’s second Purple Tiered item. On the equipment rankings, this is second only to the Purple Tiered Heavenly Plan sword. With an additional 4% for attack and a 2% magic resistance, this is such an amazing Purple Tier equipment.

Li Mu laughs while looking at me: “I’ll say. Xiao Yao has such a greedy expression right now… With one Purple Tiered item, it seems as if he has forgotten his own last name.”

Lian Po lifts his longbow. In spirit form, he sits on top of a large rock and laughs: “I would do the same. Heroes all start out in poverty. Poverty is what spawns ambition.”

General Wang Jian : “Hey, how long do we have to wait?”

“There isn’t a limit….”

Li Mu licks his lips, sees the [Flying Dragon] guild and laughs: “They are wasting a lot of time. Let’s see how much patience these [Flying Dragon] players have. Fire Beacon Helmet, Guild Creation Tablet and the Proud Heavenly Fire Axe are all in Xiao Yao’s inventory. If we resurrect, there is a high probability that they will drop. Therefore, we can only revive when it is absolutely safe.”

I look far away: “Ok. Let’s be patient. We can always go offline and log back on tomorrow.”

“Let’s wait a bit first.” Li Mu seems anxious. Apparently, he wants to immediately create the first guild in all of the server.

I laugh a bit: “Ok, I will wait with you guys.”



A few hours go by. Suddenly, with a “Ping”, a message comes from [Prague]’s second-in-command, the beautiful Yue Qing Qian: “Brother Xiao Yao, are you being spawn camped at Ferocious Demon Canyon?”


“You always get spawn camped. It’s so sad.”

I can’t help but laugh: “There is nothing I can do. I play solo so wherever I go, I get bullied!”

Yue Qing Qian giggles: “Brother Xiao Yao. Why don’t I ask Uncle to lend me a group to go to Ferocious Demon Canyon? What happened last time is in the distant past. His anger towards you probably dissipated. If I ask him, I might be able to persuade him to let me go.”

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