Chapter 94 - The God of Battle Arrives
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Zhan Long Chapter 94 - The God of Battle Arrives

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Chapter 94 – The God of Battle Arrives

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“Fire Beacon Helmet….. Fire Beacon Helmet….”

I gently stroke the red helmet. Saliva dribbles out of my mouth onto the clay floor of the Ferocious Demon Canyon and the pitter patter sound echos throughout. This is the server’s second Purple Tiered item. On the equipment rankings, this is second only to the Purple Tiered Heavenly Plan sword. With an additional 4% for attack and a 2% magic resistance, this is such an amazing Purple Tier equipment.

Li Mu laughs while looking at me: “I’ll say. Xiao Yao has such a greedy expression right now… With one Purple Tiered item, it seems as if he has forgotten his own last name.”

Lian Po lifts his longbow. In spirit form, he sits on top of a large rock and laughs: “I would do the same. Heroes all start out in poverty. Poverty is what spawns ambition.”

General Wang Jian : “Hey, how long do we have to wait?”

“There isn’t a limit….”

Li Mu licks his lips, sees the [Flying Dragon] guild and laughs: “They are wasting a lot of time. Let’s see how much patience these [Flying Dragon] players have. Fire Beacon Helmet, Guild Creation Tablet and the Proud Heavenly Fire Axe are all in Xiao Yao’s inventory. If we resurrect, there is a high probability that they will drop. Therefore, we can only revive when it is absolutely safe.”

I look far away: “Ok. Let’s be patient. We can always go offline and log back on tomorrow.”

“Let’s wait a bit first.” Li Mu seems anxious. Apparently, he wants to immediately create the first guild in all of the server.

I laugh a bit: “Ok, I will wait with you guys.”



A few hours go by. Suddenly, with a “Ping”, a message comes from [Prague]’s second-in-command, the beautiful Yue Qing Qian: “Brother Xiao Yao, are you being spawn camped at Ferocious Demon Canyon?”


“You always get spawn camped. It’s so sad.”

I can’t help but laugh: “There is nothing I can do. I play solo so wherever I go, I get bullied!”

Yue Qing Qian giggles: “Brother Xiao Yao. Why don’t I ask Uncle to lend me a group to go to Ferocious Demon Canyon? What happened last time is in the distant past. His anger towards you probably dissipated. If I ask him, I might be able to persuade him to let me go.”

I quickly say: “Absolutely not! Qing Qian, Yan Zhao is a very steadfast man. Last time, He was unwilling to let [Prague] attack the [Wrath of the Heroes] guild. Why would he let you attack [Flying Dragon]? You should go quietly train. Don’t interfere in my affairs; I will take care of it myself. I don’t want to owe [Prague] anything!”

Yue Qing Qian lets out a soft “Hm” and says: “Ok. I won’t come and save you. Watch you lose another level….”

“Ha! Do you think I’m that foolish?”

“Haha, yes you are!”

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I think a bit and say: “Qing Qian. Very soon, I will gather my former guild. When we gather together, we will rapidly level up. Once we reach a good level, we will go fight a Boss for the Guild Creation Tablet. When I establish my guild, will you join me?”

Yue Qing Qian says unexpectedly quickly: ”Yes!”

Relieved, I say: “Ok, it’s a promise!”



Closing the communication, I find that I have nothing to do. I look onto the forums and research where to go to find the Level 6 herbs. I am not the first in alchemy anymore. Right now, there are many level 6 alchemists and [Prague] is producing and sponsoring many alchemists who look all over for herbs. My aimless wandering cannot compare to their professional seeking. But, there is a way for me to go back on top. I have to level up my fighting strength. Higher level herbs are in more dangerous places so if a person does not have enough strength to fight the monsters around the herbs then they have to give up being the highest alchemist level.

Beside me, Bai Qi looks up administration for guild creation information. Suddenly, he trembles and shows an article to us: “Boss Li Mu, look. We have a big problem. “

With one look, Li Mu’s complexion turns purple——

【Guild Establishment Association】: To establish a guild the following requirements must be met:

Founder is required to be above level 30.
Have 5 charm points.
Has 10000 gold coins.

I scowl: “These requirements are pretty high. Li Mu, do you reach the requirements?”

Li Mu grinds his teeth: ”I do have the 5 points of charm. But where am I going to find 10000 gold coins? Among our General family, we only have 5000 gold coins….”

Wang Jian balls his fist and furrows his brow: “Boss Li Mu, Since it is like this… I …. I will ask my father to sell my car. Then I will buy 5000 gold from [Treasure Grove].”


Li Mu shakes his head: “That Chevrolet helps you pick up girls. Someday when you want to find a wife, wouldn’t you need a car to help? We do need to think of a way but selling your car is not one of them!”

Lian Po narrows his eyes: “Yea. Let’s think of something else. No need to sell the car. Otherwise, it will be very inconvenient for us to go out to eat together as we would need to call a taxi.”

Wang Jian: “…..”

Bai Qi looks at me and a chill runs down my spine. Grinning, he says: “What about you? I am very poor; my wallet doesn’t even surpass 1000 gold.”

Li Mu couldn’t help but laugh: “Stop it. We already relied on Xiao Yao to kill the Boss. We already owe him a lot; I don’t want to owe him even more…”

Bai Qi mutters to himself while holding his axe: “I could sell this silver battle axe for about 400G. We can get weapons again later. We need to be the first to create a guild!”

Li Mu thinks for a bit: “Okay, I will sell my gold tiered boots! Xiao Yao, would you like to buy them?”

My face darkens: “Buying? Do I look like I’m a merchant!?”

“Ahh right…. I forgot that you are poorer than us.”



In a flash, 4 hours go by. However, the [Flying Dragon] members still haven’t shown any signs of moving. About 300 of them are occupying the canyon and the rest are sitting at the entrance guarding it. A couple of the swordsmen are chopping firewood. They start a bonfire and grab a wild boar’s head to barbecue. Everything appears so joyous.


Li Mu lifts his fist: “It seems that there is no limit to [Flying Dragons] patience.”

I narrow my eyes and lean against a large rock: “Dammit! Let me take a nap then we will think about resurrecting later….”

Who’s Blue glances at me: “Xiao Yao is still very calm in this situation.”

General Wang Jian: “…..”


As I close my eyes, I hear a “ding” sound. A message arrives from Miss Lin Wan Er: “Li Xiao Yao, where are you?”

“Hmm? I am still at Ferocious Demon Canyon. What’s up, Wan Er?”

“[Hero’s Mound] will be advancing into Ferocious Demon Canyon in about 3 minutes. Are you guys ready?”

“Wah!” I quickly stand up: “You… you really brought reinforcements?”

“Yea. Did you think I’m a person that likes to joke? I really am coming. You should get ready.” The beautiful Miss laughs.

“Wan Er, how many did you bring?”

“Um… “ Lin Wan Er pauses: “About 700+ people with more than 30% of them done with their second promotion. I almost brought all of [Hero Mound]’s twice promoted players….”

“Ha!” I clench my teeth: “Are you here to save me or are you here to weaken Ba Huang City’s players?”

Lin Wan Er laughs: “Actually, this is nothing. This is like any normal expedition for us. I only said to Q-sword that we should make a name for us in Ba Huang City. So, I asked him to allow me to exact justice upon one of the ten big guilds, [Flying Dragon], and he agreed.”

I mutter: “Ok Miss, thank you very much….”

“Don’t worry about it. When we go offline, treat me to a meal.”

“Ok, no problem.”


After closing the conversation with Wan Er, I say quietly: “Prepare to revive…. “

Li Mu’s eyes grow wide: “Why?”

“Reinforcements are coming!”

“Where are they coming from?”

“We will know in a minute…”



As everyone finishes speaking, the sound of death comes from the Ferocious Demon Canyon entrance. A group of twice promoted level 40+ Berserkers and Swordsmen come in and without any explanation, they use level 5 [Combo], [Flame Axe] and [Ice Blade] on the crowd of players. With only one round of attacks, at least ten members of [Flying Dragon] are lying dead on the ground.

“What’s happening?!!”

Soaring Dragon stands up, grabbing his staff, he walks forward: “Who are you?”

Fierce Tiger raises his battle axe: “Ah! They are players from Fan Shu City. As for which guild, I do not know….”


In the crowd’s center, a fiery colored silhouette appears. He stands with a blood red cloak draped over him. With a laugh, he stabs a blade into Fierce Tiger’s shoulder. Blood blossoms from the wound!


Fierce Tiger tries to block with his axe but his agility is way to low compared to his attacker. With a wave of his sword, the attacker knock’s Fierce Tiger’s axe away. Then the attacker hits Fierce Tiger 4 times square in the chest with his sword. Fierce Tiger dies immediately.


Soaring Dragon stands there foolishly and finally sees who he is up against: “You… You are….”

The attacker majestically turns around. He has a very handsome face. This elegant Swordsman smiles and says: “Soaring Dragon, long time no see…. “

“You …. You are Q-Sword!”

Soaring Dragon’s face shows his shocked expression. Above the elegant gentleman, words begin to appear——

Q-Sword LV-46 Silver Swordsman

Title: Fan Shu City’s Number 1


“Q-Sword! It’s Q-Sword…”

“Oh my god! The first person I meet from Fan Shu City is here. Why is it like this? Q-Sword, why do you take us [Flying Dragon] for an enemy?”

“Q-Sword really is quite handsome. He is worthy of being Fan Shu City’s most ideal man.”


[Flying Dragon]’s members make comment after comment as if the PKing had never happened. Outside of the canyon, a big group of [Hero’s Mound] players finish up killing [Flying Dragon] players that are camped at the entrance. It seems so easy like an autumn wind sweeping up leaves. This is the difference between a second place guild and a ninth place guild!


Soaring Dragon stamps his foot. He tightly holds his staff and yells in anger: “Q-sword! You are a bully! All [Flying Dragon] members gather! They have declared war on us! We will fight this injustice!”

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