Chapter 910 - Country without a ruler
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Zhan Long Chapter 910 - Country without a ruler

Chapter 910 - Country without a ruler


  Fox held his musket, looking towards the area where Mocha disappeared with a crestfallen expression. He didn't want to believe what had just happened. His eyes filled with disappointment and rage. He said, "Mocha she... she left just like that?"

  Dancing Forest was furious, "She is not Mocha, she is Xiao Yao! She is called Xue Rou. Didn't any of us check which name was bound to the ID!? Xiao Yao's name is Xue Rou!!"

  Fox stood there in shock, "We... We never suspected her so why would we go to investigate..."

  Lin Wan Er rested on the stone walls of Dragon’s Den, mumbling, "Mocha... Xue Rou... Enchanted Painting... Xue Jing, actually I should have guessed it... I should have guessed that Mocha and Xue Jing were related. I should have guessed that Mocha was Enchanted Painting's older sister... Piggy..."

  Tears appeared within her beautiful eyes as she was about to cry, "Your Dragon’s Den is gone just like that..."

  I gritted my teeth and stood there. I raised my Dragon Reservoir Sword and walked toward Fang Ge Que, Xuan Yuan Feng, Lu Chunyang, Small Refined, and the others. Small Refined immediately rode his horse to protect Fang Ge Que, "Xiao Yao Zi Zai, what are you doing?! Xiao Yao deleted her account and we all find it tough too. Stop finding trouble for yourself. Do you think that this bit of [Zhan Long] troops behind you is enough to beat us? [Legend] doesn't want to bully people with numbers. If [Zhan Long] wants to get revenge, then wait till the country war ends and you all revive."

  The fan in Fang Ge Que's hand was held low - it didn't look like he wanted to fight at all. On the contrary, he looked even more dispirited than me. His eyes were filled with disappointment and shock. He raised his head to look at us and muttered, "I really didn't expect this to happen... Xiao Yao, it is good if you are willing to hear me explain but I don't care if you don't... Before Destiny started, Xiao Yao said that she hated the killing in-game so she wanted to take a walk outside. I told her to help me find an expert that could replace her, and she chose you in the end... But... We were unable to recruit you. Instead, Xiao Yao relied more and more on [Zhan Long]..."

  Suddenly Fang Ge Que's expression turned a little vicious, "Xiao Yao is too important to me, and in terms of combat strength, she is top in the world. [Legend] can't lose her. Do you understand such a feeling? So I told Xiao Yao to come back, but she didn't want to. She fought with me a day before the country war. I realized I might lose her, but I didn't expect it to happen in such a way..."

  I looked at him coldly and said flatly, "Fang Ge Que, you just treat Xiao Yao as a tool to help you create a legacy? What more do you have to say?"

  Fang Ge Que gave out a melancholic laugh, "I won't retort against anything you say. However, hasn't this game always been like that? Who doesn't want to have a super expert like Xiao Yao? Now, I've lost... After the country war ends, you can take back Dragon’s Den!"

  I gritted my teeth and shouted, "Fang Ge Que, don't you get it? We feel pained not because we lost Dragon’s Den, but because Mocha who we cherish dearly was played by you! Who are you? Do you really think you are the god of the China Region? You treat all of us like chess pieces on a chessboard!"

  Fang Ge Que was shocked, the fan in his hand fanning flames as he raised his head and looked at me. He said calmly, "I am sorry to Xiao Yao, but I definitely am not. If you think that [Zhan Long] needs to declare war on [Legend], then go ahead! I have spent so many years in the game and I have never been afraid of anyone!"

  Behind me, Bai Qi, Tang Xin, and the others all took out their weapons. The hundreds of Fire Dragon Cavalry were already prepared to fight.

  Lin Wan Er said gently, "Piggy forget it, there is no need..."

  I felt lost in my heart too. What would happen if we continued to fight here?

  I turned around and looked at everyone, "Okay, the country war has already come to an end. Let's back off and take a look at the situation of the Dragon’s Den troops."

  Everyone nodded their heads.

  I summoned the God Dragon Horse and led my men towards Green Qilin Valley. Many Cliff Dragon Cavalry and Flame Hawk Archers waited patiently in the forest. What made me happy was that Chi Yu Han also held his sword and walked over. He knelt down in front of my body and said, "Sir, we lost our foothold. What should we do next? We need to find a new home for the Flame Hawk Archers and Cliff Dragon Cavalry. If not, they will have no food and lodging. We won't be able to feed the war horses and war eagles. Their numbers will be reduced."

  "Chi Yu Han, can the Cliff Dragon Cavalry leave Dragon’s Den without any restrictions?"

  Chi Yu Han nodded, "Sir, Dragon’s Den doesn't exist anymore. The Cliff Dragon Cavalry and the others are naturally not restricted. Today we will only listen to your orders to send us to wherever you have to!"

  "Okay, let's go. Let's head to the Royal Army camp near the War God River."

  "Yes, sir!"


  We split our troops into two sides. I brought Chi Yu Qing and Chi Yu Han along with the ten thousand Dragon’s Den troops to the Royal Army camp. Lin Wan Er led the [Zhan Long] members back to Tian Ling City. The Moon City players were already crushed and the Korean and Japenese forces at Ba Huang City all retreated. Although there were still thirty hours to the final day of the battle, it had already ended in advance. Everyone was already at their limits. If we continued, we would lose more than ten levels. The players were all exhausted and had no energy to fight anymore.

  Half an hour later, we arrived at the Royal Army camp. There were injured troops and moaning all over. However, after this battle, our losses didn't pass half and many of the soldiers leveled up. Through this battle, we got even stronger because of the experience.

  Horse hoof sounds spread over. In the distance, Han Yuan and Xiao Lie led the cavalry of Royal Army over. There were around three thousand of them. It seemed like the Royal Army lost much more than the other armies.


  Han Yuan jumped off his horse and cupped his fists, "General, you have returned?"

  I nodded, "Yeah, how did you all come back too? Is Tian Ling City no longer in danger?"

  "Not yet..."

  Han Yuan raised his blade and said angrily, "However, Duke Luo Xun, that old thing, doesn't want us to camp within Tian Ling City. So he sent Xiao Lie and me to lead the forty thousand Royal Army troops out of Tian Ling City to chase the losing army. The Moon City kids escaped so quickly that we could only return without gaining much!"

  Xiao Lie held his spear and said, "Sir, I think you should head to Tian Ling City!"


  "Because... Emperor Owen died in Green Qilin Valley, and his heart shot was through by Lanais. This thing has spread out in Tian Ling City and the various marquis all crave the throne. Among them, Duke Luo Xun has the most power since he still has the seventy thousand Rongdi Army. The Empire's other armies each are left with tens of thousands. We only have fifty thousand people left, which is enough to battle against the Rongdi Army. If you don't head back, then Duke Luo Xun will make himself the Emperor!"

  I sighed. Xiao Lie thought things through and was always careful with his words. What he said made sense. Once Duke Luo Xun took the throne, I would have a tough time in Tian Ling City. I nodded my head, "Order all troops to get on their horses and follow me to Tian Ling City!"

  "Yes, Commander!"


  Royal Army was left with twelve thousand cavalry. Xia Ye, Xiao Lie, Han Yuan, and Long Xing used the horses which transported goods as war horses. A total of fifteen thousand followed me to Tian Ling City. At least we were able to maintain the fifteen thousand cavalry stats - a large amount of them consisted of heavy-armored cavalry. In battle, they were much stronger than the light Rongdi Army. This was something I was relying on.

  When I arrived at the Tian Ling Empire, the city gates were open. The country war was twenty-seven hours away from ending, but everyone was in the same mood as if it had ended in advance. Bringing the Royal Army into the city towards the palace, I saw many guards passing through, many of them crying like they were moaning for Owen who died in battle.

  As for Owen, he did many stupid things when he took the throne. In Green Qilin Valley, he personally led the troops and finally looked like the Xia Yu Army General. What a waste. Lanais didn't want to see this Emperor rise up and killed him with an arrow.


  Outside the gate, a bunch of Rongdi Army troops replaced the royal guards to guard the entrance. They were really prideful as if they were the heads of the Empire.


  I pulled out my Dragon Reservoir Sword and said coldly, "The Royal Army is here to pay respects to the Emperor. Move aside, or I will kill!"

  Han Yuan and Long Xing also pulled out their blades. The Rongdi Army also heard that it was Royal Army and they yielded, "Go ahead, however, His Majesty is dead. The country is mourning, and we cannot allow weapons. Hand over your weapons before you enter the city!"

  I laughed coldly, "So the Rongdi Army can bring weapons in but we can't? No need to say anymore, if you want to live, just shut up!"

  I rode the horse and rushed the God Dragon Horse into the city. Long Xing, Han Yuan, and the others followed. The Royal Army swarmed into the city, not restricted by the Rongdi Army at all.

  Within the city, Emperor Owen's body was placed in a grand casket. However, the funny thing was that no matter how good the coffin was, one was already dead so it didn't make a difference.

  "Royal Army General Commander in Chief Li Xiao Yao has arrived!"

  Instantly, the generals and civil servants looked at me. Duke Luo Xun was in white; his eyes tearing up as he stood where the ruler should be. In his hands was a mourning document while he gave me an ice-cold stare.

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