Chapter 911- New Ruler
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Zhan Long Chapter 911- New Ruler

Chapter 911 - New Ruler

After a bunch of nonsense, Duke Luo Xun wiped away the tears in his eyes and said, "As they say, the country cannot go without a ruler for even a day. Tian Ling Empire has stood tall for hundreds of years, and the seniors have given us the prosperity we have today. The blood of the seniors flows in us, and we cannot take this matter lightly. Today Emperor Owen died... Princess Pearl also died at Flaming Cloud City. Do all you officials have any idea whom we should crown as the new ruler?"

  An old man stepped out from the crowd and said, "I recommend Duke Luo Xun. With the Royal Bloodline, you led two hundred and fifty thousand Rongdi Army soldiers to serve the king, ensuring that Tian Ling City wasn't lost. You then helped to sweep Waterfront City; your merits are stellar. Emperor Owen died, so the most suitable one to take the throne is Duke Luo Xun!"

  Looking out, I didn't recognize this person.

  However, Baili Ning who was just a step away from me laughed and coldly said, "Marquis Lingnan's words are wrong. Duke Luo Xun has spent so much time in the barbaric north that he doesn't know about anything regarding the Empire. Moreover, the people of the Empire have never heard of Duke Luo Xun’s name, I think the new ruler should be chosen from the original royal family bloodline of Tian Ling City."

  Marquis Lingnan frowned, "Commander Ning still thinks about Queen Pearl right? However, it is such a waste. Pearl's merits have been seen by all of the Tian Ling Empire; however, a beauty has a short life. To take down Flaming Cloud City, she died on the battlefield. Now, there is no use in saying all this. As Emperor Ning mentioned, if we don't make Duke Luo Xun the Emperor then who else?"

  Violent Thunder Army General Les cupped his fists and said, "Emperor Roc had three kids. Pearl was unwed and didn't have any children. Emperor Owen didn't leave a bloodline and Theodore had two children. I think that these two are the best choices."

  Purple Spirit Army General Xiahou Ren immediately added, "The two princes are young and aren't even ten. I don't think they have the ability to become King, right? I suggest it is most suitable to make Duke Luo Xun the Emperor."

  I frowned. I didn't expect that even Xiahou Ren was bought over by Duke Luo Xun.

  In the other direction, a general stepped out. He held a long sword and was the Dragonling Army General Qin Ye. He stuck his sword into the ground and cupped his fist, "Although Tian Ling City conquered Flaming Cloud City, Fire Elephant City, and Waterfront City, our troops have been greatly reduced. We look prosperous, but we are already surrounded by danger. We can't hesitate and we must instantly crown a new Emperor. If not, Tian Ling City will be in chaos."

  I couldn't help but grit my teeth. Who knew when but this Qin Ye was also bought over by Duke Luo Xun. This duke who came from the north Rongdi Tribe really desired the throne!

  Baili Ning's face was filled with rage as he scolded, "Xiahou Ren, Qin Ye, Marquis Lingnan, all of you, when did Theodore, Pearl, and Owen ever treat you poorly? Now even before the Emperor's corpse has turned cold, you actually want to pass on his Empire to someone else. I would rather die than be associated with you bunch!"

  Xiahou Ren laughed coldly, "Old Ning, you are Pearl’s teacher, a real noble and famous teacher in the Empire. I hope you can oversee the situation objectively and don't let a moment of foolishness sully your own name!"

  Qin Ye also held his sword and smiled, "Old Ning, you are also a smart person. You should know what to do, right?"

  At this moment, a civil servant walked out and said furiously, "All of you are traitors. I am definitely unwilling to be associated with all of you. I won't be able to see the spirits of Emperor Rob or Emperor Owen in Heaven. I would rather die here than let you make Luo Xun the Emperor!"

  "What an honorable fellow!" Qin Ye laughed coldly, "Men, drag this fellow down and kill him!"

  In the crowd, a few general level players couldn't take it anymore either. Fang Ge Que held his fan and said, "Although I don't know much about these things, General Qin Ye doesn't need to kill this civil servant, right?"

  Qin Ye turned around, looking towards Fang Ge Que and saying, "Fang Ge Que, the Fire Dragon Army has a total of seven Majors, and you are just a small Rank Four General, who allowed you to speak?"

  Enchanted Painting was stunned and didn't reply. Fang Ge Que frowned; he turned around to leave, but Drunken Spear said, "Fang Ge Que, don't leave. The Tian Ling City NPCs are going to be in chaos."

  Drunken Spear held the spear in his hand and said, "Let's talk properly, there's no need to fight."

  Duke Luo Xun smiled, "Does the General of the Autumn Harvest Army have anything to say? You mustn't forget that the Autumn Harvest Army has only two thousand people left in Tian Ling City. You as a General is just on the level of a Major."

  Drunken Spear was stunned, hatred flashed across his eyes. However, the troops he had in his hands really weren't enough for him to fight Duke Luo Xun head-on. He was also a smart person — after touching his nose, he didn't say a word.

  That civil servant was dragged down by a few martial artists as he scolded out.

  Finally, Chang Feng General Baili Ning looked towards me and said, "General Li, you are a Commander in Chief. The Empire's bloodline is on the verge of death, so can you say a few words?"

  I walked a few steps up and said, "Release this civil servant!"

  The two guards were shocked and continued to pull the civil servants.

  I was furious. With a "keng", I pulled the Dragon Reservoir Sword out of its sheath. I hollered, "I told you to release him. Why don't you understand my words? Who is in charge of Tian Ling City? Men, kill these two people!

        A wind flashed past as Han Yuan held up his blade. Before anyone reacted, he sliced off the head of one of them, blood splattering onto the ground. The other soldier retreated several steps. Xia Ye appeared from behind and the instant his sword came out of its sheath, that soldier knelt to the ground. His throat was pierced across with fresh blood flowing out.

  "Li Xiao Yao, are you crazy?!"

  Duke Luo Xun looked toward me and shouted, "The Emperor has just died and you actually use weapons in front of him? Are you not afraid of his spirit in the heavens?"

  I laughed out loud, pointing my sword at Duke Luo Xun, "Luo Xun, the Emperor and Pearl died not long ago. You and the bunch of generals group together to try to ascend. Are you the one that isn't afraid of their spirits in Heaven?!"

  Drunken Spear laughed out, "F***, well said Li Xiao Yao. These two people should be killed!"

  "General Li Xiao Yao!"

  Qin Ye pointed his sword at me as he said, "Don't forget, you are just a Commander in Chief. You actually dare to point your sword at a Duke? You are out of your mind!"

  I pulled out the Country Protecting Sword by my waist, my body flashing forward. I had already activated my [Icy Wings] and with a "pata", my blade laid on Qin Ye’s neck. I laughed coldly, “This is the blade the Emperor gave me, and I can kill anyone in the Empire. He ordered me to protect the country and today is the day it will drink blood. Qin Ye, do you want to be the first sacrifice to it?"

  Qin Ye was so shocked that he didn't dare to move. Duke Luo Xun's expression was really ugly. He calmed down and said, "General Li, don't be rash, we can discuss things. The Tian Ling Empire has gone through numerous battles and suffered heavy losses. We have no need to fight because of the throne, right?"

  I nodded, retracting the blade. That blade probably wouldn't be able to kill him, since he was a [Demon Harvest Tier] BOSS after all. His health was quite high too. However, my series of actions threatened Luo Xun, Qin Ye, Marquis Lingnan, Xiahou Ren, and the others — especially when I took out the blade. This blade even allowed me to kill Luo Xun, so who else would dare to do anything random?

  Marquis Lingnan coughed strongly, acting really old and sick like he could die at any moment. Such an evil person probably wouldn't die after a decade. He coughed and said, "So who does General Li Xiao Yao think we should make the new ruler?"

  I smiled, "Doesn't Theodore have two kids? Find them and make one of them the Emperor. It’s so simple."

  Baili Ning nodded, "I agree, let's follow General Li Xiao Yao's words!"

  Duke Luo Xun waved his sleeves and said, "Then let's follow what General Li says. Men, bring Theodore's two kids to Tian Ling City!"

  Before he finished, a cavalry flew over. It was a war eagle cavalry who jumped off the war eagle and cupped his fists, "Report! Theodore's land was washed by blood by the bandits in the north. The two princes were killed and their corpses are being sent over to Tian Ling City!"

  I was stunned and gritted my teeth, "How quick. Duke Luo Xun, you really played this hand well. If Pearl had a kid the north, the bandits would’ve probably killed them too, huh?"

  Luo Xun's face turned cold, "Li Xiao Yao, are you trying to put the blame on me?"

  "I don't dare!" I said coldly, "But the new Ruler of Tian Ling City won't be you, don't worry!"

  Finally, Qin Ye couldn't take it anymore and said furiously, "Li Xiao Yao, what are you saying? You really think that with the Country Protecting Blade, you can do anything? Don't forget that Duke Luo Xun has 120 thousand Rongdi Army outside the city. The Dragonling Army has at least forty thousand, enough to sweep to Sea of No Return. Do you think that with your seventy thousand Royal Army, you can stop us?"

  I laughed, "The seventy thousand Royal Army is not your opponent, but if you add in the hundred thousand Dark Moon Elf Army and Dragon City's fifteen Dragon Cavalry… Moreover, if we really fight amongst ourselves, who do you think Queen Angela will support? Hmph, stop talking about the 120 thousand Rongdi Army to scare me. I can just use fifty thousand Royal Army to crush them to dust!"

  Luo Xun's face became even uglier; however, he understood that what I was saying was the truth. With my identity and connections throughout the entire Tian Ling Empire was under my control, especially since everyone knew that I was Frost’s student. If Dragon City joined me, then the fifteen Dragon Cavalry would be enough to crush the Rongdi Army.

  Qin Ye said, "So now that Theodore's two kids are dead, the final proper royal blood has been broken. Duke Luo Xun represents the final bloodline. Who do you want to make Emperor then?"


  I kept silent for a few seconds and raised my hand, pointing behind Duke Luo Xun, "Him!"

  Everyone was surprised, as well as Lochlan, "General Li... you... you want to make me the new Emperor?  This... You should do this..."

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