Chapter 909 - What do you treat her as
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Zhan Long Chapter 909 - What do you treat her as

Chapter 909- What do you treat her as

Mocha held her shield and stood there silently. Behind her, Fox, One Second Hero, and Moon Feather’s corpses laid there. All of them had been killed.

  She looked at me and stretched out her arm. There was a blood red sword which looked familiar. It was the [Deity Tier] weapon on the weapon leaderboards. How did this sword which was in the hands of [Legend] appear in her hands?

  "Boss, you still don't get it?"

  Mocha looked towards me with a mocking expression, her beautiful cheeks twisting, "I lied to you. I have been from the start. Don't you understand? Mocha isn't Mocha, she has been another person, Boss..."

  My chest was filled with rage, "Tell me right now. Who are you?!"

  Mocha raised her hand, pulling off the [Zhan Long] emblem from her shoulder and shoving it into her bag. The [Legend] emblem slowly appeared, her position also changed to deputy guild leader. She looked calmly at me and smiled, "Boss, you still don't get it? After [Legend] entered Destiny, there has only been one deputy guild leader. There has always been an empty one, so you should know who I am..."

  My heart felt pain as I stumbled two steps back, knocking into my God Dragon Horse. I looked towards her in a daze, "Then what about [Zhan Long]'s Mocha? Our Mocha..."

  "Mocha? She has always been a substitute, a joke." She looked at me and smiled, "Since the day you caused waves in the newbie village, people have been staring at you. Don't you understand? Do you still remember one time when I suggested joining hands with [Legend]? You didn't listen to me."

  Behind me, the dagger in Song Han's hand trembled. His eyes turned red, "Big sister Mocha... Who are you?! Are you... Are you really that Xiao Yao from the legends?"

  She smiled devilishly. How was she that cute and innocent girl that I remembered? She was like a confident queen, smiling such that tears even flowed out. She lowered her head and rubbed away her tears before saying, "I owe Fang Ge Que a promise. I am from [Legend] and I owe him a favor. Today I have paid it back... Come on, you all have ten minutes. However, if you want to kill Xue Jing, then you have to pass through me. No matter who you are, if you dare to pass this gate, I will kill you!"


  The dagger in Song Han's hands shook even more strongly — his eyes flushed red, "Sister Mocha... How can you betray us? No matter... It doesn’t matter if you are Xiao Yao, but... Didn't we all treat you nicely with all of our hearts?"

  Mocha stood there quietly and calmly said, "I am now the deputy guild leader of [Legend]. Fight or leave, make your choice."

  Song Han didn't say a word. Instead, he held his dagger and charged over. He activated [Ten Way Blade] and [Twin Blade Harmony] to stab toward her chest, "I was the one who recruited you into [Zhan Long], so I will be the one to make up for it!"


  No one was able to see clearly. Her shield just shook and his [Twin Blade Harmony] was broken. In the next moment, she struck twice with her shield. Song Han groaned and died just like that, losing four levels!

  "Mocha!" Lin Wan Er hollered, "Are you crazy?"

  Mocha looked expressionlessly at her, “Cang Tong, are you going to try too?"

  Lin Wan Er didn't say anything and Wang Jian charged over. He slashed out horizontally — his stroke wasn't complete, leaving extra space for a second strike. Another "keng" sounded out as his blade was blocked. But then he activated [Halberd Whirlwind]. They were so close to one another and this time Mocha definitely wouldn't be able to dodge it.

  Mocha's body seemed like it had teleported as she got close to Wang Jian.

The sword slashed twice onto the shield and forced Wang Jian several steps back. A large "Successfully Broken" message appeared. Two attack skills took away forty thousand health points from Wang Jian. Wang Jian sunk down, stepping out and dodging. He activated [Blade Rush]. The activation time was only 0.3 seconds and was a really quick skill. In that short amount of time, she swept her sword and pressed down with her shield. Another successful break as the sword pierced through his armor. A thirty thousand damage number exploded out. Wang Jian moaned as he felt at the same time as Song Han.

  "Xiao Yao..."

  I shouted out with a hoarse tone. No one could doubt whether or not this woman was Xiao Yao or not.

  "You finally accept my identity?"

  Xiao Yao looked at me with a mocking laugh, "Boss, you are too kind. You treat everyone well. Do you know that some people aren't worth you doing that for them? For example, me..."

  "You traitor!"

  Li Mu screamed and charged out. He was already filled with rage; he cherished [Zhan Long] even more than me. After Valiant Bravery died, [Zhan Long] was his new home. Yue Qing Qian, him, Lin Wan Er, and I built it up single-handedly to this scale, even before the Dragon’s Den army showed its skills. Just as we thought that our dreams were about to come true, the fact that Mocha was Xiao Yao smashed it.

  "Li Mu, don't!"

  I hollered but it was too late. In just eleven seconds, he fell off his horse and died. A three successful skill break reverberated in the air.

  The Zhen Yue Blade in my hand shook as I looked at her. My voice was trembling but I still said gently, "Mocha, how many of the people you love will you kill before you are satisfied?"

  Mocha stood there quietly and didn't say a word, but tears flowed out. The long sword she carried still carried Li Mu, Wang Jian, and Song Han’s fresh blood. She looked at me quietly and said, "Don't say anymore... Let me be a total traitor, let me be a bad woman... I... I am not worthy of everyone’s love. I don't want to wear a mask every day, so let me turn back into Xiao Yao. Boss... Don't force me, don't force me to kill anymore!"

  I raised up my Zhen Yue Blade and said expressionlessly, "[Zhan Long], prepare to siege!"

  Yue Qing Qian said, "Brother Xiao Yao, there are people from behind. They are from [Legend], we... should we start to fight now?"

  I looked behind me at the rumbling smoke. It was true — at least tens of thousands of [Legend] members were rushing over. I looked at the map. Although Dragon’s Den wasn't mine... Chi Yu Qing, Chi Yu Han as well as the Cliff Dragon Cavalry, Deep Freeze Cavalry, and Flame Hawk Archers belonged to me. I gritted my teeth and hollered, "Turn around and kill [Legend]. Don't leave a single one of them, kill them all!"

  Mocha couldn't help but cry out loudly, "Li Xiao Yao, your enemy is me, just kill me!"

  I turned around and glared at her, "No matter if you are Xiao Yao or not, you can kill members from [Zhan Long] but we can't kill you. You are our Mocha and we never attack our own members! Brothers, kill them. Fang Ge Que is the mastermind. We won't stop till we kill him!"

  The hundreds of remaining Fire Dragon Cavalry and Steel Blade Cavalry charged over. Chi Yu Qing and Chi Yu Han roared as the ten thousand Dragon’s Den army charged over.


  In the distance, Fang Ge Que noticed that we were being aggressive. He raised his fan and said, "Split!"

  The ten thousand people from [Legend] scattered but we still struck a large portion of them. They cried out; no matter how strong they were, they weren't a match for the Flame Hawk Archers and Cliff Dragon Cavalry.

  The crowd spread out like a wave. Fang Ge Que directly brought his men towards Dragon’s Den. [Enemies at the Gate]’s Misty Clouds directly sent someone to strike Dragon’s Den, but [Legend] members blocked her.


  Watching her subjects die one by one, Misty Clouds' eyes turned red as she hollered, "You really are despicable, striking people when they are down. Everything you did to [Zhan Long] today is shameless!"

  Fang Ge Que stood beneath Dragon’s Den quietly and looked at Mocha, "Xiao Yao, you are finally back..."

  Mocha's eyes were ice cold, "Fang Ge Que, are you satisfied now?"


  Fang Ge Que kept silent, unable to say anything at all.


  Ten minutes passed by really quick and Dragon’s Den had a change of lords, becoming a part of [Legend]. It seemed like they had given Jiu Yun City to a division of theirs.

  Bringing the hundreds of remaining [Zhan Long] members, I walked slowly towards Dragon’s Den. In the sky above, [House of Prestige], [Prague], [Hero’s Mound] and [Legend] players were all here.

  Mocha stood in the crowd while Fang Ge Que was really silent, "You didn't have to do that. I just wanted you to come back."

  Mocha raised her head and looked at him, "It is not bad to use me in such a way right?"

  Fang Ge Que was speechless, "..."

  I raised my sword and walked over and hollered, "Fang Ge Que you really disappoint me!"

  Fang Ge Que said expressionlessly, "Xiao Yao, I know that you are furious but I hope that you can understand. I don't want Dragon’s Den, so after the country war ends, you can attack it. You can take it back since I won’t defend."

  I said coldly, "Fang Ge Que, you still don't get it!"

  "Don't get what?"

  "What do you think?!"

  I was pretty much shouting, "You made Mocha a [Zhan Long] spy to lie to herself every day, and to live each day nervously and in fear. What do you treat her as?!"

  The Dragon Reservoir Sword in my hand shivered as I hollered, "She is a person and not a tool!"



  Mocha shouted, "Stop speaking, I owe him a favor. If I didn't do this, I wouldn't be able to repay him... Stop. I am scum, I am not worth everyone doing that for me!"

  As she said that, she retreated in a crestfallen manner, sitting at a corner of Dragon’s Den wall. She looked at her left hand, and a light rose up. She looked tragically at me, "Boss... I am going, I will disappear... Although my intentions of getting close to you were impure... My time in [Zhan Long] made me really happy. It was the happiest part of my life. Goodbye, Boss..."


  Mocha's hair flew up and turned into a bunch of data letters and numbers which disappeared in the air. Her body seemed to be swept by a storm and she instantly disappeared.

  She deleted her account!

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