Chapter 908 - Who are you
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Zhan Long Chapter 908 - Who are you

Chapter 908 - Who are you

I rose up, using my [Icy Wings] to fly in the air. I looked out and saw that Dragon’s Den was already a sea of flames. Many giant "flying bugs" circled about in the air. I could even see the dragon nest, the target fields, and the cavalry camp, buildings turning to ruins under their attacks. Dragon’s Den had completely fallen!


  System Notification: Attention, your guild [Zhan Long] city Dragon's Den has been taken down. If you enter the city and kill the Dragon Race Elder Shila who is defending in the city, you will obtain the rights to the city once more!


  My eyes lit up. I looked down and said, "Reorganize the troops and prepare to charge back into Dragon’s Den. Let’s take Dragon’s Den back from the wild dragon race!"

  [Zhan Long] guild members received this notification too. Li Mu held his sword, raising his head as he looked at me, "Xiao Yao, are we sending Chi Yu Qing and Chi Yu Han over too? I don't think we should do that. Lanais sent at least a hundred thousand hybrid demons to chase us, moreover... I heard that the three large guilds of England have gathered eighty thousand people. Their target is Dragon’s Den!"

  I gritted my teeth, "These people are really annoying..."

  Wang Jian said, "The strength that the Dragon’s Den NPC army showed was just too strong. The England War Region probably treat Dragon’s Den as a nail in their eyes, right? Not to mention, Lanais's AI is really high and she would definitely want to remove Dragon’s Den from this world."

  Lin Wan Er said, "Let's split the troops. Half of us stay will stay here to block the players and Lanais. The rest will return to Dragon’s Den to kill that Elder!

  Mocha held her Lion King Shield, looking at me as she said, "Boss, Fox, Lian Po, and I will return, we just need enough healers and we will basically be able to take back Dragon’s Den!"


  I nodded my head, "Then Mocha, Fox, you all head over. Good luck! Wan'er, Li Mu, Qing Qian, and I will block them here. You all have to take back Dragon’s Den — it is the foundation of [Zhan Long]!"

  "Understood, don't worry Boss!"

  "Okay, go quickly!"


  I shook the Dragon Reservoir Sword in my hand. I looked at the forest in front where the killing shouts from Butterfly Forest spread out. As expected, a huge group of troops charged out. They were all players from Moon City. Behind me were Lin Wan Er, Wang Jian, Li Mu, Song Han, all [Zhan Long] elites. Apart from that, there was still about ten thousand elite Dragon’s Den NPCs which we had on hand.

  [Prague]'s cavalry and Six Ya died together. [Hero’s Mound] had a few hundred people, [Enemies at the Gate] had around three hundred, [Blood Contract] was left with around a hundred and the Tian Ling City elite cavalry troops were left with only three thousand people. All of us weren't in a good state at all. We didn't have many healers and we only recovered a little. Now that we had to face the pincer attack between Moon City and Lanais' troops, we had to rely on Chi Yu Qing and Chi Yu Han.

  I rode on my God Dragon Horse, sword pointing forward as I hollered, "All China players present, prepare to fight!"

  Li Mu, Wang Jian, and the others entered battle mode. Chi Yu Han raised his sword into the sky and gave a sharp shout, "Valiant warriors of Dragon’s Den, let's prepare to fight!"

  A bunch Cliff Dragon Cavalry pulled out their blades. In the sky, the Flame Hawk Archers pulled out the arrows from their quivers. Chi Yu Qing held a torn whip and looked at the enemy, "Archers, don't show mercy. Aim for their weaknesses and kill them all!"

  At this point, the Moon City players who covered the entire wilderness had already arrived.

It was as if this group of people had seen through our low numbers and were already catching up to our legs. Unfortunately, they underestimated us, underestimated the ten thousand Dragon’s Den troop's explosiveness.


  I roared and led the charge out. Emperor Owen had surprisingly found a horse, holding his sword and charging behind me. His face was covered in fresh blood. After experiencing life and death, this Emperor seemed to have been enlightened. He probably felt that a legacy could only be earned through spears and swords, right?

  The God Dragon Horse smashed into the crowd while my sword and blade slashed around like there was no one ahead of me. Li Mu, Wang Jian, and the others also struck out, killing them such that they had no way to fight back at all.

  In the other direction, Chi Yu Han split two thousand Cliff Dragon Cavalry along with the thousands of Chi Yu Qing's Flame Hawk Archers to clash with the Dreameater Beasts and Demon Spirit Sword Soldiers. It was really intense; it was obvious that Lanais was also shocked by the strength of the Dragon’s Den army. In the past, Tian Ling City troops were wiped out when facing Grade Six and Seven Hybrid Demons, but the Flame Hawk Archers and Cliff Dragon Cavalry seemed like soldiers who came down from the heavens. Their combat strength was totally different from that of the Tian Ling City army.

  The battle continued and in the direction of Tian Ling City, the sky turned red. Who knew what was going on there.


  Roughly twenty minutes later, Li Mu's body was covered in blood. He held the war horse reins and said, "Xiao Yao, Tian Ling City has started to counterattack. Moon City is also starting to show signs of collapsing!”

  "Collapsing? Counterattack?" I was stunned, "That shouldn't be the case right? Moon City has more people than us..."

  Li Mu said, "It was like that originally, no... when we were killing [Thunder God], Fang Ge Que posted something online to summon all the players of China Region to fight back. So even those who died two to three times, or even four or more, also came online. At this moment, there are at least fifteen million players in Tian Ling City. All of them charged out. How would Moon City be able to defend against them?"

  I took in a deep cold breath, "Wow, his influence is really strong..."

  "Of course."

  Wang Jian said, "Brother Xiao Yao, let's pick up the pace. If not, the battle at Dragon’s Den will drag on and Mocha might not be able to take down that elder!"

  I nodded, "Right. In ten minutes, you all will follow me to Dragon’s Den!"



  We continued to brawl in Green Qilin Valley, but the Moon City players felt worse and worse as we continued on. Under the strikes of the Cliff Dragon Cavalry and the Flame Hawk Archers, they lost too much. Along with the [Zhan Long] cavalry, they lost fifty thousand out of eighty thousand men in just forty minutes. Zi Wu Mountain's red symbol spread out — it was the five-star red flag on the heads of all the Chinese players. My heart felt warm. Finally, this country war was settled. We definitely would lose anymore with this force.

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  "Let's go!"

  I pulled the reins of the God Dragon Horse and ordered, "Follow me to Dragon’s Den. Qing Qian, scout out Lanais’ location."

  Yue Qing Qian said, "Yeah, she landed and it seemed like she was going to launch a land attack. Or, maybe she gave up."

  "Mn, that's good!"

  I brought the [Zhan Long] elites to head to Dragon’s Den. At the same time, I also selected two thousand soldiers from the Cliff Dragon Cavalry and Flame Hawk Archers to follow. Dragon’s Den army followed my orders and it was as simple as commanding the Royal Army.

  Emperor Owen rode on his horse — the dragon robe on his body had been sliced by many blades. There were even several wounds on his chest, but he didn't complain. He smiled as he chased behind me, "General Li, this battle felt so good..."

  I smiled, "As long as Your Majesty is pleased!"

  Owen continued, "This battle makes me recall the battle against the barbarians when I was young. I remembered the life my father had, galloping with his friends through the fertile wilderness. What a carefree life. During the day, he fought strong enemies and earned enough gold, and at night he got drunk in the inn, fighting with scum. Then he hugged the daughters of farmers and fell into a deep sleep. I really want to do that..."

  I couldn't help but break into laughter, "Your Majesty's demands on life are a little too barbaric."

  Owen laughed, "Shouldn't men spend their lives on horseback and in front of the chests of women? General Li, after this battle, we are brothers, right?"

  I was shocked, "You can say so?"

  Owen nodded, his eyes filled with burning excitement, "Good, then I will be the older brother. Once we get back to Tian Ling City, I will make you King Wu. You can lead the Tian Ling City army. We will work together and make Tian Ling City prosper. Naturally, we will be able to make the world bow to me, no... to us. I am not someone who is heartless, so we will split this world into half!"

  "King Wu?" I was stunned, licking my lips as I said, "Let's talk about this when we get back. There are still many things we have to handle!"


  Owen's eyes were filled with fighting intent, "I know, from today on, I am not a pure Tian Ling City ruler. I am your brother, so I will do what a brother should do. When I return, I will first arrange a marriage for you. I heard that Zhenhai Pass’ Marquis Yuyang has a daughter that is seventeen — she is really beautiful and intelligent. Her body is good too. She is so light that she can dance on your hand. After we return, I will help you arrange that!"

  Cold sweat formed on my head. Lin Wan Er was about to act up. I couldn't help but laugh, "Your Majesty is joking, I already have a wife..."

  "Oh, who?"

  "It's her..." I pointed at Lin Wan Er.

  "Oh, so it is Flaming Cloud Infanta!" Owen laughed out loud, "So that is the case. No wonder, handsome men always marry good-looking women! Okay, then I won't make things tough for you. But when you return, you will definitely become King Wu. Also, just tell me if you have any other requests..."


  A lightning glow flashed across. Before Owen could say anything else, he stumbled. Fresh blood splattered from his chest. An arrow had directly shot through...

  I raised my head. Lanais was actually sitting on the walls of Dragon’s Den. Oh my god, when did she even arrive?!

  "Argh... Argh..."

  Owen gave out a wild beast-like sound and spat out blood. He fell off his horse and was actually killed just like that!

  She raised her bow looked coldly looked down, "Owen's death is just a warning. Wait and see, you Tian Ling City ants!"

  She flew in the air and retreated. The sky turned pitch black as numerous dragons flew away. The North Hybrid Demons had given up on this battle. At the same time, a bell reverberated through the sky...


  System Notification: Player [Strawberry Matcha] has killed Shila and taken over Dragon’s Den. She has handed the rights over to new City Lord [Enchanted Painting]. Dragon’s Den is officially a base owned by [Legend]. Within ten minutes, you must kill Enchanted Painting to obtain the rights!


  All of a sudden, Song Han, Lin Wan Er, Li Mu, Wang Jian and I all felt like our hearts had been stabbed by a knife.

  "Mocha... Why? Mocha..."

  I couldn't sit still on my horse and fell off. I heard my Dragon Reservoir Sword clatter on the ground and walked towards Dragon’s Den. Under the Dragon’s Den, Mocha held her shield and sword and stood there, looking expressionlessly at us all.

  "Who are you?" I looked at Mocha and asked calmly.


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