Chapter 907 - Fail
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Zhan Long Chapter 907 - Fail

"Gather into shield formations, and attack instead of defending!"

  Smile held his shield and suddenly stopped. At the same time, thousands of [God Thunder Guild] cavalry players stood still with Smile. They all placed their shields on the ground to block the Cliff Dragon Cavalry's attacks. Smile opened one arm and activated [Eternal Star Region]. Within a thirty-yard range, the Cliff Dragon Cavalry suffered continuous damage. He also slashed out with [Blade Rush] before he followed up with an SSS skill — [Starlight Slash]!

  Starlight wrapped around the sword energy as it landed in the crowd. The bunch of Cliff Dragon Cavalry lost 10 to 20 thousand health. The Cliff Dragon Cavalry had 120% of my stats, and their defense stats were even higher than mine. Such defenses caused Smile to frown as he was unable to accept it.

  "Peng peng peng..."

  The Cliff Dragon Cavalry continued to strike the shields. After breaking through four to five shield formations, their momentum stopped and they could only take out their swords to clash with their opponents.

  Smile laughed coldly and said, "Look, these NPCs aren't invincible, kill them! Focus fire and use sword techniques to kill them bit by bit. One dead means one less!"

  Far away, I had already locked onto Smile as my target. Along with Lin Wan Er, Li Mu, and Wang Jian, we charged over, using all of our speed. I lowered my body a bit and smashed into the shield formation, causing a bunch of Thunder God players to retreat. I then used [Blade Rush] to break through their defense line, aiming right where Smile was at. I activated [Ghost God's Dance] and [Sword Tempest], instantly killing a bunch of people. My stats weren't like the Cliff Dragon Cavalry, but my skills were much stronger.

  Smile also saw me, and his eyes were filled with rage, "Xiao Yao Zi Zai, come on!"

  I hollered, "Attack together!"

  Far away, Yue Qing Qian raised her arms; the flames blazed when she reached out, drawing a sharp flame claw into the crowd. With a "peng", it shook Smile's shield. I was already really close and with [Seven Star Fragment Slash] and [Strength of a Thousand Men], I smashed his shield. There was the defensive effect of the blistering shield, but I completely wiped its toughness away. Smile was a cavalry that focused on attack, so his defense stats weren't that high. Although equipment contributed to defense points, it was obvious that his equipment wouldn't be better than mine.


  A soft and numb feeling spread out from my shoulder. It was the [Thunder God Guild] Apollo's [Scattered Shot]. Although it didn't stun me, it still gave me a numb feeling. It felt like an electric current. Soon enough, Apollo pulled open his bow. It was the [Star Chaser Arrow] technique. As a top archer of [Thunder God], his arrows would definitely be very painful!

  A shadow flashed across. Lin Wan Er was already beside Apollo — she raised her iron umbrella and pushed away his arrow, breaking the skill. She instantly used [Blade of the Death God] and [Chain Attack] before following up with four basic attacks, instantly killing him!

  On the other side, the top mage of [Thunder God] hid behind the crowd. His hands held onto a staff, and a magical robe danced with the energy circulating around him. He was casting the [Dragon Flame] skill. I caught a glimpse of it and cried out bitterly!

  Just at this moment, a person from the China Region group flew into the [Thunder God Guild] group. It was Misty Clouds who used [Combo Slash] to dash forward five times. She actually appeared at the side of Summer and she roared. A green dragon rose up and swept out, breaking Summer's skill. She slashed and Summer flashed to escape. She didn't chase and flew right back.

  With the generals under him killed and being forced back, Smile was alone on the frontlines. However, this top EBN player wasn't afraid. He still continued to command the guild members to retreat.

  "Chi Yu Han!" I swung while shouting out.


  In the crowd, Chi Yu Han hollered furiously, his sword breaking the shield of a cavalry. He then punched out — an intense energy spiral formed around his fist and he smashed Smile's shield through the crowd.



  Smile instantly lost his calmness. I pushed aside his pet and then grabbed his collar. Who knew that he was so quick? The front feet of the horse rose up and the back feet retreated two steps. His sword landed and clashed against my shoulder, dealing 20 thousand damage.

  I didn't say anything and activated [Icy Wings]. At such a close range, Smile was destined to die!


  Many chains broke out from the ground. [Binding Chains]! However, Smile seemed to have predicted that as he made his horse side step. With a MISS, he dodged the [Binding Chains].

  My lips curled as Three [Thunder God Guild] cavalry players charged towards me. They activated [Blade Rush] and [Whirlwind Sword Break]. These were the most elite players of [Thunder God Guild].

  My body sunk down and these attacked MISSed me. Wang Jian, Li Mu, and Lin Wan Er took over fighting against these three players. Top players clashed against top players!

  I charged towards Smile. He was on his warhorse, but it felt like he had eyes behind his head. He predicted my attack and swept his sword out, causing me to halt and shift my head to dodge the sword. I reached out with my left hand and used [Dragon Hook]!

  Smile's feet felt like they had been oiled — he slipped ten meters away. He cast the [Starlight Speed] technique, an escape method.

  The Dragon Hook MISSed, but I had already opened my arm and directly used [Defeat the Dragon]!


  Smile instantly returned in front of me. His face turned cold and he roared, "Bastard, why do you keep chasing me? Can you even insta kill me?!"

  Many healers were healing him from behind. A full health Smile had at least 100 thousand points in total. He was that arrogant with that amount of health and defense?

  I didn't say anything, holding the Zhen Yue Blade and Dragon Reservoir Sword low. I slashed out with a golden light — that was the effect that only god level skills would have. Suddenly, Smile couldn't smile anymore. Before he moved, my blade and sword had already slashed out. [Classic Wind Blade] landed on this top EBN Battlenet Player. I really showed him some face, didn't I?

  "Peng peng peng..."

  My blade pierced through his armor and a series of damage numbers jumped up. At this moment, my attack strength had reached an insane level...







  A series of ten numbers jumped out, continuing to stack up. The final damage number reached 70 thousand. The surrounding players were all stunned; even the [Thunder God Guild] players were stunned. Pretty much no one thought about taking revenge for their Guild Leader. Instead, Smile dropped a red helmet when he died. I took it up and took a look, the stats were not bad...

  Star Flame Helmet [Demon Harvest Tier]

  Type: Heavy Armor

  Defense: 2300

  Strength: +175

  Stamina: +172

  Agility: +171

  Magic Attack: +162

  Bonus: Raises user's magical resistance by 110% and attack by 30%

  Bonus: Raises user defense stats by 2000

  Bonus: Raises user's health stats by 8000

  Special: Star Flame, when struck, will have a 10% chance recoil effect, causing damage similar to basic attacks

  Special: Demon Harvest number 0039

  Required Level: 148

  Required Class: Heavy armor class

  Required charm: 200


  The effects were not bad. I didn't say a word and threw it to Wang Jian who had died twice, "Equip it, the item is a typical attack helmet!"

  Wang Jian didn't say anything else. He swapped it and smiled, "Thank you Brother Xiao Yao!"

  Li Mu continued to slaughter while muttering, "F***. Xiao Yao, why didn't you give it to me?"

  I said, "You are already so rich, so why do you need such second rate equipment? Yours need to be at least [Deity Tier]."

  "That is..." Li Mu continued killing enemies.

  At the same time, a bell reverberated throughout Tian Ling City, as if it were cheering for China Region. We finally killed the top player of Moon City— 


  System Notification: Player Xiao Yao Zi Zai (China) has successfully killed player Smile (EBN Battlenet number 1) once, thus obtaining 12,320 Country War Achievement Points!


  As such, one could see that Smile had killed many players and NPCs. He actually had 120 thousand Country War Achievement Points, how terrifying!

  I flipped open the China Region Country War Achievement Points Leaderboard. The instant that I killed Smile, I was destined to reach the top of the Country War Achievement Points Leaderboard and I would have a healthy lead. Unless Fang Ge Que killed a few Smiles or Hand of Waterloo level players, he wouldn’t be able to catch up...

  1) Xiao Yao Zi Zai Country War Achievement Points: 173,620

  2) Fang Ge Que Country War Achievement Points: 153,203

  3) Enchanted Painting Country War Achievement Points: 122,374

  4) Cang Yue Country War Achievement Points: 122,001

  5) Cang Tong Country War Achievement Points: 112,339

  6) Mu Xuan Country War Achievement Points: 110,873

  7) Simple Country War Achievement Points: 102,365

  8) Drunken Spear Country War Achievement Points: 101,231

  9) Q-Sword Country War Achievement Points: 99,971

  10) Ye Lai Country War Achievement Points: 98,366


  The achievement point rankings made me a little speechless. We’ll all exceed 100 thousand points later, right? The China Region fought war after war, so the points of the top ten players weren’t quite normal!

  I continued to lead the people to chase the Moon City enemies in Green Qilin Valley. It was a true massacre; the entry of the 11,500 Cliff Dragon Cavalry allowed us to turn the tides. The 150 thousand people dwindled down to about 10 to 20 thousand after just two hours. Our numbers were also reduced — in the end, we relied solely on the Chi Yu Han to lead the Cliff Dragon Cavalry, Deep Freeze Cavalry, Flame Hawk Archers, and the Heavy Flame Archers to attack.

 Soon, Green Qilin Valley became a blood ocean. What made one happy was that we really won, and we managed to do so under huge pressure. However, looking at the bunch of Cliff Dragon Cavalry and Flame Hawk Archers corpses, my heart felt pain. All of these were exchanged for resources and time. After they died, we wouldn't be able to revive them.

  Just as I sighed, Lin Wan Er flew over with her dagger. Her beautiful face was filled with shock, "Piggy, it's bad!"

  "What happened?" I looked towards her, "Wan'er, calm down."

  "Just now, a bunch of giant dragons flew out. Igoras is personally leading the Dragon Race to attack our Dragon’s Den!"

  "Attack Dragon’s Den?!"

  I was stunned, "This... quick, return and defend!"

  "There is no need..."

  Lin Wan Er's eyes turned red, "Don't say... A minute... Just one minute and we were taken down by the dragon breath..."

  "What? !"

  I stood on the spot, totally stunned. Dragon’s Den was taken down? Then… then what would happen about the thousands of Cliff Dragon Cavalry and Flame Hawk Archers? What about Chi Yu Qing and Chi Yu Han?

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