Chapter 906- Final trump card
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Zhan Long Chapter 906- Final trump card

Chapter 906- Final trump card

"Drunken Spear, leave with us?" I asked.

  Drunken Spear held his blood-stained spear as he raised his head and looked at me. He shook it and said, “Forget it, I need to clear up this mess..."

  Soaring Dragon laughed coldly, "Li Xiao Yao, you stretched your hand too far. He is from [Flying Dragon], so why should he go with you?"

  I looked at him expressionlessly and said, "Have you ever treated him like a brother before?"

  Soaring Dragon scoffed and didn't reply. Drunken Spear stood there quietly. In the distance, the storm in Broken Blade Canyon slowly disappeared. Roaring shouts echoed as the Moon City players charged over once more.

  "Let's go. If not, we won't be able to anymore!"

  I carried Owen's body and said, "Everyone, follow me to Ba Huang City's Green Qilin Abyss!"

  [Zhan Long]'s Dragon’s Den was beside Green Qilin Abyss. As long as we arrived within two thousand yards, the NPCs within Dragon’s Den would appear. The army had tens of thousands of soldiers with a hundred percent of my stats!


  The God Dragon Horse neighed as it charged into Broken Bones Shrubbery. Thousands of cavalry players from Tian Ling City followed behind me, among which there were only a thousand [Zhan Long] players. We had lost too much; even Old K died in the War God River. Who knows what kind of losses would happen next?

  Killing shouts shook the heavens. Smile continued to lead a bunch of Moon City players to chase us. Owen had a huge red arrow marker on his head, just like an easy target. More and more Sword Spirit Cavalry gathered in the sky. They rode wind dragons and followed us fiercely. They could charge down and clash with us at any moment.


  A message came from Yan Zhao Warrior, "Xiao Yao, what is the situation like on your side?"

  I replied while rushing, "Awful. We are being chased by a few hundred thousand people. How’s your defense?"

  "It is still okay, good luck to you on your side!"


  I closed the communication device and looked up. Zi Wu Mountain appeared right in front of us — our only hope. However, the chasing troops behind us got closer and closer. Finally, the deputy guild leader of [Prague], Six Ya, couldn't take it anymore. She held her sword and said, "Guild Leader Xiao Yao, I will bring the [Prague] cavalry to hold up the lines and delay them as long as I can!"

  Her cheeks were stained with blood and there was a huge wound on her arm that hadn't disappeared yet. Six Ya's bunch of [Prague] Dragon Sword Cavalry were in a mess — there were only four hundred of them.

  I couldn't bear to let her do so. I frowned, "Are you sure?"

  Six Ya nodded, "Yeah. Stop beating around the bush —  time is life. Leave now!"

  "Okay!" I held the Dragon Reservoir Sword up and hollered, "Everyone, follow me!"

  Everyone sat on their mounts and raised their speeds to the quickest. Six Ya held her sword and turned around. She held onto the reins of her warhorse and smiled, "Okay, handsome brothers of [Prague], prepare to charge with me for the final battle of the country war! You all know that [Prague] was founded in 2001 on October 1st. No matter how many people say that we are an old guild that just doesn't want to die... the legend of [Prague] will never end. We have been through sixteen years and we won't grow old; we will only grow stronger. Use your weapons to let the overseas players know our rules of survival — kill them!"

  With less than 400 people, each piece of clothing on them turned red from slaughter. Their armor was all broken, and their blood-stained faces were filled with pride. This was the spirit of a guild. In the next moment, the 400 [Prague] cavalry charged towards the huge army in front of them!


  I looked forward, not bearing to turn around and look. Six Ya was sacrificing herself but it made everyone respect her!

  Five minutes later, we crossed Zi Wu Mountain and made it into Butterfly Forest. After this, we would soon reach Green Qilin Abyss. The horse hooves of the thousands of cavalry shook the ground. When we charged into the Butterfly Forest and turned around, a dense amount of Moon City players appeared at Zi Wu Mountain. They were determined to snatch Owen back. It also made my heart hurt; the 400 from [Prague] all died? I didn't expect that they wouldn’t be able to block our enemies for just five minutes. How strong was Smile’s calvary?

  A shriek spread out from above, and many wind dragons charged down!

  "Sword Spirit Cavalry!" Lin Wan Er shouted.

  Mocha ordered, "Hold your shields up. Backline, protect Boss and Owen!"

  A bunch of Fire Dragon Cavalry charged over, holding their shields high up. The Sword Spirit Cavalry soon rumbled over — there was an incessant smashing noise. The impact was too huge, and most people directly fell off their horses. Some of them rolled into the forest. Sword light shined off the iron swords of the Sword Spirit Cavalry, stabbing the bodies of the players. While blood spurted out, it also gave rise to high damage numbers — at least five thousand of them were circling above us. Lanais' archery continued to strike and kill us. It was just too brutal!

  "Go, don't stop!"

  I continued to ride my horse forward. I grabbed the reins and controlled the God Dragon Horse to dash in a Z-pattern, only then could we dodge the Lanais’ attacks full of hatred.

  After about ten minutes, we charged out of Butterfly Forest. Green Qilin Abyss was in the distance. I was the first to head in, "Don't stop, continue moving forward!"

  As I said that, I opened the territory system and furiously shouted in the Lord channel, "Chi Yu Qing, Chi Yu Han, bring all the troops in the Dragon’s Den and charge out to Green Qilin Valley, quick!"

  When roughly four thousand people remained out of the nine thousand of us, we had already reached the east side of Green Qilin Valley. The dense patch of Moon City players from the valley along with the numerous Sword Spirit Cavalry and Dreameater Beasts led by Lanais charged over with their vicious mouths wide open. They looked like they were going to swallow us all up right away!

  "Hold up the shields!"

  I stood at the edge of Green Qilin Valley, placing Owen down and then ordering the four thousand people of Tian Ling City to drop their shields to the ground. Most of the players got off their horses and were prepared to face the enemy’s final charge. Misty Clouds even looked doubtfully at me, "Xiao Yao, can we block them?"

  I nodded and said confidently, "Misty Clouds, don't worry. Soon... You will notice the strongest NPC army in Tian Ling City. It is definitely the strongest!"


  In the distance, Smile had appeared in our field of vision. Six Ya and [Prague]'s Traveler, Luo Mu, were both personally killed by Smile. His Country War Achievement Points wouldn't be low, right? I clenched the Dragon Reservoir Sword in my hands. I made up my mind and since Smile dared to enter our final defense territory, he won't be allowed to leave alive!

  "Prepare to fight!" Li Mu hollered, the green veins on his face popped out. All of us knew the difference in strength, but we had no choice. We could only fight against them to the end!

  "Attack!" Smile held his sword, and his gaze was cold as he hollered, “The time for revenge has arrived. Surge out and kill them all, along with Emperor Owen!"

  My heart sank. Who knew that Smile was so vicious? He actually wanted to kill Owen too?

  Behind me, Owen seemed to have recovered a bit of his Emperor aura from panic. He clenched his fists and stood there. He said coldly, "Warriors of the Tian Ling Empire, for our dignity and pride, please force back these enemies who invaded our land!"

  Within Green Qilin Valley, the Moon City players that covered the mountains and wilderness charged over. The horse hoof sounds of the heavy cavalry caused the entire valley to shake. Above, Lanais waved her bow and shouted, "Hybrid Demons, fight!"

  This time, over ten thousand Sword Spirit Cavalry attacked at the same time. On our right, a large number of Dreameater Beasts charged out. Many of them were hidden there; these AIs were really strong.

  Li Meng Yao held her sword and shield. She blinked as she looked into the distance and said, "Brother, is this our final battle?"

  "No! Don't die!"

  I grasped the Dragon Reservoir Sword. Just at this moment, heavy horse hooves spread out from the direction of Dragon’s Den. The sound was so heavy that it proved the fact that there a lot of them. It was the Cliff Dragon Cavalry!

  When everyone turned around, their faces were filled with joyous smiles. On the plains, Chi Yu Han held a long sword and rode his horse over. Behind him, dust billowed. A dense amount of Cliff Dragon Cavalry flew out, and the bunch of them had Tian Ling City and [Zhan Long] marks. A total of 11,500 charged out under Chi Yu Han's lead. There weren't that many, but their explosiveness was shocking.

  Like an avalanche, 11,500 Cliff Dragon Cavalry flashed past us. Under Chi Yu Han's lead, they directly smashed into the group led by Smile, fully suppressing their stats. Their swords pierced into the chests of the enemies, causing fresh blood to spurt out. The iron cavalry clashed, causing the enemy cavalry to fly up. They all raised their swords and streaks of sword energy crashing into the crowd. Not to mention the normal players, Smile was instantly left with less than twenty percent health. He quickly retreated, his face ashen white, "Damn, how did these things appear? What are they?"

  In the air, war eagles cried out. Chi Yu Qing held a whip and rode a war eagle. Behind her were five thousand Flame Hawk Archers who went all out!

  "Shua shua shua..."

  The burning arrows landed among the Sword Spirit Cavalry, and they all cried out. The Flame Hawk Archers had 110% of my stats — even their attack power was higher than mine. Along with the added damage from ranged abilities, how could they block it? Close to a thousand of them died an instant death.

  Lanais's cheeks became extremely ugly. She pulled her bow and shot another lightning arrow!


  The lightning arrow exploded out among the Flame Hawk Archers, but no one was instantly killed. They had 110% of my health, so it was impossible to instantly kill them. Even top-tier BOSSes were unable to do so.


  Beside me, Enchanted Painting, Misty Clouds, and Li Meng Yao were all stunned.

  At this moment, the NPC troops from Dragon’s Den charged out. There were twenty thousand Piao Dao Soldiers and I only recruited these twenty thousand. They held up their blades and shields, fiercely charging into a bunch of Dreameater Beasts. How valiant!

  "What are you waiting for?"

  I smiled, "Just the Dragon’s Den NPCs alone won't be enough. Let's go together?"

  Only then did everyone come back to their senses, counter-attacking. All of us charged down the hill!

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