Chapter 905- Giant Gun blocking the road
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Zhan Long Chapter 905- Giant Gun blocking the road

Chapter 905- Giant Gun blocking the road

I stepped up and grabbed Owen's collar. With my Zhen Yue Blade, I slashed the two soldiers who wanted to stab me and flew out of the cabin. I looked at Li Mu and the others and said, "Mission complete, retreat!"

  My war boots helped me jump into the air. With a "pa", the air spun about. I was using the unlimited height ability of [Icy Wings] to drag Owen away. Who knew that a bell would suddenly ring out? Owen seemed to be a thousand kilograms heavy and I was unable to fly two meters off the ground...


  System Notification: You are carrying an important quest personnel, unable to fly!


  Cannon sounds spread out from the west shore of Deer Lake. Enchanted Painting and the dozens of people around her were instantly bathed in cannon fire. Only Enchanted Painting alone carried her spear and made her way out — her health was so low that she nearly died. The other people were instantly killed by the cannons. Enchanted Painting's robe was burnt, and she staggered with each step. I opened my hand and used [Heal], granting 1,800 health for her right away. Unfortunately, my equipment didn't have any stacked healing effects. Otherwise, this heal could have given her at least 5,000 health points.

  "Quick, bring Owen away, Xiao Yao Zi Zai!" Enchanted Painting held her halberd, staring at me with her beautiful eyes.

  I held Owen and staggered forward. By the shore, Old K, Mocha, and the others were waiting. However, a patch of red spread over on the outer side. Moon City players were coming over, instantly trambling past the forest. A bunch of cavalry players surged out. The leader wasn't anyone else but Smile, the guild leader of [Thunder God Guild]. Behind Smile were tens of thousands of players who charged over. It seemed like there were even more of them in the back, and we definitely couldn’t deal with that many people.


  Smile held his halberd and hollered, "Since they want to save Emperor Owen, let these Chinese people know what is despair! Valiant warriors, charge over and kill all of them. Take back puppet Owen!"

  The horse hooves shook the ground. I led ten thousand players to flee into the Broken Bones Shrubbery. The fifty thousand players we brought out had either scattered or were already killed.

  "What is the plan now?" Enchanted Painting raised her head and looked at Lanais; fear apparent in her eyes.

  I guided my horse across and said, "Head to Broken Blade Canyon and use the effect there to threaten them. Moon City players don't know the timing of the Broken Blade Canyon storm. We can ensure that they don't dare to get close. Then head over to the west shore of the Bridge of Fate, I will let the Royal Army troops receive them. After that, we can send Owen up to the ship and then the Moon City players won't dare to do anything more."

  "What about Lanais?"

  Enchanted Painting's words pained my heart. That was true. What about Lanais? The Goddess Level Demon was just shooting at us from up above, but there was nothing we could do about her. There was no news from Dragon City. They were probably being attacked since Frost would have definitely sent reinforcements to Tian Ling City. Today, we had to rely on ourselves.

  Killing shouts spread out from behind. Smile led the English region players to chase, clashing with the players behind us. Naturally, our numbers became fewer and fewer. What was worse was that a bunch of beasts led by a beast tamer appeared on our right and dashed over. They were all Grade Five Hybrid Demons, probably summoned by Lanais. There were at least a hundred thousand of them.

  The map was already dyed blood red. My heart turned colder and colder. Smile brought over two hundred thousand troops to chase us while Lanais sent a hundred thousand Hybrid Demons. There was a total of three hundred thousand people. It seems like they really respect the ten thousand of us!

  The sound of horse hooves smacked the stone ground.

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We entered Broken Blade Canyon. Calculating the time, there were twenty-four minutes until the next attack. It was too long and we might not be able to last until the next storm.

  With a flash, all of us entered Broken Blade Canyon. I held Owen and looked at the people behind and hollered, "Who is willing to hold up the lines?"

  Enchanted Painting was stunned and didn't say anything.

  Call Me Master pursed her lips and said, "The defense of the Greedy Wolf Cavalry was too low. If we hold up the lines, then we are just asking to die. If you ask us to charge, then we’d really glad to do so."

  Six Ya opened his arms and said, "[Prague] has only nine hundred cavalry, not enough to do anything. Therefore, we won't hold up the lines — we’ll just embarrass ourselves."

  At this point, Drunken Spear held his spear and walked up, determination flashed in his eyes. "[Flying Dragon] still has 2,300 cavalry, we know we aren't their match, but... let us do it. I don't want others to think that [Flying Dragon] is a trash guild. Brothers, what do you all think?"

  A bunch of cavalry raised up their spears and hollered, "We will follow Brother Ning!"

  I nodded and patted Drunken Spear’s shoulder, "Little Hua, please take care. Don't go all out, retreat once you can. When we bring Owen across the Bridge of Fate, you can retreat!"



  I turned around and pulled the reins, "The rest of you, follow me to the Bridge of Fate!"

  Behind us, Drunken Spear held his spear and clashed with Smile, Summer, Apollo, and the other British Region players. The cavalry was really valiant, not bothering about levels and equipment as they smashed into the enemies’ horses. The skill glows instantly intersected each other. In a short amount of time, this battle would be decided.

  "Li...General Li..."

  Owen was lying horizontally on the horse. He looked at me and begged, "Quick, bring me to a safe place, I... I will make you the Country Commander-in-Chief Protector!"

  I laughed coldly, "I don’t think there’s such a position in the Empire?"

  "I can, I will make you King!"


  I smiled and continued forward, "Wait until Tian Ling City gets past this calamity. Then we’ll talk about it!"

  A few minutes later, we passed through Broken Blade Canyon and reached a wider area. The Bridge of Fate was right in front of us. Before I was able to feel glad, a thunder arrow landed and exploded by my body. I was also shocked by the lightning and lost sixty thousand health. With my high defense stats, I still lost so much health. How terrifying!

  I raised my head to see Lanais was flying in the air. The bow in her hand opened once more as she smiled, "Kid, let's see how far you can get!"

  I gritted my teeth; however, there was nothing I could do to Lanais.

  "Get on the bridge!"

  Li Mu and Wang Jian galloped at the front, leading a bunch of Fire Dragon Cavalry to open up the path. The war horses got onto the Bridge of Fate. Enchanted Painting, Six Ya, and the others held up the lines. Roughly five thousand of us quickly stepped onto the Bridge of Fate, and a cold breeze blew past us. The War God River was exceptionally cold today, and one couldn't help but feel a chill down their spine.

  Right when we were about to reach the middle, Yue Qing Qian, who was sitting on Mocha's horse, pointed forward and said, "Be careful, there is something in the water!"


  Li Mu and Wang Jian were shocked. Old K continued to charge and hollered, "Who cares? Just kill it!"

  Just at this moment, a huge wave surged past the surface. Many giant whirlpools caused water to splash out. In the next moment, a sharp ringing sound reverberated in my ear. We all couldn't help but cover our ears. I looked down in shock. A whale-like thing that emerged out of the surface, and a fin as sharp as a blade was on its back, charging right toward the Bridge of Fate.

  "What is that?!" Li Mu's eyes opened wide.

  "Grade Seven Hybrid Demon, Giant Gun!" I yelled, "Leave the sides of the bridge, quick! Lanais must have summoned this!"

  "There is not just one of them!" Lin Wan Er said loudly.

  As expected, more of these Giant Guns appeared and clashed against the bridge. With a "peng", it caused the steel at the side to tear apart. The other Giant Guns charged without any care at all — their cries pierced our ears. The Bridge of Fate actually started to break apart in the middle. Old K even lost his footing and fell into the War God River along with his horse.


  There was only a shout before he was swallowed by the raging current. In the channel, Old K's name turned dark — he died.

  Many Giant Guns continued to strike. The Bridge of Fate collapsed from the middle. I used [Icy Wings] to try to fly onto the Royal Army ships, but who knew that the Giant Gun would open its bloody mouth and pounce over? It nearly swallowed Owen with one mouthful.

  I turned around and looked at the thousands of panicked players. A storm of emotions swelled up in my heart.

  "What do we do now?" Enchanted Painting's face was filled with helplessness.

  Six Ya asked, "Is there any other way?"

  In the distance, a Royal Army ship was shot by the lightning arrow from above. The wood exploded out. I felt pain in my heart. With Lanais up above, there was no way we could escape.

  I made my mind up. I grabbed Owen and summoned the God Dragon Horse once more. I pulled the reins and said, "Let's go around Broken Blade Canyon and head to Dragon’s Den!"

  Enchanted Painting asked, "Dragon’s Den? Can [Zhan Long]'s Dragon’s Den can really block the Smile army?"

  I couldn't help but holler in reply, "Then can your [Legend] Jiu Yun City block it?!"

  Enchanted Painting's face dimmed, “Probably not, let's go..."


  We fought for half an hour on the Bridge of Fate. When we arrived at Broken Blade Canyon once again, it was an absolute mess. A storm passed through just now and the canyon was strewn with corpses all around.

  Drunken Spear stood there with his equipment torn apart. His spear looked like it was bathed in blood. His face was filled with shock as he looked at the dense amount of cavalry corpses all around him. Who knew how intense the battle had been? Soaring Dragon glared at him in rage and scolded him.

  Drunken Spear's eyes were red, tears flowed down as he looked at Li Mu and Wang Jian. Finally, like a fragile child, he cried, "Was I wrong? I just didn't want the territory to be trampled. I just wanted my friends to live with dignity..."

  Li Mu's expression changed as he hopped off the horse and said, "You weren't wrong. Tian Ling City is proud because of you!"

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