Chapter 904- Crucial person
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Zhan Long Chapter 904- Crucial person

Chapter 904 - Crucial person

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  Ye Lai killed a Moon City player who charged onto the city walls with his axe. His expression was green as he looked at the people behind and said, "Fan Shu City was just abandoned? F*** his mother, what’s in Brown Eyes's head? Sh*t?!"

  [Judgment] members didn't say anything. At this moment, they didn't dare to anger this explosive guild leader.

  Fan Shu City turned into ruins right away — it was like a punch to the hearts of all the China Region players. Finally, during the last two days of the country war, karma arrived. In the period of time where they lacked strength, something huge occurred.

  Li Mu sat down and wiped the blood on his sword. When there was too much blood on the sword, it might cause it to be slippery. He raised his head and looked at me, "Why did Brown Eyes abandon Fan Shu City? It is a frontline stronghold which was also really strong and firm."

  I used a sword to push aside the shield of a cavalry, then I charged down to kill him. Turning around, I flew back. I stood above and said, "Fan Shu City is too far from Swirling Abyss City. If they really occupied it, it might become a burden. Their players took fifteen hours to get to Fan Shu City and fifteen hours to get back. Once they send too many troops there, Swirling Abyss City will become food for Iron Skull City which is why they chose to abandon it to earn fifty percent of the resources."

  At this moment, the city gates suddenly opened. A bunch of NPC cavalry charged out. I had ordered the Royal Army to not head out, so who the hell were these guys?

  I squinted my eyes and noticed that it was roughly ten thousand Rongdi Army troops led by Lochlan!

  "That Lochlan NPC really has balls!" Li Mu laughed.

  I looked beyond Lochlan as I felt helpless. Let's just hope he doesn’t get killed.


  The city defense battle caused Tian Ling City to turn into a blood ocean. I was worried whether or not Moon City, Swirling Abyss City, and the Waterfront City players would come over to get revenge on Tian Ling City. Even I was also worried that Clear Black Eyes would tear the agreement and bring her elites... Would she deliver a fatal blow to us?

  My heart was filled with uneasiness and we could only defend the city.

  Time passed bit by bit. In the blink of an eye, five hours had passed. Tian Ling City's walls were covered with a thousand holes and the stone outside crumbled, revealing the steel structure within. The defenses of Tian Ling City made the Moon City players and Lanais take a second look. When the forefathers built this city, they didn't skimp out on the resources.

  "Peng peng peng..."

  Horse hoof sounds spread over. Enchanted Painting held his halberd and dashed over, "Guild Leader Xiao Yao, my boss has invited you over!"

  "Oh, what's up?"

  "You will understand when you get there."


  I followed Enchanted Painting to move to the east side of the walls. Not only was Fang Ge Que there, but I noticed that even Jian Feng Han, Simple, Ye Lai, Q-Sword, and Mu Xuan were also there. The top guild leaders of the China Region had all gathered together.

  "Little Zai is here!"

  Mu Xuan was really passionate and welcomed me over. Looking at the blood on my body, she couldn't help but laugh, "Wow, how many people did you kill? You look like you were pulled out from a blood ocean. How much do you hate the Moon City British and French players?"

  I touched my nose and smiled, "Let's not talk about all this useless stuff. Are there any new developments? Since so many of you are here, something definitely happened, right?"

  Fang Ge Que nodded his head, "Yeah. Since Emperor Owen isn’t here, the strength of the cannons has been reduced... We sent many people to search and have confirmed that he is in a ship on Deer Lake. Roughly ten thousand Moon City players are guarding him. In the air, there are many Sword Spirit Cavalry guarding the ship was well. The assassins who went to scout were noticed and killed. If we want to act, we have to be quick or else the chance will be lost."

  "How?" I asked.

  Fang Ge Que said, "We are planning to gather the elite cavalry to charge out to save Owen."


  I clenched my fist and said, "[Zhan Long]'s Steel Blade Cavalry and Fire Dragon Cavalry have three thousand added together. They are all under your command!"

  Fang Ge Que said, "[Legend] still has four thousand, and I will let Ah Jing lead."

  Ye Lai said, "We have two thousand Ice Frost Ram Cavalry."

  Jian Feng Han added, "We have only two thousand cavalry left."

  Yan Zhao Warrior said, "[Prague] still has five thousand cavalry!"

  Not far away Call Me Master called out, "We still have seven thousand Greedy Wolf Cavalry willing to fight. I will convince them to go out together."

  [Flying Dragon] Guild Leader Soaring Dragon said, "I will send Drunken Spear to lead our four thousand cavalry to attack."

  Fang Ge Que summarized everything and nodded his head, "So altogether we have around fifty thousand elite cavalry, enough to launch an attack. However, all guild leaders must remain to defend. Once you all die, the morale will be badly affected. That said, the one we’re sending out must also have a leader, so who wants to volunteer?"

  I took in a deep breath, holding onto my Dragon Reservoir Sword tightly, "I will go!"

  Q-Sword looked towards me, "Xiao Yao, are you sure that’s okay?"

  I smiled and nodded, "How is it not okay? Fan Shu City have been wiped out. Are we going to look on and watch Tian Ling City get wiped out too?"

  Fang Ge Que said, "Okay, all the cavalry going out will listen to Xiao Yao Zi Zai. You will initiate this fight. Apart from that, Ye Lai, Q-Sword, and I will bring people to fight along with you to open the path for the fifty thousand cavalry."

  "Okay, when will we set out?"

  "In half an hour. Get ready, and everyone will gather on the north city gate square."

  "Yes, sir!"


  This was the first joint guild operation, so it was really meaningful. If we succeeded and Owen returned to the city, Tian Ling City still had some hope. Otherwise, we might not be able to last the final thirty hours.

  Returning to the [Zhan Long] base, I described the plan. Li Mu, Wang Jian, and the others went to select members. Not long later, 3,100 [Zhan Long] cavalry players gathered within the city. I didn't choose the Royal Army since I was afraid they would die. Thus, it was safer to leave them here. The warhorses neighed together and the north square was a huge mess.

  Fang Ge Que held his staff and hollered, "Open the city gates!"


  The spinning sounds of the chains was really unbearable. The city gates slowly opened up. Fang Ge Que led a bunch of [Hero’s Mound] and [Legend] players to charge out. Archers, mages, and musketeers all fired to open the path. When the breach was opened, I hollered. Enchanted Painting, Li Mu, Wang Jian, and Drunken Spear all led their forces to charge out together with me!


  The Dragon Reservoir Sword slashed across a group of people. I didn't use [Icy Wings], I just rode on the God Dragon Horse to bring them forward. The China Region players were all pumped up and the enemy couldn't block us. We were all exhausted, and the Moon City players who rushed to and fro were the same. Under the attacks of the elite Tian Ling City cavalry, a crack ripped through the encirclement. I also received a message from Lin Wan Er, "Qing Qian and I are lying in ambush near Deer Lake. Just head over to our coordinates!"


  I replied with a simple word and continued to slash out, bringing the players to charge forward. The Moon City NPCs and players weren't fools. They turned their cannons and in the next moment, Dragon Crystal Cannons and Flame Dragon Cannons started to explode in the cavalry army behind me. People cried out. Losses were unavoidable but what mattered the most was how many people could charge out.

  Close to half an hour of intense fighting and I was the first to break out. Enchanted Painting and the others were all drenched in blood as they also made it out. The thundering horse hoof sounds shook the Fierce Wind Forest land. Looking at the map, we had lost around thirty percent of the fifty thousand people. This price we had to pay was too huge!

  Pointing towards the Deer Lake, I galloped crazily, "Increase your speed, they might shift Owen's position soon!"

  Li Mu raised his head and looked at the sky, "Be careful of Lanais!"


  A sharp arrow flashed across and Bai Qi cried out instantly as seventy thousand health disappeared from his health bar. He was instantly killed — how terrifying!

  Lanais didn't get close to us, she just shot arrow after arrow down from the sky. However, since we have so many people, she could just go ahead and knock herself out!


  Ten minutes later, we arrived at Deer Lake. Lin Wan Er and Yue Qing Qian walked out, "The gold warship is where Owen is being kept."

  I nodded and rushed my horse forward to continue. At the same time, I said, "Wrap the shore from both sides and be careful of the Sword Spirit Cavalry in the skies. Board together!"

  There was a total of seven ships — six black ships surrounded the gold one in the middle. No wonder we weren't able to determine Owen’s location.

  Everyone headed into the water, and the horse hooves smacked the lake water. I activated [Icy Wings] and stepped on the surface, keeping in line with the others. The numerous NPC archers started shooting. On the shore, many Moon City players appeared. Among them was a Group Leader player who shouted, 'The Chinese have located Owen's position. Tell the Guild Leader to bring the main force over!"



  I stepped on the water and shot forward like an arrow. Numerous arrows fell into the water behind me. I held both blade and sword, and with a 'peng' ,I pierced the deck of the golden ship. A bunch of NPC soldiers charged out and Enchanted Painting and Li Xiao Yao blocked them. When I rushed in, I saw Owen bounded there, his face ashen white as he looked at me. He looked like a frightened white rat, "Li... General Li Xiao Yao, save me!"

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