Chapter 903 - Matters of the world are like chess
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Zhan Long Chapter 903 - Matters of the world are like chess

Chapter 903- Matters of the world are like chess

“Owen's letter?"

  I was speechless, so I frowned and didn't say a word. Since Owen was already kidnapped, he must be in a bad situation. What did he mean by this letter? Moreover, the NPC deputy general told me to go out; he gave me too much respect. I was just a player, and I didn't hold power in Tian Ling City either.

  Han Yuan held his steel blade and said, "General, don't trust him. I think he just wants to bait the Marshal and you out before killing both of you. Why not I disguise myself as you and then get close before finishing him?"

  I was shocked. "You can do that?"

  Lin Wan Er covered her mouth and laughed, "Han Yuan your face is so black. Do you really think you can disguise yourself as your commander?"

  Han Yuan's old face turned red, "Little Miss is joking, I was just suggesting..."

  Xiao Lie held his spear and said, "Han Yuan, stop fooling around. The Emperor is in their hands and we can't do anything reckless. Just let the Marshal and sir decide!"

  I nodded. Xiao Lie was a careful person and he was someone who was educated. He knew what was loyalty and he expressed that toward Emperor Owen.

  Not far away, Duke Luo Xun walked over. His left arm was totally gone, wrapped in thick bandages. The other hand held a sword as he looked at me and said, "General Li, let's go out?"


  Lochlan selected a bunch of Rongdi Army troops to follow us out of the city. Han Yuan and Xiao Lie also brought hundreds of Royal Army cavalry to accompany us. When the city gates opened, we surged out. Many Moon City NPCs came too. That deputy general rode his horse proudly.

  "You all are finally willing to leave the city?"

  The deputy general arrogantly looked at Luo Xun and me. He laughed coldly, "I heard that Tian Ling City has talented people, but it seems just so-so. You actually lost your own Emperor, hehe..."

  Luo Xun was a little impatient, "General, just take out his letter, there is no need to listen to us get mocked here. This war is not over. Who wins and who loses has not been decided yet."


  The deputy general took out a scroll and tossed it beneath Luo Xun's horse. Nothing more needed to be said. If this Marshal wanted to take the letter, he had to lower his head. Such an insult caused Lochlan to pull his sword and holler, "Brat, do you want to die here? Don't think that we don't dare to kill you!"

  The deputy general sat on his warhorse and cupped his fists, "Look at the sky above!"

  I raised my head to look and saw a person at the end of the rumbling clouds, it was... Lanais, the bow in her hand was blood red with an arrow on the bowstring. I was really confident I could take an arrow, but Lochlan and Luo Xun might not be able to.

  Duke Luo Xun seemed to have crossed paths with Lanais before, his body shuddered as the fear and hatred appeared in his eyes, "Lanais, you b****!"

  Moon City deputy general laughed coldly, "The two of you just look at your Emperor's letter and make a decision."

  Duke Luo Xun scoffed coldly. He opened his hand and energy circled his palm. The letter on the ground flew up into it. That deputy general was stunned — it was obvious that he had underestimated Duke Luo Xun's skills. this Duke was a [Demon Harvest Tier] BOSS. If the Dragon Crystal Cannons hadn’t been focused on him, he wouldn't have lost his left arm.

He flicked the tip of the scroll. Looking at the words on it, his expression grew uglier and uglier.

His body trembled, "This... This is too much!"

  I asked, "Marshal, what did the Emperor say?"

  "Commander in Chief, take a look yourself!"

  Luo Xun handed it to me. I opened it and saw a line of words. It was from Owen's own hands as it was tough to replicate...

  "I am given power from the Heavens, and I am the top of the world. Now that I am in trouble, I am specially writing this surrender letter. Tian Ling Empire will yield to the Moon Empire and pay them every year, giving half of our treasury to them. This concerns my life, so Uncle and Commander in Chief, please do not hesitate. Hand over the city and surrender. Moon City Emperor has promised he won't attack Tian Ling Empire!"


  It was actually a surrender letter?

  I fidgetted on the warhorse and nearly couldn't take that blow. Owen was just too disappointing. I thought he was a smart ruler, but who knew he was such a despicable person? Sacrificing the entire Empire for his own life? Including the work and legacy of his seniors? Forget it... The NPCs in game probably didn't know about all this.

  "General Li, what did the Emperor write?" Lochlan asked carefully.

  I passed it to Lochlan. The letter had the Emperor’s seal on it, so it was definitely real. Lochlan was stunned and handed it back — his face ashen white as he said, "This... What should we do?"

  Luo Xun laughed coldly, "If we don't follow, then we are going against the decree. If we do, then... Owen's life might not be kept."

  Moon City deputy general said impatiently, "Are you all surrendering or not? Tell me and I will report it right away!"

  Duke Luo Xun sighed, "Forget it... Emperor Owen doesn't have children. If he dies, the empire is done for. Forget it, we are willing!"

  I waved my hand, "Wait!"

  Luo Xun looked over at me in shock, "General Li, what are you doing?"

  I galloped over slowly, facing the deputy general I opened my hand and Owen's letter flew into the air. I drew my Dragon Reservoir Sword got out of its sheath and the sharp energy around it spun. With a few strikes, the letter turned into scraps which fell on the ground. Looking into the distance, I shouted, "You grandsons, if you want Tian Ling City, come and take it!"

  Luo Xun was shocked, "Li Xiao Yao, what are you doing?"

  I rushed with my horse, turning around and saying, "Return to the city if you all don't want to die."

  Just at this moment, Lanais fired an arrow. Lochlan quickly knocked his father and instantly five Rongdi Army troops were pierced by the arrow. Huge blood holes appeared in their chests, their internal organs smashed by Lanais' arrow. The arrow with fresh blood smashed onto the city gates in a straight trajectory.

  Duke Luo Xun was filled with shock as he quickly entered the city. After realizing Lanais' long-ranged strength, he didn't dare to show himself on the city walls. He also didn't demand any answers from me. My method represented the wishes of all the soldiers. No one was willing to hand over Tian Ling City just like that — it was their home after all. As for the players, there was no need to say anything. No one would give up a main city for an emperor, so what if ten thousand Owens died? Everyone could become the Emperor if the players had no loyalty. I was the same. I could help Pearl to the throne, but who knew that she would die in battle. My heart was in a mess now, but we couldn’t lose Tian Ling City no matter what.


  "They are preparing to siege!" Li Mu gripped his fists and shouted.

  I walked up and nodded my head, "It’ll take them at most ten minutes to launch the final attack."

  Wang Jian said, "City defense, that doesn't look like what we are good at..."

  I couldn't help but laugh, "We don't need to be good at it. Steel Blade Cavalry, Fire Dragon Cavalry, get on your horses and hold your shields. Protect the mages and archers behind us. The ranged troops, just go all out."

  "Any plans for the assassins?" Yue Qing Qian blinked her eyes as she looked at me.

  I thought about it and said, "Temporarily, no."

  "Actually, it’s not like there isn’t any..." Mocha said.

  I turned and looked at this [Zhan Long] God Commander and smiled, "What do you think the assassins should do on the battlefield?"

  "Scout..." Mocha opened her eyes and said calmly, "Boss Owen isn't here, our NPC powers are greatly reduced, and the defense stats have been lowered by a lot. Your Royal Army has been affected the most. Even Ba Huang City and the Dragon City troops will be affected. So... Duke Luo Xun can not save Owen — we have to. I suggest sending a bunch of assassins over to scout where he is locked up at. If needed, we can then let the Steel Blade Cavalry and Fire Dragon Cavalry charge over to save Owen from their hands. Boss, what do you think?"

  I clenched my fists and said, "Okay, choose the top hundred assassins to scout!"

  Lin Wan Er happily nodded, "Yes."

  Not long later, Lin Wan Er, Yue Qing Qian, Song Han, Yue Wei Liang, and the other top [Zhan Long] players all jumped off the city wall. Once their health bars were full, they headed forward and entered the forest. Once they were in there they were like fish in water with their strong agility; no other classes could catch up to them.


  I continued to stand on the city walls. Looking at how the Moon City players started to siege along with Lanais' troops, cannon fire exploded out. This was a defensive battle. Our wars were tough and hopefully we could defend for forty hours!

  I held my sword and stood in front of Dong Cheng Yue, covering her as she cast her spells. [Magma Lance] and [Thunderbolt Finger] landed in the crowd, letting her country war achievement points rise up. I was also unwilling to let Fang Ge Que catch up. When the time was right, I activated [Icy Wings] to charge down and then I came back up after killing for a while.

  Not long later, the Tian Ling City north walls were dyed red by fresh blood and cannon fire. It was a mess below. Right at this moment, news spread from afar. Swirling Abyss City players and NPCs returned to surround Fan Shu City. We only had a few Fan Shu City players there and were totally outnumbered.

  "Fan Shu City will become history," Dong Cheng Yue said with a pained expression. After all, Fan Shu City was Lin Wan Er and her main city — they trained to level 20 there and had many fond memories.

  I frowned, "We will take it back sooner or later!"



  However, the matters of the world don't happen like we expect it to. An hour later, a bell reverberated through the sky...


  System Notification: Various players please pay attention: China Region [Fan Shu City]'s throne has been destroyed by [Brown Eyes] (Russia). Player has chosen to abandon it to turn this secondary city to ruins. Fan Shu City is now in ruins, and fifty percent of resources will be granted to Swirling Abyss City. All NPCs and resources have been destroyed!

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