Chapter 902- Emperor's Letter
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Zhan Long Chapter 902- Emperor's Letter

Chapter 902 - Emperor's Letter

The moment the Royal Army cavalry stepped into the city, the NPCs on both sides cheered and welcomed their return. Tian Ling City was surrounded, so these people were definitely terrified. News of Emperor Owen being kidnapped also smashed their hearts like a lightning hammer. They couldn't even protect their emperor, so who could protect them?

  There were still many players within the city. Many of them gathered on the city walls; they all had their swords and bows drawn as they prepared to fight. The Dragon Crystal Cannons and Flame Dragon Cannons that remained in the city were all taken out and placed on the city walls. Looking out, the defensive line of Tian Ling City had flags flying in the air and spears raised up. It was really solemn - the intense and depressing war atmosphere made it tough for anyone to breathe.


  After repairing my equipment, I brought the members of [Zhan Long] to the north gate. The northern gate of Tian Ling City was still not shut and many players continued to return from outside. I boarded the city walls and waited for a moment while the battle at Fierce Wind Forest continued. At this time, Fang Ge Que sent a message to me, "Guild Leader Xiao Yao, bring your men to defend Tian Ling City. We will fight the Hybrid Demons and the Moon City players outside, and when the time is right, we will enter the city. Just send people to defend the gates."

  "Understood, be careful."

  "Yes, sir."

  Lanais personally led her troops and I didn't know if the other Hybrid Demon Kings would come. The battle outside the city didn't look like it was going well, but the city still had to be defended. Although I wanted to lead my men out to kill to obtain achievement points and experience, I could only bear with it for now. Looking at the exhausted [Zhan Long] players, my heart felt a stabbing pain. I said, "Li Mu, bring Wang Jian and the others offline to rest. Come online tomorrow morning; it should be fine."

  Li Mu nodded his head, "You should also go offline to rest. Tian Ling City has at least two million players in the city participating in the defense. Moon City and Lanais won't be able to get into the city. Xiao Yao, you don't need to sleep, but Cang Yue and Cang Tong have to. Sleep is the best beauty method!"

  "Eh? You still know how to care for others?" Dancing Forest smiled.

  Li Mu grumbled, "Of course, they're important members of [Zhan Long] and they have to be well maintained. As for certain Group Leader Archers, who cares? Just stay up."

  Dancing Forest raised her fist and then said toward me, "Boss, I have to go to work tomorrow morning, so I will sleep early. Is it okay if I come online after nine?"

  "Okay." I nodded, "Then everyone prepare to head offline to rest and leave twenty percent of the players. Once some emergency happens, we will send messages or call them over."


  I arranged the defensive duties of the Royal Army before going offline. The Royal Army really did what we were supposed to do which was to protect the city. That was our role. However, the enemy was really aggressive and not so easy to handle this time around.


  When I went offline, it was already eleven. The chef made several delicious dishes before going to sleep, leaving the huge room for the two girls and me. Dong Cheng Yue poured some red wine for us, and it was said to cost over two thousand per bottle. Our lives were really high maintenance. The wine quickly wiped me out so I had to drink more to try to get tipsy. Accompanying two girls to eat and drink made me filled with delight.

  "Tomorrow will be the second to last day of the country war!" Lin Wan Er waved the red wine glass in her hand.

  I nodded my head, "Yeah, we must defend Tian Ling City and we've pretty much won already."

  "Yes!" Dong Cheng Yue sat down and said, "We have done too much this time: Flaming Cloud City, Waterfront City, Moon City, and Swirling Abyss City, they are all in chaos..."

  I suddenly thought about something and said, "What about Iron Skull City? There are many American players and their solo combat strength is quite high too. Now that the five main cities are in a mess, what are they doing?"

  Lin Wan Er smiled, "Iron Skull City has been grouping up players to attack the Chi You Tribe."

  "Chi You Tribe?"

  "Yes, it is a map located in the southwest. I heard that it is a super huge map, and my few American friends have also joined the battle. I heard that the experience and equipment drops are extremely high and there are also be high-grade mounts. Otherwise, why do you think Sky Rose would give up on the country war?"

  I frowned, "This would be problematic. Once Iron Skull City finishes that map, they will probably attack us in the next country war."

  Dong Cheng Yue laughed, "Don't worry. Iron Skull City and Tian Ling City are twenty hours away from one another. If they really attack, their NPCs will be useless. We can cut off their grain supply such that they have no chance at all."

  "Oh yeah, that makes sense. Quick, let's eat and then go sleep. Tomorrow we will wake up early and after this country war, let's take a few days off to rest. Let's not stay in the game every day."



  After eating my fill, I drank two more cups of wine, causing my head to be slightly dizzy. Then I laid on my bed, letting the Yang Yan Energy in my body flow between my muscles and veins. My Yi Hai stretched out and could actually reach ten kilometers, sensing numerous auras. There were two strong auras close to me, and they belonged to Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng. Further away was Qin Wen and the few chefs. Next was Tang Qi who gave off an intense and strong aura. I closed my eyes and imagined the Huizhou Map - what I sensed was spread out all over. There were a few slightly stronger ones from the Guardian Base, and then were some whose bodies were stronger and energy were more full. They were all at the Body Training Level, and thus they relied solely on their physical strength. Such an opponent wasn't scary at all and the other bodyguards that Lin Tian Nan had hired would be able to deal with them.

  As I continued to think, my brain felt like it was getting heavier and heavier. I hadn't slept for a while so my train of thought slowed down before I slowly fell asleep.

  When I woke up, the sun shot through the gaps in the mirror. The spring sunlight was really gentle. The phone at the side of my pillow rang; it was from Song Han, "Brother Xiao Yao, we took a slight loss in the fight in Fierce Wind Forest yesterday. The Moon City people broke through the defensive troops at the Bridge of Fate and got in, and along with Lanais, they surrounded the city. [Judgment], [Legend], and the other guilds have entered Tian Ling City and we have officially been surrounded once more. There is no rush as this was expected. Have a good sleep, and come online after you eat breakfast. Old K and I woke up at three, so we will maintain the situation here!"

  I slowly sat up and rubbed my head, then I went to take a bath. When I walked out, Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue were dressed beautifully, and they were standing in the hall waiting for me. There was an abundant amount of breakfast food, including meat and eggs. Since the chef knew wouldn't manage to eat lunch, he prepared a more filling breakfast for us. After we finished eating, we went online!


  I appeared on the north city wall of Tian Ling City. Today was the second to last day of the country war. At twelve at night tomorrow, the final horn would signal the end and the outcome of the war!

  A bunch of [Zhan Long] members went online beside me and the corners of the city walls sat many people. Seeing the [Zhan Long] members come online one by one, they heaved a sigh of relief. One of the guild leaders heaved, "Finally, [Zhan Long] has come online!"

  I looked at him and saw that he was the Guild Leader of [Epic] - Thousand Mile Ambition. This [Epic] guild leader wasn't as arrogant as before as he looked like he had been through a lot. There were only three to five people beside him which made it seem like they did not look as strong as how a few thousand-player guild should be.

  I walked up and said, "Thousand Mile Ambition, where are your men?"

  Thousand Mile Ambition laughed awkwardly, "Most of them died three or more times and are unwilling to come online. There are four hundred of them who were brought away by the elders."

  I was speechless, "The elders quarreled with you again?"

  "Oh forget it..." Thousand Mile Ambition licked his lips and said, "I'm just overlooking it. Some people just don't treat you as friends - they treat you like a tool. When they give you up, they won't hesitate. It is like that in game, and it is the same in real life. Forget it, it is time for me to focus on running the company."

  I said, "When in despair, one shouldn't think about giving up right away."

  He raised his head and looked at me, his eyes filled with mocking intent, "I am not you. I am not the second in command in Tian Ling City, and I am not top ten in CBN. Therefore, I only have that much power. I lost, so there is no use in saying anything."

  I smiled and moved past him. I patted his shoulder and said, "It is just a game, so be happy. At least some people rejected me several times because of you."

  When I walked into the distance, Thousand Mile Ambition smiled. Who knew what he was thinking about?


  There were no more China players at the north city gate, only players with blood-red names who were all from Moon City. The rest were Moon City NPC troops. The other side was really scary as Lanais led her Hybrid Demon Army. Players and Hybrid Demons stood together, painting a terrifying scene.

  There were over two million enemies in front of the north gate which was why there were much more China players there. [Prague], [Judgment], [Hero Mound], [Legend], and the other super guilds were all here. Fang Ge Que looked at the people below and was really silent - he didn't say anything. Ye Lai was the one who held his war axe and muttered, "Open the city gates and charge out. Defending like this is not a viable method. They are definitely going to send siege weapons to drag out time!"

  I smiled, "Ye Lai, calm down. We have so little people now that even if we charge out, we can't beat them!"

  "That's right!"

  Marquis Louis nodded, "Tian Ling City's army is already tired, we can't fight them anymore..."

  I looked at him. Now he knew the problem of not focusing on the army. When I spoke to this person before, he only agreed with the Ruler.


  Just at this moment, a cavalry from Moon City NPC army charged out toward the city. A deputy general held his blade and said, "I am Moon Empire's envoy, please send someone out. I have a letter from Emperor Owen. Marshal Luo Xun and Commander in Chief Li Xiao Yao, please come out of the city!"

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