Chapter 901- Time and Place is Right
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Zhan Long Chapter 901- Time and Place is Right

Chapter 901 - Time and Place is Right

Generals Long Xing and Xia Ye led many Royal Army ships to reach the west shore while I commanded the [Zhan Long] players to board the ships. Each ship could carry roughly a thousand people. After one was full, it would immediately head over to the east shore. For just one trip, [Enemies at the Gate] and [Blood Contract]'s remaining twenty thousand players were all sent over.


I rode on my God Dragon Horse, pulling out the Dragon Reservoir Sword. My [Kill for Blood] had reached one hundred and fifty stacks. I pointed my sword forwards and smiled, "Let's go, clear all the people on War God River!"

A bunch of us laughed out loud as we charged out, going across Broken Blade Canyon and heading right for the Bridge of Fate. The bridge was filled with a dense amount of Moon City players, and most of them were old opponents. We didn't say anything as both sides just clashed. The Bridge of Fate wasn't that wide, but there were still tens of thousands of people on it. I was the tip of the blade and behind me were Misty Clouds, Li Mu, Wang Jian, the three blades. We charged out and killed people like collecting wheat as we pushed them into War God River. The cavalry behind us killed people like they weren't their match.

After killing half a bridge full of people, when we reached the resting square in the middle, the huge square was filled with people. There were at least twenty thousand people squeezing through here, along with the arrow rain and spells crashing down. The Fire Dragon Cavalry behind me was mostly dead and even Han Bei Song was at red health. His face was ashen white, "F***... These Europeans' firepower is a little too strong. As expected, if one's thing is big, one will live better!"

Who’s Blue nearly spat out blood, "You also tried before?"

"I only heard about it..."

Han Bei Song sliced a soldier at the side and said, "How should we fight this? Xiao Yao, speak!"

The bridge that we were on could only handle dozens of people in a row and one needed to block the firepower of hundreds. If we went up, we were pretty much asking to die. I said, "Once more of us die, we will retreat and bait them out! Then we’ll send some archers and mages to head to the Royal Army ships to attack and clear out the bridge!"



Everyone turned around and retreated. As predicted, the Moon City players also charged over, a dense group of them. I looked towards the map in front and sent news to ask Yue Qing Qian about the last storm at Broken Blade Canyon. I calculated the time and said, "Alright, let's head to Broken Blade Canyon!"

Wang Jian said, "Brother Xiao Yao, did you calculate the time correctly?"

"Okay, quick, let's go!"


Everyone headed through Broken Blade Canyon. I stared at the thirty seven minutes and twelve second storm interval. Ten thousand players from the three guilds stood still at the end of Broken Blade Canyon. We placed our shields on the ground and formed a defensive formation like we were going to fight to the death here with the Moon City players. In the back, horse hoof sounds continued. Moon City had at least fifty thousand people who chased us in, and all of them were cavalry players.

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Among them, a Guild Leader of one of the guilds held his halberd and looked coldly towards me, "The Chinese took our Lion King Shield, and this time we will make them pay in blood! Brothers prepare to charge. The Chinese got their own emperor kidnapped, and it is time for them to pay back their debts!"

I smiled and felt quite sour deep down. Owen, that dumb emperor, caused great humiliation to us in game. With the main city emperor being kidnapped, that was really a huge humiliation. Unless one day we took down Moon City, we wouldn't be able to wipe that off.

However, the Moon City players in front of us wouldn't be able to predict what was coming next. They all rallied their horses to dash across and were prepared to smash our shield formation.

"How much longer?" Li Mu stared widely, pretty much holding his breath as he asked.

I looked at the time, "Twenty seven seconds!"

"Then I will countdown."


He started to report the time...







When Li Mu spat out the number 1, the sky suddenly went dark and in the next moment, a cold current storm started to sweep in from one side of the Broken Blade Canyon. We really couldn't see the situation there, but it was definitely tough on the eyes. It very quickly swept over to our side. That Guild Leader turned around and looked behind, shouting in shock, "What happened?"

One of the Group Leaders said in astonishment as he pointed to the west, "There... er... er..."

He was already shocked by the storm in the Broken Blade Canyon such that he was unable to utter a word. A cold wind swept past his eyes, and the players on the back row stopped moving. Their armor and bodies were covered in frost. After the cold wind blew, they were all smashed into pieces of ice, and there was even no blood that flowed. The cold wind was really swift, and in the next moment, the Moon City army in front of us that looked aggressive stood still before the wind smashed them all into bits!


Body parts fell to the ground, and out of the fifty thousand people, none of them survived!

Pieces of ice fell under my feet. The cold current wind storm disappeared a few meters in front of us. This was the map advantage. Did the Moon City players think that they could be unrestrained here? Who knew that we would directly clear out fifty thousand of them in the Broken Blade Canyon? They never expected this outcome, right?

I waited for a moment, and after ten minutes, the storm disappeared. I immediately led them past Broken Blade Canyon and swept all the equipment on the ground. We continued to the Bridge of Fate. At this point, they were still clashing. Enchanted Painting was really valiant while holding the Water God Halberd to try to get back the Bridge of Fate. In the south, there were dozens of Royal Army ships with the Dark Moon Elf Archers on them who became beautiful killers. They shot down and took the Moon City players down one by one.

The Bridge of Fate was reclaimed!


Moon City players were forced back hundreds of meters. The Tian Ling City men occupied the bridge and people were sent to defend it. Several Dragon Crystal Cannons were rolled on to fend off the enemy.

Moon City also brought Dragon Crystal Cannons, but they didn't dare to shoot. They were afraid that if they destroyed the bridge, then they would lose their chances of attacking Tian Ling City.

I rode my horse onto the Bridge of Fate. Not long later, Xiao Lie held his spear and walked over, "Sir, Lanais, that b****'s Hybrid Demon Army has formed up at Fierce Wind Forest and is waiting for us to charge there. Lanais also sent a hundred thousand people to surround Tian Ling City and she says she wants to burn it down."

I frowned and said, "Tian Ling City is so huge. How can a hundred thousand surround it? Bring forty thousand Royal Army troops to head back to Moon Blade Forest and then charge from the side of Lanais' troops."

"But, sir!"

Xiao Lie cupped his fists, "Marshal Luo Xun, Marquis Louis, Les, and Long Zhong suggested to attack from the Fierce Wind Forest because the Emperor is trapped in the forest. Some pirates sneakily brought information over."

My brow relaxed and said, "Xiao Lie, do you think the Emperor is important or is Tian Ling City important?"

Xiao Lie was stunned. He thought about it and said, "Sir, the country is most important!"

"That is correct. Go, break the encirclement of Tian Ling City!"



I turned around and saw the Fire Dragon Army, Xia Yu Army, and Chang Feng Army charge towards Fierce Wind Forest. I couldn't stop them even if I wanted to. Moreover, Duke Luo Xun was the Marshal. As the Commander in Chief, I didn't have enough power so my words were useless.

"F***, how are we going to fight like this?"

Li Mu looked at the Tian Ling City players and NPCs and said, "Even Fang Ge Que went to attack head-on, what should we do? Cover from the wing?"

I licked my lips and said, "Our overall numbers are very low. Lanais' Hybrid Demon army definitely is definitely made up of elites; if we fight head-on, we will suffer."

Wang Jian asked, "What plan does Brother Xiao Yao have?"

I clenched my fist, "Call [Judgment], [Enemies at the Gate], and [Blood Contract]. Tell these few allies to move back towards Demon Dragon Valley and then charge out of the Forest of Monuments to attack from the east wall of Tian Ling City. Coordinating with the troop inside, we will break the encirclement. If we defend Tian Ling City for two days and nights, then we will win this country war!"



Not long later, Ye Lai, Misty Clouds, Han Bei Song all came over. They each led all their members to follow [Zhan Long] to the east. We reached Zi Wu Mountain and avoided the Lanais’ strong troops. Then we entered Demon Dragon Valley, and after clearing some monsters, we arrived at the Forest of Monuments. Looking at Princess Pearl's tomb again, I was filled with emotions. Pearl told me to continue on and unify the world. Now I don't know if I let her down or not. I can only take it step by step and do all I can to not regret!

"Be careful!" Yue Qing Qian shouted.

Everyone looked up and saw the Grade Seven Hybrid Demon Sword Spirit Cavalry appearing above us, hundreds of them. Tsk tsk, the troops Lanais brought weren't weak. We knew right away that it was Grade Seven Sword Spirit Cavalry!

"Ao ao..."

Shrieks spread out as the cavalry charged down. The moment they appeared, they killed close to a hundred of us. Lin Wan Er jumped off my arms and said calmly, "Archers, use [Scattered Shot] and shoot them down! The rest continue forward, their encirclement is about to arrive."

The cavalry continued forward — we braved the chasing Sword Spirit Cavalry and headed on. We split out from the forest, and at least thousands of Grade Six Dreameater Beasts appeared in front. I immediately activated [Icy Wings] and shouted, "Kill, let's take a gamble!"

Who would be afraid to die at such a moment? We all charged out, using our lives in exchange for another. In the blink of an eye, there were thousands of casualties but thousands of Dreameater Beasts also turned into experience and equipment. We flew onto the city walls and an NPC General recognized me. He shouted, "It is Royal Army General, Commander in Chief Li Xiao Yao. Open the gates!"



The gates opened. As I returned back to Tian Ling City, for some reason I felt some closeness and sense of belonging to it.

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