Chapter 900- Emperor being robbed
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Zhan Long Chapter 900- Emperor being robbed

Chapter 900- Emperor being robbed

"Woo waa..."

  There was some movement behind Ding Fan's body. I quickly carried his body away and noticed Owen sitting there with his face covered in blood. He was shivering and he was crying out loud. However the crying wasn't due to the sadness of the death of Ding Fan but because he was frightened by the hell-like killing around him. It seems like although Owen was the General of the Xia Yu Army but there weren't many times when he personally led the troops to charge. He was even unable to take such situations.

  I looked towards him, bending down as I said, "Your Majesty are you okay?"

  Owen raised his head and looked towards me like he couldn't hear my words carefully. After a moment he said, "You... You are Royal Army Li Xiao Yao? Yes it is you..."

  I nodded my head, "Yes it is my Your Majesty."

  "Quick, quick!"

  Owen grabbed my arm and said, "Quick send people to protect me back to Fan Shu City, I need to leave this place!"

  It seemed like Owen was really frightened out of his mind. I turned around and looked towards Ye Lai and Q-Sword. Ye Lai giggled while Q-Sword laughed coldly, "Hehe, Tian Ling City's Ruler is actually like this..."

  I smiled, from afar I hollered, "Han Yuan, send people to escort the Ruler back to Fan Shu City!"

  Han Yuan rode his horse over and reached out. A Royal Army Lieutenant gave up his war horse. He helped Owen on it and then swiftly protected him as he left.

  Just at this moment a moan broke out from the pile of corpses in the back, "General Li if you are free please save me..."

  I was shocked, quickly I head over and pushed aside a pile of bodies, only to see Duke Luo Xun laying in a pool of blood, his face was ashen white. His left hand along with a small part of his shoulder was blown apart, fresh blood flowing out. I looked towards him and frowned, "Marshal, how did you end up in such a state..."

  Those words sounded like I was gloating but Duke Luo Xun didn't have time to bother about what I meant. He opened his mouth wide to breathe, "I... My lungs are injured, General Li, please... please save me quickly..."

  I nodded and looked towards the distance, "Dong Cheng quick come and help!"

  Dong Cheng Yue flew over, "What is up Brother Xiao Yao?"

  I pointed to the wound on his left arm and said, "Use fire magic to scorch his wound to stop the bleeding. Don't barbeque him, careful with your strength."


  Dong Cheng Yue opened her jade palm, flames shooting out and instantly Duke Luo Xun fainted after he was burnt. However the bleeding from his arm was stopped but only then would his life be kept. I turned around and shouted, "Medic! Medic!"

  In the crowd, a Royal Army soldier holding a medicine case dashed over and Duke Luo Xun was carried onto a stretcher. At this point Lochlan finally held his blood stained sword and dashed over. He looked at the bad state of his father and he couldn't help but tear up, "Father! Father! How did this happen, how did this happen..."

  I said, "The Snow Wolf Army fired at Emperor and the two Dukes. Duke Ding Fan died and Marshal Luo Xun was injured. I have sent the emperor back."

  Lochlan raised his head and looked at me, his eyes filled with gratitude, "General Li, thank you, thank you!"

  "No worries!"

  I looked towards Duke Luo Xun and said, "Immediately send the Duke back to Fan Shu City and then send Duke Fan's body back. The rest of the people follow me to charge!"

  "Yes general!"

  I looked towards Lochlan and asked, "Little general, will you charge with us or will you follow the Duke back to the city?"

  Lochlan gritted his teeth,

His eyes were burning with flames, "These bunch of people actually caused my Father to end in such a stage. I will kill them all, General Li don't stop us!"

  "Good, we will kill together!"



  I jumped onto the horse, everyone headed forwards once again and covered over. The Swirling Abyss City players didn't defend to the death. They knew that they were unable to take down Fan Shu City so they lost that last bit of hope. They underestimated the counter attack from Tian Ling City players. They thought that after the Flaming Cloud City, Waterfront City and Fire Elephant City battles we wouldn't be able to fight back. In the end they were wrong. Tian Ling City needed just fifty percent of strength and that was enough to crush all from Swirling Abyss City!

  We chased and killed for close to four hours, within the Prohibited Dragon Land blood flowed into a river. I even chased the Swirling Abyss City defeated troops out of Prohibited Dragon Land and we arrived in an endless plains where we fought for close to two hours. Until it was around seven pm in real life.

  Just at this moment Wang Jian patted his horse and came up, his face was ashen white, "Brother Xiao Yao there is a bad news from behind!"

  "What bad news?"

  Wang Jian gritted his teeth and said, "Didn't you send our Emperor Owen back to Fan Shu City by your Royal Army? However he felt that Fan Shu City wasn't safe so he brought the five thousand guards army to prepare to return to Tian Ling City an hour ago. However when he passed by the army farmland he was struck by the Moon City [Hand of Waterloo]. Five thousand guards were killed at the west of War God River. Our [Zhan Long] also lost four hundred people. There was originally a chance, however... who knew why the Hybrid Demon Army would suddenly appear and they snatched Owen at the Bridge of Fate!"

  "What? !

  I nearly vomited blood out, "Emperor Owen was kidnapped by the Hybrid Demons? Then can he return peacefully?"

  Wang Jian raised his hands, "How would I know, I only know about him being kidnapped."

  "Which army from Hybrid Demon Territory?"


  "Lanais again!"

  I gritted my teeth and clenched my fists, "F***!"

  Wang Jian said, "Owen dying or not isn't important. What is important is that once the emperor is held hostage, all NPC stats drop by twenty percent, that is pretty lethal."

  I nodded, "We have to get him back. Let's return to Fan Shu City and rest up before me set off. Send someone to scout to see where Owen is at."

  Wang Jian was in a spot, "We only have that many Battle Eagle Scouts, but... Doesn't Brother Xiao Yao you know about Lanais's skills? Just half an hour ago, eleven of them were shot by Lanais. This BOSS's range is far more than four hundred meters, how terrifying..."

  I frowned, 'Next time reward those date cavalry scouts, now we must find out where Owen is at."



  On the plains, the Fire Dragon Cavalry and Steel Blade Cavalry all pulled back their horses under my command and swiftly turned around. I pulled Lin Wan Er who was killing the enemy into my arms. Dong Cheng Yue landed behind the God Dragon Horse and rested on my shoulder. The three of us were together on a single horse. Many guilds in Tian Ling City already found out that Owen was kidnapped by Lanais and they all turned back. Our target was already not Swirling Abyss City but Lanais and Owen instead.

  God Dragon Horse breathed out and it charged all the way. I travelled alongside Li Mu, Wang Jian and the others and didn't dare to be too rash. Deep down I panicked, things were getting more and more out of my control. Even the Tian Ling City Emperor was kidnapped, what was this? Lanais was a huge surprise!

  Li Mu proceeded forwards while saying with a frown on his face, "Ye Lai asked me why Owen was kidnapped. Just the Moon City people wouldn't be able to kill those royal family cavalry. There are many [Divine Tier] and [Demon Harvest Tier] BOSSes..."

  I nodded, "If my guesses are correct, those BOSSes were killed by Lanais, what I can't understand is... Why is it such a coincidence. Logically speaking the Hybrid Demons shouldn't have gotten news of Owen's return that easily to intercept him midway?"

  Lin Wan Er blinked and said, "There is only one explanation which is that players and Lanais formed an alliance."


  Dong Cheng Yue shuddered and continued to rest on my shoulder, 'How is that possible, how will players form alliances with BOSSes?"

  "This..." I laughed, "With the progress of Destiny, I am not surprised. This game seems to overturn all the game laws and logic. Wan'er is right, if not there is no logical explanation for all this. Moon City players laid in wait for so long before attacking once again, one can only see it as them making a trade with Lanais."

  Lin Wan Er said, "Twenty four hours ago, Lanais led five hundred thousand Hybrid Demon troops to attack Moon City, but suddenly he retreated back to the Sea of No Return. When he appeared he was in Tian Ling City, without thinking the Moon City definitely traded with Lanais and the trading chip was Tian Ling City Emperor Owen. .

  Wang Jian touched his nose and said, "Our situation is getting worse and worse, this isn't a good thing."

  "En, that is true, let's take it a step at a time!"

  I said worringly, "Now it is just up to how much we can do with our last breath."



  Not long later the remaining two million Tian Ling City players arrived in Fan Shu City. After resting up we headed swiftly towards War God River. Among which the five hundred thousand cavalry players took the lead. Tens of thousands of players were left to defend Fan Shu City while the rest came out to fight.

  Xia Yu Army's grain ammassing area was robbed and burnt once more and it was all scorched black. The outcome of this battle was still uncertain but the upcoming military rations was going to be a huge problem.

  In front of Bridge of Fate was a dense amount of players, they were from Moon City, around two million of them. There weren't many but where they were at just nice blocked the choke point.

  "What should we do?" Q-Sword asked.

  I didn't think, "[Legend], [Hero Mound], [Judgement], [Prague] etc charge across and attack. I will bring the [Zhan Long] brothers to sit the Royal Army ships to head to the east and pincer them in. First take back Bridge of Fate from the English and French players!"


  The many guild leaders all nodded their heads. Rumor was not as arrogant as before, the more intense and worst the battle got, Rumor understood that there were many things he couldn't control. As for his hate for me, I didn't care at all.

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