Chapter 899- Death of an old general
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Zhan Long Chapter 899- Death of an old general

Chapter 899- Death of an old general

The cannon explosions continued. When we entered the canyon I noticed that this map was called Prohibited Dragon Land. From afar, cannon fire covered the Tian Ling City players. It swept into the crowd and numerous amounts of players were injured. The Dragon Crystal Cannons formed heat waves which blew at the trees, causing many trees to be rooted out. The shrapnels slashed pieces of meat and smashed into the crowd.

  My heart felt cold, I was like an ice statue. This time we were really ambushed, the price was unbearable to the eyes. We were just too careless.There were at least over three hundred Dragon Crystal Cannons in the forests of Prohibited Dragon Land. It was tough to imagine how the Russians were able to transport all their cannons over here. With the speed at which the cannons could be moved, they needed at least three days and nights, which meant... Swirling Abyss City had planned this expedition three days ago, moreover it seemed like they had succeeded.

  Wang Jian looked towards the forest where cannon fire was shooting out in an unrestrained manner, his body shuddered as he said, "Can we even fight this?"

  My throat was a little dry, I licked my lips and said, "Li Mu, Wang Jian, you all lead the Valiant Bravery Camp brothers to charge along the Flaming God Mountain Range, directly enter the Swirling Abyss City cannon formation. I will bring the [Zhan Long] camp to charge head on. The Royal Army will follow us to destroy the cannon formation."


  I turned around and looked towards Han Yuan and Xiao Lie, "Let's go. Follow them to attack the cannon formation. I will cover you. The Dark Moon Elves back out of the Prohibited Dragon Land and defend Fan Shu City!"

  Ling Luo's eyes opened wide, "Sir... Why? Why must me retreat, we... Since we joined you, we were already prepared to live and die together with you."

  I gritted my teeth and hollered, "I need to keep my promise to Fiona. There is cannon fire everywhere here and your archery can't help. Immediately return to Fan Shu City!"

  "Yes... Sir."

  Ling Luo bit her red lips, she turned around and led the ten thousand Dark Moon Elves out of the battlefield.

  I turned and looked into the distance. Mocha, One Second Hero, Lin Wan Er, Song Han etc were all here. Mocha smiled and asked, "Boss, if we charge head on we will suffer large amounts of losses. We already have so little people, look... Duke Luo Xun's army is at the front, and at least a small part of them had died, the losses are..."

  I smiled, "We have no other choice, let's go! If we don't, [Prague], [Judgement], [Hero Mound] and [Legend] will really be wiped out!"


  The war horses neighed out. Steel Blade Cavalry and Fire Dragon Cavalry shot out. I was right at the front, left hand blade, right hand sword as I led the Ancient God Tiger forwards. I didn't bother about the Dragon Crystal Cannons and the bunch of us slightly spread out before we headed towards the frontlines!

  "Peng peng peng..."

  Cannon fire shook the surroundings. Each Dragon Crystal Cannon would leave a deep hole in the ground, causing trees to be uprooted and leaves to shake. Trunks were directly blown to shreds by the cannonballs and dust danced around. Just one charge and my armor and robe turned black. Lin Wan Er, Song Han, Yue Qing Qian etc held their daggers, activating [Unyielding Spirit] to charge.

  We crossed the region where the cannonfire covered and lost hundreds of players. In front of us was where the Russian Players were at. A dense shield formation was laying in wait, around ten thousand men. They were all from the same guild, [Absolute Abyss], the top guild in the Swirling Abyss City Leaderboards. A cavalryman held his spear and stood at the front of them, he was the guild leader of [Absolute Abyss]--

  Brown Eyes LV-157 Snow Region Cavalry

  Main City: Swirling Abyss City

  Guild: [Absolute Abyss]

  Role: Guild Leader

  RBN Battlenet Ranking: 1

  Title: Swirling Abyss City Level Rankings second, Hero's Wing Annual Finals ranked 7th.



continue to fire!"

  Brown Eyes's face was filled with rage as he said, "Let these China players know the strength of our iron wall defences!"

  In the distance a bunch of [Judgement] players charged into the shield formation of [Absolute Abyss]. However the Frost Ram Cavalry charged too close to the front and lost the healing of the healers. They smashed their blades onto the shields of the enemy but were unable to break through. In the end under the cover of spells and arrows they weren't able to block. [Absolute Abyss] has a few super mages and archers, whose skills could hit thirty thousand damage. It was too terrifying. In the end the four hundred [Judgement] members all died and were left with only a few dozen. One of their Squad Leader members held his axe and hollered, "We can't beat them, their firepower is too strong, leave!"

  "You still want to leave?"

  Brown Eyes galloped over and with a spear he formed an ice drill which struck into the back of that person, instantly a high damage number rose up. It was too shocking...


  It was a fatal blow. That Squad Leader fell to the ground after howling out. The other dozens of players all fled frantically. The [Absolute Abyss] only had the Guild Leader chasing, they kept that original defence formation. Such discipline was really rare.


  [Skyshaker Stab] pierced through the chest of one of the [Judgement] swordsman. Brown Eyes flicked this person up from his war horse and looked coldly towards [Zhan Long], "Come on [Zhan Long]!"

  Facing such provocation, Old K, Song Han etc couldn't take it anymore. I held up my sword, [Icy Wings] formed behind me as I shouted, "Don't disappoint the Swirling Abyss City friends, charge with me!"


  I shot out like that of lightning. I was at my top speed, like a human cannonball as I charged out like a drill, my target was Brown Eyes. I wanted to see how skilled this top person of the RBN battlenet was. In the end he hurriedly held his shield in front of his chest, his war horse took a few steps back and he entered a defensive stance. There was a loud "Peng", I sped through and Brown Eyes fell off his horse. He fell into the crowd. I didn't bother, casting [Ghost God's Dance] and then with a [Sword Tempest] I instantly killed a group of them. I opened my arm and the Ancient God Tiger roared out, rampaging at a bunch of archers and mages. However after all a pet was a pet and it was instantly killed by the focus fire of the bunch of enemies. I had no choice, in such a large battle, even Lin Wan Er's Purple Qilin Dragon which had so much health was instantly killed much less that little tiger.

  Old K, Song Han etc all struck onto the enemy shields, both sides getting into a messy fight. I swept about the [Absolute Abyss] group in an unrestrained manner, directly causing them to charge at me. However they also faced the attacks of Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue, Dancing Forest etc and instantly they were showing signs of falling part.

  "Hold on!"

  Brown Eyes held his spear and ran along the borders of his men, with a sidestep he dodged the [Blade Rush] of one of the [Zhan Long] swordsman. He counter attacked with [Ice Blade], instantly killing him. Under the support of this Guild Leader, [Absolute Abyss] was strong enough and restructured to defend against the [Zhan Long] players.

  The flames continued to spread, Fire Dragon Cavalry's casualty rate was too quick. I didn't hold anything back as I charged into the group with a slash. I raised my hand up and lightning spread around my fingertips. Dark clouds gathered above and lightning glows became more and more apparent. In the next moment many lightning dragons fell from above, smashing into the crowd. [Thundering Heavens] activated and instantly killed a bunch of their players, causing the center of the shield formation to become empty.


  Old K held up his axe and used a [Whirlwind Slash] to break through the outer layer. Everyone charged in and killed. In the distance Enchanted Painting also slashed through a bunch of [Absolute Abyss] players. Ye Lai held his axe and brought a bunch of elites towards my direction to charge forwards along with [Zhan Long]. The few top guilds worked together and [Absolute Abyss] was definitely defeated. Brown Eyes's face turned cold as he said, "Brothers let's go!"

  Everyone continued to head forwards and after killing a bunch of [Absolute Abyss] players, the area in front of us was clear. Two hundred meters out was the enemy cannon formation. A dense amount of Dragon Crystal Cannons still continued to sweep out. On the other side, Li Mu, Wang Jian had already brought the [Zhan Long] members to destroy the cannons. The Royal Army under the leadership of Han Yuan had headed right into the cannon formation.

  In the other direction, the war horse neighing continued. It was where Emperor Owen, Duke Ding Fan and Duke Luo Xun were at. A bunch of royal army cavalry defended around. However my heart turned cold as these people were in range. Damn it!

  As expected a general raised his arm. It was the Swirling Abyss City Snow Wolf Army General- Tuka, a guy with blue eyes. He looked coldly into the distance and said really calmly, "27 degrees to the east, thirty two feet, around seventy two percent strength, fire!"

  The dozens of cannons beside him turned. My heart instantly turned cold and I quickly charged forwards with [Icy Wings], shouting, "Owen dodge!"

  Below the king flag, Owen and the others noticed that things were bad. He quickly turned around the horses and wanted to flee. However in the next moment the Dragon Crystal Cannons fired!

  "Your Majesty be careful!"

  Duke Ding Fan quickly took a shield from one of the royal family cavalryman and blocked in front of Owen. A Dragon Crystal Cannon shot right in front of him!


  A blood red wave caused my head to shake as I looked on. Blood splattered out.

  Hundreds of royal family cavalry were injured, their bodies incomplete. Ye Lai frowned as he chased behind me, "F*** they wouldn't have directly killed the Tian Ling City king right?"

  I didn't say a word, I flew over. The dust settled and the ground was filled with deep holes and corpses all over. Many corpses were blown to pieces. When I landed, I stood over a pile of blood, I searched about and shouted, "Owen if you are still alive make a sound! !"


  A weak voice spread out from within. I charged over and noticed a pitiful Duke Ding Fan laying in the pile of corpses, his legs and the warhorse was blown into pieces. The shield in his hand was already broken along with his left hand. His chest was pierced through by shrapnels and blood flowed out. His face was ashen white. This old general who defended Fan Shu City for dozens of years had sacrificed his life to save the young king.


  "Duke Fan..." My voice trembled a little.

  Ding Fan opened his eyes wide and looked calmly at me. He smiled expressionlessly, "It is Commander in Chief Li... It is great that you are okay."

  As he said that, he coughed out vigorously and before I could say anything he closed his eyes and died.

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