Chapter 898- Ambush
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Zhan Long Chapter 898- Ambush

Chapter 898- Ambush

Looking out in the sky, the stars shone brightly.

  I laid on the ground, lying on Lin Wan Er's legs. I raised up the Country Protecting Blade, using the carved words on the blade. They were words which carried the Will of the Heavens, protecting the empire etc words. However Owen said that with this blade he had the power to kill any Duke level official, he really wanted to find a chance to try it out.

  Li Mu sat at the corner of the city wall and wiped off the blood on it. He raised his head and looked towards the Duke Manor in a bored manner and said, "Xiao Yao, the generals are all enjoying a celebratory feast in the Duke Manor, why are you still here?"

  I couldn't help but laugh, "No, I still have legs to touch here..."

  Lin Wan Er's face turned red, "Scoff!"

  Dong Cheng Yue was speechless, "Oh right, when does the feast start? I always feel like a storm is coming, maybe the true threat isn't here right?"

  I nodded my head, "En, I also feel the same way. Do you all notice that no strong enemy appeared here in a long while?"

  "What power?" Li Mu said.

  "Moon City!"

  I said, "Moon City players suffered huge losses, it is okay if they disappear but I heard that they still have at least three hundred thousand troops, not much lesser than Tian Ling City's troops. If they don't attack Tian Ling City now they will regret. Once this country war period ends, Tian Ling City will have three main cities and the NPC troops that spawn will be at least in the millions. At that time Moon City will find it even tougher to deal with Tian Ling City..."

  A cold intent flashed in Li Mu's eyes, "F***, I actually didn't expect that. Right... Moon City's Country Weapon Lion King Shield is still in Mocha's hand. They have no reason to give up on Tian Ling City so easily, do they have a scheme?"

  I shook my head, "I don't know, I am not omnipotent so how would I be able to guess so much..."

  Just at this moment the sound of footsteps spread over, a female general wearing exquisite war armor walked onto the city walls. It was the Dragon City Dragon Rider Captain Qing Luo. I quickly jumped up off the ground and walked forwards, "Qing Luo you are here!"

  Qing Luo looked towards me, "Sir, do you know why Frost will ask me to lead fourteen Dragon Riders over to assist Fan Shu City?"

  "Frost noticed that Swirling Abyss City's troops are extremely huge so she sent you to assist Fan Shu City if not we won't be able to enter so easily."


  Qing Luo smiled and shook her head, "That is just one of the reasons, however it is not the most important reason."

  "Then what is the reason?"

  "Recently Odelia's letter reached Dragon City, she said that she noticed a situation when she was searching for troubles in the north Hybrid Demon Territory. Lanais led at least five hundred thousand Hybrid Demons to get close to Charging Canyon and was cutting wood to build ships. Which was why she suspected that Lanais was going to attack Moon City." Qing Luo smiled and continued, "Once Moon City was taken down then Lanais's next target would be Tian Ling City. Which is why she told me to bring Dragon Riders over here to end the battle here and not let it drag out."

  I nodded my head, "I understand, I will tell Emperor Owen to send troops earlier to deal with the Swirling Abyss City troops outside. However the number of elite troops we can gather here and the humans that can assist Moon City wouldn't be able to deal with the five hundred thousand Hybrid Demon Army troops!"

  "En, that's true!" Qing Luo smiled, "However with you here there won't be much problems. Frost said that in this world there is nothing you can't do!"

  "Frost thinks too highly about me.


  "Hehe, then I will continue to defend now."

  "En, go ahead, be careful, beware of those people that you should be careful about." My words held deep meaning, the person that she had to be wary against was Duke Luo Xun. This uncle's goals of coming to Tian Ling City was unclear and he definitely craved the throne. Dragon City  was also the border protectors of Tian Ling City. If Luo Xun wants to get the throne he has to obtain the support of Dragon City if not he would have to deal with them. The Dragon Riders were the strongest troops of Dragon City and were the top targets. Of course I might be thinking too much. Qing Luo and the other Dragon Riders had dragons circling above to protect their masters at any moment. So for the Rongdi Army to kill them was nearly impossible.

  Qing Luo continued to smile and look toward me, "Okay, I know, I will be careful. You should be careful too."



  In the game when the sky was about to light up, the messenger charged onto the city walls and blew the horn, shouting, "All Major level Generals please immediately proceed to the Duke Manor to discuss matters!"

  I was slightly stunned, this probably wasn't a meeting but to call them over to get instructions. I immediately said goodbye to Lin Wan Er, jumping onto my horse as I headed towards the Duke Manor. When I arrived, a large portion of the generals were already present. Drunken Spear, Fang Ge Que etc were all there. The hall was decorated like the palace, Owen sat on the throne and said, "Duke Fan, uncle and I have already decided that we are going to open the city gates to use our elite troops to strike the Swirling Abyss City troops. I hope that everyone can work together to help the empire clear out this enemy!"

  Drunken Spear was stunned, "We are attacking so quickly?"

  Owen said, "Does General Zhou have anything to say?"

  Drunken Spear shook his head, "No!"

  Owen looked towards me and asked, "General Li you are the Commander in Chief of the empire, do you have any opinions to our plan today?"

  I shook my head, "No, Your Majesty is wise!"

  "Great!" Owen sat up and pulled out his King Blade as he hollered, "Then there is no need to hesitate anymore, open the gates and send the troops. Rongdi Army will be the vanguard and charge forwards. The rest will follow behind. Today we will wash the Swirling Abyss City army in blood!"


  The generals were all really excited, especially Han Yuan, Long Xing who loved to battle. The moment they heard that they were going to battle they cheered out. Xiao Lie was more calm, he held his spear and didn't say a word. The Dark Moon Elf General Ling Luo was even more composed, like each battle didn't mean anything to her. What she wanted to do was to use the bow in her hand to help me obtain victory.

  The sun rose up and rays of sunlight shone through the cloud layer and onto the shining armor. The war horses neighed out. This time Duke Luo Xun's Rongdi Army was the vanguard. Hundred thousand Rongdi Army troops couldn't be underestimated, letting us all relax a little. Owen ordering him to be the vanguard was a really wise decision. This emperor with no descendants finally knew how to look out for himself.

  The city gates opened and Rongdi Army swiftly headed out. The players around all noticed where they were going, they all headed out of the city. Li Mu had already gathered roughly fifteen thousand [Zhan Long] players. This was our final bit of strength. If this group died then we would only have a few thousand usable people. However with the war reaching such a stage, pretty much everyone was going to go all out.



  Lochlan was right beside Duke Luo Xun, he pulled out his sword and hollered, "Rongdi Army warriors charge with me and kill our enemies. Tian Ling City is proud of us!"

  The horse hooves shook the ground as they stepped down, the huge army galloped out. The entire Fan Shu City trembled under the shaking of the horse hooves. The players also followed closely behind Rongdi Army to fight. In the distance cannons exploded out. The Swirling Abyss City players weren't fools and they had started to use cannons to welcome the troops who were coming out of Fan Shu City.

  On the plains, the black swarm of people surged out like a flood. China Players along with the Rongdi Army charged forwards in a crescent shaped formation. Instantly we drowned out the frontlines of Swirling Abyss City. Rongdi Army was a barbarian cavalry army from the north and they were really valiant. The Swirling Abyss City Snow Wolf Cavalry weren't weak either, they clashed with one another and fresh blood started to spread out.


  I held my long sword and hollered simply. I brought the [Zhan Long] members and slashed into the crowd. The Steel Blade Cavalry used their skills to clash with the enemy. Our goal was to crush the cannons and destroy their Heavy Cannon Unit!

  After we bumped into one another, Swirling Abyss City was unable to take it anymore. Yesterday the defeat they suffered had caused their confidence to be affected. Today they were being hit by our high morale and suffered even more losses. . 

  In less than half an hour, the Heavy Cannon Unit of Swirling Abyss City started to retreat. They definitely couldn't run quickly pushing the heavy cannons, directly they were killed and swarmed. After killing thousands of cannoneers, hundreds of cannons fell into the hands of Royal Army and Xia Yu Army. Han Yuan and a Xia Yu Army person started snatching and they nearly fought one another. Luckily I was magnanimously and let over two Flame Dragon Cannons to end the situation.


  Owen's smile got thicker and thicker. He probably didn't expect things to proceed so smoothly. He held up his sword and laughed, "Attack, kill them all!"

  Ding Fan held his iron sword and cupped his fists, "Your Majesty, please allow me to lead my men to charge forwards to chase, to take revenge for the cities outside Fan Shu City which were cleared out by them!"

  Owen nodded his head, "Okay, Duke Fan be careful! Men, bring my guards and defend Duke Fan!"



  Flaming God Mountain Range's southwest plains was a canyon, both sides of it spread the Flaming God Mountain Range. Swirling Abyss City's broken army entered the canyon and I swiftly used [Icy Wings] to fly up. Looking down at everything, I saw a patch of birds flying up from the forest in the canyon. I had a thought and quickly charged down, shouting, "Careful, there is an ambush inside!"

  However, it was already too late, [Prague], [Judgement] and large amounts of Rongdi Army, Ding Fan troops had already charged in.

  Li Mu held his sword, looking up and looking at me, "Xiao Yao, what about us, do we go in or not?"

  I gritted my teeth, "Enter!"


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