Chapter 897- Revival
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Zhan Long Chapter 897- Revival

Chapter 897- Revival

"Open the city gates!"

  With an order, the iron chains started to move and the city gates slowly opened. We all charged in like fishes. The usually prosperous Fan Shu City was now in a mess, the city wall was covered in axe marks and sword cuts. It was also stuck full of arrows. A bunch of soldiers tried to pull them out but the arrowhead was stuck so deep in it couldn't be moved. Forget it, it was a problem for the future. Under Emperor Owen's orders, Tian Ling City NPC army all moved it. Li Mu, Wang Jian and I chased the win, directly forcing the Swirling Abyss City players to the southwest of the city before we stopped. The Swirling Abyss City elites suffered losses but their main force was still there. Seven million of them still stared at Fan Shu City aggressively from the southwest, they would launch an attack at anytime. If they came once more then it would be a battle to the death.

  An hour later, I returned back to the city with a full inventory. I entered the Royal Army General tent while turning those equipments into God's Army Card while looking at Fan Shu City around me. This place had already changed.

  There were many white trees that were planted on the sides of the path, the autumn wind blew and many white flower petals floated onto the ground. The Emperor seemed like he was in a good mood, he didn't flick off the petals on his shoulder and rode his horse to the side of Duke Ding Fan. He smiled, "Fan Shu City was able to survive for so many days under the attacks of Swirling Abyss City, such a subject is really rare. Duke Fan has done well, I won't forget your reward. The day Fan Shu City is rebuilt would be when you receive your title."

  Ding Fan held up his blood stained iron sword, his slightly old face was filled with joy, "Your Majesty, the last Emperor and I were considered the top twelve cavalry of the empire. Then I fought by his side and the scenes of the battle we had in Cang Gang Valley is still fresh in my head. Unfortunately... So many years have passed, I have grown old, we are all alive in history. I am probably going to be someone forgotten about by the times."

  Owen quickly smiled as he said, "No, Duke Fan still has his skills. Looking out there aren't many young generals that are as strong as you. Moreover, the world is still in chaos and I am still depending on you to lead Fan Shu City troops to conquer cities and unify the world!"

  Ding Fan cupped his fists, "If the empire needs me then I will go all out to bleed every single last drop of blood for it!"


  Owen was delighted, "Tian Ling Empire is blessed to have such a general like Duke Fan!"

  Ding Fan nodded his head, "Your Majesty is wise, without Your Majesty personally leading the troops to help, my old bones would probably be stewed for three days and nights as reward for the Swirling Abyss City soldiers."

  Owen laughed, "Duke Fan is joking."

  At this point I arrived beside the Emperor and said, "There are still large amounts of Swirling Abyss City troops and adventurers. We can't slack if not once they counter attack we might not be able to defend."

  Owen said, "General Li is correct, what should we do?"

  "Prepare to defend the city."


  At this point the horse that Ding Fan was on stopped as he turned and looked towards me. Looking at how my war robe and armor was dyed red, sword handle and sheath covered in sword marks, he smiled in praise, "This little general is the legendary Royal Army General Li Xiao Yao?"

  I smiled courteously and looked towards Ding Fan. This old general was really good at fighting wars, as a Duke he was still willing to lead his troops alone. What was even rarer was that he was already sixty and was still so valiant, making me really impressed. I nodded my head, "Li Xiao Yao greets Duke Fan!"

  Ding Fan slightly smiled and nodded, "General Li doesn't have to be so polite. I heard that you were personally promoted to Commander in Chief, that is really a joyous thing. It seems like the empire is filled with talents and the old people like me can be at ease. I heard that... Apart from Li Xiao Yao, Autumn Harvest Army General Zhou Ning, Fire Dragon Army Major Fang Ge Que, Fire Axe Army Major Bei Chen Feng are also rising generals. Your Majesty is that true?"

  Owen nodded, "Yes, the four of them are the top generals of the young generation!"

  Drunken Spear headed forwards and said humbly, "Thank you Your Majesty for your praise!"

  I looked towards him teasingly and sent a message to him, "Why don't you call him dog emperor? I think that it is best if you call him that, say it for me to listen!"

  Drunken Spear replied, "You asshole, I don't want to die!"

  I laughed out loud. At this point many Fan Shu City civilians gathered on both sides of the path and welcomed the reinforcements from Tian Ling City. Emperor Owen decided to set the meeting hall in the Duke Manor and as the Ruler of the country he naturally moved in too. Louis, Les, Long Zhong etc also moved in to stay in the Duke Manor. A guard walked over and said to me, "Commander in chief you room is beside Duke Ding Fan is that okay? Although it is a little bad but it is better than the hotels outside."

  I shook my head, "Thank you but there is no need, I don't need a room."


  The guard looked towards me in shock like I was really out of place. When he registered Drunken Spear and Fang Ge Que, they all said they didn't want rooms. Of course Drunken Spear's room was beside the coachman and the position was even worse and could hear horses each night. Although he was the Autumn Harvest Army General but his status was worse than Louis and Les. He was really lonely and even felt neglected. As such he accompanied [Flying Dragon] Guild Leader Soaring Dragon to look at the stars.


  Night fell and the Royal Army set up camp within the city, relaxing a little. They had started cooking food. I brought Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue to sit on the city walls. Looking at the specks of light, the Swirling Abyss City troops in the southwest had started to cook their meals. The specks of starlight spreading dozens of miles was really majestic.

  Sitting on the ground, Lin Wan Er rested beside me, her beautiful cheeks filled with a smile. She opened the leaderboards and said, "Piggy is still at the top, much higher than Fang Ge Que. Who knows what he would think. He is being exceeded by you bit by bit, such a feeling definitely mustn't feel good."

  Dong Cheng Yue said, "He definitely feels despondent. It all depends on whether he would put in hard work to rise back up bit by bit."

  I said, "It should be called a revival right? Not putting in hard work..."

  "Oh oh, I used the wrong words. I learnt that from my music teacher!"


  I continued to sit and looked into the distance. The sound of armor rubbing spread over. Li Mu, Wang Jian, Old K, Mocha all walked up the city walls. Their weapons were still covered in blood that they hadn't wiped off. They probably went below the city walls to clear out some scattered enemies. Li Mu took off his helmet and placed it at an opening, then he sat at an archer mound and smiled, "It seems like the night will be calm, the Russians don't look like they want to siege at night,"

  "That is for the best, everyone is already tired. The China Region NPCs are already tired and need time to rest. After tonight it would be the last two days of the country war. It is time we fix our wins, we musn't make mistakes now."


  Li Mu rubbed the patterns on his helmet and said, "Ba Huang City sent news that LEE led the [Conquest] members and Korea Region players to arrive at Ba Huang City. Tian Ling City sent a batch of players to reinforce and it seems like there won't be any problems. Angela is personally leading the defence and Ba Huang City has sufficient cannons. Dragon City would also be able to help them at any moment."

  Lin Wan Er said, "What about Waterfront City? Did Clear Black Eyes do anything?"

  Li Mu laughed coldly, "Do you think she will bleed for us? Don't hope... the people we sent to contact them to ask her and Drunk Maple to help Ba Huang City rejected us. She said that if someone attacks Waterfront City she would attack but she would help us fight this war as that is not her duty."

  Dong Cheng Yue looked towards me, "Brother Xiao Yao where was the common alliance you two talked about?"

  I felt a little awkward and smiled, "Actually... She isn't dumb and we are just using one another and can't be considered friends so don't have too high hopes on her. I placed her there just to restrict the Korean and Japanese players. However to attack them we still need to depend on ourselves. Once this country war ends we will provoke them to make her fight Korea and Japan. Oh right,  did Drunk Maple say anything, he is the Guild Master of the top guild in India."

  Li Mu touched his nose and said, "That was even worse. We sent a Flagbearer over to contact him to ask him to send troops to help Ba Huang City. Not only did he reject him, he was even scolded. Drunk Maple directly told us to clean our necks and he would take revenge for the humiliation he got at Flaming Cloud City. Maybe during the next country war."


  Song Han held his dagger and said, "Drunk Maple is actually so arrogant, what an a**hole!"

  I patted his shoulder and smiled, "Little Wolf don't be angry, doing things in the world isn't that easy. Each one is an individual and have their own thoughts and demands. Let's just do it step by step, there's no need to rush. Anyways we have already blown it wide open and this is really beneficial to us. We just need to defend and the winner will be us."

        I said firmly, "During the next country war period, we will defend Flaming Cloud City. I suspect that Clear Black Eyes and Drunk Maple is finding an excuse to attack Flaming Cloud City. They want to take their homeland back."

  Lin Wan Er giggled, "I think that they are too lazy to even find an excuse..."

  I was speechless. "That's probably true..."

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