Chapter 896- Dragon City sends troops
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Zhan Long Chapter 896- Dragon City sends troops

Chapter 896- Dragon City sends troops

"Keng keng keng!"

  Blistering hot sparks splashed out from the blade of the sword. Li Mu held the Neptune’s Blade and blocked the attacks of a few Swirling Abyss City players but he didn't retreat at all. Instead with a slash he used [Covering Sword Slash] into the group. The Dark Moon Elf archers behind him readied their arrows and fired. A bunch of Swirling Abyss City players fell off their horses and became a bunch of ice cold corpses.  

  I stood on the frontlines, the Zhen Yue Blade blocking and slashing in front of my chest. The Dragon Reservoir Sword also slashed out and wiped out all the enemies to my front. At the front, Wang Jian, Old K and Bai Qi all charged about to protect the players at the back. This was the first time [Zhan Long] and Royal Army fought with such an understanding. Under the protection of [Zhan Long] the Dark Moon Elves were able to fire out damage without any pressure.

  However, there were still many players who fell on the frontlines. There were simply too many Swirling Abyss City players. They were pretty much exchanging their lives with hours, although they were exchanging three for one but we were still at a loss. The Fire Dragon Cavalry and Steel Blade Cavalry at the front reduced and instead more and more Swirling Abyss City troops gathered. In a blink of an eye 30% of [Zhan Long] members were wiped out. The forty thousand strong army was left with just seven thousand who could fight.

  China Regions entire defence line didn't look really optimistic. [Blood Contract], [Enemies at the Gate], [Prague] were forced to retreat. Even [Legend] and [Hero Mound] and [Vanguard] showed signs of weakness. It really wasn't a plan to just continue on like this. The frontline players were in huge trouble due to the Dragon Crystal Cannons and Flame Dragon Cannons, pretty much dying in batches.

  The Tian Ling City army didn't fair any better. Long Zhong's Fire Dragon Army was only left with a few thousand cavalry which charged for a while and only a few hundred returned. It was so brutal that I couldn't bear to watch. Xia Yu Army's camp was also blown into pieces by the cannons and the entire battle was on the verge of collapse. Duke Luo Xun's Rongdi Army still hadn't attacked, just ten thousand cavalry were sent out.


  "Retreat backwards!" I waved my Zhen Yue Blade and after slicing off the head of a cavalry, I shouted loudly, "Maintain the formation and retreat slowly. Lead them to chase us and pull open their defensive line. After we get away from their long range attacks we will counterattack for a few seconds and then further retreat. We can't fight them head on!"

  Li Mu, Wang Jian etc all nodded their heads. [Zhan Long]'s shield formation retreated as a whole while Swirling Abyss City players' blood were boiling so how would they let us off. They rushed their horses forwards to chase us.


  I don't know how many times did I activate my [Icy Wings], I waved my blade and sword in the crowd to charge all about, covering the players and NCPs behind me to the best that I could. In the distance, Enchanted Painting also held her Water God Halberd to charge about the crowd. Fang Ge Que retreated while fighting, the spells he threw was enough to make the Swirling Abyss City people terrified.

  Just at this moment a bunch of people charged over from the distance. It was Call Me Master from [Thousand Burial]. She brought Minimalist, Su Yan, and the others to charge forward. Behind her were a bunch of dense Greedy Wolf Cavalry, "Retreat, we will cover you all, the small hill behind can be used as a chokepoint to defend!"

  I took a look. Call Me Master brought roughly twenty thousand of them but most of their levels had dropped below 140. Their equipment was incomplete and their overall strength had dropped by much. However, it was best not to hesitate now as I said, "You all should retreat quickly too!"


  Call Me Master held her sword as she brushed shoulders with me. Numerous Greedy Wolf Cavalry roared out as they charged towards the Swirling Abyss City players behind [Zhan Long]. Both sides clashed with one another and instantly killing shouts rose up into the sky. No one expected that one day [Zhan Long] would need [Thousand Burial] to cover their retreat. It made me sigh.

  We swiftly retreated to roughly a thousand meters and in front of us was a small hill that spanned dozens of miles.

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It was only dozens of feet tall but it was good enough to be used as a defense point. We all stood in an orderly manner. Ling Luo led the Dark Moon Elf Archers to find a vantage point and then the [Zhan Long] players turned around to defend. The Swirling Abyss City slashed over like a wave. However, most of them had come over by charging through the Greedy Wolf Cavalry formation and looking out, twenty thousand of them was like a leaf in a storm. They were at the verge of being drowned out at any moment.


  Old K grabbed his axe and hollered, "We actually let [Thousand Burial] cover for us, how embarrassing. Brothers prepare to counterattack and teach Swirling Abyss City a good lesson!"

  Everyone quickly found a vantage point. Once ranged players had the height advantage their damage and range would increase. Dong Cheng Yue flapped her wings as she flew above, her staff raised up as she threw a [Fireball] over. Instantly the fireball was like a meteor as it smashed into the crowd. Instantly a large amount of Swirling Abyss City players were burnt into ashes. Dancing Forest and Lian Po etc archers all used their six job skills to fire. Six job archers used skills buffed by holy domain strength after which their skills would be able to have AOE damage. Dense arrows along with the height advantage instantly caused a large portion of the people charging up the hill to be wiped out.

  At this point, the job of the cavalry players was to defend the high ground. Li Mu, Wang Jian, etc all defended on the spot and wiped out the low health people that charged up. My position shifted constantly, like an iron pillar I defended there. I relied on [Icy Wings] to head left and right on the hill. Anyways with the healing from the healers no one would be able to kill me. On the contrary, my Zhen Yue Blade and Dragon Reservoir Sword were washed in blood in the crowd and country war achievement points swelled.

  The battle continued on and more and more players rushed over from Tian Ling City, among them ten thousand came from [Zhan Long]. They were all people who died twice and if they died again they would lose four levels. However after they heard about how tough the situation in Fan Shu City was they didn't bother anymore, opening disobeying orders to charge over. I also didn't have anything to say, fight if they want, have a good massacre!

  The longer this battle went on, relying on the geography, the advantage of the Tian Ling City players and NPCs became more and more apparent. After close to three hours of fighting, Swirling Abyss City players and NPCs corpses covered the southwest corner. There were at least three million people buried there. To Swirling Abyss City it was a fatal blow as their dead members would spend dozens of more hours to reach this place. The dead China players would only need an hour or two to support us once more. Such mobility was not something that could be made up for.


  My blade slashed into the arm of one archer. I pressed down on a handle and with a "Kacha" it went straight through his body. Instantly the damage exploded and the archer was instantly killed. A few Guild Leader players from Swirling Abyss City hollered out in rage, "Don't retreat. Continue to pressure them. The China Region players of Tian Ling City can't last for too long. Kill them all and Fan Shu City and Tian Ling City will be ours. Don't retreat. The richest map in the game is Iron Skull City but the strongest soldier strength one is Tian Ling City. Grasp Tian Ling City and we will be able to fight against Iron Skull City without fear of defeat!"

  So they came here with such intentions. However, the fighting race really underestimated the explosiveness of the China Region players. To use Tian Ling City as a nest to battle against the Americans, they first have to ask us if we agreed to that or not!

  Just at this moment, there was suddenly a loud dragon roar. Dozens of giant black dragons sped over our heads and charged down. Dragon flames and dragon spears smashed into the ground. Especially the dragon flames which instantly caused thousands of deaths!

  I swiftly rose my head and was delighted, "Brothers, Dragon City  is here!"

  Li Mu was emotional, "In the end, Frost didn't forget her identity as the guardian of the border of Tian Ling City..."

  I nodded my head and raised my Zhen Yue Blade, "Okay, all cavalry troops get on your horses and chase forwards with the Dragon Riders. This is our time to counterattack, let's break through their encirclement at once and enter the city to defend it!"


  The Dragon Rider's appearance filled everyone with confidence. All of us jumped onto our horses and charged down the hill. The ten thousand remaining Greedy Wolf Cavalry led by Call Me Master also charged. They had lost many people but that sharpness was still there. What surprised everyone was that Greedy Wolf Cavalry was overbearing in the inner conflicts and it was actually as strong in the country war.

  Dragon City sent out its elites, fifteen Dragon Riders were all here. However, there were no signs of Frost and Queen Zi Shu. After all, they couldn't give up on defending Dragon City . If the Hybrid Demon King found out about all this he wouldn't hesitate to attack. With Frost and Zi Shu defending at least there won't be much chance of them succeeding.


  The China Players returned back onto the plains like a flood as they chased the win. Under the cover of fifteen Dragon Riders we slaughtered them crazily. This round of charging pretty much used up all of our strength. My Zhen Yue Blade activated [Zhen Yue Battlesong] and along with Mocha's [Shield of the Prideful] we formed an invincible BUFF. Everyone charged through their shields in an unstoppable manner, smashing into their cannon unit. Where we passed, the area was in ruins. A large amount of cannons were snatched by China NPCs. Han Yuan and Xiao Lie led the Royal Army to charge under Fan Shu City.

  On the city walls, the NPC defending troops suffered heavy losses, even Duke Ding Fan was wearing gold battle armor and standing on the city walls. His head was wrapped in a white bandage like he was injured and there was an arrow stuck in his arm. When he moved blood would flow out. Looking at the China Region players below Ding Fan was delighted, "Finally... They are finally here, the empire didn't abandon Fan Shu City!"

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