Chapter 895- Fighting Ze Yuan City once more
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Zhan Long Chapter 895- Fighting Ze Yuan City once more

Chapter 895- Fighting Ze Yuan City once more

The conch sounds rang out, this was the sign to attack. A messenger soldier held the king flag and ran over, "His Majesty has sent orders, all troops charge, we have to break through Swirling Abyss City's lockdown and send grain and resources to Fan Shu City. All troops charge, anyone who dares to be slow will be slain!" 

  The order was finally given. Drunken Spear sneezed in the distance, rubbing his nose as he said, "F*** does he want us to die!"

  Not far away, Li Mu, Wang Jian etc led the [Zhan Long] players to charge at the fronts. However after two consecutive wars, no more than ten thousand of the entire guild could still fight. A large portion of them went to grind maps. If one died twice, the next death will be a loss of four levels. That wasn't something normal people were willing to take.

  Lin Wan Er held her dagger and walked over as she asked, "Piggy, we charge directly?"


  I nodded and said, "[Zhan Long] brothers charge at the front, anyways the country war is already at the end and we have nothing to hold back. Let my Royal Army die less, if not... I won't be able to explain when I return."

  "En, understood!"

  With an order from Lin Wan Er, Li Mu, Old K and Wang Jian held their weapons as they charged forwards. On the plains, the China Region players and NPCs surged forward like a wave. In the distance the Snow Wolf Cavalry from Swirling Abyss City stayed still on the spot, waiting for when we were five hundred yards away before there were the explosions of cannon fire. The heavy cannon unit hidden behind was activated. Dragon Crystal Cannons, Flame Dragon Cannons exploded out among the China Region crowd, taking away young and fresh lives. All of a sudden it was too cruel and I couldn't bear to watch.


  A cannon exploded out not far away from me, smashing dozens of [Flying Dragon] members into corpses, most of them even turned into scattered pieces of flesh, their arms and brains flying all over. Instantly the [Zhan Long] cavaly players behind me couldn't take it anymore, especially the females. Even if they had been through many battles they still grumbled. I hurriedly said, "Don't look, just charge forwards. Even if we are blown to death it will be an instant release, moreover... Dragon Crystal Cannons can't kill full health Steel Blade Cavalry. There is no need to fear, just charge forwards!"

  The crowd continued on forwards and not long later the Swirling Abyss City NPC Snow Wolf Cavalrymen waved their blades and clashed with Tian Ling City players. The Steel Blade Cavalry and Fire Dragon Cavalry pierced in swiftly. The Snow WOlf Cavalry weren't BOSSes but just [Ancient Tier] monsters. I wasn't a problem for two to three Steel Blade Cavalry to take one just that the losses would be a little huge. Those Snow Wolves were really fierce, biting onto the Steel Blade Beasts right away, chomping onto the necks of the Fire Dragon Beasts resulting in the attack of our mounts greatly reducing.


  I activated the [Icy Wings] effect and summoned an Azure Dragon Crossbow . I then held my blade and charged into the crowd, casting [Sword Tempest] and [Ghost God's Dance]. Then I slashed down with [Seven Star Fragment Slash] causing blood to splatter all over. Although Wang Jian and Li Mu both died once but one level wasn't much. We had already made up for it when we took down the main city. All of us fought more and more bravely, leading the Fire Dragon Cavalry to slash about the Snow Wolf Cavalry group like they were non existent.

  Cannon explosions continued and the Tian Ling City players could only continue to fight while defending against the cannons. Many mages, archers, musketee and healers were drowned out by the cannon fire before they could even attack. However the number of players clashing with the Snow Wolf Cavalry at the front was also increasing. Even if we used our levels to exchange for their lives it was still worth it. NPCs won't revive once they died and the number that the game spawns wouldn't be as much as they originally was. It was a huge worth it deal for us.

  "Crossbow carriages,

push them up!"

  In the crowd, Han Yuan ordered the Royal Army to push the Crossbow Carriages to the front and attack immediately. Many arrows killed the Snow Wolf Cavalry, helping to claim some wins for Tian Ling City. Killing shouts spread out all around. Both sides didn't worry about anything as they clashed with one another. The Russion War Region was afraid that China would grow strong and they had to restrict us. We just needed to ensure that Fan Shu City this fortress didn't fall which was why we had to go all out. Both sides had no way out. Moreover if I wanted to unify the seven cities, Swirling Abyss City was a target I had to take down. So if we don't fight them now we would still have to in the future. As such we should just test out this opponent early on!

  This was actually really obvious, Swirling Abyss City's Russian Players definitely wouldn't exceed twenty million. They had 140 million people and even if they were more prosperous than India, but their player amount wouldn't be that high. The average users in the world was around ten percent. Normally they were between fifteen and fifty. India had 1.2 billion people and had fifty million players in game, not even reaching five percent. However the basic stats were there. Luckily we were the first to take down Flaming Cloud City if not our remaining strength after a few battles definitely wouldn't be able to take down Flaming Cloud City. Especially with such terrifying experts like Clear Black Eyes and Drunk Maple.

  However the China Region players also greatly reduced. There were only around five million who came this time, fewer than the ones from Swirling Abyss City. Which is why there was no certainty between victory and defeat and we could only try our best.


  "Charge forwards, quickly!"

  A Xia Yu Army Major galloped forwards, taking a spear from his guard and tossing it out. With a "puchi" he pierced the body of a Snow Wolf Cavalry. This strength was really high. He took out another one and instantly another one of them died.

  This Major was killing more and more fiercely and he was quickly alone in the enemy. Along with a loud cannon explosion, he was blown far away by a Dragon Crystal Cannon. He stood up, his face burnt black, flesh blood spurting out as he hollered, "These damn Swirling Abyss City kids, I am going to kill all of you!"

  The moment he stood up a round of arrow rain rained down. His armor was already blown to pieces by the Dragon Crystal Cannons and the arrows stabbed into his body. Closely after many Snow Wolf Cavalry galloped across, their long swords leaving deep cuts in his body. In the distance a Snow Wolf Army Lieutenant held an axe and charged over. He hollered as he slashed across, the head of this Xia Yu Army Major tossed up into the air and was grabbed by him.

  "General Dou Bi!"

  Emperor Owen rode on his horse afar, he clenched his fist and his voice trembled, "General Dou Bi died just like that?"

  Duke Luo Xun nodded his head, "Yes Your Majesty, this is common."

  Owen couldn't take it, "Continue to charge forward, we have to save Fan Shu City. Only then will Duke Ding Fan not be disappointed in the empire."


  From afar I led Han Yuan, Xiao Lie, Li Mu etc to charge about in the group of enemies. Li Mu sent swords and blades into the bodies of the Snow Wolf Cavalry as he smiled, "Tsk tsk, Xiao Yao look, a Major died there!"

  I smiled, "So what, to players it is a promotion opportunity."

  "Actually that might not be the case/" Li Mu said, "Xu Wei was the Fire Dragon Army General and after he died a deputy called Long Zhong took over instead of Fang Ge Que. Fang Ge Que's rank was also deputy then, he wasn't any weaker than that Long Zhong right?"

  I smiled, "Very simple, Long Zhong is a general that Owen trusts which was why he was directly promoted. However they only have forty thousand people and after this battle it would reduce even more. They aren't the Fire Dragon Army that had 150 thousand troops from before. The importance of this position also greatly dropped."

  Li Mu said, "Speaking of which, your Royal Army position should be the most powerful one in the entire Tian Ling City now right?"

  "Pretty much, do well, we are all the witnesses and creators of this period of history."



  The China Region players charged in for close to an hour and we probably killed around fifty thousand Snow Wolf Cavalry? Just at this moment the Russian Region Players finally charged out. A few of the large guilds were all the frontliners from Swirling Abyss City. They wanted to get first blood and their attacks crushed [Judgement] and [Hero Mound]. It wasn't that we were useless but that we had too little players and many of our levels had been reduced. Our strength was greatly lowered.

  Even Fang Ge Que's [Legend] squad was forced back in retreat. His Earth Bane Ox Cavalry was forced to retreat by dense arrows and he suffered huge losses.

  "No, we can't block anymore!"

  One Second Hero in the front row of [Zhan Long] was forced back with his shield covered in arrows. His face turned green, "We have too few people and we lack DPS and healing. If this goes on we will all be wiped out!"

  I gritted my teeth, "Retreat slightly and attack along with the Royal Army!"


  The Steel Blade Cavalry retreated by hundred meters and allowed the Swirling Abyss City players to cahrge over. To say that Russians were a fighting race was true. Their males and females were very valiant and even players were really brave. Just one round and they drowned us out. I stood still and said loudly, "Ling Luo fire!"

  At the back, Ling Luo led a full ten thousand Dark Moon Elf Archers and she was ready to go as they started to fire. After the Flaming Cloud City and Fire Elephant City battle their levels rose by a large amount, their combat strength was shocking. they randomly fired and large batches of Swirling Abyss City players fell down.  However they didn't retreat, one of the taller soldiers held his axe up and hollered, "Tian Ling City NPC army is really strong, block their cannon fire. Even if a hundred thousand of us die we need to wipe out these NPC archers!"

  I held my blade up and hollered, "[Zhan Long], Royal Army, protect the Dark Moon Elves we can't lose even one of them. Use our bodies to protect them!"

  Steel Blade Cavalry and Fire Dragon Cavalry gathered to defend, all of them saw death as a release.

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