Chapter 894- Kill wife and feed her to the wolves
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Zhan Long Chapter 894- Kill wife and feed her to the wolves

Chapter 894- Kill wife and feed her to the wolves

"General, after the few successive battles the Royal Army went from hundred thousand troops to around 67,700."

  Long Xing held his iron spear and followed me to the front as he continued, "Dragon Crystal Cannons, Flame Dragon Cannons' ammo have been basically used up. We need large amounts of time to craft the ammo. The new troops from the barbarian race also need time to train before they can head to war. If we fight at such a time we will suffer even heavier losses."

  I turned around and looked towards him and said, "Owen wants to lead personally, that isn't something I can control do you understand?"

  Long Xing was stunned, "Understood..."

  "Then quickly prepare the troops to set off. Bring enough grain and don't let the troops fight a battle hungry again."

  "Yes, I will immediately order the troops. If they don't deliver the grain in time I will tell them to personally head over to you to ask for punishment."

  "Heh, great!"


  Half a day in the game passed really quickly. When Tian Ling City's NPC troops headed towards Fan Shu City, news spread out from Ba Huang City too. The Japanese and Koreans split their players into two groups. Frost Forest led the Japanese players to sweep the player camps at the south of War God River. LEE and the Japanese couldn't see eye to eye so he led the Korean's main  force to head to Ba Huang City to try to take down the city. However Angela led the troops there and Dragon City would be able to assist at any moment. Thus there was no need for me to worry at all.

  The moment the sky just lit up, the war drums sounded out. A dense Tian Ling City army crossed the Bridge of Fate. One could even still see a dense pile of player corpses at the west shore. A lot of players didn't come online after dying and waited for the country war to end before they came online to level up. After all not all players loved to battle. Most of them were here just for the money and the girls or because they loved the scenery in game, bringing their girlfriends to tour all over. They suddenly bumped into the millions of troops of the country war and were totally frightened.

  Two consecutive battles caused the NPC army of Tian Ling City to greatly reduce. We went from the initial ten million to less than five hundred thousand. Among which Rongdi Army was still left with a hundred and fifty thousand, Royal Army with seventy. As for Fire Dragon Army, Fire Axe Army they were left with no more than thirty thousand. Xia Yu Army was more intact

  We knew nothing about the players and troops from Swirling Abyss City. They were too far away from us and we didn't even have any scouts and spies within. Swirling Abyss City's Russian Players crossed close to fifteen hours worth of time of map to come to Tian Ling City. They were really going all out and we have to receive them viciously.

  Wen the sun shot through the cloud layer, the blades of the troops gave off a gentle glow under the sunlight. I rode the God Dragon Horse and headed slowly at the center of the Royal Army. Louis, Les were defending beside Owen. I found it amusing, we weren't civil servants so why should be guard beside him at every moment?

  Similar to me, Fang Ge Que, Q-Sword, Drunken Spear etc all brought their NPC troops to walk along with the guild players. Travelling along with Royal Army was Autumn Harvest Army. There was around five thousand of them. I rode my horse over, looking at them and laughing, "As expected they are strong!"

  After I said that, an old soldier who was sleeping on the war horse fell off. He suddenly jumped back up, "Has the battle began?"

  Another soldier immediately went to help him up,

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Halberd stabbing into the ground but with a cracking sound, the handle was actually so old that it broke. Their war horses panted, they were as thin as sticks. Even the Autumn Harvest Army flag was all over the place. Only the thousand men spearmen formation was slightly more orderly. One could tell that Drunken Spear personally trained them up.

  Looking at me, Drunken Spear grinned, "Do you have to diss me like that..."

  As he said that, he looked towards the Royal Army cavalry, his eyes turned red, "F*** Your Royal Army is the one that is strong, how is it even comparable to the Autumn Harvest Army. Look at this bunch, they look so restless, how can they fight at all. I don't know how long I will remain as this General. That dog emperor didn't even give us time to rest and train and sent us to Fan Shu City. F*** what is the use of this bunch of useless troops?"

  I burst out into laughter, "Be careful that the walls have ears. You actually dare to scold him, be careful I snitch, at that time you would be in deep trouble..."

  Drunken Spear rubbed his forehead and smiled, "Li Xiao Yao you dog, even if you are Commander in Chief I am not afraid of you. When we return let's fight to the death!"

  "Forget it!"

  I clapped and laughed, "You should train up your Autumn Harvest Army army first before fighting with me. Truthfully once we get there and we clash with them, you should hide behind my Royal Army and charge in with my heavy shield unit. Then you will reduce losses. You only have five thousand weak and old troops, you must cherish them more. They are seeds, as long as you keep a portion of them, then do some army quests, you would be able to expand to fifty thousand."

  Gratitude appeared in his eyes as he smiled, "If I let Autumn Harvest Army hide behind Royal Army won't Fang Ge Que and Q-Sword laugh at me?"

  "Laugh what?" I looked towards the two of them and said, "They are all Majors, they have ten thousand under them which are all elite NPCs, they aren't things you can compare to. You should bear with it, anyways I won't laugh at you. Moreover, who knows what would happen in the future guild wars of Tian Ling City? Once country war ends, guild wars would begin. That would be a true inner conflict so do you think the [Flying Dragon] will really go all out for you? Your true trump card is the Autumn Harvest Army."


  Drunken Spear heavily nodded his head and said, "However in the future if there are any court decisions help me put in words. We are brothers so let's help each other more. Eh, I am such a spontaneous person, I talk without thinking so how will I be able to outwit Luo Xun, Les, Louis etc. Saying the truth, I am really impressed when you conflict with them. Xiao Yao you really an all-rounded talent, this game is specially made for people like you."

  "That's not true."

  I raised my hands out humbly, "Everyone's the same, one must go through training and trials to be a true man. You are the same, just work hard and learn from the sides."

  "En." Drunken Spear looked at the Autumn Harvest Army troops around and smiled, "This game is getting more and more interesting, it is looking less and less like a game. How long haven't you fought and killed a BOSS?"

  I thought about it, "I did take army quests but I rarely kill BOSSes. If I do it would be Ruler Level BOSSes. Generals will plan wars while troops will fight them. This game is a strategic one and not a simple role playing game? To say the truth, my confidence has been exploding recently. Even in mechanics and equipment, no one in Tian Ling City is strong enough for me..."

  Drunken Spear stared, "F*** can't you be more humble?"

  I laughed, "Let's stop talking about all these useless things. Let's go, we will arrive in Fan Shu City soon. At that time let's see how to break through. I heard that it has already been surrounded and we can't charge in from the outside. This time we used most of our cannons and it would depend on the cavalry using their flesh and blood."



  Fan Shu City's geographical location wasn't good and was relatively far from Tian Ling City. Moreover it was connected to Flaming Cloud City, Swirling Abyss City and Tian Ling City and was easily attacked. However once one is able to defend it it would be a huge chokepoint. If Swirling Abyss City wanted to attack Tian Ling City they needed to trample on Fan Shu City. This was the reason why Swirling Abyss City attacked Fan Shu City.

  An hour later after crossing the dense forest,a towering city appeared in front of us. The walls of Fan Shu City was pure white and the walls stretched on both sides, connected to the tall Flaming God Mountain Range forming a natural defence. Fan Shu City had many areas broken and the tens of millions of troops from Swirling Abyss City was tightly surrounding it.

  After the country war began teleportation was cancelled. Fan Shu City was also far away so it was expected that it would be attacked. . 

  "Dong dong dong..."

  War drums reverberated on the plains. In the distance the Swirling Abyss City NPC Army had spread out into formations just waiting for us to charge. A bunch of Snow Wolf Cavalry lined up on the plains. The bodies of the Snow Wolves were huge, no smaller than normal war horses so their charging ability wouldn't be weak. Their attack strength would also be much stronger than war horses, having absolute advantage in a clash.

  Looking at the cavalry, Long Xing felt a chill, "Snow Wolf Army, their strongest army and also the top army of Swirling Abyss City. I heard that the males spent time with the wolf race everyday and trained the snow wolves to become their mounts. They even love their wolves more than their families. I heard that some of the males fed their women to their wolves when Swirling Abyss City was in trouble. Only then can they become one with the wolf to become the most valiant Snow Wolf Cavalry!"

  I also felt a chill down my spine when I heard that, "F*** I didn't hear about that before. Killing their own women to feed to the wolves? Why don't they mate with the wolves?"

  Long Xing laughed, ''Sir makes sense, I was just describing a point. They are really brutal and more violent than we imagine. I heard that they have over two hundred thousand Snow Wolf Cavalry, this is the scary part."

  Han Yuan nodded, "In front of us there are over a hundred thousand of them. The two hundred thousand of rumors might be true. This time we also don't have support of cannons so what should we do to them?"

  The corner of my lips rose up, "Don't worry, we still have players!"

  "Oh, players?"

  "Oh no, I meant adventurers."

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