Chapter 893- Promotion to Commander in Chief
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Zhan Long Chapter 893- Promotion to Commander in Chief

Chapter 893- Promotion to Commander in Chief

In this world, everyone will comment on anything that we do and say. In this world there were too many people who like to order others around but so what, if one's heart was firm one wouldn't be affected due to the doubts of others. A lion wouldn't get angry after being provoked by sheep. That was why I wasn't angry at all, anyways Flaming Cloud City, Waterfront City had became spoils of war for China Region under my efforts. That was the final outcome. How I achieved that didn't matter anymore. Moreover, my actions were proper and logical so no one could fault me for that.

  I landed in the familiar Tian Ling City and found Li Meng Yao, handing over the Saint Hall Cavalry Class Change Certificate to her. Then I arranged four people to accompany her to do her class change. At the same time, I ordered Li Mu, Wang Jian etc to lead [Zhan Long] men to Fan Shu City to assist. As for Moon City they had retreated three hours ago and we didn't know what their next step was. Moon City attacked Bridge of Fate at War God River for a full four days and nights and didn't manage to take it down, they probably retreated in defeat.


  "General Li!"

  A messenger soldier galloped over swiftly, "Please head to the palace to discuss!"


  I frowned. Waterfront City was already taken down but we were probably going to discuss another matter. Duke Luo Xun entered Tian Ling City, the Rongdi Army under him was at least a hundred thousand strong and was really decisive. Moreover he was the Marshal for the Waterfront City battle, the merits from taking down Waterfront City had made him a famous general in Tian Ling City. Who knew what Owen was going to reward him. Actually as a Duke and Marshal, Luo Xun was already only below Owen. I really wasn't able to think what else he wanted.

  I summoned my God Dragon Horse, galloping all the way into the palace. I jumped off and strolled into the main hall. Within the palace hall, generals and civil servants stood in two separate rows. Even Han Yuan, Xiao Lie etc the four of them were there which shocked me. However I wasn't surprised, they were all Majors and were Majors who had great merit so they did have the right to stand here.

  Apart from that, Drunken Spear, Q-Sword, Jian Feng Han, Fang Ge Que etc were all here. It seemed like a fairly important gathering.

  "Royal Army General arrives!" The guy at the gate shouted.

  I stepped up, however I noticed that there wasn't Pearl anymore so I didn't know where to stand. Instantly I was a little crestfallen. Baili Ning shouted, "General Li come over to me!"

  Baili Ning was a Commander in chief in the empire and I was just a Country Protector General, we were two grades different. However there was no need to care so much, I stood next to him. Opposite me was Luo Xun and Les, on the left was Louis, Qin Ye. Further left was a young general which was Lochlan. He smiled, "General Li you still need to teach me sword skills, don't forget about it..."

  I nodded, "Okay."

  Duke Luo Xun looked towards us and told us to be silent. At this point the Emperor Owen on the throne stood up holding his blade, his face filled with arrogance as he smiled, "Generals you have all fought valiantly for the empire, taking down Flaming Cloud City, Fire Elephant City and Waterfront City. Even the ancestors of our empire will feel proud of our achievements today. Today we will reward you all based on merit, just say what you all want. The empire will create a new era and you all are the founding fathers of this new era!"

  Luo Xun cupped his fists, "Your Majesty, we live and die only for the empire!"

  Owen laughed out loud and said, "Uncle, you led your troops over to assist the empire's troops from so far away, you are truly a lifesaver. I remember your kindness and help! Men, give Duke Luo Xun the title of Duke Ding Tian, passing down the generations and also give him the Duke Ding Tian Power Staff.

He will be on the same level as Princes of the empire!"

  Luo Xun hurriedly knelt down, his face felt with shock, "Thank you, Your Majesty!"

  Owen continued to look at the bunch of generals and he said, "Fire Dragon Army as the top army of the empire has suffered heavy losses. General Xu also died in battle causing there to be no general at the helm. I will promote Long Zhong to Commander in chief and also the new Fire Dragon Army General to take charge of the entire Fire Dragon Army. Apart from that spearmen unit general Fang Ge Que will be promoted to West Protecting General, promoted to Fire Dragon Army Major!"

  Fang Ge Que smiled, he waved his fan, "Thank you, Your Majesty."

  It seemed like Fang Ge Que finally held power, he would have at least ten thousand NPC troops under him right?

  Owen continued to look towards the generals as he said, "Autumn Harvest Army has fought well in the Flaming Cloud City, Waterfront City and Fire Elephant City battles, general Zhou Ning is promoted to Country Protector General and official becomes the General of Autumn Harvest Army. Autumn Harvest Army will have a new system, breaking away from Xia Yu Army to become an independent army. They are allowed to expand to fifty thousand, recruiting their own men."

  Drunken Spear cupped his fist and smiled, "Thank you Emperor."

  After which Owen continued, "Fire Axe has fought valiantly, Marquis Louis is promoted to Rank One General, the entire army is awarded two million gold, grain rations doubled and Bei Chen Feng under him is promoted to Major!"

  Q-Sword smiled, "Thank you, Your Majesty."

  Owen continued to reward everyone, making me feel a little annoyed. After Owen took over he was like a person who received an inheritance, randomly giving out positions and rations like Tian Ling City's resources were endless. However to me, the money and grain was about to be used up after the many battles. Even if we pillaged a lot from Flaming Cloud City and Waterfront City but it definitely couldn't sustain such a huge war.

  In the end, Emperor Owen finally looked towards me. He stood up and said, "Lastly is the biggest contributor to the two battles- Royal Army General Li Xiao Yao. Royal Army has fought valiantly, leading to break through Fire Elephant City wars, invading into the main hall of Flaming Cloud City. Your ships at War God River also helped to effectively cover the other armies. This time Royal Army has done the best. General Li speak, what kind of rewards do you want?"

  As he said that, his expression dimmed, "Pearl has already left and you represent her lost will. Just say, I will definitely satisfy you. You are our biggest trump card to unifying the continent!"

  I was slightly stunned, I didn't think that Owen would actually hold me in such high regard, that far exceed my expectations. I thought that Owen would at most give Royal Army some rations, as for me he would act like he was promoting me but in truth it was a demotion.

  I cupped my fist and said, "I don't need any reward, just that you can reward the soldiers of the Royal Army and also compensate the families of the dead."

  Owen nodded, "General Li really loves his troops like his kids!"

  I thought to myself that I was only twenty-five, if I loved my troops like my kids then where should thirty-year-old people like Han Yuan and Xiao Lie put their faces?

  However, I didn't say that out, just cupping my fists, "Your Majesty can just reward us as you deem fit."

  Owen smiled and said to the official from the Ministry of Personnel, "Promote Royal Army General Li Xiao Yao to Commander in chief, Primary Rank One, reward him with ten thousand good horses and thirty thousand weapons. Award him the Country Protecting Blade!"


  Duke Luo Xun was stunned, "Your Majesty? You... You really want to give General Li the Country Protecting Blade?"


  Owen looked towards me and said, "General Li, the Country Protecting Blade was left by Sheng Wu Emperor that started this nation. Although so much time passed and it isn't as sharp as in the past, but it represents the top power of the country. You must live up to Pearl's wishes to clean out the despicable people for the empire. This blade can let you slay royal family members to abuse their power and kill officials, do you understand?"

  I was stunned, I really didn't expect it. Did Owen sense something? Instantly I understood. Owen sensed Duke Luo Xun's aggressive stance which was why he would promote me to Commander in chief, jumping a rank. He also gave me the Country Protecting Blade to restrict Luo Xun!

  Tian Ling City had so many Rank One Generals, Les, Louis, Qin Ye, Long Zhong etc. In the end he chose me which meant that he finally understood that I was the only one he could rely on? All of a sudden I actually started to pity him. The moment Pearl died, he had no loved ones and trusted people in the court left right?

  At this point one of the warriors carried a large blade and walked over. This battle blade was touched up and there was a clear chip on it. That Sheng Wu Emperor probably used this to fight his enemies. I raised my hand and grabbed it, then I waved it lightly. The Yang Yan Energy effects clearly appeared on it such that Q-Sword was stunned. He looked towards Jian Tan with a questioning gaze who frowned, "Impossible. Li Xiao Yao is so young, how did he grasp Yang Yan Flame?"


  The Country Protecting Blade entered the sheath. This was a tool that was bound to me and it didn't have any strength. In the future if I wanted to continue to take charge of the military in Tian Ling City I would have to use this blade.


  Duke Luo Xun cupped his fists and said, "Your Majesty, troops from Swirling Abyss City have reached Fan Shu City and has surrounded it. Fan Shu City's Duke Ding Fan has sent seven emergency letters so please choose some generals over to fight to save Fan Shu City. If not they would lose faith in you?"

  Owen nodded and cupped his fists, "Those arrogant Swirling Abyss City people, actually daring to take advantage of us to attack Fan Shu City. Generals, head forwards with me, I am going to lead personally!"

  "Lead personally?" I was stunned, "Your Majesty please be careful, blades and arrows have no eyes."

  Owen looked towards Duke Luo Xun and said, "No, even the old uncle personally fights so how can I sit by the side. General Li don't need to say anymore, send my orders. All Tian Ling Empire troops head to Fan Shu City to fight Swirling Abyss City!"

  The officials all said, "Yes Your Majesty!"

  I didn't have anything to say. The moment the meeting ended, I exchanged a few courteous words with Drunken Spear, Fang Ge Que and the others before leading Han Yuan, Xiao Lie and the rest back to the Royal Army camp.

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