Chapter 892- Ten Thousand arrow through the heart
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Zhan Long Chapter 892- Ten Thousand arrow through the heart

Chapter 892- Ten Thousand arrow through the heart

In truth promotion for players in the army system wouldn't be done in a day or two. I took several months of hard work to finally own tens of thousands of Royal Army troops now. Clear Black Eyes's infanta position in Flaming Cloud City was done from days of hard work. However now that Flaming Cloud City was already taken down and it was under Lin Wan Er's control, the original NPC army was also dispersed. Clear Black Eyes, Drunk Maple etc people would have to start from scratch when they move into Waterfront City, starting as normal adventures and then climb up step by step. This was also a really long process and what I wanted to do was to take down several more main cities during that period and spread the strength of the China Region out. Such that we were so strong that the other main cities don't dare to oppose us.


  Clear Black Eyes was a smart woman and naturally understood my intentions. I also saw through her intentions. She wanted to be the top player of India but now that Flaming Cloud City was lost, she was responsible for it and had to find a main city for all their players. Even if Waterfront City was entrusted to her but after all it was still considered a place of their own and she would be able to answer to the players. Of course she was a really scheming and intellectual person and she wouldn't be willing to work for others forever. That was something that definitely wouldn't change.

  That deputy guild leader took out a stack of paper, "Then we will sign the agreement?"

  Clear Black Eyes smiled and asked, "Xiao Yao do you think there is a need to sign an agreement?"

  I said, "What do you think?"

  She smiled and shook her head, 'I feel that there is no need, this agreement is based solely on the basis of power and is a small restrictive relationship. I think a signature is extra. Maybe one day we will become friends and we can use the mutual trust to deal with this matter?"

  I smiled, "We are already friends and we can't play the game for the rest of our lives. However friendship can last for a lifetime, being friends outside of the game, that is how one should treat a game, isn't that so?"

  Clear Black Eyes rested on the sofa behind her and stretched her arms out lazily. She gave off an alluring aura as she smiled, "En, well said, we are already friends. Xiao Yao don't worry, although you are as cunning as a fox but I can see that you have contributed so much for the China War Region and is a very sincere person. I will also treat you the same way. Even if one day I feel that we have enough strength I will declare war in advance and won't catch you off guard."

  I couldn't help but smile, "Then all the more I will be worried. In the future I will need to be careful and defend the few main cities of China Region."


  Just at this moment there was a sudden "Di", Clear Black Eyes's phone rang. She took a look and smiled, "Good news, Russian Server main city has sent troops. People from Swirling Abyss City will reach Fan Shu City in an hour. I guess they want to wipe out Fan Shu City first? Xiao Yao I won't treat you to lunch, you seem busy."

  I frowned, my phone also rang. It was a message from Wang Jian, the exact same one regarding how Swirling Abyss City sent nine million troops to attack Fan Shu City. This time the problem was a little huge. We fought for so many days and both players and NPCs were already exhausted. More importantly was that players had lost many levels and for Swirling Abyss City to attack now, it was like pouring oil on fire!

  Originally the Russian Region drew a line with China Region and didn't disturb us. Maybe they felt like China owning three main cities was too much and finally couldn't sit still anymore?

  Only three days remained of the country war. Were they so confident of taking Fan Shu City in three days? Even if Fan Shu City was a secondary city,

But behind it was the strong Tian Ling City? Moreover Clear Black Eyes had already came to an agreement with me. Clear Black Eyes will take care of everything south of Tian Ling City. So we could go all out to handle the Russian Server and the English and French Moon City. That shouldn't be too hard right?

  Thinking about that, I clenched my fist and smiled, "My life is just worrying and slugging out in wars! Clear Black Eyes, we will go back online immediately, what about you?"

  Clear Black Eyes stood up and pulled the end of her short skirt. She smiled, "I will find a hotel to stay in and after I go online, I will accept your entrustment, how about that?"

  "En, half an hour later, meet you at Waterfront City Palace."



  We immediately went back. Tian Ling City was busy once more!

  After returning to our home and eating some stuff, I went online immediately!


  I still appeared in the Waterfront City Palace. There weren't any NPC and players here. The city was already taken over and at least in this country war cycle there would be no way for it to be taken back. I still held the control over Waterfront City. In my friends list Clear Black Eyes had already came online. Not long later she brought a bunch of [Beautiful Life] players into the palace. She smiled, "Good, I am here now. Xiao Yao you can make the decision now!"

  I chose to entrust it to a nearby player, locking onto Clear Black Eyes and then choosing the entrust mode. In the next moment a loud bell reverberated in the sky, it also let all the players realise this new gamemode...


  System Notification: Congratulations China Region player Xiao Yao Zi Zai for successfully taking over Waterfront City and entrusting it to player Clear Black Eyes (India Region), system recognises Waterfront City as India War Region and fifty percent of taxes will be handed over to China. All NPC armies will be under Tian Ling City. Final rankings for the battle of Waterfront City is as follows: Player Xiao Yao Zi Zai obtained Saint Hall Cavalry Class Change Certificate, player Fang Ge Que obtained rewards Helmet of the Courageous [Demon Harvest Tier], player Cang Yue obtained Dragon Bone Spike [Demon Harvest Tier ? excellence], other player rewards will be handed out at the same time!


  "Shua! Shua!"

  I levelled up twice. This was probably the reward of me being the top person in contribution to the battle of Waterfront City?

  However, I seemed to have gotten a class change certificate? I opened my bag, Saint Hall Cavalry, there weren't any Saint Hall Cavalrymen among players? Tsk tsk, this thing is quite valuable. Looking at the [Zhan Long] cavalry, I decided to give it to Meng Yao. She was my sister and as a person there was no need to be too unselfish.

  I sent news over to her, "Where are you, I will give my class change certificate to you?"

  Meng Yao quickly sent a message over, "I am in Tian Ling City repairing equipment. Brother is the best, how long will you take to get here?"

  I thought about it, "If I activate my [Icy Wings] and fly over, at most 20 minutes."

  "Okay, I will wait for you!"


  I turned around and noticed that the bunch of people behind Clear Black Eyes was holding their axes and staring straight at me. I even knew some of them, people that I killed before. It seemed like their hatred for me wasn't just so deep. Instantly I laughed, placing up my hands and saying, "Well it doesn't change anything if you kill me now, if you do that more of you will die too."
  Clear Black Eyes burst into laughter and then said solemnly, "It's okay, what are you all doing? Now Xiao Yao Zi Zai and [Beautiful Life] are friends, keeping your blades. If you all are angry prepare to fight the Japanese and Koreans. Once the country war ends, they will disturb the borders of Waterfront City, we will be really busy then."

  "Yes Guild Leader!" These people listened to Clear Black Eyes and that was a good sign. If Clear Black Eyes didn't have such prestige she really wouldn't be able to suppress all the Indian Players in Waterfront City.

  I pulled out my Dragon Reservoir Sword and instantly completed the [Icy Wings] skill. I directly broke a hole in the roof and while I was in mid air I heard Clear Black Eyes shout, "Oi you broke our roof, remember to pay the next time we meet!"

  I laughed out loud, I didn't say anything, directly charging towards the China Region.

  Less than ten minutes, a bell spread out above War God River, it was from the players...


  System Notification (Player Rumor): Xiao Yao Zi Zai what is the meaning of this? We fought to the death to take down Waterfront City and you just gave it to Clear Black Eyes? Haha, I finally understand why Clear Black Eyes let off [Thousand Burial] and [Zhan Long] at Bright Light Valley. Really interesting. You really letting your Guild Leader position get to your head, what does it feel like to be together with that Indian woman? Is such a person like you good enough to be a part of the main force of China? Although my [Run Like Fire] isn't that strong but at least we won't collude with outsiders. We are willing to drop every single drop of our blood for China, what about you? I hope that everyone in China can see the true colors of this despicable person. Xiao Yao Zi Zai is just like that, he used all our sweat and tears as a lover's gift. Wait and see, the Heavens are watching, you will receive karma sooner or later!


  The moment Rumor's words spread out, there was yet another bell...


  System Notification (Player Cang Hai Jun): If Rumor didn't mention it we really wouldn't know. Xiao Yao Zi Zai we need an explanation, don't treat us China Region brothers as idiots. Even if you are strong, even if [Zhan Long] is the top guild, we can't accept such a black horse like you. Either you give an explanation or you F*** off from the China Region!

  A third bell rang out, they were all really rich people...


  System Notification (Player Ba Liqi): To directly give away the city we spent so much hard work to take down to others, do we still need any explanation? This type of people should just scram out of China. F*** my brother dropped from level 150 to 135 just to take down Waterfront City. Xiao Yao Zi Zai how do you even have the face to look at him?


  The bells sounded non stop, it had already become a vicious spiral.

  What could I say? Do I need to explain, even if I did would they listen? Instantly I understood a theory. In this world there were many people who had no brains, who would be incited just by a few words from others. There were so many of such people but what could I do?

  At this point [Zhan Long] was in a frenzy. Lin Wan Er also spent five thousand gold to shout in the system...


  System Notification (Player Cang Tong): I hope that everyone can see the truth of the matter. We can't defend three main cities. Xiao Yao entrusted it to India Region, remember, it is entrust. Waterfront City is still under China Region. I hope people don't question him aggressively, if you are unhappy then come directly to [Zhan Long]'s Dragon’s Den to find me. I will explain to all of you!


  Within the guild channel, Li Mu said, "Xiao Yao don't take it to heart, the world don't have many people, just that many stupid people exist. Don't care about them."

  I laughed out loud, passing through the skies of Tian Ling City and looking at the people in the city. I said proudly, "Ten thousand arrows through the heart, as long as one is used to it, it is okay!"

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