Chapter 891- An agreement of power
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Zhan Long Chapter 891- An agreement of power

Chapter 891- An agreement of power

Late at night, Ouyang Nuo Yan gave me a call and asked me why I hadn't dealt with Waterfront City yet. I didn't reply right away, however, it seemed like she was really concerned about this main city. After all, a main city meant huge game tax returns. This had to do with the overall profits she held as Destiny's China CEO. In the end, it ended just like that. They couldn't control what players did in the game but she trusted me and knew that I wouldn't do anything random. 


  I woke up early in the morning and washed up. Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue had already prepared breakfast. After eating, the two of them went to change and they dressed up really beautifully. Just at this moment, my phone rang and it was from a foreign number. After it connected, the person giggled, "Hello Xiao Yao, I am Clear Black Eyes."

  I was shocked, this Indian woman was actually able to speak fluent Chinese, even much more accurate than mine. She must have spent many years in China, right?

  "Mn. Hello, where should we meet?"

  "There is a Starbucks near your place, let's meet on the second floor there. I will take roughly five minutes, what about you?"

  "It will take me ten minutes."

  "Okay, then we will wait for you."



  I quickly brought Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue to this international meeting. This meeting would also decide who Waterfront City belonged to. The pitiful Korean and Japanese players were still so panicky in-game and didn't know that the fate of their main city was actually going to be decided in a small Starbucks.

  Lin Wan Er's high heels clicked while walking up the stairs. I held her hand as we walked up to the second floor of Starbucks. Dong Cheng Yue held her bag, looking like someone who was going shopping after the discussion was over.

  The second floor was empty and there weren't that many people there. In the corner, there was a group of five people. One of them was a woman and the rest were guys. This woman wore a white suit and was dressed really cleanly. However, her face showed that she was obviously not Chinese but a totally different eastern beauty. Her body was also not bad — her tied-up hair rested on her shoulder and gave off a mature feeling to her. As for those four males, two of them had big beards and were obviously Indian. They looked like guys who just stayed at home to game. The others wore nicely-ironed suits, so I assumed they were Clear Black Eyes’ subjects.

  I walked forward and smiled, "Hello!"

  Clear Black Eyes also stood up. She smiled at me, "So Xiao Yao Zi Zai looks like this. It is hard to imagine how such a handsome guy defeated us so badly at Flaming Cloud City!"

  I felt a little humble and smiled, "We won because the China NPCs were stronger and had more cannons than you. If not, the pummelling on the Wild Swan Plains and the Heaven Blocking Mountain strike would’ve led to our loss. We have experienced Guild Leader Clear Black Eye's intelligence and schemes."

  Clear Black Eyes giggled and said, "Guild Leader Xiao Yao is so humorous, this... this is Cang Tong right?"

  Lin Wan Er walked up and reached out her hand, "Clear Black Eyes, long time no see."

  "That is true..."

  Clear Black Eyes looked at Lin Wan Er's beautiful face, and all of a sudden her eyes were filled with amazement. A few seconds later she smiled, "In the past, we were always opponents. To see you in real life... you really are beautiful!"

  The Indians didn't hide their words when they praised others. In China, we definitely wouldn't hear such words, at most it would be something similar to "That girl is not bad, I hope I can get to know her,” or something like that.

  Lin Wan Er's cheeks turned slightly red and she gave an embarrassed smile, "That's not true. Speaking of which, what are we discussing today?"

  Clear Black Eyes raised her hands and said, "Sit first, let's order something to eat and drink and talk about it slowly. This should be Dong Cheng Yue. I went to study the China Region guilds yesterday and heard about the two beauties of [Zhan Long]. Cang Tong is so beautiful and I didn't expect Cang Yue to be just as beautiful. Hehe, Guild Leader Xiao Yao, both of them are your friends?"

  Her expression was a little flirty. I sat down and said, "Let's talk about proper things and not be so nosy."

  Clear Black Eyes giggled and said, "Okay, I really couldn't tell that you were such a straightforward person."

  At this point, a male beside Clear Black Eyes coughed and said a few Indian words in her ear. I couldn't understand but it was probably to ask her to be more proper and not be so casual. Or maybe he also told her to be more serious to get this deal completed.

  Clear Black Eyes straightened herself up — she sat there and did not move at all. She ordered the waiter to serve us some coffee and when it was served she cleared her throat and said, "I think you know why I came to Hangzhou this time right?"

  I nodded, "Yeah, we need to discuss what kind of mode Waterfront City will be managed through."

  Clear Black Eyes smiled, "Why not... Why not hand it over to the India War Region? Then we will sign an alliance to attack and defend together, how about that?"

  "Give it to the India Region?" I couldn't help but laugh, using a spoon to stir the coffee in the cup. I said, "Guild Leader Clear Black Eyes, let's not joke around. The China Region spent so many people and resources to take down Waterfront City. How can we just give it to you all like that? Moreover, how is an agreement in-game binding? It is too unreliable."

  One of the muscular guys beside Clear Black Eyes instantly became furious. He was probably a deputy guild leader — he placed down the coffee cup and said with broken Chinese, "Our Guild Leader came here to speak nicely to you. She drove all the way from Shanghai here, and you are too arrogant. Watch the way you speak."

  Dong Cheng Yue was also furious and she smacked the table, "Are you that [Beautiful Life] deputy guild leader Lei Heng? How can an IBN Battlenet expert level player talk to a grandmaster level player?"

  I smiled, my eyes shining brightly as I said, "That's true... Moreover, the China Region was the one that won Flaming Cloud City over. If it happens again, we will still win. You have already lost, so don't tell me you all can't accept it?"

  Clear Black Eyes pursed her lips and said, "Okay, stop arguing. I admit that the India Region is currently not China Region's match and our resources are too little. Halfway through, we were out of ammo. The Dragon Crystal Cannon ammo needed to be shaped from dragon bones found deep in the mountains. The strength of our players are also weaker than China, but Xiao Yao, you can't be so merciless right?"

  I nodded and smiled, "Yeah, and that’s why I was willing to sit here to talk to you. In the end, we have at most fifty million players, and if thirty million can go online, that is already a miracle. We won't be able to defend three cities. We need to be friends with India to a certain extent. Today we will speak openly, there is no need to hide anything."

  Clear Black Eyes gave a satisfied smile, "Okay, then what are you planning?"

  I sipped the coffee and then placed the cup down. I looked towards Clear Black Eyes and the four of them, "After I gave up the choice for the city, I saw two new modes. One was to hand it over to players of another region without compensation and the other was to entrust. I have no choice but to entrust Waterfront City to you all."

  "Entrust?" Clear Black Eyes's eyes lit up, "What is that?"

  "If I choose the entrust mode to give Waterfront City to you, it means that the flags that hang in Waterfront City must be five-star red flags and China will be the main owner. But India Region players can move in as Masters. However, the rights of the NPCs within belong to China and after NPC troops spawn, they will be directly commanded by the Country War Warzone Commander. India players will be like guests. However, guild cities, skills, levels, etc will all maintain the same. Apart from that, the taxes will be split fifty-fifty between India and China. Do you follow me so far?"

  All of a sudden, the other guy was furious and he smacked the table, "Xiao Yao Zi Zai, you are too much of a bully. Since you want to entrust it to us, then why do the commanding rights of all the NPCs lie with China? Aren't you just raising us like pigs?"

  My brow rose as I looked at him, "Do you all want a main city or nothing because of your rage and let tens of millions of India Region players live in two sub-cities such that they can't find a single place to learn their six job advancement?"

  "You!" That guy was so furious that he was about to explode.

  Clear Black Eyes was still really calm. Her black eyes were filled with intelligence, "Okay, I agree to this. However, if my guesses are correct, although the NPCs belong to China, the player army system will continue. So, players can recruit their own NPCs too. Speaking of which, the China Region wouldn't have total control of Waterfront City, right?"

  I was silently shocked. This woman was too amazing. I nodded my head, "Yeah, such balancing powers do exist. I also thought about this, however, in the short period of time, it is best if you all don't offend us. That would not be any good for you, apart from that..."

  Clear Black Eyes's eyes lit up and smiled, "I know... Apart from that, you went to Bright God Hall and recruited them as your own power. We fear their strength and before the players get their troops, we won't be able to fight back, right?"

  I smiled, "Smart. It feels so comfortable to talk to smart people like you."

  Clear Black Eyes giggled and said, "Actually, I understand your thoughts. Although Waterfront City has been taken down, it is a hot piece of yam. LEE and Frost Forest will try to counterattack. At that time, China wouldn't be able to fight back. That’s why you want to let the India Region move in to use our power to suppress them."

  I answered honestly, "Yes!"

  Clear Black Eyes smiled, "Okay, I agree to this agreement. But... I can't promise that we will never attack China. After all, Flaming Cloud City is our true home."

  I rested on the chair, crossing my arms as I smiled, "That depends on when your wings have grown."

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