Chapter 890- Future of Saint Hall Cavalry
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Zhan Long Chapter 890- Future of Saint Hall Cavalry

Chapter 890- Future of Saint Hall Cavalry

After I flashed the pendant, the two Grand Priests became much more respectful towards me. Even the other priests behind them looked at me as if I was a god. I even felt like if I wanted them to, those female priests would just take off their clothes. However, I didn't need that and continued to talk to the two old men...

  "How many Saint Hall Cavalry do you have inside?"

  "Replying to General." You Qian said, "Saint Hall Cavalry are chosen believers of God. Each year, we select a hundred to two hundred people from Waterfront City to train, and ten percent of them would be blessed with the cleansing of God Power to become Saint Hall Cavalry. Year after year, that same process has continued, and now we have around two thousand people. To assist Waterfront City this time, we sent eight hundred Saint Hall Cavalry."

  I frowned and said, "Send people over to Waterfront City and call the Saint Hall Cavalry back. From now on, without my orders, the Saint Hall Cavalry cannot participate in other battles."

  "Yes, General!"

  "Apart from that, can I select a portion of people to be trained by you to become Saint Hall Cavalry?"


  "Even if they don't have any faith and don't believe in your god?" I smiled and asked.

  You Qian's face was filled with helplessness, "General if you want, then everything is okay..."

  "Okay..." I said, "What do you need from me if I have enough power?"

  You Qian said, "The cows and sheep we use for ceremonies and all our daily items come from Waterfront City. That’s the reason why we headed over there after hearing the King’s orders."

  I thought about it and said, "In the future, Tian Ling City will provide monthly provisions for you all. Moving forward, you all will only listen to Tian Ling City. I will also send ten thousand elite troops over. Do what you deem fit, and train as many Saint Hall Cavalry as you can. As for those who don't succeed, just increase their current combat strength."

  Grand Priest Ling Dong was slightly shocked, "General, we... we are all believers of faith and we not tools for war, you.. you will make Bright God Hall lose its faith..."

  I couldn't help but laugh, "I am a soldier and don't believe in any gods. I only know that humans are being killed by demons and the Hybrid Demon Army is wiping us out. Your so-called god has been silent and no one has come down from above to save us. If there really is a god, then Dragon City's Frost is the only god who fought for mankind. She is my teacher, so does such faith count?"

  You Qian was stunned, "Oh my... the Frost Goddess is your master? General... Bright God Hall will follow your orders and we won't go against it!"

  I nodded my head, "That’s good. And if any human attacks Bright God Hall, you all have to fight back. Your Bright God Hall will only listen to me."

  "Yes, General!"

  You Qian looked towards me and said, "I think General won’t be able to come every time, so please leave us some words such that when we see your writing, we will know that it is yours. How about that?"


  The priest beside him took out a piece of paper and a brush. I wrote a really big Li Xiao Yao on it with my unique handwriting and then I drew a heart. The two Grand Priests’ mouths opened wide, not knowing what that heart was. They nodded, "What General draws isn't something that mortals can understand. We have remembered it and with this handwriting, we will know when General has orders for us."

  "Alright, I will be leaving now!"

  I looked northwest and smiled, "Waterfront City is going to have a change in Masters. From today on, Waterfront City will belong to Tian Ling Empire. Do you all get it? If anyone else from Waterfront City comes, you don't have to bother about them."

  "Yes, General!"

  I walked out of the Bright God Hall confidently and a bunch of Saint Hall Cavalry knelt down. I muttered to myself and wondered — was that Saint Heaven Jade really that powerful? Gosh, I couldn't help but sigh. Pearl and Emperor Rob probably didn't know the effects of this Saint Heaven Jade, right? If they knew about it, Pearl would have just sent two thousand Saint Hall Cavalry from Bright God Hall to fight and maybe she wouldn't have died.

   I couldn't help but feel emotional after thinking about that. Life was like a flower — if Pearl could see everything I’ve done since she died, she would be happy, right? If I could make her spirit feel delighted, then everything would’ve been worth it.

  After walking out of Bright God Hall, I looked out at Clear Black Eyes’ troops and my head shuddered. Lin Tian Nan told me to unify the seven main cities, but he didn't know about the complicated power struggle within. To fulfill this goal, who knows how many more enemies I will face and how many loved ones will I let down? How many more things would I have to do against my conscience? Forget it — men have to achieve things in this world. If I created legacy, then this life would be worth it.

  I flew up into the clouds and looked back at Clear Black Eyes. She also raised her head and looked back at me. Clear Black Eyes's goals very clear and it was even quite apparent. She had to answer to the India Region which is why she wanted to discuss Waterfront City with us to find the best solution. Was she a friend and not a really terrifying enemy? Probably not.

  This world was never a fairy tale and there wasn't that much love and warmth.


  Waterfront City. This lone city was already on its final legs. The retreat of the Saint Hall Cavalry caused them to lose their final resistance. On the ground, Lin Wan Er, Li Mu, and Yue Qing Qian all pushed forward. Many KING members died under our firepower net. Notifications rang in our ears and even KING_MARY and LEE had died twice. If they died again, they would lose four levels. Most of them probably weren't willing to suffer such consequences.

  Frost Forest from the Japanese Region was already killed once by Fang Ge Que and Q-Sword each so she didn't go online anymore. Even some Korean and Japanese players started attacking each other. No one expected that internal strife would occur in the final stages of the battle. This let the China players relax a lot and allowed them to directly head in.

  The city gates were shattered which meant that Waterfront City was officially lost. Around us, Clear Black Eyes stopped her attacks on the China Region Players since we had come to an agreement.

  In front of the palace, many guilds were ferociously attacking the final defensive troops of Waterfront City. I rode my horse toward the dense crowd which was where Fang Ge Que, Q-Sword, and Ye Lai were at.

  "What is up, Xiao Yao?" Ye Lai asked.

  I looked towards Fang Ge Que and said, "I have a selfish request."

  Fang Ge Que smiled, "What 's up?"

  "Let me shatter the Waterfront City throne. How about that?"

  Fang Ge Que was stunned, "There isn't a reward for smashing the throne. Why do you want that?"

  Rumor said coldly, "You want to become famous, right?"

  I shot him an icy glare, "Rumor, shut up. I just hope that you all can let me have this throne. If I really want to fight for it, which one of you can beat me?"

  Q-Sword coughed and felt a little awkward. However, he agreed with what I said. With my current strength, no one present could go up against me; even Fang Ge Que and him combined, they wouldn’t be able to take me down. As for Yan Zhao Warrior, Ye Lai, and Misty Clouds, they were second-rate experts so they all weren't even at my level.

  Fang Ge Que asked directly, "Why do you want it?"

  "To let us have Waterfront City permanently and not instantly hand it over the next time there is a country war."

  Fang Ge Que frowned, "This is actually what I was worried about. We hold too many main cities. Tian Ling City and Flaming Cloud City are already really tough to defend. Along with Waterfront City, it exceeds our limits. Actually, during the next country war, we will immediately lose one and that’ll be a huge blow to our morale. Apart from that... Why did Clear Black Eyes’ people stop attacking? I assume you know the reason, right?"

  I nodded, "This has to do with why I want this power."

  Fang Ge Que smiled, "Okay, then the king’s throne of Waterfront City belongs to Li Xiao Yao. No one will fight for it, so treat it as giving me face!"

  In the crowd, only Rumor and Ai Ye were unhappy. However, there was nothing they could do and they could only accept it.


  Drums sounded outside the city. Duke Luo Xun rushed in with the troops, and the three armies charged into the palace. [Zhan Long] was at the front, directly killing the Royal Army of the Waterfront Empire. Ye Lai held his axe, pulled off the old emperor from his throne, and beheaded him. Then I charged up and smashed the throne!


  System Notification: Congratulations, you have destroyed King Throne (Waterfront City), please choose a mode - Occupy or Abandon?


  I didn't confirm it, making the people around me impatient. After sixty seconds, a bell rang out. The system notification said that the decision was at a designation stage for me to make a choice in twenty-four hours. Fang Ge Que and Q-Sword didn't understand, and I didn't explain it either. I simply followed Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue to go offline.

  In the hall, we waited for dinner. Lin Wan Er smiled and asked, "Stop playing hard to get. How are we going to deal with Waterfront City?"

  I hugged her and smiled, "There is no need to ask so much. Dress nicely tomorrow — we are going to meet an important person and decide what to do about Waterfront City."

  "Sure. It is Clear Black Eyes, right?"

  "What? How did you know?"

  "Do you think everyone is as stupid as Old K?"

  "Ha, don't scold my brother..."

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