Chapter 889- Loyal to me
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Zhan Long Chapter 889- Loyal to me

Chapter 889- Loyal to me

Bright Light Valley was a map covered in green mountains and water. Unfortunately, it was currently surrounded by cannon holes. Fifty thousand India Region players had gathered there, their bows all armed in wait. On the hill, there were twenty huge cannons. Those were the ones that made it such that Wang Jian and Call Me Master didn't dare to move rashly.


  The wind blew as I landed from above. With a whistling sound, I landed in front of Clear Black Eyes, causing the wind to blow all about as the plants and grass ruffled. The bunch of [Beautiful Life] players panicked as they moved towards Clear Black Eyes to protect her. Unfortunately, I was too close to her and as long as I wanted to attack at such close distance, a few large skills and she would definitely be dead.

  "Don't panic!"

  Clear Black Eyes raised her hand and said, "Xiao Yao Zi Zai isn't here to fight. We are discussing what is our best course of action."

  Her deputy Guild Leader held his war axe and said furiously, "Who knows if this kid means it or not? Just one look at him and one can tell that he isn't a good person. He even sliced off the head of our Emperor, so how can he be a good person?"

  Clear Black Eyes smiled, "Xiao Yao, I will just call you that, is that okay?"

  I nodded my head, "Okay, Guild Leader Clear Black Eyes, if you have something to say, then just say it. But don't touch my brothers in Bright Light Valley. Otherwise, there'll be nothing else to say. I will lead a large number of troops to wipe you out!"

  Clear Black Eyes couldn't help but laugh, retracting her bow. She still rested on the maple tree beside her and smiled, "I am a woman, so if you want to scare me, then just scare me. However, there is no need to. We still have matters to discuss, if not... Hehe, it won't be good for both the China and India War Regions."

  "Alright, speak!" I looked toward her.

  Clear Black Eyes stretched her arms lazily, her alluring look was very attractive — the bunch of male [Beautiful Life] players was in a daze. She smiled, "Now it is 8:42 in China right?"

  I was stunned, "How are you so clear about that?"

  "That is because I am also in China..."

  "Okay." I wasn't interested in all this, so I raised my hand and smiled, "Spit it out. Why did you call me over here?"

  "I only have one request." The twin peaks on her chest rose and then she exhaled, "Actually, after conquering the city, apart from occupying and giving it up, there is one more choice which is selecting. It means that the player who destroyed the throne can select who the city belongs to. Now, you can lead your men back to siege and destroy the throne. As for here, I will help you block the Bright God Hall Saint Hall Cavalry, how about that?"

  I was shocked but still smiled, "This is a trade? To give us such a good deal for no reason, you must have something to ask for. Just say directly, what do you want from me?"

  She smiled, "If I said I wanted you, would you believe me?"

  I clenched my fists, "Cut to the chase."

  "Okay..." She giggled, "Anyway, this is a trade. After taking down Waterfront City, don't choose to occupy or abandon, just wait. After sixty seconds, it will enter the selection system. You don't need to know why I know that, but you should be able to guess something. I will head from Shanghai to Hangzhou tomorrow. Wait for me, we will talk face to face."

  I squinted, "What do you want?"

  "Actually, you have already guessed it, right?"

  "Ha, okay..."

  I held the Dragon Reservoir Sword and said, "Now you can release my brothers, right?"

  "Okay, give me your phone number. We will meet at noon tomorrow."



  A bunch of [Beautiful Life] players stared at me like they didn't want to make way. The two deputy guild leaders were middle-aged males; they were really manly and strong. One of them held a war axe, and his eyes coldly stared at me, "Xiao Yao Zi Zai, do you know how many Flaming Cloud City players you killed?"

  I nodded. "A lot, why?"

  "You want to leave just like this?" Flames shot out from his eyes.

  I couldn't help but laugh. With a "keng", I pulled out my Zhen Yue Blade. Energy danced all around me as I said flatly, "If I want to go, do you think you can stop me? Move aside!"

  Clear Black Eyes also cleared her throat, "Hou Lin, make way!"

  That deputy guild leader was unwilling — after scoffing, he turned and left. He grumbled, "Clear Black Eyes, what are you thinking? To trade with our enemy... You couldn't have really fallen for this kid right?"

  Clear Black Eyes smiled and didn't say anything.

  Within Bright Light Valley, Wang Jian, and Call Me Master led the Fire Dragon Cavalry and the Greedy Wolf Cavalry out. Wang Jian held his sword and wanted to charge at the Indian formation, he hollered, "Brothers, our chance is here. Take revenge for the few hundred brothers that died!"

  Within Bright Light Valley, there were indeed thousands of corpses which were left when they charged forward just now.

  I quickly held up my arms and said loudly, "It's okay, let's just return to siege. There is none of your business here. Wang Jian, don't be rash!"

  Wang Jian was stunned, "Brother Xiao Yao, how did you and Clear Black Eyes that demon girl... become together?"


  Clear Black Eyes couldn't help but laugh, "Oi, how am I a demon girl?"

  Call Me Master glanced between me and Clear Black Eyes and shook his head, "Beauties are a problem, Guild Leader Xiao Yao, please take care."

  I was speechless and said to Wang Jian, "Okay, lead the brothers back to siege. Don't spoil my plan - I have something prepared."

  Wang Jian's trust for me was unconditional as he nodded, "Okay, Brother Xiao Yao be careful, Clear Black Eyes is very deceptive. Don't fall for her tricks!"

  "Understood, go."



  After watching Wang Jian and the others leave, Clear Black Eyes continued to bring her people to defend Bright Light Valley. She looked at me from afar and said, "Xiao Yao, why aren't you returning to siege? Waterfront City will be broken in three hours at most. Aren't you going back to kill LEE, Frost Forest, and Witch Moon to earn Country War Achievement Points?"

  I turned around and looked towards Bright God Hall and smiled, "No, I have other things to do."

  "Oh, is that so?" She was stunned as if I had seen through her thoughts. Clear Black Eyes waved her war robe and held her bow, "What are you searching for at Bright God Hall?"

  I smiled, "Just treat it as me going to find a beauty..."


  I didn't say anything more as I flew up and headed straight for Bright God Hall. The bunch of Saint Hall Cavalry was already lying in wait. However, with Clear Black Eyes defending at Bright Light Valley, it wouldn't be a problem.


  I flew right into the main hall. A few Saint Hall Cavalry immediately pulled out their blades, "Careful, someone has come into the hall. Stop him!"

  How would they be able to block me? With the [Icy Wings] skill, I had already charged in. Before I flew in, I felt some really thick Holy Domain Strength — an invisible net opened in front of me and tightly bound me. I was like a butterfly in a spiderweb. Of course, I wasn't a normal butterfly but one with explosiveness. Luckily I was the Country Protecting Dragon Rider, and my strength was there for all to see.

  I hollered and [Sword Tempest] exploded out. With a crack, I broke the net. I stood proudly and then walked forward. Behind me, dozens of Saint Hall Cavalry chased over. In front of me, there were two people and one of them said, "Stark, there is no need to chase anymore, let them enter..."

  The Saint Hall Cavalryman lowered his head respectfully, "Yes, Grand Priest You Qian and Grand Priest Ling Dong!"

  In front of me stood two NPC priests. However, they were both BOSS Grade. Behind them were many other priests. Their positions should be much higher as they looked like merciful old men around seventy to ninety years old. You Qian looked towards me and smiled, "I heard that Tian Ling Empire had a talented and morally upright general called Li Xiao Yao. Is that you?"

  My shoulder had the Tian Ling City mark and the Royal Army General mark, so it was normal for them to recognize me. I nodded and smiled, "That is me. Grand Priests, I am here to discuss with you all."

  Grand Priest Ling Dong looked towards me coldly, "Li Xiao Yao, your Tian Ling Empire army invaded Waterfront Empire to destroy our city and kill our people. Why did you come to Bright God Hall?"

  I said solemnly, "To search for peace."

  "Peace?" You Qian said, "You started a war for your so-called peace?"

  I smiled and said, "War is only temporary, and the only way to end a war is to unify the world. If all the countries in the world became one, then there wouldn't be any more wars."

  "You really are good with words."

  You Qian smiled, raising his head as he looked at me, "However, I agree with your words, using war to stop a war is one way to open up a peaceful world. Can you actually do that?"

  I nodded, "I will try my best to do that."

  "Why do we have to trust you?" Grand Priest Lin Dong said, "You are just a small Royal Army General. Tian Ling Empire's power has always been really messy, so what makes you say you can unify the world and use war to stop war?"

  I reached into my bag and took out the jade that Pearl gave me when she was alive, "This is the piece of jade that represents the royal bloodline of Tian Ling Empire — I have the absolute power of the Tian Ling Empire. Now, are you all willing to trust me?"

  You Qian's body shuddered. He looked at the jade and his expression changed. He knelt down respectfully and said, "It... It is the Saint Heaven Jade! Who knew that this general was the one with it..."

  I didn't know what the Saint Heaven Jade was, but it seemed really strong. Thus I placed it back into my bag.

  Grand Priest Ling Dong also knelt down and said respectfully, "Saint Heaven Jade!"

  I was stunned and said, "Please rise, there is no need. What is the Saint Heaven Jade?"

  You Qian was startled and smiled, "So General doesn't know where this Saint Heaven Jade came from. Forget it, let nature take its course. I also cannot reveal the secrets of Heaven. General, what requests do you have for our Bright God Hall?"

  I was startled and said firmly, "I don't have any requests, just be loyal to the king of Tian Ling Empire, and be loyal to me!"

  "If General and Tian Ling Empire's King oppose one another, then how?"

  "Be loyal to me."

  "Yes, sir!'

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