Chapter 888- Bright Light Hall
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Zhan Long Chapter 888- Bright Light Hall

Chapter 888- Bright Light Hall

"No, Bright God Hall sent Saint Hall Cavalry to assist once more!"

  Outside of the city gates, Han Yuan held his long blade and fled back in a haggard manner. His shoulder was bleeding through the armor like he had suffered an injury. I had lost count of how many times he was forced back along with the Royal Army troops. The Saint Hall Cavalry attacks were really strong. Xiao Lie frowned, "Sir, why not let me lead a bunch of them to burn that so-called God Hall to see what they can send to assist Waterfront Empire!"

  I shook my head, "Don't be rash, our target is Waterfront City. There is no need to make too many enemies. If we occupy Waterfront City, we might still need to form a good relationship with Bright God Hall."

  "Yes, subject understands!"

  "Continue to attack, don't relax."

  "Yes, sir!"


  Li Mu, Wang Jian, and the others led [Zhan Long] to siege the city. Many of them had already climbed onto the inner city walls. However, [Casualty], [New Moon], [Conquest] and [Millennial Dynasty] were all still on the walls, defending the city. It was impossible for them to break through the city walls quickly. Each time I placed down a Violet Thunder Tank, it would be crushed by LEE and Frost Forest. As such, I stopped wasting the God's Army Card and waited for the city gates to be broken into first.

  "Be careful, Thousand Leaf Army's cavalry is here again!"

  One Second Hero charged beneath the city walls after he lost three levels. He led a bunch of [Zhan Long] players and said, "Guild Leader, their NPC is personally leading. Why don't we go over to intercept them and kill the boss of the NPC army?"

  I turned around and looked over to see a female general holding a halberd charging around the crowd. It was Thousand Leaf, a Level 158 [Demon Harvest Tier] BOSS, or the third strongest NPC general in Waterfront City. If we killed her, we would be able to greatly reduce Waterfront City's strength. After all, a Thousand Leaf Army had a hundred and forty thousand people, and now they still had seventy to eighty thousand people defending within.

  "Go. Fire Dragon Cavalry, Steel Blade Cavalry, head over. Thousand Leaf brought only so many troops, so take the chance to wipe them out!"

  I held my sword and hollered, "Ling Luo, bring a bunch of archers over!"

  "Yes, sir!"

  Within the Royal Army war formation, Ling Luo selected hundreds of Dark Moon Elf archers to follow me to challenge our target. Li Mu, Wang Jian, Mocha and the others acted like meat shields to block at the front and tangle with the Thousand Leaf Army cavalry. Ling Luo kept her bow up and said, "Shoot those people from Thousand Leaf Army, don't be afraid to use your arrows. We will be able to replenish them soon enough!"

  A bunch of Dark Moon Elf girls drew their bows and many sharp arrows were instantly shot across. The Thousand Leaf Army NPCs were injured, each arrow dealt a hundred thousand damage. Fights between NPCs didn't follow the attack and defense mode, especially a battle between bosses. It was common for a sword to deal hundreds of thousands damage or even millions of damage.

  Activating [Icy Wings], I flew into the air. My hands held the Zhen Yue Blade as I slashed down!


  Thousand Leaf was on her warhorse and one slash from me forced her to stumble several steps back. Her face was ashen white, "It is you again. I will definitely kill you, don't go!"

  This time, everyone around me was from the same side. Of course I wasn't going to leave. I brought Li Mu and the others to surround Thousand Leaf to slash down. The stats of a Level 158 [Demon Harvest Tier] BOSS wasn't that overpowered. At least to us, it was still okay. Moreover, we had many healers now which allowed us to kill and get healed at the same time, and thus there wasn't much danger at all. In just five minutes, Thousand Leaf cried out as she fell off her horse. Even if she was a female NPC, I wasn't going to show mercy. This Thousand Leaf had also killed enough of our people.


  Li Mu, Wang Jian, and the others split up the equipment that Thousand Leaf had dropped.
Two [Demon Harvest Tier] and one [Divine Tier]. The gains were not that bad. Afterward, we continued to siege the city but the city walls were already wide open and we were still unable to make our way through. Rows of golden-armored Saint Hall Cavalry held Holy Domain Weapons, forcing us out of the city gates. It seemed like this barrier could not be broken through.

  Fang Ge Que held a paper fan in his hand and threw several spells into the crowd. However, he was nearly insta-killed by an arrow from a God Hall Cavalry. His face was ashen white, "Things aren't good if it continues like this. We are wasting too much time here at the gates and we are giving them too much time to rest up. We have to go all out!"

  "How?" [Prague] guild leader Yan Zhao Warrior asked.

  Fang Ge Que's brow rose up, "Use some troops to go around the city to ambush between Bright God Hall and Waterfront City to delay their reinforcements and draw them away. If not, with the endless amounts of back up, we won't be able to fight here."

  Yan Zhao Warrior smiled and asked, "Who will complete this mission? Bright God Hall not only has the Saint Hall Cavalry but there's also that Saint Hall Priest or something, His magic attacks should be even stronger."

  "Yeah, it must be a strong group. Otherwise it'll be useless."

  Fang Ge Que looked at his own troops and said, "[Legend]'s cavalry troops don't exceed five thousand, their losses are simply too heavy. If you ask [Legend] to go I won't agree, let's see which other guild can!"

  Yan Zhao Warrior was speechless, "Is that something the War Region Commander is supposed to say? I don't care, [Prague]'s cavalry is only left with three thousand people, let's just see what happens..."

  Rumor held his sword and brought a bunch of [Run Like Fire] players to strike the Saint Hall Cavalry while saying, "Why not [Thousand Burial]'s Greedy Wolf Cavalry? They have at least eight thousand, and apart from that, there are many [Zhan Long] Fire Dragon Cavalry and Steel Blade Cavalry. The two guilds combined would allow us to send ten thousand over. It should be enough to wipe out Bright God Hall!"

  Fang Ge Que looked at me from afar, "Guild Leader Xiao Yao, what do you think?"

  I took in a deep breath, "Okay then, [Zhan Long] will send three thousand. The rest will stay behind to siege!"


  I turned around and looked towards Wang Jian, "You have already lost three levels so when you head to Bright God Hall, don't go all out. If you face an enemy you can't defeat then just leave, don't bother about so much."

  Wang Jian laughed, he patted my shoulder and consoled me instead, "Brother Xiao Yao, don't worry, we brothers are really smart and agile. It is impossible for those Bright God Hall people to kill us."

  "Alright, go quickly and come back quickly, just hold up their forces."


  Call Me Master was the temporary [Thousand Burial] commander. He didn't say anything and led seven thousand Hungry Wolf Cavalry out. Ten thousand of them moved out with Wang Jian and Call Me Master as their leaders. They would probably reach Bright God Hall in twenty minutes? I hadn't been there before so I don't know what the situation was like. Let's just hope it'll be smoother!

  Holding my Dragon Reservoir Sword, I jumped onto the city walls. I looked at my own health and decided to head into the city, sword light, blade light all landing on the densely packed archers. I flew right away without stopping such that they were unable to lock down onto me. The damage they dealt wasn't lethal either. However, [Conquest] was still furious, "Damn Xiao Yao Zi Zai, kill him!"

  In the end, I still managed to wipe out a huge bunch of them. When their cavalry arrived, I had already flown up into the clouds. The mobility of [Icy Wings] was something normal players couldn't even imagine. It made many Waterfront City players complain that it was a system BUG and needed to be wiped out, etc etc. I didn't care, and I didn't bother about the complaints from the outer region players. If they wanted to play, then just play. If not, then they could just quit; life had always been like that.


  The Country War Achievement Points continued to pile up. It felt really good. However, the battle within the city walls was still at a bottleneck. A bunch of Saint Hall Cavalry were there, unable to be broken through. Behind us, Luo Xun's Rongdi Army was already being crushed by the Indians. In just a while, they would totally collapse. That wasn't good news for us.

  However, a few minutes later, more bad news spread over...

  [Zhan Long], [Thousand Burial]'s ten thousand men cavalry were ambushed on their way towards Bright God Hall. The people that ambushed weren't anyone else but Clear Black Eyes. She made use of her twenty Flame Dragon Cannons such that [Thousand Burial] and [Zhan Long] were trapped within, unable to move. Bright Light Valley was the same as Purple Demon Forest - it was a place where if one died, one would lose ten levels. Along with the country war losses, each one that died would probably lose 13 to 17 levels!


  Li Mu punched the city walls and raged, "Clear Black Eyes is just too annoying. Xiao Yao give me some men. I will send people over to assist Wang Jian!"

  I gritted my teeth, "Let's go. I will go with you!"

  Lin Wan Er stretched her hand out to stop me, "No, wait a while."

  "Why?" I was shocked.

  Lin Wan Er said, "Don't be rash. Why did Clear Black Eyes surround Wang Jian and the others in Bright Light Valley and not kill them?"

  I felt like a basin of cold water had been splashed onto my head. I calmed down and said, "Two reasons. Either she was prepared to attack the reinforcements or she is trying to talk to us."

  "Discussion?" Li Mu was stunned.

  I thought about it, "We don't need to send too many, just me alone is okay."

  Lin Wan Er nodded and smiled, "That is correct. You are the most powerful person, be it the NPCs or players in China. Having you go over is the most appropriate course of action."


  I jumped into the air and charged over, heading towards Bright God Hall. When I was in the cloud layer, there was a "ding" and I received an invitation...


  System Notification: Player Clear Black Eyes (India Region) requests to add you as friend, do you accept?


  I immediately confirmed and soon heard her voicemail, "I finally found a chance to have a good discussion with you. Come over to Bright Light Valley."

  I replied, "I will be there in three minutes, but before that, don't touch my brothers. Otherwise, there'll be no room for discussion!"

  Clear Black Eyes smiled, "Don't worry, I know the importance of this."

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