Chapter 887- Unexpected situation once more
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Zhan Long Chapter 887- Unexpected situation once more

Chapter 887- Unexpected situation once more

"This bunch of bastards..."

  LEE held his spear and retreated backward, staring at me with his pair of eagle eyes. His eyes were filled with daggers. Actually, I was happy to have a one-on-one battle against LEE. This fellow still had the badge of placing fifth in the finals of the Hero's Wing Cup. That was too eye-catching and I didn't have a badge either. The one I had was just the China Region one.

  The battle on the city walls had reached its peak and a battle with tens of thousands of troops didn't allow me to solo anybody. I also witnessed the attack strength of [Conquest] — if I tried to use [Icy Wings] to fly over, I would just be asking to die. Once I died, I would affect the morale of the China Region. After all, I was fighting in the most intense area. I had not died yet and this was a miracle that I needed to maintain in this battle. In a battle with tens of millions of men, what did players need the most? It was invincible faith, especially a war god that always won as their core faith.


  Along with the many Dragon Crystal Cannons and Flame Dragon Cannons that had been destroyed, the Waterfront City outer wall defenses were crumbling down bit by bit. The Fire Axe Army, Violent Thunder Army, and other NPC armies had already reached the city walls. A few hours later, even the siege carriages were here. There was no need for me to use the Violent Thunder Tank as the NPC army could handle everything. The Rongdi Army also suffered many losses; after being washed by the cannonfire, only fifty thousand were left from the hundred and fifty thousand who attacked. Their overall numbers went from a terrifying two hundred and fifty thousand to one hundred and fifty. In terms of numbers, they weren't enough to make Tian Ling City fear them.

  I slightly relaxed my heart and continued to command the [Zhan Long] players to attack the outer city walls. Only an hour later when the outer wall totally became a pile of ruins did I rally the troops to attack the inner walls. However, this time [Legend], [Hero’s Mound], [Zhan Long], [Prague] and [Judgment] attacked together. The top ten guilds of China were all present. Waterfront City being unable to defend was something that was expected. No matter how strong LEE was, he definitely wouldn't be able to block our attacks. After all, Fang Ge Que, Q-Sword, and the other players weren't that much weaker than him.

  From afar, a white caped general held a sword and charged over. Behind him was a bunch of Rongdi Army cavalry. It was Lochlan, that kid couldn't take the loneliness.

  I hurriedly turned around my warhorse and galloped towards him and said from afar, "Little General, didn't I say you weren’t allowed to participate?"

  Lochlan grumbled, "General Li, I know you have to follow my father's orders, but... but you also saw that the outer wall has already been broken and there are so few cannons left. So there is no need to restrict me like that right? I won't siege the city walls. I will just bring my personal troops to chase those scattered Waterfront City bandits."

  I nodded my head and said from afar, "Xiao Lie, bring a thousand Royal Army cavalry to protect him, don't let anything happen to him and don't let him get close to the city walls."

  Lochlan was even more unhappy, "General Li, stop asking this one-eyed general to watch me and he also doesn't talk. He is so boring and he’s really strict."

  I couldn't help but chuckle, "I know that Xiao Lie is careful, which is why I let him take care of you. Little General, please don't cause problems for me, this war is tiring enough."


  Lochlan nodded his head and laughed, "Then General Li must promise me that after this battle you must teach me the Sword Wrapping Stance."



  I continued to stand on the outer city walls to look out while using some skills to kill a few people before I looked at the Country War Achievement Points once more. Fang Ge Que was really close and during this battle he killed more than me. Our overall points were much closer...

  1. Xiao Yao Zi Zai Country War Achievement Points: 112,273

  2. Fang Ge Que Country War Achievement Points: 108,232

  3. Enchanted Painting Country War Achievement Points: 74,661

  4. Cang Yue Country War Achievement Points: 73,212

  5. Cang Tong Country War Achievement Points: 69,270

  6. Mu Xuan Country War Achievement Points: 68,210

  7. Simple Country War Achievement Points: 64,722

  8. Drunken Spear Country War Achievement Points: 61,232

  9. Q-Sword Country War Achievement Points: 60,020

  10. Ye Lai Country War Achievement Points: 58,732


  The difference between second and third place was really large.
On the combined leaderboard, Fang Ge Que and I were still the two highest ones up there. Both of us also hadn't died yet. The ten percent penalty post-death was a tragic thing.

  I landed on the ground and charged about in the crowd to earn a few more Country War Achievement Points. Just at this moment, Lin Wan Er who was standing on the outer city walls said, "Piggy come quickly, th-there seems like people coming over, what is the situation?"

  I swiftly jumped up and flew onto the city walls. I stood beside Lin Wan Er and looked at the place she pointed to only see dust and dirt fly about. A dense group of cavalry was charging towards our direction. I couldn't help but ask, "Who is that?"

  "I don't know... There is no intel yet."

  At this time, Yue Qing Qian, Enchanted Painting, Q-Sword etc also charged onto the city walls. A large portion of the main force of the guilds who attacked all turned around and looked at the enemy. If it was confirmed that they were enemies, then we would be surrounded and we would be in a bad situation.

  Looking out, a large portion of the Royal Army had been sent to attack the inner city. The people here were mostly all Rongdi Army troops. Duke Luo Xun didn't let them siege the inner walls to protect his numbers. However, it didn't look like a good idea right now. A lot of people surged from the outside and now the Rongdi Army had ended up as our backline shield.

  "Damn it, who are they?"

  Duke Luo Xun walked out of the tent and hollered, "Where is the scout?! Is there still no news yet?"

  There wasn't a scout, but the player's intel system was better. A few seconds later, Yue Qing Qian blinked and turned toward me, "Brother Xiao Yao, it has already been confirmed — they are players from Flaming Cloud City. Clear Black Eyes is roughly leading five million players herself. It is the most she could gather using her prestige."

  I frowned, "We’ve already taken down Flaming Cloud City, so she won't be able to take it back at least. What is she trying to do by cutting off our backline?"

  Lin Wan Er smiled, "It is obvious. She wants to fight for Waterfront City with us. Since the Indians lost, they will try to search for a new main city."

  Fang Ge Que held his fan, narrowing his eyes as he said, "There probably will be one new change in Waterfront City."

  Deputy Commander Rumor clenched his fist and said, "There is no need for all this nonsense. [Legend], [Zhan Long], and [Judgment], leave the city. Launch a counterattack with NPC army against the five million led by Clear Black Eyes. Even if we don't kill them all, we can at least block them. It’ll take us at least three hours to take down the inner city. When the time comes, what’s done is done, she won't be able to kill steal even if she wanted." [1]

  Li Mu couldn't help but burst into laughter, "Rumor really has the style of a proper advisor, you actually know that theory."

  The obvious mocking words was something that Rumor couldn't take, "Does [Zhan Long]'s Elder Li have something to say?"

  Li Mu said, "Why not let Run Like Fire handle such things? Our [Zhan Long] has gone through so many battles and are exhausted. Now that we still have to deal with Clear Black Eyes's elites, we can't take it anymore!"

  Li Mu was really firm and I also agreed with him since those were the words that I wanted to say too. Clear Black Eyes was leading five million people, so they had booming morale. Their combat strength was even higher than LEE’s and Frost Forest. Moreover, Clear Black Eyes was a truly intelligent person and she was a tough opponent.

  Rumor was unhappy and looked towards Fang Ge Que, "Fang Ge Que, don't you want to say a few words? As the overall commander, could you provide some personal opinion?"

  Fang Ge Que frowned and said, "Then there is no need to say anymore. No one needs to fight, let Clear Black Eyes fight the Rongdi Army for three hundred rounds first."

  I couldn't help but exclaim, "Great plan!"

  Q-Sword said, "As long as we make it into the city first and kill the old emperor in Waterfront City, then this will have nothing to do with Clear Black Eyes. We can also use Clear Black Eyes to clear out the Rongdi Army. This is indeed a good plan."

  Ye Lai held his battle axe, "Then what are we talking for? Gather our firepower and attack the city!"



  The troops continued to siege. Outside the city, the Rongdi Army sent their troops. Hundred thousand iron cavalry charged toward Clear Black Eyes' forces. Clear Black Eyes was smart and instantly formed up to attract Rongdi Army deep in. She made a pocket which was easy to enter but tough to get out. Moreover, even if they got out they wouldn't be left with much.

  The inner city battle got more and more intense.

  Under the cannon fire of the Royal Army, the city walls suddenly fell. [Hero’s Mound] and [Legend] cavalry players charged in. However, the moment they charged in my heart felt pain. I suddenly thought about how Pearl died to Barry in such a situation. Who knows what would happen this time around when we charged into the Waterfront City palace?

  As if to prove my thoughts correct, a horn sounded out in the distance. A golden light rose up into the sky, many golden armored people charged out from the main path of the city. They were all BOSS level NPCs. As expected, the Bright God Hall behind Waterfront City had come to fight. The Bright God Hall worked really well together with the Waterfront City emperor. A bunch of elite Bright Hall Cavalry descended into the area!

  "Saint Hall Cavalry, Level 156 Divine Tier BOSS."

  Li Mu's eyes turned cold, "A total of two hundred of them. They are here to send equipment. Brothers, pay attention to your formations. Restrict them and kill them one by one, don't panic."

  Tens of thousands of China players and NPCs surged into the city and clashed with the Saint Hall Cavalry. Instantly, a bright light shone out and players started dying. However, this was the price we had to pay to defeat the Waterfront City people.


  Outside the city, there was a bunch of boisterous killing shouts. There were people killing all over and Waterfront City was in a sea of flames, both inside and outside.

  However, no one knew who this city would belong to. I didn't know. I couldn't control and direct this battle and it could only go up and down along with the current to search for the best area to gain a solid footing in.

[1] The phrase in Chinese refers to a girl losing her virginity so the guy has to marry her no matter what.

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