Chapter 886- War Region Number 1
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Zhan Long Chapter 886- War Region Number 1

Chapter 886- War Region Number 1

"Even if they are strong, we have to kill them. Charge together and destroy this archer formation!"

  I held my Zhen Yue Blade and directly used the Zhen Yue Battlesong to buff everyone. Mocha also smartly activated the [Shield of the Prideful] buff and after adding in a defensive effect for the China Region players, we surged forward together. There were over a dozen cavalry players. Even with the three assassins, Lin Wan Er, Yue Qing Qian, and Yue Wei Liang, we couldn’t suppress them at all. I could even see the mocking smiles on the faces of the archers from afar.


  I used the God's Army Cards and a Seven Star Formation directly fell onto the ground. I held the Dragon Reservoir Sword and charged forward, with my other arm, I tossed out my Zhen Yue Blade. The blade stabbed toward the archer formation players with a spinning effect. They also locked onto me with their firepower as a [Rising Dragon Shot] roared out.

  When the [Rising Dragon Shots] were in front of my chest, I stepped into the Seven Star Formation and with a swish, I flashed fifteen yards forward. Many MISSes appeared behind me as dozens of the [Rising Dragon Shots] flew past me. I pulled the Dragon Reservoir Sword up and a [Seven Star Fragment Slash] struck the crowd, instantly killing two archers.

  Within the KING Family, a level 153 six advancement archer viciously spat, “This one is cunning, kill the others! Cavalry, come over and suppress this Xiao Yao Zi Zai!"

  Not far away, a bunch of cavalry charged over. The [Zhan Long] cavalry players received a dense shower of arrows. Moon Feather was shot back dozens of meters and most of her health was gone. The Fire Dragon Horse neighed out sadly and our beautiful swordsman fell to the ground and died. Li Meng Yao and Mocha raised their shields and continued forward. Their shields were covered in arrows; these archers were really accurate. In the past, the archers we faced had a seventy percent shot accuracy and thus we could dodge the arrows. However, the KING archers were really accurate, to be able to dodge thirty percent was already good enough.

  "Push up!"

  Yue Yao Yan raised her shield as her horse galloped forward. When she was five feet away from the archer formation, she also ran out of health. She groaned as she fell to the ground.

  One Second Hero hollered out in rage as he hastily tumbled into the crowd. He thrust forward with a spear as he pierced the chest of an archer. However, the other archers nearby casted [Rising Dragon Shots] which pierced through his body. He opened his eyes wide, smashing away an archer before he died. The last words he said were, "I will revive and rush over!"

  [Icy Wings] were cast and ice wings appeared behind my back. I ditched a bunch of [Conquest] players and then my Dragon Reservoir Sword slashed into the archer formation once more. After [Zhan Long] paid the price of two levels of Moon Feather, Yue Yao Yan, One Second Hero, and the other main players finally tore through the arrow formation. Lin Wan Er, Yue Qing Qian, Yue Wei Liang, and the other archers cast all their skills and pretty much all the archers were killed. Especially Wang Jian's [Halberd Whirlwind] — Li Mu's [Covering Sword Slash] and Old K's [Whirlwind Slash] instantly killed over twenty people. This caused the faces of [Conquest]’s players to turn green. No one expected that [Zhan Long] would have such explosiveness, pretty much wiping out all of their archers in just three minutes.



  In the air, a streak of blood light shot across. Bai Qi stood on the spot and he was stunned. In the next moment, [Twin Blade Harmony], [Chain Attack], and other skill lights flashed out. Bai Qi was instantly assassinated. A petite body flashed across and her ID was revealed. It was KING_MARY, Korea's KBN Battlenet second rank, queen-level assassin!

  "F***, who was that?" Li Mu was furious. His brother was killed, so how could he not be angry?

  At this point, Lin Wan Er had already activated [Hermit God’s Arrival] and charged out.

Her dagger swept the air and sparks flew. The umbrella in her left hand struck out and after a light smack, Mary's body was pushed out. However, she instantly grabbed Lin Wan Er's umbrella tip, pulling herself closer and her dagger stabbed Lin Wan Er's stomach. The amount of damage dealt instantly rose up: 19,347. Lin Wan Er counter attacked even more strongly — the dagger slashed past and she directly used [Twin Blade Harmony]!


  Mary's health was now down to almost half, and the shock disappeared right away from her face. Her body sunk down slightly and she kicked out. Lin Wan Er's snow white legs spread out and she was kicked head on. With a "peng", Mary used the momentum to dash backwards, a bright glow flashing in her eyes, "Cang Tong?"

  Lin Wan Er smiled expressionlessly, "Long time no see."

  Mary laughed coldly, her body slowly disappearing in the wind. A voice trickled over, "Wait and see, do you really think that you all can easily take down Waterfront City? What wishful thinking!"

  In the distance, a bunch of elite cavalry players charged over. The one in the lead was level 155. The eye-catching golden words of top player on the level leaderboards of Waterfront City floated over their head...

  KING_LEE LV-155 Dark Cloud Cavalry

  Main City: Waterfront City

  Guild: Conquest

  Position: Guild Leader

  Title: Waterfront City Level Leaderboards top player

  KBN Battlenet Rankings: 1


  All the [Zhan Long] players’ eyes turned froze. This person was the top player of Waterfront City, the strongest opponent we were going to face in this battle. Moreover, there was a bunch of [Conquest]'s strongest cavalry behind LEE, similar to that of our Fire Dragon Cavalry. However, there were even more of them. Thousands of cavalry charged to and fro on the city walls, knocking back [Legend], [Hero’s Mound], and some other guilds several times. One could tell how strong such an opponent was.


  Li Mu held his Neptune’s Blade and charged over. I quickly activated [Icy Wings] and hollered, "Quick, let our archers, musketeers, and mages come up!"

  Glass Fox had already climbed onto the city wall and quickly placed his musket at the edge. He took out a long rope from his back and tied a butterfly knot, throwing the rest down. Xing Lie also jumped up onto the city walls and did the same thing as Glass Fox. He quickly tied a rope and allowed more people to climb onto the walls.

  Right in front of the wall, Li Mu, Wang Jian, and I formed a triangle drill formation and we smashed towards the Waterfront City elite cavalry that LEE was leading. From afar, the three of us used our [Blade Spin] skill to dig into the crowd. Their healths dropped swiftly chunk by chunk. They weren't weak either, and the [Breaking Dawn] techniques covered us. Since I was blocking at the front, I instantly lost seventy thousand health. The damage output was far more than I had expected. I quickly swallowed a health potion and used a [Cleansing Rain] which barely allowed me to hold on.

  LEE had a prideful expression on his face as he headed right in, his spear suddenly drawing a line in the sky. “Shua, shua, shua, shua!” Four black dots formed in the air and landed on Wang Jian's chest and his war horse. I yelled, "Wang Jian, defend!"

  Wang Jian's reaction was quick; he quickly held the sword up in front of his chest and went into a defensive stance. At least he would be able to reduce some damage like that. LEE's damage exploded out; his spear pierced through and accurately hit all the black spots. Streaks of wind breaking sounds spread over and his armor shattered. It was the armor penetration effect — four damage numbers rose up, SSS-Grade Skill Black Dot Sudden Stab...






  "Ah?" Wang Jian's health instantly bottomed out as he looked towards Li Mu and me in shock, "Brother Xiao Yao, Boss, this..."

  The war horse cried out as Wang Jian and his horse both fell to the ground. Even his helmet dropped. Li Mu and I were furious when we saw that as we rushed forward. LEE and I had already brushed past one another and I couldn't chase him anymore. I decided to wave my blade, activating [Ghost God's Dance] and I also casted [Strength of a Thousand Men] and [Sword Tempest] at the same time. Instantly, dozens of the cavalry players behind LEE were killed. He couldn't help but frown and glare me. He hollered, "Xiao Yao Zi Zai?"

  However, LEE didn't turn his head as he continued to kill the people in front of him. Li Mu, Old K, and Lin Wan Er could block the thousands of elites led by LEE. Seeing that the part of the city wall that we expended so much effort to gain was about to be lost, a familiar voice suddenly sounded out from the front, "Lower your head!"

  That was... Fang Ge Que?

  Lin Wan Er, Li Mu, and the others lowered their heads. In the next moment, Fang Ge Que appeared on the city walls with his clothes dancing in the air, wrapped in intense flames. He gritted his teeth and then he waved his fans. With a "hong", an intense flame swept over, and all the players who were following LEE suffered fifty to ninety thousand damage. At the same time, a "Holy Ghost Grade Three" words appeared on Fang Ge Que's body. This was a Holy Ghost Grade Three technique. Along with Fang Ge Que's own magic attack, it was just terrifying!

  I shook slightly and saw the name of the skill clearly: [Fire God Roar]. That was indeed really terrifying as it insta-killed over a hundred people. Such damage numbers were just too terrifying. However, it seemed like this skill had a negative effect. Fang Ge Que stood there unmoving, his face turned ashen white as he shouted, "Ah Jing, charge!"

  Behind Fang Ge Que, Enchanted Painting waved the Water God Halberd in her hand as she led dozens of Earth Bane Ox Cavalry to charge!

  I activated my [Icy Wings] to charge over to form a surrounding attack along with Enchanted Painting. Below the city, more and more [Zhan Long] brothers surged up. All of them summoned their war horses and joined the attack. The moment Dong Cheng Yue, Thousand Suns Over Snowy Lands, and Dancing Forest stepped onto the city walls with the ranged troops it also meant that we had finally gained a stable footing.

  Moreover, this was achieved by the combined efforts of [Zhan Long] and [Legend], directly dealing a huge loss to the top guild of the Korea Region. LEE was in blinking red health as he charged back. The Korea players around had ashen white mouths, especially from that shocking strike from Fang Ge Que which caused a firestorm to erupt on the city walls. That was simply too terrifying.


  LEE's face was filled with rage. He galloped towards the nearby tower and kicked one of the Dragon Crystal Cannons there. "Crack!" The cannon was now aimed at us. LEE was crazy! He wanted to kill us together with him?


  The cannon explosion shook the sky, however, there was no movement on the city walls. Instead, the tower exploded. LEE and his remaining health flew out of the tower and I asked, "What happened?"

  In the Royal Army camp below, Han Yuan touched a Dragon Crystal Cannon which was red hot and smiled, "So accurate... I helped General, will you give me a raise when you return?"

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