Chapter 885- No brotherhood
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Zhan Long Chapter 885- No brotherhood

Chapter 885- No brotherhood

Duke Luo Xun looked towards Baili Ning like he was his savior, "General Baili you are Her Highness Pearl's teacher, why not... Why not you teach my irresponsible kid a lesson? I really can't let him charge on the frontlines, but this kid is so persistent that I really have to worry about him."

  Baili Ning cupped his fist and said, "Marshal, what I train in is strategy. I am not skilled on the battlefield itself, please forgive me as I am not a match for him."

  Luo Xun was speechless, "This... Who else is there? Does the Empire not have a single skilled general?"

  Louis held up his broken wrist and said, "Marshal, Violent Thunder Army's General Les' skills are really good and he was the best in the military academy as his sword technique was unparalleled. If Marshal really wants to squash his arrogance, then why not let General Les spar with the Little General?"

  "Okay. General Les, I will depend on you!"

  Luo Xun looked toward Les and said, "There is no need to use Douqi, just pure battle of skills, is that okay?"

  Les smiled, "Don't worry, I won't hurt the Little General!"

  As he said that, Les slowly unwrapped pulled out the soft sword by his waist. The Tian Ling City blacksmiths were really skilled; they actually knew how to craft such a weapon. Les also seemed like a really gentle and reserved person and he was said to be the most affectionate person in Tian Ling City. One would know that he was skilled just by looking at the way he pulled out his sword.

  Lochlan smiled. He held his sword and took a step back, then his legs sunk down a little and he stored up some energy. There was no fear in his eyes at all as he grinned, "To be able to spar with General Les is an honor. Come on, there is no need to show mercy. Otherwise, you might really lose to my hands!"

  Les exhaled. He raised one hand and the energy blew across, Douqi seeping out of his body. This skill was really profound, however, Lochlan's sword techniques were also really exquisite. He didn't say anything as he held up his iron sword let it dance about. With a  "peng", he destroyed Les's probing attack and then swiftly slashed out three times!

  Les' soft sword was like a venemous snake, and he slashed out three times to block Lochlan's attacks. With a sidestep, he dodged his opponent's next strike. He swiftly swept across his soft sword which caused Lochlan to raise his blade to block against it. Who knew that the soft sword was extremely tough? While it was blocked, the tip of it still curved and stabbed towards Lochlan.


  Lochlan was really skilled and courageous enough to actually use his palm to smack away the sword tip. With a "pa", the soft sword was smacked away and he kicked forward with his left foot, leaving a clear footprint on Les' war leggings.


  Les was shocked and he stumbled a few steps back. The sword returned back to his sheath as he cupped his fists, "Marshal, I am not Little General's opponent!"

  Luo Xun was astonished, "This..."

  Lochlan was a little gleeful, cupping his fists as he smiled, "Father, now can you let me go to battle?"

  Les stood there ashamed. He raised his head and looked towards Luo Xun, "Although I am not his opponent, Marshal, there is still one general here who is really skilled in the sword fighting and he might be able to defeat the Little General."


  "Royal Army General Li Xiao Yao. The Blood Giant Kehl from the Hybrid Demon Territory died under his sword. Let General Li test it out — maybe he can really do it."

  "Good!" Luo Xun said firmly, "General Li, please teach my son a lesson. If you can defeat him I will definitely reward you!"

  I frowned. Les wanted me to make a fool out of myself right now, didn’t he? 

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These NPCs had no idea about how strong my sword skills were. However, it was Les who realized that Luo Xun's son was really skilled. So, he wanted me to lose face in front of everyone to cut down my arrogance. However, I had to win even more so!


  The Dragon Reservoir Sword came out of its sheath. I didn't take the Zhen Yue Blade out after observing Lochlan's skills since I knew that I could beat him with just one weapon!

  "Royal Army General, I won't show mercy!" Lochlan laughed and dashed out, his blade thrusting forward beautifully.

  I held up my Dragon Reservoir Sword diagonally and exquisitely pushed his sword to stab towards my back as my legs shifted to the side. At the same time, I elbowed his chest.


  Lochlan was slightly stunned, and he quickly used a palm to block it. At the same time, he pulled back his sword and slashed three times in a row at a really tough angle. This kid had learned from many sword masters. If not, he couldn’t possibly have reached such a cultivation level. Luckily, his opponent was me. As I held my Dragon Reservoir Sword horizontally, I then gave a spinning stab. With a loud "keng", I locked onto his sword. This was the Song Feng Sword Technique's Sword Wrapping Stance.

  Along with it, Lochlan had already lost his balance and I could tell this kid had lost his cool. He used a palm, letting Douqi burst out. He used Douqi attacks to try to break free of my sword.

  I also added strength, activating [Holy Domain Strength] as I smashed out with a fist.


  An energy spiral exploded out, [Holy Domain Strength] and Lochlan's Dou Qi crashed into one another, causing the capes of the generals around us to fly up. Even the curtains of the tents started to ruffle. Lochlan retreated several steps and his face was slightly white. He returned his sword to his sheath and cupped his fists, "Thank you General Li for teaching me, I... I am not General Li's opponent!"

  I looked at him with praise. This kid isn’t bad, he takes his losses.

  Duke Luo Xun laughed out loud, "As expected, General Li is really skilled. Thank you. After this I will order my men to send the reward to your tent. As for Lochlan, you shall follow father to defend this area. We will just watch how the generals take down this Waterfront City."

  Lochlan knelt to the ground and said, "Father, I don't want to stay here, I want... I want to bring my personal troops to the Royal Army to learn sword techniques with General Li. Moreover, General Li's skills are top-notch, so if he protects me, Father does not need to worry about my safety. Father, please agree to my request."

  Luo Xun had no way to stop his child and as such he could only nod his head, "Okay then. General Li, I hope that you can take good care of my kid and don't let him enter dangerous situations. This time, the three armies will siege together. The Royal Army only needs to use their cannons, there is no need for you to siege. At the very least, General Li cannot drag my son into the siege."

  I frowned and said, "Understood. I will try my best not to let the Little General get close to the city."

  "Okay then. Set off, the cannon sound will be the order. After three cannons, we will start to siege!"

  "Yes, Marshal!" A bunch of empire generals cupped their fists.


  I went out and got onto my horse, bringing my few personal troops. Then Lochlan also brought a hundred of his men over and asked sincerely, "General Li, how did you complete your Sword Wrapping Stance? Can you teach it to me?"

  I was helpless, "Wait for this war to end, now is not the time."

  "Okay General Li, you better not go against your words or else I will keep bugging you."

  "Yeah, I know..."

  It seemed like this Lochlan was devoted to the sword. He also loved to charge about and kill on the battlefield. He was the son of the Marquis and would take over sooner or later so such a general was rare to see. Roughly speaking, only people like Pearl and Angela would personally lead battles right? I suddenly thought back to how Pearl was killed and how Luo Lin was buried in the Revered One's battle. Things in the world changed and the game was the same — they had long been forgotten about.

  When I returned to the Royal Army camp, the first cannon sounded out. Then, there were two more. The war had begun!

  In the distance, the Violent Thunder Army had started to siege but they suffered heavy losses. Beneath the city walls laid a dense group of Violent Thunder Army corpses. Luckily, the players sieged together and it helped reduce some of the pressure.

  Han Yuan's eyes lit up when he saw me return, "General, our Royal Army can also siege right?"

  I shook my head, "No, the Marshal ordered us not to attack and wait for the city walls to open before we enter. Now, use the cannons to aim the towers on the city walls. Blow up all their defense towers first before we speak about anything else!"



  Han Yuan hurriedly went to fire cannons at the towers while the masses of China Region players also charged towards the city. This time, we had very few siege ladders and most of us had to climb up ourselves so one could imagine how tough it was. Li Mu, Wang Jian, and the others led the Steel Blade Cavalry and Fire Dragon Cavalry to directly charge and protect the ranged troops. Lin Wan Er appeared above the city walls by relying on the [Hermit God’s Arrival] to get up.

  It was already a huge mess under Waterfront City, and the cannons continued firing one by one. The heavy cannons on the city walls pelted the players and NPC armies. In less than half an hour, both sides had suffered heavy losses. I couldn't sit still anymore, holding my sword and charging out, "General Li, are you going out to kill? Can you bring me..."

  I laughed, "Little General should just wait here, I will be back soon. Xiao Lie, take care of the Little General and don't let anything happen to him, if not our Royal Army can't take responsibility!"

  Xiao Lie nodded, "Don't worry General!"

  Lochlan helplessly stood there and hollered, "General Li, you aren't a brother!"

  I couldn't help but smile.


  In the blink of an eye, we made our way onto the city walls. Around us were the bodies of the players who had gotten onto the city walls. Li Mu, Wang Jian, and the others had led many people up but most of them had been killed. Not far away from the city walls, there was a bunch of archers who were firing in unison. They were all people from [Conquest] and each of their names started with KING. The strongest guild in Korea was made of KING members. This team was similar to a family in China with roughly two hundred accounts and they were really closely knit.  Each of them had top-notch strength. The power of forty over KING archers was extremely terrifying. Many [Zhan Long] players had died under their hands.

  "Boss, be careful!"

  Mocha held her shield and stood on the city walls as she said, "The KING Family's firepower is really strong!"

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