Chapter 884- Marshal's son
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Zhan Long Chapter 884- Marshal's son

Chapter 884- Marshal's son

"Damn kid, you are asking to die!"

  A bunch of Thousand Leaf Army archers fired and the general from the Rongdi Army flipped and hid behind his war horse. The war horse was immediately died from the shots while he was fine. He jumped up and kicked down a cavalry. Then, he jumped onto the cavalry’s horse, galloping and slashing around in the crowd. Such bravery was really rare.

  I looked closely and saw that this kid was called Lochlan, a 157 Demon Harvest Tier BOSS. He was only a captain but his strength was actually quite decent. This should be the hidden power set up by the system; otherwise, a normal Demon Harvest Tier BOSS wouldn't be so skilled. At the very least, I have never seen anyone like that.

  "Let’s slaughter our way over!"

  I waved my sword and brought Han Yuan, Xiao Lie, Li Mu, Lin Wan Er, and the people to charge into the cannon formation. We swept across and our momentum was far above that of the Rongdi Army. The Thousand Leaf Army Cavalry which charged at us was ripped apart. This was strength that Rongdi Army did not have. That person known as Lochlan scowled. He grabbed his sword and hollered, "Rongdi Army, don't let the Tian Ling City army look down on us. Attack! Anyone who kills a hundred will become a captain. Kill a thousand and you will become a lieutenant!"

  Under his orders, the Rongdi Army suddenly became more valiant. All of them hollered as they charged forward. The Thousand Leaf Army couldn't block them anymore, seven to eighty thousand fell together, and they were showing signs of a full collapse.

  In the other direction, [Legend]'s cavalry troops appeared. Enchanted Painting held the Water God Halberd and led a bunch of Earth Bane Ox Cavalry to crash into another NPC army. This was the second army of Waterfront City — Flying Bird Army!

  Along with [Judgment], [Prague], [Hero’s Mound], and the other guilds, the Waterfront City formation on the Wild Butterfly Plains couldn't block us anymore. Based on my observations, they wouldn't be able to last for three hours before a full scale collapse. At that time, we would be able to directly siege their city. While killing I asked Long Xing, "Has the messenger returned?"

  Long Xing nodded, "Don't worry sir, the messenger has done his job. The ships we left on the War God River will soon reach the southern shore. A total of five Dragon Crystal Cannons, two hundred Flame Dragon Cannons, and a certain amount of ammo will be transported here before night fall."

  I had some confidence in my heart, "Okay, that is great!"


  In the battle at the Bridge of Fate there were Jian Feng Han, Mu Xuan, Simple, and Bai Li Ruo Feng. Behind them was the Xia Yu Army and Dragonling Army, acting as their shield. They couldn’t be broken through after a short amount of time, and what we needed to do was to take down Waterfront City as quickly as possible. If we could do that, then we would really shine bright in the current world. Looking at country war games so far, no one has ever taken down two main cities in a single battle!

  Time passed bit by bit and after four hours of time, the Waterfront City players on the Wild Butterfly Plains started to flee in defeat. Seven million of them were killed and only two million remained. The China Region still had eight million players and around a total of five hundred thousand NPC troops. We had the absolute advantage.

  After cleaning up the battlefield, the two hundred and fifty cannons of the Royal Army were sent over by the warships. However, Duke Luo Xun seemed to be uninterested in them. His Rongdi Army didn't suffer much losses in this battle and his arrogance was still there. He probably wanted them to use this morale to take down Waterfront City in one fell swoop.

  We were officially under the city. Behind the Waterfront City were the plains and further behind that was the ocean. They had no way out and they could only fight against us with their backs against the walls.

  Within the commander tent, Louis, Baili Ning, Les, and Qin Ye were all here. These were basically all the people that I recognized.

However, we weren't close. When Pearl was alive, they didn't really have a good impression of me, only Baili Ning treated me well. The others wished for me to just die on the battlefield. However, now with Luo Xun as the Marshal, all of them started to take sides. Without exception, they were all on his side.


  Luo Xun sat on the marshal seat and said with his brow relaxed, "We have successfully broken through the barrier that Waterfront City set up for us on the Wild Butterfly Plains. We have killed hundreds of thousands and we should think about the next step. How should we proceed?"

  Louis cupped his fists and said, "Marshal, I think we should immediately build cloud ladders and climb the city siege."

  Luo Xun said, "Marquis' words are wrong — it will take a long time for the siege ladders to be sent over and we don't have that much time. I think the Rongdi Cavalry is enough to break through their paper thin city walls. What do you all think?"

  As the Marshal, Luo Xun's words were really aggressive such that Louis was so terrified he didn't dare to say anything else.

  The red silk on Les's arm was still floating about. He cupped his fists and said, "Although we didn't bring that many items we did bring siege claws. We can use shooting mechanisms to toss the hooks onto the walls and use the silk that even axes and swords can't cut. We will be able to use them to climb onto the city walls. I saw two hundred cannons on the walls, so as long as we blow them up, we will be able to easily take down the city."

  Luo Xun smiled, "Les' words are great, exactly what I wanted. Let's follow your idea. The Violent Thunder Army will take the lead. As long as you destroy half of their cannons, the entire army will follow up with the siege!"

  Les was stunned; he didn't think that this Marshal would let him lead the charge. Now that he had no choice but to go, he gritted his teeth, "General accepts the orders!"

  Les immediately arranged his deputy to begin siege. However, the Violent Thunder Army only had tens of thousands of people and they definitely wouldn't be able to succeed. I walked up, holding my sword as I said, "Marshal, the city is too large. The Violent Thunder Army army won't be able to take it down."

  "So does General Li's Royal Army want to go too?"

  Luo Xun raised his head and looked at me, his face filled with a smile, "Then listen to my orders: the Royal Army and Violent Thunder Army will siege together!"

  I was furious, gritting my teeth as I said, "Marshal, let's build siege ladders to attack, only then can we suppress their arrows, crossbow, carriages, and firepower. If not, we will suffer heavy losses."

  "Shut up!"

  Luo Xun smacked the table and said, "General Li, you are a soldier of the Empire, so you should know about following orders right? I have already decided. The Royal Army and the Violent Thunder Army will siege together. As for what method you use, just do as you deem fit!"

  I was shocked; the situation was already really clear. Luo Xun naturally didn't come back to Tian Ling City for just a position — his actions were obviously to undermine the Tian Ling City troops. Once Royal Army and Violent Thunder Army died, then Tian Ling City would only be left his Rongdi Army. When that happened, he’d just eat up our credit for taking down Flaming Cloud City and Waterfront City.

  Baili Ning also realized what was going on, so he cupped his fists and said, "Marshal, the Royal Army and Violent Thunder Army won't be able to do so. I am willing to lead the Chang Feng Army to battle too!"

  Louis also knelt down with his broken arm raised in front of his chest, "Marshal, I am also willing to lead the Fire Axe Army to battle!"

  A major of the Fire Dragon Army was promoted to general and he also knelt down, "I am also willing to lead the Fire Dragon Army to aid!"

  All of a sudden, apart from Rongdi Army, all the Tian Ling City Army Generals requested to fight. I was touched. At the crucial moment, even if we were wary of one another, now we were willing to shed blood for Tian Ling City. I was doing so for Pearl's final wishes while they were doing it for power, but the outcome was the same. We didn't want Rongdi Army's Master to rule Tian Ling City, for there would be a change of emperor. Owen couldn't see the situation clearly but we could.


  Luo Xun scoffed coldly and didn't know what to say. He didn't expect the situation to turn out like this. If all the Tian Ling Empire original armies fought, they might just take down Waterfront City. If the Rongdi Army didn't fight and had no credit, then his position in Tian Ling Empire would be greatly affected. He thought about it and said, "Okay, I will also send a hundred and fifty thousand Rongdi Army troops to fight. We have to take down this main city in three days!"

  Just at this moment there was some commotion outside as a personal troop charged in, "Marshal, the Little General he..."

  "What happened to Lochlan?" Luo Xun asked.

  He said, "He wants to charge into the tent..."

  Just as he said that, the tent curtains were pushed open by a sword as a young general charged in. It was the one I had seen just now: Lochlan. I immediately grasped the fact this small kid was the son of Luo Xun!


  Lochlan knelt with one knee on the ground, "I want to fight!"

  Luo Xun frowned, "A siege is a siege; it is not a joke. Just stay here. Once the city falls into chaos, you will have a chance to charge!"

  Lochlan was unhappy, "Father, am I weaker than any of them? Why aren't you letting me kill the enemy to gain credit? The blood of Tian Ling City kings flow in my body, and I am willing to bleed to protect Tian Ling City!"

  "Stop talking!" Luo Xun said, "Anyway, I won't allow you to fight. Lochlan, you are my only son. Remember, the generals here have been through hundreds of battles — you think you can compare to them?"

  Lochlan gritted his teeth, "Father I am unwilling, why?"

  As he said that he suddenly pulled out a sword, "I am willing to spar with the generals here. I won't siege if someone can defeat me with one stroke!"

  As the marshal, Luo Xun could not hold back his precious son. He said helplessly, "Okay, which general is willing to help me teach this dumb kid a lesson? I will heavily reward him..."

  "Let me try out his skill!" Dragonling Army General Qin Ye pulled out his broadsword and walked over. He smiled, "Let's hold ourselves back, and I will try not to hurt you."

  Lochlan also stood up. He smiled as he unsheathed out his sword.

  The moment Lochlan slashed out, I was shocked. The simple stab was filled with the deep sword path Wen Lu Style. Tsk, as expected, this Lochlan was strong.


  Qin Ye used sword skills that the troops of the empire were good at — he blocked and then hacked down. However, Lochlan was even faster. He jumped and the sword had slashed past Qin Ye's shoulder.


  Sparks flew, he slashed really lightly, leaving a mark on Qin Ye's armor.



  Qin Ye's eyes opened wide as he stood there, his face filled with shame, "Little General's skills are superb, I lost!"

  Lochlan smiled, "Father, do you still think I can't protect myself?"

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