Chapter 883- Battle of Waterfront City
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Zhan Long Chapter 883- Battle of Waterfront City

Chapter 883- Battle of Waterfront City

Waterfront City was a strong castle located on the Wild Butterfly Plains. It had nothing to rely on to defend. If one had to say there was, then it would be the Bright God Hall behind it. There were a bunch of Saint Cavalry as well as an omnipotent god. However, all those were just rumors — there was no player who had ever seen the god decree in the Bright God Hall.


  I didn't hurry as I waited for the Royal Army's Blade Shield Unit to arrive before we slowly pushed forward. The [Zhan Long] players weren't anxious to kill for Country War Achievement Points. The players in Waterfront City were lying in wait and they weren't easy to take down. It’d be better for us to avoid the brunt of their attacks.

  Li Mu patted his horse and said, "Got the intel. At least seven million Waterfront City players are waiting for us in the Wild Butterfly Plains. The three main NPC armies have all come out of the city. It seems like they are planning to have a final battle with us outside the city."

  I smiled, "How many people do we have?"

  "Ten million at most."

  "This might be what they are gunning for. They have been waiting while most of us have gone through the Flaming Cloud City war, and our levels and equipment have dropped. Moreover, we might not dare to fight to the death."

  Li Mu smiled, "Actually, they might be wrong. That is because their intel system doesn’t have information about Duke Luo Xun. These two hundred and fifty thousand cavalry will probably cause a whole bunch of problems for the Waterfront City players."


  When we continued forward, we could already hear the booming cannon sounds. The battle had begun!

  I guided my horse forward for a bit and when I stepped onto the Wild Butterfly Plains, smoke billowed in the sky in the distance. The Rongdi Army was fiercely charging and the Waterfront City armies had spread themselves out. The Heavy Shield Unit was at the front with the archers at the back. Cannon sounds covered the area and left many deep holes in the plains. At the same time, it also blew the Rongdi Army cavalry into pieces.

  The ground shook as I patted the horse and headed forwards slowly. I noticed that Rumor had led his men up. This deputy commander of the China Region seemed really anxious, afraid that his guild wouldn't get credit. He was just as anxious as Luo Xun.

  Behind me, the [Zhan Long] Steel Blade Cavalry and Fire Dragon Cavalry slowly pushed forward. Li Mu, Wang Jian, and Mocha were at the front. I asked, "Have you noticed the [Conquest] players?"

  "No." Wang Jian shook his head and said, "Japan's top guild [Casualty] and second guild [New Moon] haven't appeared yet. Waterfront City's top three guilds are nowhere to be seen."

  I nodded and smiled, "This is correct. If I were them I also wouldn't choose to fight here. They will have more of an advantage defending the city. The seven million here are probably to drain our energy."

  Li Mu said, "Then what should we do? Just watch?"

  "Of course not. The NPC Marshal wouldn't let us just stand here either."

  Before I said that, a messenger charged over with a flag. He hollered, "Royal Army General Li Xiao Yao listen up, orders from the Marshal. Royal Army charge from the left-wing, crush their cannon formation in two hours. If not, you will be beheaded!"

  I frowned, "This Marshal Luo Xun really is brave enough to actually give such an order. If it was anyone else I would have killed him. It’s only because he has two hundred and fifty thousand Rongdi Army troops and the Royal Army is tired."


  "Let's go!"

  I raised my hand and pulled out the Dragon Reservoir Sword, "We will attack from the left-wing, avoid their cannon fire. Attack!"

  Li Mu and the others had waited for a long time. After they heard my order they charged over — there was one reward per city taken. However, after the seven days there would also be a final reward, and that was the more important one. The more Country War Achievement Points we get, the better. The Waterfront City players in front of us now were mostly second and third-string ones and thus the best targets for us to get points.

  "Kong, kong.."

  The God Dragon Horse roared out before we charged out too. Along with the [Zhan Long] and Royal Army cavalry, we moved forward. The people in front of us were all from the same guild, the ninth-ranked guild on the Japanese server. Therefore, their strength had to be average. The moment we saw them, the difference in strength was apparent. They weren't able to block us at all as we quickly broke through their defenses. The people at the back slaughtered them, and there were no surprises.


  Li Mu's [Covering Sword Slash] landed into the crowd and blood splattered. This guy's combat strength was too high; he then slashed out once more to break a shield-wielding cavalry. Fresh blood covered his face as he laughed, "I realized that the left-wing are all Japanese. Good, I like this arrangement!"

  Old K roared and charged out, [Whirlwind Slash] rose up in the crowd. How could the Japanese people even block it? Sword energy instantly covered the area. His health dropped below thirty percent and he swiftly roared out, using [Savage Jump Slash] to jump back. He then slashed a swordsman off his horse. Yue Yao Yan, Star Blade, Death God's Elegy, and the others also moved in as if there was no one in front of them. As expected, they weren't able to block us at all. There was even a JBN Battlenet top fifty player who was instantly killed by Lin Wan Er's [Twin Blade Harmony] and [Chain Attack]. The difference in strength was just too huge!

  After close to half an hour of charging, [Zhan Long] and the Royal Army broke through the seven guild defenses and arrived at the Waterfront City NPC army camp. This was where their main force was located. Looking out, their formation was really orderly and strict as a total of ten shield formations had been placed at the front. Each shield soldier had a spearman with him. Their spears gave out a cold light as they waited for us under the moonlight. This was the heavy shield soldier and spearman combination. From afar, their flags waved and on it were markings of a few pieces of fallen leaves.

  "Thousand Leaf Army."

  Lin Wan Er held her dagger and said calmly, "It is the third-ranked army in Waterfront City — it belongs to the Japanese Region and is considered one of their main forces. Let me check... Oh, Thousand Leaf Army has forty Dragon Crystal Cannons and hundred and twenty Flame Dragon Cannons. They have a total of one hundred and forty thousand people. That’s so many, what should we do?"

  I took a look and said, "They are basically all level 140-155 Titan Tier NPCs, nothing to be afraid of. Look at the Royal Army troops behind me — they are either Ancient or Emperor Tier NPCs, Valkyrie or Divine Tier BOSSes. The lowest one is already stronger than theirs. Kill them and earn achievement points!"


  Although I was originally prepared not to be the main force, at this point it wasn't up to me anymore. On the main battlefield, the Rongdi Army was unable to break through their defense lines. If [Zhan Long] and the Royal Army stopped here, we might be laughed at for being afraid so why not just fight to the death? We can serve our country while obtaining Country War Achievement Points. At least we added some effort into contributing to the China Region.

  "Fire Dragon Cavalry, charge together with me! Use flicking methods to push their spears upwards and use the cavalry to knock away the bunch of spearmen. Don't try to kill them, just break their defensive formation first!" I hurriedly charged out, immediately using [Icy Wings]. I unsheathed my sword and I instantly pushed away hundreds of meters of shields and spearmen within the formation.

  However, the Thousand Leaf Army formation was close to a thousand meters so I couldn't do it all by myself. The other [Zhan Long] members also joined in. Li Mu, Wang Jian, Old K, and the higher skilled players all waved their weapons to push their spears up. Their mounts knocked forward and pushed those shield soldiers to fall to the ground. The players behind followed suit — a bunch of us were quickly killed. The Royal Army troops weren't slow either. Han Yuan and Xiao Lie followed me to charge for so long that they became really familiar with the [Zhan Long] people. They even joked with one another. The Dark Moon Elf Major Ling Luo shot while smiling to Li Mu, "General's personal troops... This general seems strong, it’s just that his equipment looks torn and tattered. He is too poor, right?!"

  Li Mu was teased by an NPC beauty and his face turned red.

  Wang Jian was unhappy, "F***, how can you say that? Who you calling poor? Boss, raise your head and let them see that you are not only poor but ugly too!"

  Dancing Forest laughed, "You really don't know how to talk. So what if Li Mu is ugly, is that his choice? Li Mu stand up and let them see, not only are you ugly but you are short too!"

  Mocha giggled and also spoke up, "We all are from the same guild so let's not do this. What if Li Mu is short? It is not his fault for being short. Aiyo, Li Mu even jumped up to hit me, my knee hurts..."

  Li Mu was speechless, "..."

  Just like this, the Valiant Bravery Camp Boss was teased so badly that even Dong Cheng Yue who was a little unhappy smiled — this was a big deal. I was also impressed by all of them. We were all fighting with the strong Thousand Leaf Army and those bunch could still laugh about like that. What a rare sight.


  We charged forward several times and it took us a few minutes to break through the Thousand Leaf Army spearmen and shield formation. Any further and we would meet a bunch of halberd-wielding infantry. There were also a bunch of archers among them. There was nothing good to say, so just kill!

  Both sides quickly entered a chaotic battle and it was close combat fights all around. Li Mu, Wang Jian, and the others all killed so many that they became number. Additionally, there were so many that died in my hands that I couldn't count anymore. I activated [Icy Wings] and charged about in the group. Every time I saw JBN or KBN people, I would use [Binding Chains] to grab and kill them. Once they saw me, it was like they had seen a ghost. They couldn't defend against me and if they ran, they weren't as fast as [Icy Wings]. They also joined hands but still failed to kill me. It was obvious that I had become a thorn in their side.

  The intense battle went on for close to an hour. When we arrived at their cannoneer camp, the Rongdi Army had also moved up. The one in front was an eighteen-year-old general who waved a sword and directly smashed a Dragon Crystal Cannon. His strength was shocking; he sliced off the barrel in just one hit, causing the surrounding Thousand Leaf Army to be totally terrified.

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