Chapter 882- Life and Death like flowers
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Zhan Long Chapter 882- Life and Death like flowers

Chapter 882- Life and Death like flowers

In the morning, rain pelted down outside of the window. Although the rain was still a little cold, it wasn't as bad as during the winter. I woke up a little early and went to the kitchen to prepare a simple breakfast for the two girls. I cut the bread, warmed the milk, and cooked porridge with a pressure cooker.

  When the two of them woke up, they ate really well. Tang Qi held the bread with his hand while saying, "We have finally taken down Flaming Cloud City, but it was really tough. Unfortunately, I didn't even make it into the top fifty. What a tragedy."

  "You only relied on [Bloom Again] and a few skills, you don't have any AOE techniques so naturally you can't beat others. Your job is good for one-on-one battles but when killing mobs you really are at a disadvantage."

  "That is true..."

  Tang Qi looked toward Lin Wan Er and smiled, "I heard that Miss Wan'er was granted the Flaming Cloud Infanta title by the NPC emperor? Congratulations, you really are a relative of the Emperor now!"

  Lin Wan Er smiled, "What is the use of that? It is just a game. Fighting well in this country war well is the more important thing. I think we have made too many enemies. It is okay if we win this country war, but if we do not it'll be really problematic in the future. Moreover, my worry is..."

  I placed down my bread and said, "What you worry about is Clear Black Eyes, Drunk Maple, and the tens of millions of India Region Players right?"


  She blinked and said, "Mhm, we have taken down Flaming Cloud City but their players will still come online. They have so many people cooped up in two secondary cities and they will definitely be unhappy. With Clear Black Eyes' intellect, she might cause trouble for us. The next country war will be really tough for us."

  I nodded my head, "This is also what I worry about. How to rule the cities is also another problem. We definitely can't rely on NPCs to defend it."

  Tang Qi frowned, "There seems to be no solution to this right?"

  I sighed, "Anyway, I don't have a plan now. Players can revive after they die and we can't kill them once for all and suppress them. Let's talk about this in the future, there will always be a method."


  Tang Qi smiled and said, "After the Flaming Cloud City battle, our guild leader thinks differently about you. He thinks that you really are a true talent, a talent to support a king!"



  I didn't say much. After we finished, we went online. We had logged offline to rest for a long time and the various armies should have headed over to attack Waterfront City.


  I appeared in Tian Ling City and repaired my equipment. My Zhen Yue Blade was about to break from all the slashing. That was also why I was able to suppress Fang Ge Que and remain on top of the leaderboard. If this continued and I killed a few more, the MVP title would be mine. This was an excellent thing. I missed the Hero's Wings Cup final due to my injuries after all. Now if I become the country war MVP, I will become a unique world MVP!

  I replenished some potions and the God's Army Card before heading out of the city. There were many [Zhan Long] players gathered outside but I ordered to them that anyone who died more than two times wasn't allowed to join in anymore. Therefore, many of them went to kill mobs. There were only around twenty thousand [Zhan Long] players remaining along with the combined ten thousand Fire Dragon Cavalry and Steel Blade Cavalry. That would be enough as long as we didn't charge out recklessly at the front. It'd be best if we let [Legend], [Prague], and [Emerald Porcelain] or the guilds that suffered fewer losses to go to the front.

  I headed to the front of [Zhan Long].

I raised my sword and smiled, "If you have eaten and slept enough, then it's time for battle. Today's the fourth day of the country war, and there are three days left, let's do this!"

  Li Mu laughed, "Good luck, let's go!"

  The sound of horse hooves rumbled as [Zhan Long] set out. Not far away, the Royal Army messenger galloped over and said respectfully, "General, Han Yuan told me to tell you that the Royal Army has already set off and they left seven hours ago. Please catch up, they are still waiting for your orders!"

  I nodded, "Understood, let's go!"

  "Yes, sir!"


  I rode the God Dragon Horse to travel alongside my [Zhan Long] brothers. We crossed the Fierce Wind Forest and headed toward the Battle Academy. The current Battle Academy was only left with kids, the age of the students was all in uniform. Maybe a large number of them had already died in Flaming Cloud City.

  South of the Forest of Monuments was the royal family tomb, and from afar, Princess Pearl's tomb had appeared. There were only dozens of people guarding it. Death was like a light being extinguished, Pearl was so reputable before she died and she still became a pile of white bones. Even her tomb was really simple, as if Owen didn't have excess power to build a tomb. He just buried Pearl simply, not even removing the weeds and the dirt piles beside it.

  Beside the new tomb were several white flowers that had been planted there. When the [Zhan Long] cavalry galloped past, the wind would cause the flowers to shake and there were even a few petals which fell to the ground.

  My nose felt sour when I saw that and I nearly cried out.

  "Pearl is so pitiful." When Li Mu turned around and looked at Pearl's tomb, he couldn't help but say that.

  I gritted my teeth, "After this country war ends, as long as I am not removed from my position, I will use my power to help her build a real tomb. This is what she deserves. I feel that although this is a game... it feels real. Things will change after thousands of years and many heroes will be buried by the waves of time, but Pearl's glow won't be covered. She is unique in the Tian Ling Empire."

  Li Mu nodded, "Yes, I have to admit, Destiny is really a noble game! Hey Xiao Yao, the NPCs all say that you are a great general, and it really is true. After so many battles and wars, only you can maintain your initial spirit. If this were the real world, with your current position, you would be allocated huge amounts of land. In addition, you'd also get to marry a bunch of wives and own hundreds of houses..."

  I couldn't help but laugh, "That is because I can't do that in-game, if not, maybe I will marry a bunch."

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  "Continue bragging, haha!"

  "Ha...Focus on the outcoming battle, our performance before was great. Let's try to get [Zhan Long] to appear in the top three of the Chinese Server Guild Rankings!" 

  Li Mu nodded his head confidently, "Don't worry, with your prestige and how many people in [Zhan Long] were killed in the battle, it would be tough for us not to enter the top three. Moreover, I suggest to select a few people in the [Zhan Long] Hall after the country war. How about that?"

  I said happily, "Sure, okay. Anyone who has done well or has high Country War Achievement Points can enter the [Zhan Long] Hall. The seven consecutive days of war really tests one's ability. How about this. We will choose three people to enter!"

  Wang Jian smiled, "Ha, Brother Xiao Yao is wise, this time we have a chance!"

  Thousand Suns Over Snowy Lands sat on Yue Yao Yan's horse and smiled, "I think Xiao Wu and my turn is here!"

  Dancing Forest smiled, "Alright, good luck, don't die too early!"

  Li Mu laughed but his tone changed, "I... We are going south... This place is the War God River? We are going to swim across?"

  Lin Wan Er rested on my shoulder and smiled, "That is because Luo Xun ordered his two hundred and fifty thousand Rongdi Army to cut the bamboo to build a new bridge on the War God River."

  I frowned, "New bridge? A bridge built by bamboo shouldn't be able to carry crossbow carriages, Dragon Crystal Cannons, and Flame Dragon Cannons, right?"

  "Nope," Lin Wan Er nodded, "which is why we can give up hope on using heavy weapons when attacking Waterfront City. We can only rely on ropes and ladders to charge up. This is bad... who knows how many more people are going to die..."

  "Who cares?" I laughed, "Let Luo Xun's Rongdi Army take the hits, [Zhan Long] and the Royal Army will assist. At most, the archers will just shoot us since we aren't the main force. However, if the Japanese and Koreans charge out for a battle then we will charge too!"

  "Yes!" Haha.. When they heard me say that, Li Mu, Wang Jian, and Old K all got excited. Everyone was really excited about fighting the Japanese and Koreans, after all, we had always looked down on them.


  Half an hour later, we arrived in the Giant Demon Bamboo Forest. A specific type of Giant Demons lived here but they were all wiped out. The giant bamboos had all been chopped down. Luo Xun's two hundred and fifty thousand Rongdi Army was so large that if they all threw their horse reins in the water they would be able to stop the flow. A giant bamboo bridge appeared on the War God River. However, the river water flow was rapid and it would surge onto the bridge and push soldiers into the water. The entire bridge shook up and down and it was really terrifying. 

  I rode the God Dragon Horse and brought [Zhan Long] to slowly cross the bridge. After we crossed, we finally saw the legendary Rongdi Army. They were all elite troops, most of them were cavalry and used great horses from the north. Their weapons were mostly crescent blades, flexible with high kill potential. Compared to the heavy blades and broadswords used by the troops of the empire, it was a different style. The Rongdi Army also wore leather robes and they looked totally out of place.

  When we crossed, Luo Xun immediately ordered to remove the bridge. It very quickly turned into a part of history. When Louis and I asked, he said that he wanted to cut off our retreat path, only then would we be able to fight to the death. As for the real reason, we wouldn't find out until later.

  Without waiting for the Royal Army and players to prepare, he had already led the Rongdi Army to charge forward, his target was Waterfront City. This made me even more nervous. Who knew what was going to happen next?

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