Chapter 881- Duke Luo Xun
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Zhan Long Chapter 881- Duke Luo Xun

Chapter 881- Duke Luo Xun

I bowed and said, "We have already taken down Flaming Cloud City. I left General Xiahou Ren to lead the Purple Spirit Army to defend the city. Purple Flame Saint Ruler was also killed." 


  Owen gazed at me, "Is that true? The Purple Flame Saint Ruler is dead?"


  "Where is his head?" Owen's expression was actually a little vicious with a bit of excitement hidden within.

  I took out the head of the Purple Flame Saint Ruler and said, "This is it..."

  Owen frowned as he looked at the Purple Flame Saint Ruler's head, "It really is his! This damn fellow, he is just a general of Flaming Cloud Empire and actually managed to become the emperor. However, in the end, he still died. Hahaha... General Li, you have done really well. Say, what reward do you want for killing the Purple Flame Saint Ruler?"

  I shook my head, "I didn't kill him, she did."

  I pulled Lin Wan Er's hand when I said that.

  Owen immediately looked at her and said, "This... girl actually had the ability to kill the Purple Flame Saint Ruler? I really can't believe it..."

  Marquis Louis said, "Your Highness, this girl is the disciple of Hermit God Alan, she has grasped the Holy Domain Strength."

  "No wonder." Owen said, "What are you called?"

  Lin Wan Er thought about it and said, "I am called Cang Tong."

  Owen muttered, "Cang Tong? Such a weird name, however, that is okay. Cang Tong, during the Flaming Cloud City battle you cut off the Purple Flame Saint Ruler's head. Seeing your achievements and the fact that I have lost a sister, why not... I take you as my god sister? Are you willing?"

  Lin Wan Er was stunned and she looked towards me, "Piggy, should I agree or not? The system is asking me for my decision..."

  I didn't think much, "Agree, it won't be a bad thing anyway."


  In the next moment, Lin Wan Er confirmed herself as Owen's god sister. Owen nodded, "Okay, now that you are my sister, you will be granted the title, Flaming Cloud Infanta. From today on, you will defend Flaming Cloud City. Every single troop and soldier in it is under your control. You have the highest power there and your title is Primary Grade One, the same as a princess. How is that?" 

  Lin Wan Er was stunned, "Ah? He is handing Flaming Cloud City over to me to manage?"

  I was delighted and grabbed her hand, "This is a good thing! Quickly agree. The No. 1 of Flaming Cloud City is better than Commander in Chief and Marshal, moreover... after you grasp Flaming Cloud City it will make things much easier when we attack and defend the borders."

  Lin Wan Er licked her lips and smiled, "Okay then, thank you Your Majesty."

  "No, call me brother." Owen emphasized.

  Lin Wan Er was evidently a little not used to this as she frowned. A few seconds later did she say unnaturally, "Then... Thanks, Brother..."

  "Yes, good sister. There is no need to be so courteous, haha!"

  Owen patted her shoulder and spoke gently. This made me want to slash off this guy's arm. How was a person like him fit to have a sister?


  A moment later, Baili Ning said, "Your Majesty, Pearl's coffin will be buried in the Tian Ling Emperor Tomb. When are you planning to bury her?"

  "Tomorrow!" Owen said, "Let the officials handle this. Baili Ning, Li Xiao Yao, Louis, you all still matters to attend to."

  I nodded my head, "Understood."

  Owen said, "Waterfront Empire's old emperor is probably sick of living to actually send men across the War God River to attack our land. I have sent a few armies to attack Waterfront City. However... these few armies have suffered heavy losses and probably won't succeed. Immediately set off, cross War God River, and attack Waterfront City!"

  Baili Ning was stunned and said, "Your Majesty... We... Our five armies have already suffered heavy losses. Marshal Xu is already dead and even Princess Pearl died in the war. Our soldiers have fought day and night and haven't managed even a single good night's sleep. We also lack grain. If we attack Waterfront City, we will suffer from starvation and death. Your Majesty, please pity us and give us some time to rest..."

  Owen frowned, "Baili Ning , are you avoiding this because you are afraid? Pearl and Marshal Xu are prides of the empire. However, we have to chase the win and wipe out this virus that is Waterfront City. After this battle, no matter how heavy the price we pay, we will definitely be able to exchange it for dozens of years of peace. Isn't that so?"

  "But..." Baili Ning wanted to speak but he stopped himself.

  At this moment, a forty year old general held a heavy blade and walked up from behind Owen, "Your Majesty, if Baili Ning and Li Xiao Yao aren't willing to fight, then the Barbarian Army is willing to fight for the Empire to take down Waterfront City and cut off the head of that old emperor." 

  I couldn't help but look towards him, "This is?"

  His lips curled and smiled, "I am Luo Xun."

  "Luo Xun?" I was shocked, I had never heard of such a person in Tian Ling City.

  Louis was surprised, "Luo Xun... Duke Luo Xun, is it Duke Luo Xun who defended the extreme north cold land, Emperor Rob's cousin, Duke Luo Xun?"

  Owen nodded his head and smiled,  "It is Uncle Luo Xun. When the Empire was in danger, he led two hundred and fifty thousand Rongbi Army from the north over the mountains and ridges, going past the Empire!"

  I was stunned, "Duke Luo Xun wants to bring the two hundred and fifty thousand Rongdi Army to attack Waterfront City?"

  Luo Xun nodded his head, "Yes, I have such intentions, does General Li Xiao Yao have anything to add?"

  I smiled, "No, I don't, I just didn't know that Tian Ling Empire actually had such a huge Rongdi Army. I am really surprised."

  Owen said, "Uncle left the Empire when he was seventeen and twenty-seven years have passed. When he left Pearl, and I weren't even born yet. Now that he has returned, he is our undisputed savior!"

  As he said that, he said solemnly, "Luo Xun, listen to my decree!"

  Duke Luo Xun knelt on the ground with one knee, "Present."

  Owen said, "I give you the title of Tian Ling Empire Marshal to lead the troops. Use the main force of your Rongdi Army to attack Waterfront City in a day. You must take it down within half a month!"

  "I accept the orders!" Luo Xun knelt there expressionlessly.

  Owen continued, "Apart from that, Royal Army, Fire Axe Army, Fire Dragon Army, and Chang Feng Army are all under Marshal Luo Xun's rule. Listen to his orders and set out a day later!"

  "Yes!" Baili Ning and Louis all accepted.

  I kept silent and didn't speak. I held the hilt of my sword, bringing Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue out. Lin Wan Er ran after me and said, "Oi, are you unhappy?"

  "No, I am not..."

  "Hehe, it is all written all over your face and you still try to deny it!"

  Dong Cheng Yue smiled at the side, "Actually, Owen really isn't an intelligent ruler. We lost so many generals and troops while attacking Flaming Cloud City. It was obvious that your merits were the highest but in the end he actually gave the Marshal position to an uncle we had never even heard of. If I were the one, I would also be unhappy."

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  I couldn't help but smile, "There is no choice. I just feel like our foundations have been shaken after fighting consecutive wars. This time, we nearly used up all of our cannons. We can also push flesh and blood to attack the Japanese and Korean Cities. Just thinking about it, we know how intense it is. Unfortunately, I still have to bring the Royal Army there to let Luo Xun command it."

  Lin Wan Er said, "Or you can bring them to avoid battle?"

  I shook my head, "I thought about that, but forget it..."

  Just at this moment, a guard chased us, "General Li, please stop!"

  I stopped and looked towards him. He took out a golden scroll and said, "His Majesty has given you a secret decree. There is no need to bow, just follow the matters."


  I was a little hesitant as I took the golden scroll. The guard left immediately while I looked at the Emperor Seal on the scroll. It looked like Owen's writing and there were just a few simple lines...

  "General Li Xiao Yao, you were Pearl's most trusted general. Pearl was also the sister I grew up with so you are the only person I can trust in the Empire. Please maintain the strength of the Royal Army on this trip to Waterfront City. They are the pillars of this country. Let the Rongdi Army siege. If we can win, Duke Luo Xun will become Waterfront City Duke while you will become the Empire's Marshal, thus grasping the troops. I have high hopes for you and I swear on Pearl's name."


   Lin Wan Er opened her mouth after reading the few lines, "Wow, the AI of the NPCs here are really not simple. I thought that Owen was a greedy ruler. Who knew that he actually had such a good grasp of the situation?"

  Dong Cheng Yue said, "Owen does not completely trust this uncle. After we take down Waterfront City, he is prepared to remove his control over the troops and make him a puppet at Waterfront City right?"

  I nodded, "That is probably it, however... Who knows what will happen in the future... Let's just go offline to eat. It is late, the two of you are probably hungry already, right?"

  "Of course, let's go get something good to eat."


  After giving some instructions to the Royal Army, I let Li Mu and Wang Jian to tell the [Zhan Long] members to go offline. Moon City wouldn't be able to break the Bridge of Fate anytime soon and there wasn't much of a real threat.

  Fang Ge Que was still leading [Legend] and the other huge guilds to fight with Waterfront City's Japanese and Korean players. With us rushing over along with the two hundred and fifty thousand Rongdi Army, we would outnumber them. I believe we have the chance to win, but who knows what other things might occur?


  I went offline and drove the two girls out to eat at a buffet barbecue. We returned when our stomachs were about to explode. I took a shower and had a good sleep. The third day of the country war ended just like that. We dealt with Flaming Cloud City and the next target was Waterfront City. China Region used so much strength and we probably shocked the Indian, Korean, Japenese, French, and British Regions.

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