Chapter 848- I am actually a rich second gen
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Zhan Long Chapter 848- I am actually a rich second gen

Chapter 848- I am actually a rich second gen

That old man started to scratch his nose and he said shamelessly, "You brat, I did that for your good. You actually don't thank me and scold me instead. Anyways, I don't think I did anything wrong."

  I was furious.

  Ouyang Nuo Yan smiled, "Xiao Yao, Uncle Lin Cheng has actually been designing some game details for Destiny and I think you can also feel how effective the game is in opening up the mental aspect of cultivators."

  I looked at the old fellow and said, "Then how is this old fellow still at the Royal Air Realm peak and not Yang Yan?"

  Through the Yihai, I could see that this old fellow was indeed still at the peak Royal Air Realm and hadn’t broken through yet.

  When Lin Cheng heard that, his face turned red and said, "Master was too young and too steely. It was a stormy night, sparks flew between Sister Yan'er and I... Speaking of which... Ah. Without a Pure Yang body, I obviously won't improve like you! I was only clumsy that once over the years."

  I didn't believe him and laughed, "You were only full of vigor and you never touched any other women? Who are you lying to!"

  Lin Cheng smacked the table and hollered firmly, "It is true!"

  Wang Xin smiled and said, “Boss Lin, we should arrange for you to go to that golden paradise, I heard that the girls there are all really beautiful and passionate..."

  Lin Cheng smiled, "Great!"

  I had no words, "..."


  Sun Xiang gave an awkward smile, "This… How about we talk about proper matters? Since everyone is here, let's drink and eat while discussing everything?"

  Wang Xin nodded, "Right, work matters are more important."

  I drank the wine and started to eat the dishes. I chose what the old man liked to eat. I ate faster and ate more such that he got really furious. His chopsticks stabbed over quickly and accurately. I immediately received his moves, using the chopsticks like a sword. Using a sword tangling style, it caused a piece of rabbit meat in his grasp to fall onto the plate. The old man was furious, Royal Air energy currents surged around the chopsticks. With a "pa", he forced away my chopsticks. I returned the favor, the energy currents flowing more intensely, locking down on his and then my left hand picked up a spoon before sweeping over. Lin Cheng received the move, taking up Sun Xiang's plate and blocking it.


  Yang Yan Fire surged on my spoon and instantly the old man couldn't take it anymore. His aura turned slightly chaotic and he retracted his chopsticks. However, he reached out and grabbed the plate of rabbit meat in front of him, "Stupid brat, you don't know how to respect the elderly!"

  I said, "A person who abandoned his disciple doesn't have the right to say so!"

  "A real male needs to face everything bravely. The first key to bravery is independence!"

  "Excuses. You obviously fell in love with some China-Myanmar lady which was why you would say that!"

  Lin Cheng's face turned red, "Bullsh*t, am I such a person?"

  Wang Xin asked, "What was her name?"

  Lin Cheng said, "I told you there wasn't!"

  "How old were you that year?"


  "That girl?"




  Forget it, I continued to eat!

  Very quickly, Sun Xiang couldn't take it anymore and said, "Li Xiao Yao, the Blood Scythe powers in Hangzhou have mostly been rooted out. Although Wei Fan was bailed out, he won't be able to cause trouble for long. Sooner or later, we will act on him so the pressure on the Guardian Base will be reduced. Do you have any other thoughts?"

  I was shocked, "Other thoughts? Temporarily, no."

  "Did you think about... Entering the proper army?" Sun Xiang asked probingly.

  I suddenly recalled that Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue were still waiting for me at school so I shook my head, "I have never thought about it!"

  Sun Xiang seemed a little disappointed and said, "Throughout all of China, there are only 2 Yang Yan Realm experts. You are one of them. The other is really casual and doesn't bother about world matters. Maybe you don't know how strong you are, but... Your country really needs you. Recently, some Artificials appeared on the border, this group of powers is surging deep down. There are actually some that are overseas. We have sacrificed many special forces and most of them died in their hands. The bosses say that if you are willing to join the army, you can immediately have a golden branch!"

  Wang Xin's mouth was agape.

  I was at a loss, they were willing to let me work up from a Major General?  F***, a Major General was all the power one wanted. If I was really a Major General, then I wouldn’t have to be worried about Liu Ying bringing people to beat me up! This treatment was really... It was really not something normal people could imagine. Although I was tempted, it’d be better to just think about it. Having that golden branch on me also means that I will have to sacrifice more. Maybe it was time, maybe it was my life, who knew?

  Thinking about that, I gave out a self-deprecating laugh, "I am used to a lazy life and hate being ordered around. I also hate those cheating and scheming times. I think I will just continue this casual life. If the problem at the border threatens national security one day, I will charge in there even without you asking. As for the time being, I just want to be a bodyguard here."

  Sun Xiang nodded. He didn't get angry and just smiled, "It is okay, we will wait for you!"

  "Okay, thank you!"


  Then, Ouyang Nuo Yan drank with me and smiled, "Xiao Yao, are you interested in working at Destiny?"

  "Doing what?" I asked.

  She smiled, "Technology advisor, like Uncle LIn. You can provide cultivation knowledge, and the salary is really high. A high-grade advisor gets at least 200 thousand a month."

  "So much!" I swallowed my saliva, "Forget it, I am Wan'er's bodyguard and can't work. Otherwise, Lin Tian Nan will get angry."

  Ouyang Nuo Yan burst into laughter, "Okay okay, I nearly forgot about that... Oh right, are the legendary Xiao Yao Zi Zai and Cang Tong really lovers?"

  "You can say so..."

  Ouyang Nuo Yan's face was immediately filled with awe, "A truly perfect pair... Out of the entire Destiny China Server, I think you are the only one who’s good enough for her and only she is good enough for you. I always feel that the Heavens destined for you two to be together and no one can tear you two apart..."

  I felt a little awkward, swallowing a piece of meat, "So delicious..."

  Ouyang Nuo Yan: "..."

  Sun Xiang continued to talk about recruiting me, but my mind was already made up and it wouldn't change. At least it was impossible for me to leave Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue. Moreover, I promised Lin Tian Nan to take down the other six main cities. To join the army without even taking one down, how did that make sense?

  The old fellow gave me a card; it was a diamond card. I stared at him, "This... You are asking me to send money to you every month?"

  The old man stared at me, "Bullsh*t, this is my savings over these years, go spend it! The code is your birthday, remember it."

  I patted on the worker beside me, "Beautiful, help me see how much is inside this."

  "Okay, sir!"

  I really didn't trust this old man!

  Very quickly the girl returned and said, "Sir, there is a total of 248 million inside. Please confirm."

  I looked at the machine in her hand and looked toward the old man in disbelief, "You... How did you get so much money? During these seven years, have you been robbing banks everywhere? !! I am going to call the cops. No, I am a cop. Captain Wang, lock him up!"

  Wang Xin reached out for his handcuffs and it seemed like he was really going to do so.

  The old man was furious, "What kind of person do you think I am? You brat, I told you that I invested in many industries. I’m not going to hide it from you, even this building is mine. Apart from that, half of the shops on this street are mine too. The money in the card isn't even a tenth of my assets! If you don't believe me, you can check who this building belongs to!"

  My mouth was opened wide, "That is fake right?"

  Sun Xiang nodded his head, "You probably don't know how amazing this old man is right?"

  The old man stared at me, "How about this — you are speechless right? You didn't think that you were actually a rich second-generation kid, right? After a hundred years, all my assets will naturally be passed on to you!"

  I gritted my teeth and raged, "Bullsh*t. If you are so rich, then when we went to buy cup noodles you didn't buy Kang Shi Fu and instead just bought a dollar Bai Xiang!"

  Ouyang Nuo Yan was stunned, facepalming, "Wow, I am getting amazed more and more today, you two are really..."

  I placed the card into my pocket and said, "Hmph, you actually have a little conscience!"

  The old man scoffed, "Stupid brat, you really are someone who can be bought over by money. Sun Xiang, if you want him just give him one billion and he will follow you. Don't worry!"

  Sun Xiang was a little awkward, "I don't have that many assets..."

  Wang Xin laughed, "It seems like our small Guardian Base Captain has more power to keep such a person who didn't even want to be a Major General."  

  Sun Xiang scoffed and said, "This kid is only staying for his girlfriend, what do you think?!"


  We finished the meal really quickly and Ouyang Nuo Yan revealed another piece of news to me. The country war system would open in three days — finally, the well-anticipated event was about to arrive. I was also looking forward to having Dragon’s Den, [Zhan Long], and the Royal Army. It was time for us to show our strength!

  "Pa pa..."

  Lin Wan Er called and rushed me to head back.

  Lin Cheng stood up, "Brat, I’m currently staying by the lake. Why not come over to visit? There are a few cultivator friends of mine that want to meet you."

  I shook my head, "No need, I am going to go back!"

  After saying that, I jumped up, hopping off from the top of the building. The wind blew in my ears and Ouyang Nuo Yan even screamed out. Wang Xin shouted, "Kid, do you want to die?!"

  Lin Cheng was really calm, "Don't worry, how can a Yang Yan person fall to death?"

  I was in the air with my head up and I looked at them look over the building, I laughed, opening my arms. Yang Yan energy covered the area and expanded. Right as I was about to land, it blew up and flame-like energy caused my body to become like a falling leaf to land safely on the ground. Not far away, a teen playing his guitar looked over with his eyes wide open and mouth agape. He sang, "That was the person I thought deeply about at night, what the f***, so overpowered..."

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