Chapter 849- Who hit who
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Zhan Long Chapter 849- Who hit who

Chapter 849- Who hit who

At 8pm, I went online!


  I appeared in Tian Ling City and opened the guild chat channel. I said in the core chat of the guild, "Just now I got news that the Country War System will open in three days. All of you make preparations. The first Destiny World War is about to arrive! We need to pay attention to the movement of the surrounding servers in case they sneak attack us."

  Old K was a war maniac and he laughed out loud, "Finally!"

  Li Mu said, "There isn't much movement about, just some small scale attacks which won't shake our foundations."

  Mocha smiled, "Boss, don't worry, [Zhan Long] has 15 thousand Steel Blade Cavalry and 3 thousand Fire Dragon Cavalry which is enough to deal with any threat. What we need to pay attention to is which city to attack. Fang Ge Que is the commander and we should receive news about a pre-war meeting soon."

  I nodded my head, "Oh, that should be true. Anyway, just prepare for battle. All of us should be on our guard these few days."

  Everyone replied in unison, "Great!"


  I took a look at the levels of the [Zhan Long] players. A total of eleven people had completed their sixth job advancement. This wasn't enough. Sixth job players were extremely strong like swordsmen who obtained Holy Domain Strength and Whirlwind Sword Break. One increased all stats and one raised killing strength. The country war was pretty much a cavalry attack model. If a country war were to start in three days and we had 100 sixth job swordsmen, we would pretty much sweep past all opponents unchallenged.

  I talked within the guild for a moment before making a trip to Dragon’s Den. The place was filled with people. Many players used it as a resource replenishment base. Around the city walls, there were many Flame Hawk Archers and Deep Freeze Cavalry. Close to ten thousand Cliff Dragon Cavalry were housed within the cavalry unit camp to train their charging skills under Chi Yu Han.

  Recently, two more player territories were born in Tian Ling City. [Hero’s Mound] and [Prague] both got it. There wasn't anything special about the bases. As such, [Legend], [Judgement], and the other guilds didn't fight for it. The battle wasn't really intense and I also didn't bother about these normal grade territories. Dragon’s Den actually had the strongest player base in Tian Ling City so there was no need for anything else.

  Recently, [Thousand Burial] suffered from a fatal blow. You Yi died under my sword, so there was no way he could go online. Wei Fan was also being closely monitored and couldn't come online either, resulting in the tens of thousands of Greedy Wolf Cavalry with no leader. Moreover, there was no one to hand out the salary this month so everyone was terrified. Luckily, deputy leader Call Me Master took up the role and temporarily managed [Thousand Burial] matters. However, this close to 50 thousand people guild and their financial losses probably wouldn't last for long. Call Me Master probably couldn't spend all her money on the group.

  I had nothing to do, so I messaged Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue and accompanied them to clear a map. It took 5 hours for us to complete it, finishing extremely quickly. Two Demon Harvest Tier artifacts exploded out for the two of them while I got nothing. However, I managed to level up to 154 and I once again entered the top three in Tian Ling City!


  Early in the morning, I went offline to rest. On the second day, before I even woke up, there was news from Lin Wan Er, "Piggy, wake up. At nine the Tian Ling City Emperor Palace side hall will have a pre-war meeting. Fang Ge Que and Rumor will personally chair it and the various guild leaders of Tian Ling City have to be there!"

  I flipped out and after washing up, I accompanied the two of them to eat something. Seeing that there was some time, we went out to stroll about the school to enjoy the start of spring.

The withered trees started to sprout. The dirt smell was really thick, the peach blossoms in the school started to grow many small flowers. In a month, they would probably bloom. We strolled for a while. Dong Cheng Yue's face finally had a smile on it. She was slowly walking out of the dark shadow of Dong Cheng Lei's death. This made Lin Wan Er and I feel really happy. This was probably the reason why Lin Wan Er suggested for us to go out on a walk.

  Return home, go online!

  I still appeared within Tian Ling City. I called Lin Wan Er and Yue Qing Qian, the two guild leaders, to head out to the palace. At this moment, it was tightly guarded. The Emperor sent selected guards from the Xia Yu Army to guard the city, leaving my Royal Army to walk the streets to maintain safety.


  When I brought the two girls to enter the gates of the city, the two rows of guards at the side had respectful expressions on their faces. Warriors like them didn't participate in the fight for power, but they respected generals like they were heroes. Maybe I was a great general to them that was good at war and a Royal Army general that was invincible in battle?

  I walked along the streets and from afar I could see [Knight’s Templar], [Prague], guild masters, and deputies who were walking towards the side hall. The so-called side hall was a huge hall that was not covered. In winter it was cold, and in summer it was still cold. When we went in, Fang Ge Que, Q-Sword, Rumor, and the main people were all there and surrounded the platform of the hall.

  "Hi Xiao Yao!"

  Ye Lai carried his battle-axe and walked in front, smiling, “The country war is almost here. Are you excited?"

  "It's okay." I grinned, "I am raring to go, what about you?"

  "The same!" He held his battle-axe and his eyes were filled with fighting intent, "Moon City, Flaming Cloud City, and Waterfront City have been eyeing us. They have been talking crap on the forums every day, especially those from Waterfront City. Each day there are people calling us China Dogs, etc. I have long wanted to teach those bunch of grandsons a lesson. F***, they don't have any skill and they only know how to scold each day. My ears are going to grow mold from listening to them speak!"

  After saying that, he looked towards Lin Wan Er and Yue Qing Qian behind me and smiled, "[Zhan Long] has been strengthening itself this month. Li Xiao Yao, your Royal Army is also doing really well. Haven't you been waiting for this moment?"

  I nodded and smiled, "Let's walk a step at a time. I don't know what the country war will be like. Moreover, there hasn't been an official announcement yet, how uncaring!"

  Yue Qing Qian blinked and smiled, "Destiny events and patches always come suddenly to give one surprises, I have gotten used to it."

  Not far away, a beautiful girl walked over. She wore a long robe. It was Mu Xuan who smiled, "Eh, Little Zai long time no see, you look even more handsome!"

  Lin Wan Er was helpless, her fist was clenched and she nearly fought Mu Xuan. I smiled, "I hope we will be able to advance and retreat together in the country war, Queen Mu Xuan!"

  Mu Xuan nodded, "Of course, however... Your side, look there, [Thousand Burial] only sent Call Me Master. What happened? That person just stood there alone and looked so pitiful... I heard?"

  She swept my body with her beautiful eyes and said, "I heard that You Yi won't come online anymore. He was killed in real life and the person that killed him was you right?"

  I didn't hide anything and nodded. "Yes. You Yi participated in a terrorist attack and was an important member. I am with the special forces police and killed him while completing my mission. There is no problem right?"

  Mu Xuan's face turned red, and her eyes were filled with stars, "Is that true? I have had a police fetish since young, how about... When I am free, I will go to Hangzhou and you can wear your uniform to take a picture with me?"

  I was shocked, "No, mine is a strict and solemn profession, please don't insult it..."

  "I will give you a thousand to take a video!"



  Lin Wan Er: "..."

  Yue Qing Qian: "..."


  I held my sword and walked over. Call Me Master sat all alone there, holding a sword in her hand. She raised her head and looked at me, "Xiao Yao Zi Zai… you?"

  I said, "Not Ordinary is Wei Fan. He is under police monitoring and wouldn't be in the mood to come online. The country war is almost here and I hope the ten thousand Hungry Wolf Cavalry of [Thousand Burial] will be able to fight hard for China."

  "I know." Call Me Master said, "I know what is important, but..."

  She looked at me deeply with her beautiful eyes, "You killed him right?"

  I nodded, "Yes."

  "Can I ask why?"

  "To protect the honor of the law!" I looked at her and said, "Will you blame me?"

  A look of sadness flashed across Call Me Master’s face as she said, "Can I blame you? I was only recruited into [Thousand Burial] to play. I enjoyed my time with them and they treated me like a friend. Now that they are locked up, what can I do? I won't blame you, but I can't clap and celebrate. I can only bring the members of [Thousand Burial] to continue to walk this path."

  I panted and said, "It is good that you don't hate me. As for the rest, let nature take its course..."



  At this moment, Fang Ge Que held a blue fan and walked onto the platform. He cleared his throat and said, "Guys quiet, the meeting is about to begin!"

  Everyone was solemn as they looked at the godlike male of the China Region.

  Fang Ge Que coughed and smiled, "Latest news. The country war system will be released at twelve tonight, which means that the real war will begin at midnight tomorrow. All of you are the top players of the various guilds and all hold power. You don't need me to say much. Let's discuss whether we should defend or attack?  If we defend, how will we defend, and if we want to attack, who do we attack?"

  Q-Sword said, "We are here to listen to orders so just say it. When the country war begins, who will we attack first?"

  Ye Lai smiled, "Q-Sword's words are right. Who will we attack first?"

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