Chapter 850- Country War descends
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Zhan Long Chapter 850- Country War descends

Chapter 850- Country War descends

Fang Ge Que looked at the people below the stage and said, "[Prague] Guild Leader Yan Zhao Warrior, I would like to hear your opinions on how we should fight this country war. With our current geographical position, we are surrounded by the three main cities and the Hybrid Demon Territory. We aren't in a position to attack anyone!"

  Yan Zhao Warrior was wiping his long sword. After he was asked, he placed his sword back into its sheath, standing up and saying, "Due to the geographical location, I don't suggest attacking. Why not we defend and first take a look at the movement of the other servers? Once they act, then we can decide who we should attack. Based on my inferences, Moon City is most likely going to attack us. I have news that they formed an agreement with Iron Skull City's Americans so they don't have to worry about the backlines. We also snatched their country weapon so it’d be really surprising if they don't try to attack us."

  Fang Ge Que nodded, "Does anyone else have suggestions?"

  Fang Ge Que kept his thoughts close to his heart, making it tough for one to read his mind. He was also really gentlemen-like, with the style of a great leader. Maybe that’s why he was able to be the top player in China.

  Around the platform, the bunch of guild leaders were all deep in thought, no one spoke for a short period of time. Instead, deputy commander Rumor stepped up and said, "I feel that we should directly attack Waterfront City. It is the main city of the Japanese and Koreans. We always have hatred and grievance towards the Japanese. Everyone knows that so I support going through the Bridge of Fate and crossing the War God River tonight. The China Region’s main force will go all out to first wipe out Waterfront City to send a warning to all the other servers!"

  Jian Feng Han burst into laughter.

  Rumor's brow rose up, "Jian Feng Han, what is the meaning of that?"

  Jian Feng Han hugged his long sword and smiled, "Nothing, I just thought about how someone is overestimating himself. Waterfront City has at least ten million players. Yes, if we go all out we can instantly wipe them out. But should we give up Tian Ling City? Moreover, we have to go past Flaming Cloud City to get to Waterfront City. The Indian Players have even greater numbers than us and they understand the theory of how if the lips die, the teeth will feel cold. Are they not going to do anything? Are you joking? Attacking Waterfront City means you are pretty much asking to die!"

  Rumor's expression became really ugly, "So according to you, what should we do?"

  Jian Feng Han laughed, "I don't know!"

  Rumor was furious. However, he didn't know what to say.

  Fang Ge Que swept his gaze across the crowd. In the end, it landed on me as he asked, "Xiao Yao Zi Zai, what do you think? Attack or defend?"

  I didn't bother to think, "The shield defends, the sword attacks."

  "What does that mean?" Yan Zhao Warrior didn't understand it while Fang Ge Que was at a loss.

  I said, "It’s very simple. Those guilds that are good at attacking attack, those good at defending defend. We have at least fifty million players and to use them all to defend will be a waste. Take a portion to attack and the rest to defend."

  Rumor laughed coldly, "Is that even a plan?"

  I laughed coldly, "Then can you think of a better one?"

  Rumor had nothing to say.

  Yan Zhao Warrior asked, "Xiao Yao, who do you think should attack and who should defend?"

  I shook my head, "I don't know, but [Zhan Long] is willing to attack."

  "Okay..." Yan Zhao Warrior looked towards Fang Ge Que and said, "Fang Ge, you come up with the plan..."

  Fang Ge Que gave a helpless laugh, "Okay, anyways, the Country War System hasn't been announced yet so we don't have to rush. The afternoon meeting ends here. Don't sleep too early tonight, wait till the country war rules announcement is out. Then we will settle on the plan."

  Everyone nodded their heads. As such, the morning meeting had come to an end.


  I exited the door and continued to train. I also went to help raise the levels of the Royal Army. Han Yuan was getting the sizes of the Dark Moon Elves to make armor. Their original leather armor was just too simple and ugly and it didn't protect most of their body parts. Moreover, they used too little material and revealed too much skin. In the Royal Army soldiers’ words, it would affect combat strength.

  Just like this, night arrived. At 12 o'clock, a bell sounded out throughout the sky. The war era had finally arrived...


  System Notification: Various players please pay attention, the Country War System has now been officially released. The borders between servers have been removed and players can attack the cities and territories of one another. For the specifics, please take a look at the Destiny website!


  The short sentence drew most of the people over to the website. I also opened it, and there were actually 100 lines full of rules listed down in order...

  1: Conquering territories is split into two types: occupying and abandoning. To occupy, the city will include all the current players from the old server. If one abandons, then the city will fall into ruins and it will take a large number of resources to rebuild the city.

  2: Occupying method: the player has to charge into the city and destroy the throne. Then the system will decide that this player has obtained control over the city.

  3: Player loses. After entering the country war region, the player's first death will result in a level drop. The drop rate is normal and a player can choose to revive. However, if one dies in the same country war, the losses will double and this will carry on with more deaths until one doesn't have enough levels to revive.

  4: Country war triggering conditions: over a million people entering the region from both sides or exceeding 20% of the online players will trigger the start of the country war. Each country war will last seven days. After the seven days, there will be seven days of rest.

  5: Country war rewards: players that destroy the throne will obtain the ability to choose the occupying method. The player with the most points will be awarded as the MVP. Country wars can intersect, but a single country cannot be in a war for more than seven days. Otherwise, the country war mode will end in advance.


  A vast 100 lines, and there were also many minute details that dazzled me. Li Mu and Wang Jian rushed over, "Brother Xiao Yao, when are we going to start the war?"

  Seeing that the country war would last for seven days, I knew that it was going to be a battle of attrition. I said, "Okay, let the main force go offline to rest. Tomorrow, we will come online to see!"

  Wang Jian was shocked, "Brother Xiao Yao, we aren't going to rush over right away?"

  I smiled, "There is no rush! Anyway, all we have is time. Within 10 hours, no one can do anything about one another, and even if we fight, we will just be wasting resources. Rather than wasting energy, why not rest up and replenish our energy? We will choose our targets tomorrow."

  "Oh, okay!"

  Thus, the core members of [Zhan Long] went offline. Of course, there were a few guilds that went to fight. We didn’t mind them. They wouldn't be able to cause that many waves anyway.


  I went offline to rest.

  After a night's sleep, it felt like my dream was filled with battlefield cries. I didn't even know who my opponent was. I only knew I was on a horse and living my life on the battlefield.

  "Dong dong..."

  A knock on my door sounded out as Lin Wan Er's sweet voice drifted in, "Piggy, it is time to eat. After we eat, it is time to fight!"

  I flipped up, "Oh oh, I will be out right away, wait for me!"


  After washing up, I headed out. Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue wore nice dresses and were waiting for me in the hall. Tang Qi was dressed in a suit. I was shocked, "Tang Qi, you going out?"

  Tang Qi shook his head, "No!"

  "Since you are dressed up like this I thought you were going for a blind date or maybe trying to sell some real estate."

  "Haha, I am used to it, be more solemn. The country war has already begun!"

  I sat down and took a bowl of pumpkin porridge from Lin Wan Er. I smiled, "How fragrant! Oh yeah, nothing happened last night, right? Logically speaking, nothing should’ve happened..."

  Lin Wan Er laughed, "Piggy, you are wrong. At 4 am, something happened. The India Region sent 7 million players to cross Jiu Li City to directly reach the west of War God River to attack us. Since it exceeded the 1 million person restriction, Flaming Cloud City and Tian Ling City's country war has already been triggered."

  "4 am?" I looked at the time, "5 hours have passed, did we defend?"

  Dong Cheng Yue pursed her lips and laughed, "I guess you can say so?"

  "Ah, what do you mean by that?"

  Dong Cheng Yue laughed, "The 7 million were forced back, but we lost many people. Rumor commanded the troops, leading The [Knights Templar] and [Wrath of the Heroes], gathering close to 10 million. During those 5 hours, they charged all about — the west of War God River known as Dragon Surrendering Forest is already littered in corpses."

  I drank my pumpkin porridge and smiled, "If I am right, the 7 million from Flaming Cloud City don’t represent their main force. If not, Rumor wouldn't have been able to block them."

  Lin Wan Er smiled, "Smart. It really wasn't their main force. It was just a probing attack. Moreover, most of the China Region players entered Waterfront City and Moon City. Thus, the country war has begun. I heard that country wars were triggered between each of them too. It is so chaotic!"

  I swiftly finished my bowl of porridge and ate two dough fritters. I looked at Lin Wan Er and she couldn't help but break into a laugh, "You still want some more?'


  Dong Cheng Yue laughed while drinking, "Don't drink too much, you might need to head to the toilet when you are fighting later..."

  Tang Qi also laughed.

  I didn't bother and drank my second bowl, then I pushed the chopsticks, "Who is washing?"

  The two girls shook their heads so I went to do it. Then I headed back to the room to prepare to welcome the country war!



   I went online and appeared in Tian Ling City. I stocked up on enough potions and cards and also repaired all my equipment. Then I gave the messenger soldier an order to tell the Royal Army to prepare themselves to train harder and await my orders at any time. Afterward, I headed towards the Spirits of No Return Valley. The [Zhan Long] players were all gathered there and this was our main camp where Tian Ling City and the other main cities had to pass through. The Bridge of Fate was here, and without enough warships to cross the War God River, everyone had to pass through this bridge.

  When I arrived at the Spirits of No Return Valley. Li Mu, Wang Jian, and etc were gathering up the Steel Blade Cavalry and Fire Dragon Cavalry. When I got closer, Wang Jian was delighted, "Brother Xiao Yao, Flaming Cloud City has gathered around 20 million players south of Fire God Mountain Rage. We have a fight to fight! Fang Ge Que just sent orders to order 37 guilds including [Zhan Long] to head there to prepare to battle them!"

  I smiled, "Okay, the chance to show our strength has arrived. Good luck. To think they dared to start a war against us. Let's beat them up until they are totally helpless!"

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