Chapter 851- Battle of Flaming God Castle
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Zhan Long Chapter 851- Battle of Flaming God Castle

Chapter 851- Battle of Flaming God Castle

Flaming Cloud City sent close to half their forces to the Flaming God Mountain Range. It was obvious that they were planning to attack Tian Ling City. Who knew that the Flaming Cloud City players would be eager enough to actually attack right from the get-go? I thought that they would launch an ambush after the China Region was at war with Waterfront City and Moon City!

  I rode my God Dragon Horse along with the hundreds of meters of Fire Dragon Cavalry and Steel Blade Cavalry to the front. The Spirits of No Return Valley was filled with [Zhan Long] members. The cavalry was at the front while the ranged and supports were at the back. Lin Wan Er had already led the assassins to the front to scout. I pulled out my Dragon Reservoir Sword and pointed towards the south and smiled, "Set off!"

  The huge unit proceeded forward. The cavalry didn't go full speed ahead as there was no rush. There were already China Region players over at the Flaming God Mountain Range so it was okay even if we were late.

  We went through the Chi Yu Army camp, going past the army farms and an hour later a mountain range that stretched a hundred miles was right in front of me. The mountains were red in color and were covered in volcanic rock. They were around 300 meters high and could only be considered as small hills, but they were all unusually steep. This made the Flaming God Mountain Range act as a natural barrier for Tian Ling City against Flaming Cloud City. The Indian players either had to plow straight through or they had to spend 5 hours to go around and reach the Tian Ling City borders through the desolate land.

  In the distance, a giant valley appeared within the Flaming God Mountain Range. This was the only passageway with a small stronghold built inside it. It was called the Flaming God Castle and belonged to Tian Ling City. It could hold about 3 thousand Fire Axe Army troops. It wasn't that sturdy or firm since it was just made out of rough rock. In the past, Emperor Rob probably didn't expect that Flaming Cloud City would attack us.

  When we arrived, the valley was filled with China Region players from all the different guilds. Everyone was waiting to contribute! The stronghold could fit roughly no more than 5 thousand players which resulted in the players all squished together. It made it even harder for the players to enter the stronghold and more could only head over after the players fighting died.

  Li Mu stopped his war horse, holding Neptune’s Blade as he said with a helpless expression on his face, "How are we going to fight like this? What the f***... [Wrath of the Heroes] is really quick. Xiao Yao look, Liu Ying and Piggy are already on the walls of the stronghold. Are they trying to get some country war points by using the Indian players before all the other guilds?"

  I looked at the China Region country war points. As expected, Piggy was actually first. It seemed like he had killed many with his musket on the stronghold walls. This fellow really had some skill.

  I frowned and said, "At 4 am, weren't there 70 million Flaming Cloud City players who were forced back at Dragon Surrendering Forest? How did those 70 million come over?"

  Lin Wan Er laughed in my arms and said, "They came over from the wilderness. The Indians also got news in advance and prepared many people at the country borders. When the country war began, they were already in the middle of the wilderness. They were originally planning to destroy the NPC army farms west of the War God River."

  Old K grinned, "This bunch of idiots, what's the use of destroying the NPC farms?"

  Li Mu also smiled, "Old K, you really are ignorant... The army farms are their replenishment source. Once they are destroyed, the system will send the NPCs into a hungry state. When that happens, the number of troops that can be sent will be reduced. One must know that their strength is still above players and are an undeniable force in the country war. This game is too real and the country war isn't as simple as fighting and killing like in Conquer. One must actually care about war strategy!"

  Old K was stunned, expressing that he didn't understand. Actually, he didn't need to understand. As the top Berserker in [Zhan Long], he only needed to know when to charge to the front and kill.

As for strategy, it would be left to smart people like Li Mu, Lin Wan Er, and Yue Qing Qian.


  "So now what Brother Xiao Yao?" Song Han carried his dagger and asked.

  I said, "Let's defend here for a while. Wan'er, send out 1,000 Steel Blade Cavalry to scout in groups of 10 for a total of 100 to the various maps. Flaming Cloud City sent 20 million players, so it is impossible for them to just be waiting there. They must be trying to find a new tunnel to attack Tian Ling City."

  Lin Wan Er nodded her head, "Understood, I will do it right away!"

  Little Miss' work efficiency was really high. In just a minute, there were many Steel Blade Cavalry heading out of the valley. The rest of the people remained here waiting for orders. Out of the 40 thousand [Zhan Long] players, only 10 thousand entered. The rest were outside Dragon Surrendering Forest. There were just too many people who joined the country war which covered the entire wilderness.

  I raised my head and looked into the distance, streaks of fire light appeared on the Flaming God Castle. That was the sound of Dragon Crystal Cannons which made my heart sink. Players didn't have the strength to use Dragon Crystal Cannons which meant only one possibility. The Flaming Cloud City NPCs had already joined in this battle. Otherwise, there wouldn't be any Dragon Crystal Cannons. I looked towards the Flaming God Castle worryingly. Once the castle is leveled out, the valley would be open!


  I pulled out my Zhen Yue Blade as I looked at the [Zhan Long] players behind me, "I will go take a look, prepare to move!"

  Li Mu and Wang Jian nodded their heads, "Don't worry!"


  I rode my horse forward. It was pretty much impossible to squeeze through the crowd. I sighed and the God Dragon Horse, turning with ice-cold wings behind me. The energy surged and suddenly a pair of ice wings spread out, giving me the ability to fly. I rose up in the air and charged towards the Flaming God Castle with a cold, domineering aura.

  I was high up in the air and looked towards the south of Flaming God Mountain Range. I couldn't help but suck in a cold breath. The southern plains of the Flaming God Mountain Range were covered with Flaming Cloud City players like an army ocean. Before this, I only knew what it was like for a 10 million army to move but this was a whole different beast. It was just too stunning. The China players within the Flaming God Castle didn't show any fear at all as they waved their blades to chop down the Flaming Cloud City players who tried to attack the walls. All of them had entered a battle state. The cannons sieged, many Dragon Crystal Cannons and Flame Dragon Cannons struck the defensive walls, cutting down this weak castle bit by bit.

  When I witnessed such a scene, my blood couldn't help but boil up. However, I didn't immediately dive down to strike. I raised my altitude instead, flying even higher to look down at the entire battlefield. I noticed that there were still many Flaming Cloud City players surging over. Their target was obvious: they were going to break through the Flaming God Castle and enter the China Region unobstructed. I looked behind me at the players within the Dragon Surrendering Forest. The numbers were far fewer than the enemy’s. There were roughly 100 thousand squeezing in the valley around the castle. Once it was broken through, this group would directly become cannon fodder.

  Thinking about that, my heart couldn't help but shake as I held my sword and flew over. I stood at the border of the castle and shouted towards Liu Ying, Piggy, Ai Ye, and Bai Li Ruo Feng, "Flaming God Castle is about to fall. Get the people in the valley to back out. We will fight them in a spread out battle in the Dragon Surrendering Forest. Otherwise, their cannons will cause us to suffer heavy losses!"

  Liu Ying laughed coldly, "Are you the country war commander? What rights do you have to command us?"

  I was furious.

  Ai Ye led the second guild of [Hero’s Mound] players, and his face was a mocking one, "Just say so if you don't dare to fight. The [Zhan Long] guild leader is frightened by the many people in front?"

  Bai Li Ruo Feng was relatively calmer as he said, "Xiao Yao Zi Zai, the Flaming God Castle is our first defense. If we give it up, it’ll affect the morale too much. Therefore, we’d rather lose 100 thousand people here than let them easily break through."

  I was helpless and said, "The key is that their NPC army is following their players to attack. They have cannons while our NPC army hasn’t rushed over yet. We will consume a lot of manpower and resources. We can retreat 1 to 2 miles to let them come over. Once the Flaming Cloud City NPCs push their cannons into the Flaming God Mountain Range, we can send the cavalry to charge and destroy the cannons."

  Bai Li Ruo Feng laughed, "I know that you are considered one of the smarter people in the game, but forget it. People of the [House of Prestige] are stubborn and we would rather die than give up a bit of country land!"

  I was speechless and said, "Okay, since that is the case, defend till Flaming God Castle falls. However, I still recommend you to retreat the people within the valley. It is okay if the people at the castle all die."

  Bai Li Ruo Feng nodded, "Okay!"

  I immediately sent news back to Lin Wan Er to ask her to bring the [Zhan Long] men to leave the valley. A few minutes later, the 100 thousand army in the valley retreated like a wave. I heaved a sigh of relief. However, my back was struck by a Flame Dragon Cannon which took 30 thousand of my health. Afterward, I heard a sharp voice, "Focus on that Xiao Yao Zi Zai! He is the sixth-ranked player on the China Region CBN Battlenet!"

  I jumped off the walls and was faced with a volley of arrows, among which were at least ten [Scattered Shots]. Unfortunately for my opponents, my defense was too high and pretty much neglected the attacks. Moreover, the effects of [Hero’s Helmet] meant that I didn't suffer from debuffs. Thus, no one could stun me and the attacks from them enraged me instead.


  I used the effect of [Icy Wings] — both of my hands were holding the Dragon Reservoir Sword as I slashed over. [Seven Star Fragment Slash]!


  The group of Flaming Cloud City players were in chaos. The Dragon Reservoir Sword and Zhen Yue Blade energy intersection gave rise to a clashing effect. The surrounding players swiftly lost their health. I turned and executed another [Sword Tempest], and the area around me instantly became empty. Close to a hundred people were killed just like that. The Flaming Cloud City players were all shocked, their mouths agape.

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