Chapter 847- Reunited
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Zhan Long Chapter 847- Reunited

Chapter 847- Reunited

When I stepped into the main hall of the palace, Emperor Owen and Princess Pearl were discussing matters as usual. When I walked in, Owen stood up, his face filled with rage. He pointed at me and hollered, "Li Xiao Yao, do you know your sins?"

  I lowered my brow, "I do. So I am willing to hand over my token and resign from the Royal Army General position!"


  Pearl was shocked, walking up, "Li Xiao Yao, don't be rash!"

  I bowed, holding two tokens in my hand. One was the General of the South token and the other was the Royal Army token.

  Owen was shocked, like he didn't expect that I would do that. Louis, Les, Xu Yi, and the other generals’ mouths were agape and they were all surprised.

  Xiao Lie cupped his fist and said, "Your Majesty, the 87 thousand Royal Army troops are all outside the city awaiting orders. We just need one order and we will disarm and go back to the farms. Since the empire isn't willing to use us to kill the enemy, then there is no need for the Royal Army to exist!"

  Owen gritted his teeth, "Li Xiao Yao, are you forcing my hand?"

  I shook my head, "I don't dare."

  Owen hollered, "Then what is the meaning of this?"

  Xiao Lie cupped his fist and continued, "Your Majesty, the Royal Army has always charged at the front since the Battle of Sea of No Return. General Li has always been loyal and wanted to sign an alliance with the Dark Moon Elves to go against the Hybrid Demons which was why we stopped the Dragonling Army from chasing them. General Li had the empire in his heart so Your Majesty, please be wise. The five majors of Royal Army have decided that if General Li resigns, we will all leave and return back to the farms. We won't bother with who this world belongs to in the end!"

  Xiao Lie's words seemed loyal, but it was pretty much what a chaotic official would do and I liked it. Owen did whatever he wanted after he became emperor and if he continued to do so, then the entire China Region would weaken. How were we going to unify the seven main cities like that? In truth, I didn't bother about who was the emperor. What I cared about was whether or not Tian Ling City could continue to be strong.

  Outside the city, close to 90 thousand Royal Army troops had pulled out their bows and weapons. As long as Long Xing and Xia Ye gave an order, they would attack Tian Ling City. The Royal Army was strong and the players could not block them. Who knows, Tian Ling City might really have a change in leader. If I was bold enough, maybe I might become the Ruler of Tian Ling City? Nevermind, it was fun to just think about it. I didn't want to remain in the palace to rust. Bringing the [Zhan Long] brothers to open up new lands was what I wanted to do most.

  "Gu Lu..."

  Xiao Lie's words had needles hidden within, causing Owen to swallow saliva. He thought about it several times before he smiled, "Li Xiao Yao, I know that you are loyal so there is no need to blame yourself. Men, hand Li Xiao Yao the Silver Battle-Axe and promote him to Rank 3 Country Protector General. Royal Army grain and salary will increase by 50%. The Tian Ling Empire never lets down brave soldiers and we hope Li Xiao Yao will lead us!"

  Marquis Louis laughed and cupped his fist, "Congratulations Commander Li for becoming a Country Protector General!"

  I smiled and bowed, "Thank you!"

  Even Violent Thunder Army General Les who hated me to the bone also congratulated me. As expected, the people within the hall were good at being cunning and scheming. When I was about to vomit, I turned toward Han Yuan and Xiao Lie to walk out of the hall. Princess Pearl chased over and shouted, "Li Xiao Yao, wait for me!"

  I stopped and looked at her, "Your Highness?"

  Princess Pearl said, "I received news. Did you really form an alliance with Queen Fiona?"

  I nodded my head, "Yes."

  Thinking about it, I added, "As a condition for the alliance, she sent me 10 thousand Dark Moon Elves to form an archer unit. The Royal Army's strength has increased once more. Within Tian Ling City, there aren't any armies that can fight against the Royal Army. However, Your Highness, we are too strong and it is easy for others to be jealous."

  Pearl smiled, "Naturally. The Royal Army is so strong and I didn't expect you all to grow so quickly. However, that is good. The battles at the borders have been endless. Flaming Cloud City, Moon City, and Waterfront City are all out provoking troops. Maybe the Royal Army will be of use!"

  "I know!"

  I nodded my head and smiled, "Don't worry, the Royal Army will go all out to protect Tian Ling City."



  When I got out of the city, Long Xing, Xia Ye, Ling Luo, and others brought the men back to the Royal Army camp. We designated a place for the 10 thousand Dark Moon Elves to prevent unexpected situations.

  Just at this moment, someone called me through the in-game system. It was a phone call from Wang Xin...

  "Li Xiao Yao, are you playing the game?"

  "Oh, what’s up, Captain Wang?"

  "Haha..." Wang Xin smiled, "It is like this — there is a meal today, can you come over alone? There are many powerful people that want to meet you..."

  "Powerful people?" I frowned, "It wouldn't be people like ministers right? I am not interested..."

  Wang Xin said, "You brat, I ask you to come so just come. Don't forget that I am your boss!"

  I laughed, "Captain Wang, don't forget that after I entered Yang Yan Realm... There are not many people in the world that are my opponents, how could you restrict me?"

  Wang Xin was shocked, "You brat... Do you really have a problem with your brain?"

  I couldn't help but laugh, "Just joking. Say, who is attending the meal?"

  Wang Xin, "Nanjing Region Lieutenant General and also the person in charge of making the game. I heard it is Ouyang Nuo Yan, the China Region CEO? Also, there is another mysterious person. Anyway, you won't be disappointed when you come."

  "Oh, mysterious person?" I was shocked, "Tell me, who is it? Do I know them?"

  "Of course you do, just come!"



  After hanging up the phone, seeing that there was still over an hour, I chatted in the guild. In the end, Li Mu and Yue Qing Qian dragged me to be a tank to kill two BOSSes. Only then did I go offline. After informing Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue that Tang Qi would eat dinner with them and I had a secret dinner outside, Lin Wan Er was well behaved and allowed me to go out.

  I drove my A4 towards the address that Wang Xin sent me. It was at the top floor of a hotel in the city region. Eating at the top floor was something I had never done before, so this was a first.

  I was dressed in seemingly casual attire and walked in, soon reaching the top floor through the elevator. The moment the doors opened, there were girls in work uniforms. One smiled and asked, "Are you Mister Li Xiao Yao?"


  "Please follow me!"


  I followed behind her, watching her hips and butt move left and right. I came to the top of the building and was shocked. This building had 32 floors and was considered quite high in Hangzhou. It was decorated well and even had a swimming pool. The blue pool light shone all around. There was a table not far away with many people seated there. One of them was a petite girl and with one glance I knew that it was the Ouyang Nuo Yan that I had met before, the China Region CEO of Destiny. This status was undoubtedly high.

  Wang Xin waved, "Li Xiao Yao, over here!"

  I walked over. There was a total of seven people. It seemed like only Wang Xin was dressed formally. I couldn't help but look at him, "Captain Wang, you don't look like a person that dresses up..."

  Wang Xin touched his nose, "You brat, sit down..."

  I sat down and opposite me was that Lieutenant General Sun Xiang. He recognized me and smiled, "Li Xiao Yao, long time no see!"

  I nodded my head, "Hello..."

  Ouyang Nuo Yan looked at me, smiling as she asked, "Xiao Yao Zi Zai, what do you think about the NPC human memory system and the army system?"

  I smiled, "It feels more real and much more fun than just pure data."

  "Oh, that's great!"

  Wang Xin continued to introduce the people around the table. I was a little disappointed and asked, "Didn't you say there was a mysterious person? Where is he?"

  Sun Xiang smiled, "He will come soon, calm down. We can order some wine first."

  Sun Xiang treated me really well and even respected me. I knew that this had to do with my strength. A Yang Yan Realm expert was a god-like presence in the world. Even in the army, it could be compared to a huge army and do things many forces couldn’t complete.


  The server girls at the side poured wine. I didn't even know the name of the red wine as foreign words were written all over it. The wine tasted really sweet and was probably an expensive one. I sat there and felt a little out of place. A moment later, a person suddenly appeared in the elevator — he wore a cap such that one couldn't even see his face. The waiter led him over. 

  Ouyang Nuo Yan stood up and bowed, "Uncle Lin!"

  "Uncle Lin?"

  I turned around in shock, this person sat right next to Sun Xiang and the moment he took off his cap, I nearly fell off my chair. It was an old face but he looked really fresh and energized, filled with energy. This face appeared more than once in my dreams; it was this person who brought me to cultivate for many years — Lin Cheng!


  With a palm, I caused the entire table to shake. I stood up and raged, "Old fellow, you are still here to see me. Where have you been dead for all those years?"

  Lin Cheng looked at me and laughed, "Oh, the little kid has grown so big. To those girls, you are pretty handsome!"

  "Don't talk about the useless stuff!"

  I was still furious, "Seven years ago, at the border of China and Myanmar, you brought me to that deep mountain to cultivate and then you disappeared. Do you know how I fought against thirty wolves during the night? How annoying. You just left like that and took all the biscuits and food with you, even the water bottle. Would you die if you left a little for me?!"

  Lin Cheng's opened his eyes wide and gave an innocent expression, "You brat, didn't I leave you a bottle of mineral water?"

  My eyes opened wide as I stared, "Bullsh*t, is mineral water yellow and murky? Don't think I don't know what was inside!"


  Ouyang Nuo Yan's eyes opened wide and her mouth was agape when she heard that — she didn't know what to say.

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