Chapter 846- Xiao Yao borrows troops
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Zhan Long Chapter 846- Xiao Yao borrows troops

Chapter 846- Xiao Yao borrows troops

The ocean breeze blew into the Purple Bamboo Forest. The Purple Bamboo Forest seemed endless, and numerous low beast roars spread out from within. Moreover, several huge trees stood out from the forest, providing wood for the Dark Moon Elves to build their homes. I brought the Royal Army troops to the border of the Purple Bamboo Forest, riding the God Dragon Horse as I said, "Prepare to open up this region. Apart from that, order our supply unit to send 50 thousand units of grain over to support them."

  Xiao Lie gritted his teeth and said, "Sir, the Royal Army consumes 1.5 kilograms of grain each day and we need 120 thousand kilograms of food. If we give the Dark Moon Elves so much, our brothers in the Royal Army will grumble!"

  "It is okay, just buy more from the merchants in Tian Ling City. We still have large amounts of gold in the treasury so we don't have to save."

  "Yes, sir!"


  At the side, Queen Fiona's face was filled with gratitude, "Thank you, Li Xiao Yao. I represent the Dark Moon Elves to thank you and the Royal Army. Will we... really not be killed here?"

  I nodded my head, "This place is a wilderness and is not within Tian Ling City territory. Based on the various army rules of the empire, they can't step out without orders from the king so you don't have to worry. If the Dark Moon Elves are able to stabilize here, even if Tian Ling City send troops a month later, you all won't fear them right?"

  "Oh, yes!"

  I raised up my arms and said softly, "Alright, let's begin helping the Dark Moon Elves kill the beasts in the Purple Bamboo Forest. Let's begin immediately!"

  Instantly, a bunch of Blade Shield Unit troops entered the Purple Bamboo Forest. The Dark Moon Elves were mixed in between them. Many beautiful Dark Moon Elves held their bows, their sharp ears shook and they sensitively looked around. Very quickly, many beasts broke out and a black bear charged over. However, before it was even able to get close it was shot by arrows like a porcupine. At the same time, in the direction of the shore, a bunch of Royal Army troops started killing Giant Mouth Sharks.

  I rode my horse into the Purple Bamboo Forest and a felt fragrance enter my nose. I raised my head and saw that there were several red fruits on the largest tree of the forest. Fiona happily walked up and picked one, blowing it with her mouth. I was shocked, "Are you sure it is not poisonous?"

  Fiona bit it and then smiled, "Don't worry, the Dark Moon Elves have the natural ability to detect poisonous fruits. These are fine. I just need to smell it and I know. General Li's grain provisions can be reduced by half. We can rely on the fruits of the giant tree to fill our stomachs."

  I was shocked, "My original plan was to chop these trees to build houses for the elves."

  "No need."

  She shook her head, "Dark Moon Elves aren't used to living in houses. We can rest on the trees. Purple Bamboo Forest has many trees and each can house hundreds of Dark Moon Elves. We can split up to search for food and train while also being able to use it to scout. General, thank you for your thoughtfulness, but you can just leave the rest to us."

  I nodded my head, "Okay, the Royal Army will help you kill all the wild beasts. However, just relying on fruits might not be enough. I will send people to open some land to teach you all how to plant and store grain. As such, even in the winter, you all will be able to survive easily."

  Fiona quickly nodded her head, "Oh, thank you!"

  Fiona and I strolled through the forest. She looked at the Royal Army that was fervently killing the wild beasts and was deep in thought. After a while she said, "General, your Royal Army troops are really strong and good at battle. Luckily, Dark Moon Elves didn't attack Tian Ling City. Otherwise, we would be the one taking a loss. However, I feel that they have a natural weakness..."

  I smiled, "High-mobility, long-range fighting strength?"


  Fiona nodded her head and smiled, "Human cannons are really strong, but they are too heavy. Once the army tries to fight while moving, it becomes totally useless. The Royal Army has the Blade Shield Unit, Iron Cavalry Unit, and Spear Unit, but what you lack is long-range defense. Once you are hit, you might suffer huge losses. When you attack, you can only rely on the Iron Cavalry. No matter how elite you are, you still suffer losses in each battle, right?"

  I agreed, "That is true!"

  Fiona held her bow and smiled, "You are a top general and also helped the Dark Moon Elves so much, even daring to spoil your relationship with your emperor. If I don't express my gratitude, then I will really insult the spirits of my ancestors. How about this? I will lend troops to you."

  "Lend troops?"

  My heart jumped as I smiled, "Fiona, you know, I don't like to owe people things, so... It is best I don't borrow. What if I fall in love with it and don't want to return the troops? It would cause our friendship to end."

  Fiona couldn't help but burst into laughter, instantly looking really alluring and captivating. She smiled at me, "Okay. I’ve heard many things about you. Everyone says that you are intense like a tiger and scheming like a fox. It seems like those words are true. Forget it, at least I can sense that you have a true heart. How about this... I won't lend them you, I will directly give them to you instead."

  I was on cloud nine, "Is that true?"


  Fiona nodded her head, her beautiful eyes showing seriousness, "I will gift Brother a thousand elites from the Dark Moon Elves army to be your archers. How about that?"

  "1,000 people..." I took in a deep breath and looked into the forest and said, "When a proper army is charging, usually they go out with 2,000 people at once. At least 10 thousand Iron Cavalry are needed to raise the killing strength to the highest. Facing an enemy of 10 thousand men, this one thousand wouldn't do much..."

  Fiona rolled her eyes as she looked and me and said, "How about this. I will give you 3,000, how about that?"

  I took in a deep breath, "Although the Royal Army is strong, the wind will still blow tallest forest tree down. The Fire Dragon Army, the Xia Yu Army, the Fire Axe Army, and the Violent Thunder Army all stare aggressively at us. Just 3,000 people won't be able to block them. Fiona, we are friends. You can't let your race members die for nothing, right?"

  Fiona blinked her beautiful eyes, "Then 5,000 Dark Moon Elves. Fellow, don't ask for too much..."

  I nodded my head, "Okay, 5,000 people it is. However, when I accept 5,000 Dark Moon Elves, Owen will definitely get revenge and use 120 thousand Xia Yu army troops to suppress them. I will let them hide in the army to block them off, but I don't know how long they will be able to keep them at bay..."

  As I said that, I patted Fiona's exquisite shoulder, "Anyway, don't worry Queen, even if your 5,000 isn't enough firepower, I will let the Royal Army cover their retreat. I won't let the cute Dark Moon Elf sisters get injured!"

  Fiona stared right at me and blinked, "Okay I lost... 10 thousand, no more. This is the largest amount I can give you, but you must swear to treat them well and protect them. If I find out about them being humiliated by humans, I will beat you up!"

  I was delighted; however, I didn't show it on my face, "Don't worry Fiona, I will treat them well and build a unit solely for them. Just send me a proper five bar general!"

  Fiona didn't understand and only said, "Oh!"

  After saying that she turned around and hollered, "Ling Luo, come over!"

  Not long later a teenage girl among the Dark Moon Elves group flew over. She wore light armor and her face was really calm. The long bow in her arm gave off an alluring glow and said, "Queen, why are you looking for me?"

  Fiona said, "Our Dark Moon Elves always repay our benefactors. Royal Army Commander Li Xiao Yao has helped us find a new home so I decided to give him 10 thousand Dark Moon Elves to join the Royal Army for him to personally command. You will be the leader of them and from now on you will directly listen to Li Xiao Yao. Do you understand?"

  This teen known as Ling Luo didn't ask much, directly nodding her head, "Yes my Queen. Sir Li Xiao Yao, do you have any orders?"

  I was startled, "Temporarily no. Let's wipe out the beasts in the Purple Bamboo Forest first!"



  When night fell, most of the beasts in Purple Bamboo Forest were already wiped out. The first batch of Royal Army troops had been sent over. We also sent 50 warships for Queen Fiona to command. In the dead of the night, many Dark Moon Elf warships came from the north ocean. I was also really curious about how they reproduced. From what I heard from Ling Luo, they would make a fountain into a Saint Fountain and women who wanted kids would go into it for a night and come out pregnant.

  I was really suspicious regarding this and felt that maybe that God was just a hooligan. But it didn’t make sense when thinking about it either. For him to make hundreds of thousands of Dark Moon Elves pregnant, that ability was a bit too strong!

  Additionally, the Dark Moon Elves sent tons of stored grain over along with smithing items. They crafted their own bows and arrows and their high-grade blacksmithing skills weren't something normal smiths could compare to. Just like that, we completed the migration of hundreds of thousands of Dark Moon Elves. The Royal Army went all out to help. And finally, deep at night, Ling Luo brought the 10 thousand Dark Moon Elves to return with us to our camp. They were instantly surrounded and stared at. I ordered that anyone who dared to eye them would be beheaded!

  In reality, it was already afternoon. Thinking about it, I felt that it wasn't appropriate for things to continue like that. I ordered for the entire Royal Army to head to Tian Ling City. 20 thousand barbarian Blade Shield Unit troops lined up outside the city, 20 thousand Iron Cavalry got onto their horses, and 10 thousand fully armed Dark Moon Elves stood behind the Blade Shield Unit.

  Then we entered Tian Ling City with Han Yuan and Xiao Lie. I pulled out the General of the South token by my waist which confused Han Yuan, "General, you..."

  I was expressionless, "This time, we clashed with the Dragonling Army and went against orders while saving the Dark Moon Elves. There is only one thing that I can do which is to hand over the token and ask for punishment!"

  Han Yuan was shocked, "What? You are going to resign? General, you said that you would bring us to protect Tian Ling City!"

  Xiao Lie couldn't help but laugh, "Han Yuan, there is no need to ask, just follow him."

  Han Yuan: "..."

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