Chapter 845- Purple Bamboo Forest
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Zhan Long Chapter 845- Purple Bamboo Forest

Chapter 845- Purple Bamboo Forest

The main warship was really quick; it traveled with sails up and quickly drew hundreds of meters distance from the shore. After gathering with the other 100+ Royal Army ships, they spread out on the ocean surface to block the 50 Dragonling Army ships in the south such that they weren't able to chase the Dark Moon Elf ships. This was his only goal. He had to protect this army. If not, they would lose a huge helper.



  On the main warship, Dragonling Army General Qin Ye had a full mustache on his face. He was really fierce, standing on the deck and shouting towards me, "Royal Army General Li Xiao Yao, what are you doing?! Stopping us and preventing us from completing our killing mission, you are openly going against the Emperor!"

  I went to the front of the deck, holding my Dragon Reservoir Sword as I said, "No, I am following orders!"

  "What following orders?" Qin Ye's face turned red as he raged, "You are using your position to further your private agenda. I even suspect that you are colluding with Queen Fiona in the dark, right?"

  I smiled and said leisurely, "After the Sea of No Return battle, Emperor Rob issued orders for all Tian Ling City ships to not enter the Sea of No Return as the Sea Demon Race is still hiding within. We aren't allowed to move a mile into the ocean. The Royal Army promised the Emperor to defend the safety of the shoreline and our mission is still ongoing... It is not to let anyone go deep in, so the Dragonling Army can't enter either. If not, don't blame us for not giving you face!"

  Qin Ye was so furious his body shivered. However, he was a clumsy big brute that only knew how to charge into formations. When did he ever spar with words anyway? He could only stomp on his deck in fury.

  Behind him, Lieutenant Q-Sword smiled, holding his sword and saying, "General, the Royal Army is just helping cover their retreat. Since we have nothing good to say, then why not we order the ships to go full speed forward and push them aside... Just push them aside!"

  Qin Ye rolled his eyes, "Okay, let's follow what you said. If we can catch Fiona, you get first credit. I will tell Louis, that fellow, to promote you to Supervisor!"

  Q-Sword smiled, "Thank you, General, for your praise, I will serve you my all and go all out!"

  My eyes were wide open and my mouth was agape. This Q-Sword was just too shameless. With his diplomatic abilities, sooner or later he would climb above me in Tian Ling City, so terrifying...


  The Dragonling Army went all out, and their warships surged over. I wasn't afraid at all. The Royal Army warships had already been modified and we had a layer of iron at the front. We weren't afraid of swords and blades, and we also wouldn't lose to them when smashing head-on or when fighting with fire.

  "Should we use cannons?" Han Yuan asked.

  I shook my head, "No, shoot arrows as a warning and prepare to knock into them!"


  At this time, both sides were already really close to one another. The Dragonling Army started to fire. The Royal Army Blade Shield Soldiers used their shields to block the attack and thus didn't suffer any losses. On the contrary, our shots caused many casualties on their side.

  I hollered. The God Dragon Horse flowed icily and entered my body. A pair of icy wings spread out behind me and I flew out with the Dragon Reservoir Sword in my hand. I directly used a [Seven Star Fragment Slash] to strike the group on the ship. At the same time, there were many crashing sounds as the ships smacked into one another. The Dragonling Army really dared to fight head on!

  Not far away on the main ship of the Dragonling Army, Q-Sword held a long sword and charged onto the Royal Army warship. He danced with the blade, instantly killing a few Royal Army troops. His quest in the army gave him rewards for killing the Royal Army. F*** your mother, you are using my men in exchange for rewards?!

  I charged over in rage.

I pulled the Zhen Yue Blade out of its sheath and slashed the group, forcing back the bunch of [Hero’s Mound] cavalry. I used the strong stats and swiftness of the  [Icy Wings] to turn back, stepping in a Z pattern to strike Q-Sword’s side. With a "keng" sound, Q-Sword was forced back, losing 10 thousand health from my hit. He gritted his teeth, casting the [Hundred Smelted Blades] and directly slashing into the group where the Royal Army and I were at!


  Tsk tsk, this guy's damage was really strong!

  I headed forward once more, [Sword Tempest] activating as I swept a group of people. I reached out with a hand and used [Defeat the Dragon]. Instantly, Q-Sword was pulled over to me. The [Fierce Tiger Burst] landed on my arm. It was so painful!


  When I shouted, "Die!" a golden light on the Dragon Reservoir Sword expanded. Many golden runes spun around. This was the sign of a God Tier Skill. In the next moment, the [Wind Carrying Slash] was activated, striking Q-Sword’s blade, arm and chest. Soon, he didn't even have the ability to block as a series of damage numbers rose up...





  It continued on until the 5th strike before Q-Sword finally couldn't take it anymore. He used [Blade Rush] to retreat and made a cavalry carrying a shield block me. It was Tang Gu. He looked at me at a loss, "Brother, it is me!"

  I couldn't stop the skill as the God Tier ability continued to strike out, one strike sharper than the last. His shield was instantly broken as he knelt on the ground and cried out, "Why does it seem like we can't be brothers anymore..."


  I laughed out loud, slashing again with Zhen Yue Blade and another energy wave struck out. Along with the Dragon Reservoir Sword's three consecutive strikes, 4 [Hero’s Mound] players died. Tang Qi's hand moved and [Hexagram] was cast on my chest. Unfortunately, a large MISS flew up. I had the God Tier equipment, [Hero’s Helmet], and didn't fall to any speed reduction or stun effects!

  The group of [Hero’s Mound] players on the warship couldn't defend anymore. Jian Tan and Sword Tears weren't my opponents. Along with the counter attacks from Han Yuan and Xiao Lie, [Hero’s Mound] could only retreat. The Dragonling Army could only abandon their main warship and retreat. Qin Ye held his sword and shouted, "Stop striking. Back off, stop fighting!"

  He seemed to be able to see that if they continued to fight on land, the Royal Army would definitely not lose to their proper navy. If the Royal Army fired cannons, then they would definitely all die here!


  Looking at the Dragonling Army ships lowering their sails and retreating, Han Yuan spat a mouthful of saliva, "His mother, this bunch of grandsons actually dares to attack us. Who gave them so many balls!"

  Xiao Lie laughed, "The Emperor, if not who else... The Royal Army is in a worse state now, like... All the generals see us as a nail in their eyes, the problematic apple. If this goes on, we will not be able to survive in Tian Ling City sooner or later..."

  I said, "The tallest tree in the forest will definitely fall to the winner. We are simply too strong such that they can't accept us. However, it is fine. As long as we are strong enough, no one will be able to touch us!"

  Xiao Lie was shocked and then gave a smile with deep meaning, "General, if you want to conquer land and become a king, I will definitely follow you. Following a heroic general is much better than following a useless ruler."

  Han Yuan also said, "That's right, General. Just one sentence and we are willing to follow you to death!"

  I shook my head, "Don't say such nonsense ever again. I don't have that courage. The only reason why I went against orders to protect the Dark Moon Elves was to strengthen our chances of beating the Hybrid Demons. After Owen ascended, he thinks that he owns the world, but he doesn't know that it isn't his at all. As long as Lanais, Da Lun, and Northern Hybrid Demon Kings attack, we will probably have a change of masters. To actually attack the Dark Moon Elves who might become our allies is truly stupid."

  Xiao Lie said, "Sir, what are your thoughts? What should we do in the future and how should we handle things once this ends?"

  I thought about it and said, "Bring the Dark Moon Elf bodies back to the city as an answer. Apart from that, find a place around Tian Ling City suitable for them to live in but won't be noticed by the Empire. Is there such a place?"

  Xiao Lie thought about it and then squinted, thinking for a moment. He suddenly opened his eyes and said, "Yes, there is!"

  "What place?" I asked happily.

  Xiao Lie smiled, "West of the Spirits of No Return Valley is a desert, but it isn't solely a desert. Roughly 10 miles of natural grassland is out there. There are many beasts and snakes such that no humans and barbarians live there. However, the place is fertile and rich as a forest region. It is called the Purple Bamboo Forest. This forest has many fierce tigers, venomous snakes, and more, but we can send the Royal Army to fight them along with Queen Fiona. With that, the forest can become a safe home for them and they can naturally have the new homeland they were searching for. They will also be able to avoid being killed by the Empire, thus killing two birds with one stone. What do you think?"

  I was delighted, "If that is really true, then that is fantastic! Immediately send the Royal Army Iron Cavalry to the Purple Bamboo Forest to investigate. Then form a hunter squad to kill those beasts!"

  While saying that, I looked into the distance. The Dragonling Army had retreated Deer Lake and the Dark Moon Elf warships disappeared from the horizon. I said, "Let's go. Order our ships to head toward the Purple Bamboo Forest and receive the Dark Moon Elves at the Spirits of No Return Valley!"



  When the 30+ ships arrived at the Spirits of No Return Valley, I went off the boat on my horse. The God Dragon Horse traveled swiftly, leading a bunch of cavalry up onto the shore. I saw Queen Fiona leading a bunch of Dark Moon Elves while walking over. She could see me from afar, but her face was still filled with worry, "General Li, how are my ships?"

  "They are fine. They retreated safely, no one was lost. How is the situation here?"

  Queen Fiona was happily chirped, "That's great, here… the Fire Axe Army and the Violent Thunder Army chased us for a period of time and we shot down 10 thousand of them. As for us, we lost around a thousand. Now what should we do? We’ve lost our food and weapons. Where should the thirty thousand of us go?"

  I said confidently, "Don't worry. I will send Royal Army troops to send resources to you. Apart from that, I have found your new home!"

  "Ah, is that true?"

  Fiona was delighted, pushing out her round and bouncy chest as she smiled, "If you have really helped us find a new home, then you really are the savior of our Dark Moon Elf Race!"

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