Chapter 844- Life is so tough
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Zhan Long Chapter 844- Life is so tough

Chapter 844- Life is so tough

It was mainly because the Fire Axe Army had no confidence. Emperor Owen raised the Blade of the King and said, "Les, listen to my orders!"

  Les, whose hand was wrapped in red cloth, knelt down and said, "General is here!"

  Owen said, "Lead the Violent Thunder Army and the Fire Axe Army. Shift the Dragonling Army Navy at Deer Lake to send 50 warships from there to the Sea of No Return to kill Fiona and block their way out. This time, the Xia Yu Army will also proceed from the War God River. No matter what, we can't let Fiona leave. If I don't see her head, then you will all give me your heads instead!"

  I was really shocked, the Fire Axe Army had 60 thousand people, the Dragonling Army had 50 thousand, the Xia Yu Army had 120 thousand, and the Violent Thunder Army had 70 thousand. Owen had called for about 300 thousand troops to actually surround the tens of thousands that Queen Fiona had brought over. That was really unbelievable.

  On the throne, Owen looked toward me and said, "General Li Xiao Yao, due to your agreement with Queen Fiona, you are not allowed to move your troops. If you dare to... your 100 thousand Royal Army will be buried along with you."

  I stood there in pain, totally helpless. I couldn't raise my sword and kill Owen right now, right? Not to mention that I might not be able to do so, I will definitely lose all of my hard work. However, I can't let Fiona down, not to mention how good a person she is. The 100 thousand Dark Moon Elves archer army under her was really strong!

  Les, Qin Yu, Luo Si, and the rest went to accept their orders while I just stood next to Pearl, asking softly, "Why does His Majesty hate the Dark Moon Elves so much?"

  Pearl also replied softly, "It isn't that he hates the Dark Moon Elves, but he hates Queen Fiona. I don't know the specifics, but there has to be a reason. Maybe when her head is sliced off the truth will come out..."

  I had no words, "..."

  Pearl grabbed my hand and said softly, "Don't be rash, this matter... We have no strength to control it. Second Brother has been acting on his own since he ascended. This time we’d rather sacrifice the Dark Moon Elves and not let the empire's armies fight each other. Understood?"

  I kept silent for a while and said, "I am leaving the palace..."


  She looked at me helplessly, then nodded, "Be careful..."



  While the Fire Axe Army, the Violent Thunder Army, and the other generals were getting their orders, I brought Han Yuan, Xiao Lie, and some others to walk out of the palace. I jumped on my horse. The God Dragon Horse neighed and charged out. Although the horses under Han Yuan and Xiao Lie were Thousand Mile Horses, those weren’t as fast as mine. I could only slow down my speed.

  Han Yuan followed up and said, "Sir, what should we do?"

  I said seriously, "Inform Fiona in advance to ask her to leave!"


  Xiao Lie’s eyes were cold as he said, "Things probably won't be simple this time."


  When we reached the shore, the Dark Moon Elves were all there. There were roughly 50 thousand of them. Fiona didn't bring them all and they had only 100 boats. Moreover, most of them were transport ships, not true warships. They didn't have any cannons and they weren't on the same level as the Empire's navy.

  I charged into the tent and she was still lying lazily on my seat. Her two long legs were spread out there in a charming manner.

However, I had no time to enjoy Queen Fiona’s beauty, I raised my sword and headed in, "Queen Fiona, it is bad! Gather your people and leave, back off to the Sea of No Return!"


  Fiona sat up and looked toward me in shock, "General Li Xiao Yao, what happened? Why are you in such panic?"

  I said, "His Majesty has ordered 300 thousand troops to surround and kill the Dark Moon Elves. I failed. I didn't expect His Majesty to be so furious to not listen to me at all. Leave quickly!"

  Fiona squinted, "I... I didn't offend Rob right? To... To actually send 300 thousand troops to attack me. Keke, he really respects my Dark Moon Elf army!"

  I was lost, "No... Not Rob, he is already dead. The one that took over is Owen. Don't the Dark Moon Elves know that?"


  Fiona's body shuddered, "Is it the one with a sharp nose and a red mole?"

  I nodded my head, "How do you know that?"

  "Of course I know!" She smacked the table and stood up, "Five years ago, a bunch of Tian Ling City people crossed the Sea of No Return and entered our territory to steal our treasures. They didn't find any, but one of the kids drugged a Dark Moon Elf and took her virginity. After our guards captured them, I ordered them to slice off that person's thing, who knew... This person was actually Emperor Owen and he would become the Emperor of the Tian Ling Empire!"

  Sweat beaded on my head, so there was actually such a matter. Owen looked really manly, but who knew that he had actually lost his ability to do that thing!

  At this time, Xiao Lie walked forward and said softly, "Sir, I’ve heard about matters in the palace... Owen doesn't get close to women and only has one concubine. After so many years, he’s had no children while Theodore has 7 sons and 3 daughters. It seems like Queen Fiona is right."

  I held my sword and said, "But the problem is that he ordered 300 thousand troops to come over. If you don't leave, we might all die here."

  Fiona's cheeks were filled with rage. She scoffed coldly, "For such a person like Owen to grasp power, how preposterous. I don't care anymore. If they want to attack, I will get the Dark Moon Elf Army to prepare to fight!"

  I said flatly, "Then your head might really be carried away. Please retreat till there is new hope. The Royal Army will cover you."

  Fiona laughed bitterly and shook her head, “No, we can't leave anymore. I brought 50 thousand people and the warships are fully loaded. We will be against the wind and we would need manpower to guide the ship. With them chasing, we can't leave at all. I really didn't expect that we would die here..."

  My gaze turned cold as I said, "Then send 20 thousand back. Leave 30 thousand to set off towards Pear Flower Fort and then pass the Bridge of Fate to enter the Spirits of No Return Valley. When you enter the desert, you all will be safe."  

  Fiona said, "Even if we reduce half the members, we still can't outrun Tian Ling City troops."

  I smiled, "Don't worry, we will help you block for a while. Time is of the essence. Quick, say no more!"

  Fiona's beautiful eyes finally set her mind to it as she nodded her head, "Okay, I will listen to you!"


  Exiting the tent, there were sounds of horse hooves sweeping about. She gave an order and instantly, 20 thousand Dark Moon Elves sailed off. Unfortunately, there was the Northwest Wind and their speed was really slow. I turned and said to Han Yuan and Xiao Lie, "Order Long Xing and Xia Ye to move the Royal Army's hundred ships in the War God River into the ocean to cover the Dark Moon Elves!"


  A few minutes later, 30 thousand Dark Moon Elves had already lined up. Fiona gave an order and they set off toward the west to the Bridge of Fate.

  In less than five minutes, a bunch of Violent Thunder Army cavalry had already arrived. Les personally led the army, looking at the back of the Dark Moon Elves as he laughed, "Iron Guard Cavalry, charge! They can't leave this time. Remember, each one you capture will be yours and you can do anything you want, hehe!"

  I frowned in disgust, jumping onto my horse, "Royal Army, stop them!"

  Xiao Lie eagerly said, "Sir, don't go against the King's orders. They only have a few thousand cavalry and they can't beat Queen Fiona, so let's just wait and see!"



  The warhorses were brushed aside. The Violent Thunder Army's thousands of troops moved. Queen Fiona ordered the Dark Moon Elves to stop. They turned around and pulled their bows. When they were 300 yards out, they started shooting. Instantly, rays of cold light landed into them. They were too far away so the arrows lost a portion of their power, striking the iron helmets and armor. However, if they hit the face or the war horses, they inflicted huge damage. The Violent Thunder Army's charging was in chaos — they fell and rolled on the beach.

  When they got closer, Fiona's lips rose into a smile and said, "Aim for their necks and eyes, fire!"

  They were just 100 yards away now. The Dark Moon Elves’ arm strength was terrifying, their bows flicked, "Pa pa pa,” and arrows fired out. Their damage was even higher and close to a thousand cavalrymen fell to the ground. They were shot in areas where the armor couldn't cover their bodies. It was really unimaginable; their shooting skills were just too strong.

  Fiona also held up her longbow, and an arrow with lightning power shot out, drawing a giant moat on the ground. There was a storm all around which swept dozens of them into the air. This attack was just too brutal and it was no lower than Lanais' archery skills at all!

  In truth, Fiona was also a God Tier BOSS. Why would she be afraid of these weak Violent Thunder Army troops?

  In the blink of an eye, only a few of the seven to eight thousand remained. Les charged alone at the front; his face was green. He wanted to flee. Fiona just led her people and continued to retreat.


  On the other side, the sound of war drums resounded on the Sea of No Return. The Dragonling Army had arrived. Tian Ling City was finally using its navy to travel at full speed. In the other direction, the Royal Army's navy ships also swiftly sailed over.

  "Prepare to board!" I ordered. Han Yuan and Xiao Lie followed me to board the main warship docked by the shore.

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