Chapter 843- Tearing relationship
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Zhan Long Chapter 843- Tearing relationship

Chapter 843- Tearing relationship

I grabbed Marquis Ben Yue's collar, dragging him along the shore in front of Queen Fiona. I tossed him towards the ground and said, "Queen, this is the person. The Royal Army is willing to hand over the empire's marquis for you to punish. I hope that you won't be furious with all of Tian Ling City just because of this scum and cause more innocent lives to be lost."

  Marquis Ben Yue was furious. His hands were tied up, but he still tried to struggle, "Li Xiao Yao! You wait and see. You dare to treat me like this? His Majesty won't let you off lightly. I am a marquis, you rebellious kid!"

  I held onto my Zhen Yue Blade, jumping onto the horse and acting like I didn't hear anything.

  Dark Moon Elf Queen Fiona lowered her head and looked at Marquis Ben Yue. Her beautiful eyes were filled with killing intent, "Marquis Ben Yue, your title is Ben Yue. Is it related to Goddess Chang Er?"

  Marquis Ben Yue laughed coldly, "Ben Yue was the title the last ruler gave me to help the empire search for the top beauties in the world. Even for Goddess Chang Er who is far above, if there is a ladder up there, I will make her descend!"

  Fiona couldn't help but raise her head and laugh. She waved her arms, "Men! Since this Marquis Ben Yue's title was Ben Yue, light up the Fire Phoenix Lantern and send him up to heaven!"

  "Fire Phoenix Lantern?"

  I was slightly stunned, but I didn't know what it was.

  Soon, a bunch of Dark Moon Elves dragged down something from the warship. It seemed to be made out of leather and paper. Then they started a fire and then a giant Kong Ming Lantern rose in front of my eyes. It was lifelike like a phoenix. Fiona bounded both of Marquis Ben Yue's arms and legs onto the lantern. After cutting off the rope, the lantern brought Marquis Ben Yue up into the sky. In a blink of an eye, he had crossed a hundred meters. In the sky, he gave out a pig-like squeal, "Li Xiao Yao let me down. I know I was wrong. I won't taint Dark Moon Elf ladies anymore. At most, I will hand my business over to you! Li Xiao Yao, I have three manors in Tian Ling City, and a total of 17 concubines. I can give them all to you. Quick, let me down!"

  Once the Fire Phoenix Lantern reached the sky it wouldn't be able to come back down. I looked up and said loudly, "Marquis Ben Yue, you asked for this, you can't blame me!"

  Instantly, his voice spread down through the wind, "Li Xiao Yao, such a person like you will get karma, you will never have a good life!"

  Han Yuan was furious, his horse turning around and stepping onto the barrel of the Flame Dragon Cannon. Instantly the cannon turned half a round. Han Yuan's gaze swept across and the few Royal Army soldiers understood, aiming accurately. Moments later, with the sound of a cannon, flames rose up into the sky, "Peng!" It very accurately hit the Fire Phoenix Lantern and Marquis Ben Yue. Everything was blown to pieces, even the fat from his body was burnt in the air and it fell into the water, giving off a really smelly scent.


  I clapped my hands and looked towards Queen Fiona, "Queen Fiona, I have already completed all the matters of the agreement. Do you think so too? The agreement with Tian Ling City should be effective."

  Queen Fiona looked at me and smiled, "Is General Li Xiao Yao not bringing me into your tent for a seat? I have to check if the rest of the sisters are safe."

  "Okay, here please!"

  I pulled on my God Dragon Horse, leading Fiona and the other beautiful guards into the Royal Army tent. The Royal Army soldiers looked towards this queen with weird gazes, they were really envious. They had seen other Dark Moon Elves, but her looks were a first for them. In addition, she was dressed really exquisitely.

The silver-locked armor had beautiful arcs at the sides of her chest. Her flat stomach had many bell-shaped red jewelry, and her armor was wrapped around her arms. On her back was a majestic silver cape which flapped in the wind. Her hair rose into the air as she looked around expressionlessly with a bow in her hand. With one smile, she could make everyone collapse.

  I walked to the front, personally opening the tent for her, "Please enter!"

  The Dark Moon Elf girls were all released. She walked forward and sat down on my seat, smiling, "I really couldn't tell that you were such an easy person to get close to. I heard that Blood Giant Kehl died under your sword?"

  I nodded my head, "I was fortunate!"

  Queen Fiona couldn't help but laugh, "Luck is a much-needed element. Li Xiao Yao, how many Royal Army troops do you have now?"

  I thought about it, "80 thousand, but we can very quickly break 100 thousand!"

  "Oh, so many..."

  Fiona's face was filled with shock before she smiled, "It seems like the Royal Army is basically the top-ranking army of Tian Ling City?"

  I smiled, "Roughly. We haven't had a competition, but I believe our courage and souls are at the top of the Tian Ling Empire."

  "Very good..."

  Queen Fiona lifted her long legs even higher; I could nearly see what was below. My face turned red as I turned it around. She seemed to have captured this small movement and smiled, "Li Xiao Yao, if you really want to work with the Dark Moon Elves, why not take me as your wife?"

  My body shuddered, I couldn't help but shake my head. Xiao Lie said softly beside me, "Sir, I think the Queen is seducing you, be careful..."

  Han Yuan laughed, "If I were able to marry such a beautiful Dark Moon Elf, it would be such a great matter!"

  I straightened my body, turned to Queen Fiona, and cupped my fists, "Thank you Queen Fiona for your intentions, but I am not blessed enough to enjoy that. I am a general of the empire and can't marry the Dark Moon Elves, and secondly, I am just a visitor to this world and will leave one day. Queen, please reconsider. The Royal Army is willing to fight side by side with the Dark Moon Elves and we won't regret it!"

  Queen Fiona smiled, taking down her long legs from the table. She stood up and shook the bow in her hand and smiled, "Recently, I have heard about a famous general from Tian Ling City called Li Xiao Yao. It really is so. The Dark Moon Elves are willing to cooperate with you but... I have a condition."

  I was delighted, "What condition?"

  Fiona said, "North of the Sea of No Return is no longer a suitable place for us to live. Da Lun and Lanais have been thinking about slicing my head off every day and we have become a thorn in the hearts of the Hybrid Demon Army. Half a year later, they will definitely attack us and collect the entire northern area of the Sea of No Return. So we need a new home..."

  "New home?"

  My brow locked tightly, "Queen Fiona wants Tian Ling City to provide Dark Moon Elves with a piece of land to be your place of survival?"

  Fiona nodded her head and smiled, "That's right. Tian Ling City is vast and you probably don't lac land. You have enough to let us continue to live right?"

  "How many people do you have?"

  "All the Dark Moon Elves have a total of 400 thousand people and among them 100 thousand can fight."


  I clenched my fist and said, "Queen Fiona, please stay here. I will return immediately to Tian Ling City to ask for orders from His Majesty. However, I can't ensure that I will succeed!"

  Fiona smiled, "Thank you, General Li Xiao Yao!"


  I turned around and walked out, jumping onto my horse and saying, "No one is allowed to hurt the Dark Moon Elves. Anyone that goes against that will be killed. Han Yuan and Xiao Lie, follow me over to Tian Ling City!"

  "Yes, sir!"

  I brought hundreds of Royal Army Iron Guards to leave the Sea of No Return and rushed for 15 minutes to reach Tian Ling City. When we stepped into the main hall, we saw Q-Sword, Sword Tears, and Jian Tan like they were all here to receive a mission. Q-Sword was holding a Demon Harvest Tier sword as he looked at me, "Eh, Guild Leader Xiao Yao is doing a quest?"

  I nodded my head, "Q-Sword, you all are doing an army strength quest?"

  "Yeah, he is handing over the quest items."

  A bunch of people from [Hero’s Mound] all had army ranks on them. They were all members of the Fire Axe Army. Q-Sword was also a Lieutenant in the Fire Axe Army and he could become a Supervisor soon. However, the army power layout in Tian Ling City was really too complicated and it was really too tough to climb up step by step. If one wasn't careful, one would fall down from the sky. I had a firm understanding of that.

  Looking at me walk up, Emperor Owen said, "General, you are finally here!"

  I was shocked and looked at a few people standing aside; they were really familiar. Oh right, they were the servants of Marquis Ben Yue. F***, these people actually went to complain first?

  Queen Pearl looked at me, her eyes were filled with helplessness like she felt I had caused trouble.

  I raised my head at Owen and said, "His Majesty, have I done any wrong?"

  Owen smacked his throne and stood up, raging, "As the General of the South, Royal Army Commander, you ordered your subordinates to fire at Marquis Ben Yue, did that not happen?"

  I didn't mince my words, "Marquis Ben Yue is lustful. After I came to an agreement with the Dark Moon Elves, he privately injured my troops and kidnapped a few Dark Moon Elves to his own tent to play with. Such a person deserves to die, he does not deserve to be a marquis!"


  Owen was furious, "Li Xiao Yao, am I even your emperor?"

  I nodded, "Yes..."

  "Since that is the case, you should listen to my orders!" Owen smacked the table and said, "Bring your Royal Army to the Sea of No Return and kill all the Dark Moon Elves. Bring Fiona's head here. As long as you kill her, I will promote you to Commander in Chief!"

  I was stunned. Commander in Chief was a second-rank military role and above that was the Marshal which held all the troops in the country. This Commander in Chief was the highest rank in non-war times. Tsk, Queen Fiona actually angered Owen to such a level?

  Behind me, Han Yuan was shocked, "Why did this happen? General, what should we do..."

  I stood there for a long while before I took a step back, bowed, and said, "Your Majesty, I came to an agreement with the Dark Moon Elves. If I turn around and attack them now, won't we lose the reputation of our empire? We need to at least declare war before we attack, so for the sake of our prestige, I can't do that!"

  "Li Xiao Yao!"

  Emperor Owen was furious, pointing at the bunch of generals and officials, "Since Li Xiao Yao isn't willing to lead the Royal Army over, then who is willing?"


  Immediately, the Fire Axe Army General, Marquis Louis, knelt down and said, "I am willing!"

  [Hero’s Mound] members Jian Tan, Sword Tears, Q-Sword, and Tang Qi were all startled. Q-Sword was helpless, "We’re done for. We are going to tear our relationship with the Royal Army and the Dark Moon Elves..."

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