Chapter 842- Unexpected matter
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Zhan Long Chapter 842- Unexpected matter

Chapter 842- Unexpected matter

An hour later, a total of 1,400 Dark Moon Elves that fell out of the 7 warships became prisoners of the Royal Army. Their arrows and bows were all confiscated and they were locked up in the tents we built along the shore, tied up by ropes. I actually was really good at this, but I was too embarrassed to do it along with Han Yuan.

  To keep a lookout on these Dark Moon Elves, I specially allocated 20 thousand Royal Army soldiers to camp by the shore, stretching several miles. Torches lit up the forest like it was daytime at night. I brought Han Yuan and Xiao Lie to patrol around the camp. In our victory over the Dark Moon Elves, I obtained 210 achievement points and 25% experience, a great trip.


  Riding on the God Dragon Horse, I stepped on shore and asked, "Have you found the officers in this bunch of Dark Moon Elves?"

  Han Yuan nodded, "We found them, but they don't have a strict ranking system. For every 100 people there’s a leader, a sergeant for every 1,000, and then a captain for every 10,000..."

  I was shocked, "So after the 100 thousand men, the commanders are the five supreme captains, right?!"

  Han Yuan was also shocked, "General, their hundred thousand men commander is Dark Moon Elf Queen Fiona..."

  I was relieved, "Thank God it wasn't so dumb..."

  Han Yuan didn’t respond, "..."

  Xiao Lie said, "Sir, this group of Dark Moon Elves has a total of 14 leaders and 1 sergeant. They have already shifted to your sleeping tent for you, hehe!"

  I stared at him, "What did you laugh for? Am I that kind of person? I have a girlfriend. Don't tell me that their bodies look nice, my girlfriend Cang Tong has an even better figure..."

  Xiao Lie retorted, "When are you going to bring her for us to see? If not, we won't believe you!"

  "Wishful thinking!" I laughed, these NPC's AI was just too shocking. I smiled, "Let's go, follow me over to interrogate them to see what the Dark Moon Elves are thinking about doing in Tian Ling City, Moon City, and Iron Skull City."



  Within the tent, 15 Dark Moon Elves were all tied up there with cloths shoved into their mouths. Their faces were filled with rage. You could they were indeed all top beauties just by looking at them. Their skin was snow white, their legs were slim and long, their twin peaks were sticking out, and their faces were round and smooth. However, the moment they were released, they would probably stab all of us.

  I walked up and asked, "Who is the sergeant?"

  Han Yuan pointed at one of them who had a really large chest and said, "That is the one!"

  I moved over and bent down beside her. I look at her shoulder and noticed there weren't two stripes. She stared at me warily with her raging eyes filled with killing intent. When I took out the cloth in her mouth, she spat right into my face.


  I turned around and wiped off the spit on my face and then I looked at her, saying coldly, "Just because I didn't kill you doesn't mean that other people aren't willing. You better cooperate or else... Hehe!"

  That girl was startled and said, "Who are you?"

  Han Yuan said, "Pfft, you don't even know him. He is the Commander of the Royal Army, the General of the South of the empire, the leader of 70 thousand troops — Li Xiao Yao!"

  The girl was stunned, "This kind of dumb person is actually a general?"

  My ears turned red when I heard that.

I couldn't help but scold in my heart. F*** your mother, I am the General of the South! In reality, I was a Yang Yan Realm expert, how could I be a dumb person? It seems like there are times when even a Dark Moon Elves Sergeant could be blind!


  The Dragon Reservoir Sword was pulled out of its sheath as I sliced the ropes on her hand. I released her, but who knew that she would jump up and grab a dagger on the table, stabbing right for my armpit.

  I smiled, the wrist holding the sword turned, and I used the sword body close to the handle to block the dagger. With a "keng", I flicked the dagger aside and moved forward, lightly shoving her onto the wooden pole. Her face was ashen white, "This... great... great skills..."

  It seemed like the Dark Moon Elves respected the strong.

  I smiled, "Speak. What is your name?"

  "I..." She was stunned as she said softly, "I am Raina."

  I continued, "Our Tian Ling City doesn't want to be enemies with the Dark Moon Elves, so answer honestly. What does your Queen Fiona want to get from Tian Ling City and Moon City?"

  "Food," Raina said.

  "Food?" I was caught off-guard, "The Dark Moon Elves’ territory shouldn't be poor. Why do you all lack food?"

  Raina said, "Originally, with our farming and hunting, we could live a great life, but since Da Lun started spreading illness to train his undead army, our land was also infested. No plants could grow anymore. Even the beasts and animals grew fewer and fewer. We lost our food source and had to reach out to the south of the Sea of No Return."  

  "I see."

  I thought about it and said, "How about this? I will release you. Go meet your Queen Fiona and tell her my intentions. Tian Ling City is willing to provide a certain amount of food for you to fix your land and we will fight the Hybrid Demon Army together. How does that sound?"

  Raina blinked her eyes, "Sir, are your words true?"

  I nodded, "Of course, I didn't even kill you when you spat in my face. Can't you see my sincerity?"

  Raina's cheeks turned red as she said, "Sir, I am really sorry. I was too reckless, please forgive me. Sir, yo-you are really willing to let me go?"


  I turned around and said to Han Yuan, "Give her a boat and let her return!"

  Han Yuan nodded his head, "Yes, General!"

  Raina said, "Sir I believe you, no... before we return, you have to protect our safety. Otherwise, with Queen Fiona's temper, I believe that there will be no room for cooperation!"

  I smiled, "Okay, I promise you. Don't worry, the Royal Army won't let the Dark Moon Elves down!"

  "Thank you..."

  Raina stood up and bowed towards me. These Dark Moon Elves were really charming. No wonder those nobles would capture them as toys. Those nobles really are evil!


  I exited the tent and sent Raina on her way. She promised that she would get a reply before dawn. Moreover, since I was so sincere, Queen Fiona would definitely agree to my request. Let's hope so!

  I waited and waited for an hour. Finally, a dense number of ships appeared on the horizon. There were 20+ of them; however, it didn't look like it was to attack the Royal Army. Otherwise, it wouldn't be enough. We didn't even bother about Luo Lin's warships, much less the Dark Moon Elves whose shipbuilding skills were far weaker.

  On the ocean surface, a small ship quickly reached the shore. It was Raina. She carried a longbow with excitement written on her face. "Sir, the Queen agrees to your request. As long as Tian Ling City gives us a certain amount of grain each month, we will not disturb your shores. Moreover, we will face the Hybrid Demon army together with you. However, the Queen wants to see the captured sisters and ensure their safety before she will work together with you."

  I nodded my head, "No problem."

  Just at this moment, a bunch of cavalry charged over. The captain's face was filled with rage, "General, just now, just now Marquis Ben Yue snatched a dozen Dark Moon Elves from the tent. We couldn't block him at all, damn it!"

  My heart sunk, "What? He snatched people from me? Where did he go?"

  "He is in the forest in the east, there are a few tents of theirs there!"


  I couldn't help but curse, "Follow me, this is problematic!"

  A bunch of people galloped over. When we arrived, Marquis Ben Yue had hundreds of soldiers standing guard outside, each holding a weapon as they hollered, "Who are you? Entry is prohibited!"

  I charged down a group of them, kicking open the curtains to see that he was pressing down on a Dark Moon Elf girl. Raina instantly shuddered, her face was filled with despair, "Oh my God..."

  Marquis Ben Yue suddenly turned around, "Who is it?"

  I hollered, "Take him down!"

  Han Yuan walked up and pulled him from her body. The teen sat up with tears on her face. When she saw Raina she bawled and said, "Sister Raina, see you in the next life!"

  As she said that, she grabbed an arrow and stabbed her throat. In the blink of an eye, a beauty had fallen.


  I walked forward in rage, trampling on Marquis Ben Yue's throat. Xiao Lie said, "Sir, Queen Fiona's boat has docked, you... should head over?"

  I gritted my teeth, "Let's go!"

  A bunch of Royal Army soldiers left the tent. In the distance, a beautiful Dark Moon Elf wearing a cape walked over. She seemed to have gotten some news and raged, "Despicable human, what happened to the promise you gave us? Why did you humiliate my race member like that?!"

  As she said that, she raised up the bow in her hand and said, "Dark Moon Elves, prepare to attack!"

  Han Yuan hollered, "We didn't ask for this, please don't do so!"

  Xiao Lie raised a hand, "Blade Shield Unit, prepare to defend! Iron Cavalry Unit on your horses, prepare to charge!"


  Seeing that a battle was about to break out, I walked forward and looked at Queen Fiona. "Queen Fiona, I am the Royal Army General Li Xiao Yao. We were careless this time and we are willing to be punished. But please don't do this, don’t vent your anger using the lives of both races!"

  Fiona's beautiful eyes were filled with arrogance as she looked at me, "Li Xiao Yao, you promised that you wouldn't hurt my people. Then why was her virginity taken and why did she lose her life? Today, you have two paths to take, one is to hand over the killer and the other is to declare war with us. If not, we won't take this lying down!"

  Marquis Ben Yue was stunned, twisting his fat body as he hollered, "Li Xiao Yao, you can't hand me over. I am a marquis, I am His Majesty's Marquis Ben Yue. You are just a General of the South. You have no right to decide my death!"


  I was filled with rage and said, "Han Yuan, hand him over and let her deal with him!"

  Xiao Lie was shocked, "Sir, if His Majesty asks, we will definitely not be able to escape..."

  I decidedly stated, "Don't worry. If anything happens, I will take the blame."


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