Chapter 841- Great foresight
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Zhan Long Chapter 841- Great foresight

Chapter 841- Great foresight

"General, this Marquis Ben Yue..."

  Han Yuan led the horse forward, looking behind him as he said, "From the last emperor on, this Marquis Ben Yue has always been doted on by the emperor just because he could bring the top beauties over to the emperor's side. He is just a despicable person. Why don’t I head over and slice his head off with a knife?!"

  I nearly fell from my horse. I couldn't help but laugh, "Slice his head with a knife? To think that you actually said that. Don't forget that he is a marquis and not a small character. You are also a hugely important general of the Royal Army. Aren't you afraid that you will affect your entire family?"

  Han Yuan rubbed his nose and smiled, "Don't worry General, I am all alone and I am not afraid! But General, this Marquis Ben Yue has separated and broken many families. How despicable. Are we just going to let him go like that?"

  I nodded my head, "Oh, there will be people that will kill him, but it won't be us. Now that we are the public enemy, many people are staring at us. Remember my words... Be high profile when we train and be low profile when we act!"

  Han Yuan rode his horse and stopped there in a stunned manner, thinking back to the words that I told him.


  Not long later, the defense line on the shore was pretty much complete. I made a trip to Dragon’s Den to recruit more Cliff Dragon Cavalry. Dragon’s Den had risen up to the level required for players to move in, and it was also the only Level 10 City in Tian Ling City. Just Level 10 soldier types from the Cliff Dragon Cavalry had reached over 8,500 people. Time passed bit by bit and Dragon’s Den would get stronger and stronger. It would be [Zhan Long]'s shield in the country wars and internal battles. Of course, there was also the Royal Army which was my strongest trump card!

  I only went offline very late at night, accompanying Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue to eat something.

  The night wind was really cold. Lin Wan Er wore a puffer coat while Dong Cheng Yue wore a black woolen coat. The three of us walked slowly on the streets. No one said a word and all of us walked side by side.

  After eating supper, I looked at Dong Cheng Yue who was beside me and asked, "Dong Cheng, you still don't have the mood to go online today?"


  "Your level is already out of the top ten."

  "It is okay, I have you as a brother. You will bring me to train..."

  Lin Wan Er couldn't help but laugh, "Your brother spends all his time with Han Yuan, Xiao Lie, and these few NPCs. When will he have time to train you? I will bring you to level..."

  Under the moonlight, Dong Cheng Yue's beautiful face twitched a little. She took in a deep breath and just stood there. She looked at Lin Wan Er and me, her shoulders shivering slightly, tears surging in her eyes as she bawled. Her voice was really soft, "When I was captured by Blood Scythe, I thought that I was a goner. And when I came out I saw brother's body, I..."

  She lowered her head and rubbed her tears, "At that time, my entire world was collapsing. I am sorry to Brother, I dragged him down. I lost him; I even... even nearly caused Xiao Yao to die. I am a burden, to think all of you treat me so well, I..."

  Lin Wan Er walked up and hugged her, saying gently, "Dong Cheng, don't cry, it is all over. We are all friends. We will be with you forever and never give you up."

  I exhaled and said, "That's right. Even if Wan'er and I get married, we won't give you up, unless you aren't willing to be a third wheel."

  Dong Cheng Yue looked toward me with watery eyes and her tears flowed out, "Both of you are the most important people to me. Before I get married, I will love the two of you the most. You all can be all lovey-dovey, at most I will just beat you all up."

  Lin Wan Er burst into laughter, and I also smiled. It seemed like our Dong Cheng Yue was about to return.


  When returning to the room, due to all the health issues, school had already begun. However, we still skipped class so we had a really good sleep. When I was asleep, I could actually still sense the Yang Yan Power flowing in my body like it was protecting me. My senses all rose up. From my fight with Tang Qi, I could see that the power of Yang Yan wasn't something that the Royal Air Realm could block. The difference in power was like Heaven and Earth. So that was why I was unable to kill Ouyang Chuan when I was in the Royal Air Realm. It was only when I stepped into the Yang Yan Realm did I have the ability to actually defeat him. Moreover, the reason why someone like me who just stepped into the Yang Yan Realm could kill him was because he was too much of a scum; he didn't cultivate with his heart. He relied on strengthening his body to step into the Yang Yan Realm.

  When I woke up in the morning, I laid on the bed and looked at my palm. I exerted some strength and a flame made up of Yang Yan Power covered my wrist. Although there was just one small portion, I knew that this armor was really strong. Even nano bullets wouldn't be able to pierce through it and it could counter all explosive weapons.

  I breathed and spat out slowly. When I pushed out my arm lightly, a thin flame wrapped around my arm and spread out like wings. It could even control the power of the wind to make one's body lighter.

  It wasn’t until the Yang Yan Power circled dozens of times inside the body did I feel really comfortable, like I was emanating strength. The injuries from before were swept clean like a butterfly breaking out from a cocoon.

  Suddenly, my phone received a notification...

  Notification: User, please note — Destiny informs you that something has happened with the in-game mission, please head back to deal with the relevant matter!


  Tsk tsk, it could actually inform users about what happened in the game. Destiny was really becoming more caring!

  I quickly got up and washed up. I accompanied Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue to eat breakfast in the bright hall and Dong Cheng Yue said that she would enter the game to level with Lin Wan Er. This was great news. [Zhan Long]'s top mage had returned! I also hurried back online after eating. Those two girls laughed and mocked that I was going on a date with Han Yuan, Xiao Lie, Long Xing and Xia Ye which made my face turn red. The truth was that I really enjoyed this military life and felt that it really suited me. Of course, living with Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue was also ideal. One was adventurous and one was bliss.


  I went online and appeared on the shore of the Sea of No Return. I equipped myself and jumped onto the God Dragon Horse. Not far away, smoke billowed from the ships of the Royal Army. There were 11 black ships that were spread out and they were firing cannons out on the ocean. They were striking the Royal Army camp. The Dragon Crystal Cannons and Flame Dragon Cannons had all been fired at. There were even two of them which were close to falling apart.

  Watching me head over, Han Yuan said loudly, "General, the Dark Moon Elves attacked when the sky just lit up. F***, their ships actually have cannons but they are still much weaker than our Dragon Crystal Cannons. Hehe, should we send a few warships over to wipe them out!"

  I shook my head and said, "No, their archery skills are too good. Once we get closer, we will become living targets. Directly use the cannons to cover them, don't care about wasting ammo, and sink all that we can. These Dark Moon Elves probably didn't expect that we would set up camp here so we caught them off guard!"

  "Yes, General!"

  Han Yuan gave an order and the cannon fire from the Royal Army became even more intense. Soon, four of the Dark Moon Elves ships were destroyed. Many petite and beautiful looking Dark Moon Elves fell into the water. They were all natural archers, but didn't know how to swim. They could only rest on the pieces of the ships and cry for help. The Royal Army cannon fire was too strong and another three ships sunk. The remaining 4 stopped firing and started to try to save their comrades that had fallen into the water.

  I took out my Dragon Reservoir Sword and smiled, "Send out the warships to force away those four. Blade Shield Soldiers, block their arrows; we will capture those Dark Moon Elves that fell into the water. Quick, or they will drown!"

  "Yes, General!"


  Within the port, the warships of the Royal Army surged out — 12 of them were sent. They shot from afar and the remaining 4 Dark Moon Elves warships fled immediately.

  I boarded the largest ship and stood at the helm. Looking at those Dark Moon Elves in the water, their faces were filled with rage. They stood on the broken ship parts and shot at me. "Keng!" The arrow was blocked by my Hidden Dragon Armor. My defense was just too strong and they couldn't break it!

  "Damn it!"

  Han Yuan charged down the ship and stepped on her waist, pressing her onto the deck. He raised his knife and wanted to slice off her head. F***, this fellow really didn't know how to love and cherish fair ladies. Maybe he didn't even know how to write fair lady? No, he probably didn't know love and cherish either!

  "Han Yuan, stop!" I hurriedly hollered.

  He raised his head in shock and looked at me, "General, this b*tch nearly killed you. Are you going to let her live?"

  I nodded my head, "No killing the prisoners, imprison them. Anyone who kills Dark Moon Elves will be dealt with by military law!"

  "Yes, sir!"

  Xiao Lie didn't understand. He held his spear and stood by my side. He asked, "These Dark Moon Elves came to attack humans. So why does General want to let them live?"

  I took in a deep breath and said, "I remember that when I was defending Dragon City, I heard that there was a war between them and the Hybrid Demon Territory. Allow me to be direct; humans alone can't defeat the Hybrid Demons. Their strength is too terrifying, so I was thinking that if we could unite the Dark Moon Elves’ territory, maybe we would have a greater chance of winning this war?"

  Xiao Lie was stunned, light shining in his only eye, "Eh, sir, you really have great foresight. I am really impressed. So we will send them back to the Royal Army camp?"

  "No, it is too obvious, build tents nearby and give them some place to stay!"



  I looked at the Dark Moon Elves that were being fished out and thought back to that Marquis Ben Yue. I couldn't help but frown. Let's hope that dumbass doesn't spoil my plans.

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